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Unlock The Future 

Signum lOOl 

Bedford High School 

Nudge Wsty 
Bedford, NaOI730 
Volume XVII 

Our Futures are not so far aheadf 
Hany things have gone unsaidt 
Four years have have come and gone^ 
So much that we should have done^ 
But now its time to go and leave this placet 
We reach for our diplomas with dignity and 


We donH have much timet Just a few months to 


But there is one thing that we^ll always knowt 
As we leave BHS this yeart 
None of us have anything to f eart 
So now as we march out the doort 
We know that there is so much moret 
No reason to be scared no reason to cryt 

The only thing left is to say goodbyet 
Now is the time to move towards our goalt 
Drive on through and pay the tollt 
We know what to do but we donH know howt 
ny only advice is to Unlock Your Future now. 


6 0=W 

Junior Prom 

Below; Erica Neff looks pretty 
in pink. 

Last May, the class of 200 1 was able to turn the dull and boring "new" cafeteria' 
into a delightful and marvelous park. The race for the theme song was very close 
ber^veen BCid Rock's, "Only God Knows Why", and N'SYNC's, "This I Promise 
You". After a re-vote, there was an actual tie between "This I Promise You", and 
Journey's, "Faithfully". N'SYNC was played during the dance of the king and 
queen, and Journey was played during the last dance of the evening. Halfway 
through the night, the excitement was drawn to an even higher level with the 
announcement of the king, Tom Matteo, and queen, Jill Bernardo. The prom 
court, voted upon by the class, consisted of Josh Pierce, Peter Gray, Alan 
Tomzcykowski, Jonathan Twombly, Sarah Ullman, Erin O'Reilly, Heather 
Twombly, and Lesley McGovem. The night of May 28th provided many 
unforgettable memories for the class of 2001. The class officers would hke to 
thank everyone for their generosity and devotion in making the jtmior prom so 

By: Erin O'Reilly 

Shane McDonald, Jimmy Higson, and Kirk Henderson pose 
for the camera with their dates. 

Bottom Row: Wow!!! Check out those BHS juniors, the) 
'look simply fantastic. 




The 2000 London Trip was a smashing success! Members of the BHS band, orchestra, and chorus traveled to England to perform in 3 
different concerts and see the sights of England. Despite the concerts being sparsely attended, the band, orchestra, and chorus gave a thrilling 
spectacle of sight and sound. It was so exciting to perform in another country in front of 1 Os of people. All tlrree performances were a 
bloody good time. The days v\Te mainly spent sightseeing outside of London, at such places as Warwick Castle (Could i get an Archer 
Burger?), Shakespeare's house, and Bedford, London. The last three days of the trip, the group moved on to London. There we visited all 
the sights including the Tower of London, The British Museum of Natural History, Trefalger Square, and numerous other sites of London. 
The trip wrapped up with a wonderful farewell dinner, with musical presentations by the chaperones and students alike. Everyone had 
a great and memorable trip. Overall, the trip can be described in one word... Smashing! 


Fun Facts 



Nevie: Scary Novie 
Food: Pizza 
Sports Team: Red Sox 
Male Vocalist: Nelly 
Nusic Video: All The Small 

Store: BOB^s 

Boys Fashion: A&F Sweater* 

Khaki Pants* and Side- 

Chill Spot: The Nail 
Restaurant: The 99 
Nusic Group: Limp Bizkit 
Female Vocalist: Christina 

Actress: Cameron Diaz 
Female Athlete: Ana 

Phrases: **WASSSSUP** 

*«Wicked** & **Phar * 
Actor: Nike Nyers 
Ice Cream: Chunky Nonkey 

■w mnsanii «»nMiiny nviinvy 

Nagazine: Cosmopolitan 
Song: The Real Slim Shady SS00«90Q 

Wonder Bread: S 1 .79 
Gallon of Nilk: St.89 
Film (14 expO:S4.49 
Potato Chips: S 1 .99 
i Dozen Eggs: S I • 1 9 
Cigarettes: S4« 1 9 
Novie Rental: S3 .40 
Boston Globe (Daily): S0.49 
Gum: S*99 
Pay Phone: SO* 35 
Stamp: SO* 3 3 
Novie Ticket: S8.SO 
Concert Ticket: St 9.SO 
Compact Disc: S i 4.99 
Shoes: S60 
Blue Jeans: S30 
Coffee: S 1 .OS 
Computer: S 1 ,100 

WCoke: S0.99 
Watch: SOS 

Large Cheese Pizza S8.SO 
Candy Bar: 1 for S I 
Four Bedroom House: 

Nale Athlete: Nomar 

Fads: Cell Phone, Pagers* 

Television: Buff y the 

Vampire Slayer 
Girls Fashion: Leather Pants 

and Tube Tops 

Lunch: SI .SO 
Sports Illustrated: S3 .99 
Hamburger: S0.89 
VCR: S80 
to** Television: S I SO 
Yearbook: S48 

lOOl Trivia 

-Largest Freshman Class Ever -Pete Cacciola Leaves 

-Nr. Sills becomes new Principal -BHS Population is Largest 
-Nr. Reagan is new Vice Principal in years 
-First, Best and Only Yearbook Editors of the new Nillenium 


Bedford Spirit Week was a super time this year! Monday was RoU-Out-of-Bed Day. Students came to school in the comfortable pajamas th. 
they wore just the night before. Tuesday was Twin Day, and many people chose to dress alike. Wednesday was Hawaiian day and many peop 
wore sterotypical Hawaiian garb. Then Thursday was Student Teacher Swap Day. The teachers dressed like students while the students dresse 
like teachers. Mr. Walsh swapped with student Chris Wilkins and those students that had Mr. Walsh were able to say that blue hair and spic 
girl boots were definitely his look. Finally, when Friday came around, BHS students were able to wear their school colors with pride. Thei 
at last, the pep rally came, which was a great conclusion to an amazing spirit week. 

Once on this Island 

Junior Prom Decoration 


urnamcnt of Plays 

The Bedford High School Drama Club held its Tournament of Plays on December 8, 2000. It was a complete success. Each class group, compromise 
of 1 5 or so students, preformed a one act play. A ninth grade cast of 30 preformed a 1950'srockandrollmusical written by Mr. MacDonald. Sophomore 
performed a spoof of a Tournament of Plays. Tim Churella won best actor for his performance. The juniors put on a fairy tale about two princesses wh 
refused to make way for one another on a mountain ledge. They won best ensemble for their production. The senior class did an outstanding job wit! 
their mystery about a pair of missing shorts. Lydia Willsky won best actress for her performance. The groups performed in front of a filled auditoriuir 
Alumni returned to support their friends and family in this great endeavor. 

Below Right: The Cast and Crew; Kayo Anthony, Savannah Armstrong. Ed Arocha, Abby Belknap. Jill Bernardo, Diana Bickford, Alexia Bililies, Charles Bililies, Sara Bookin- 
Weiner, Erika Briere, Kathryn Brooks, Sarah Brun, Ken Budka, Tim Busa, Ana Chambers-Maher, Joe Chapa, Andy Churella, Tim Churella, Lindsay Dill, Katie Earle, Michelle 
Eaton, Leslie Edris, Catherine Egan, Keith Egan, Shannon Fillion, Jimmie Fowlie, Emily Frank, Dara Goodman, Nicole Goyette, Matt Grasso, Kathryn Healy, Will Hillyard, 
Michael Hurley-Dorof, Jamie Itlis, Kristen Johannessen, Evan Lagasse, Tom Lane, Adam Lauziere, Simone Lorrain, Aree Mady, Becca Magnone, Erin McGowan, Chris 
Minue, Jennie Moonan, Maura Neff, Cassie Norton, Lindsey Parham, Jeff Picton, Liza Poupart, Colleen Reed, Jesse Robichaud, Kim Robinson, Bellmary Rodriguez, Katie 
Rossin, Jillian Russo, Catriona Savage, Stefanie Scaglione, Chris Springer, Chris Stuart, Kathryn Sylva, Brittany Tovado, Cole Tucker, Danika Ulrich-George, Steve Waite, 
Matt Waldron, Dana Waters, Jessica Watro, Kate Willsky, Lydia Willsky, Peter Woskov. 


Amy Budka, Erin Coyle, Christy Walker, and Dennis McDonald 

Below: Actresses hanging out before the show: Dara Goodman, 
Lindsay Dill, Liz Townsend, and Katie Rossin. 

Above: The Seniors. 

Right:Charles seems awfully proud of his .. umm 




Above: Sarah Mmue and Monica Connarton are twin savages Above: Erni O'Reilly and Sarah Ullman get a little 
as they get a little wild and crazy in their leopard skin funky at a Halloween party. I don't know anyone 
paraphenalia. who would want to mess with these Hells' Angels. 


Whose that good lookin' dude? Is that Zorro? Or just 
Tommy Matteo getting down with his bad self? 

oove: Ooooh, sassy? Look at those dandy Devils. Right: Becca and K.K, reveal a side ot them that we usually don't 
cca Gould and Becca Magnone show off their dark get to see. 



Right: Members of Ken Beats Barbie: Colin 
Murphy, Brenden Foy, and Kurt Gaertner g^^^^^ji,, 
rock the gym with their hardcore sound. 

Right: Homecoming King and Queen: 
Stanley Knight and Erm O'Reilly bask in 
their glory during halftime of the home- 
coming game. 

Below: Iwanchuk spins some phat tracks 
at the Pep Rail) . 

Above: Seniors rule the school (especially at the pep rally) 

Above: Enthuastic freshmen boys show th 
championship at the pep rally. 



Brendon Baker 

Michael Barbett 

John Bendey 



"Great things come to those who 

"Every beginning marks another's 

Sonic, the Orange One, B', Spike 
"Whs that a joke cause, if it ivas, it 
was the funniest thing I've ever 

heard." -Mad TV 
"How did everybody get into my 

""Never steal from a hospital unless 

you absolutely have to." 
"Hey, hozv's liinn'la vida loca? Eh, 
"Gat any bum?" 
"No, really, how did everybody get 
into my room?" 

Jillian Bernardo Michelle Bieren 

"And in the end it's not the years in 
your life that count. It's the life in 

your years." -Abraham Lincoln 
'Some people come into our lives and 
]uicklygo. Some stay for aivhile and 
leave footprints on our hearts. And 

we are never, ever the same." - 

"You never lose by loving. You 

abvays lose by holding back." 
-Barbara DeAngelis 

Charles Bililies 

Chuck, Chucky Brew, Chuck>^ B., 

Chucky Jo, PowerBar, Nacho 
"I ride my bicycle to ride my bicycle." 
-Zen proverb 
"If you brake, you don't win." 
-Mario Cipollini 
"Motivation can't take you very far if 
you don't have the legs." -Lance 
"Well, it's better to be pissed off than 
to be pissed on." -Mr. Petrillo 


Crackliead, Chris, Clirissy, KiKi, 
"Craziness is Heaven." 
-Jimi Hendrix 

Elizabeth Boland Gerald Bragg 

Janene Brome Kathryn Brooks 

Liz, Lizzy, Lizb, Lizahead, Lizard, 
Brat, SnifBes 
"Suck it up and deal!" -Dad 
"Red lueans go, I'vi Special!" 

-Nicole L. 
"She looks like an anorexic 
monkey!" -Andrea 
"Common Sense is not so Common." 

"Much does he gain who learns when 
he loses." -Italian proverb 
"No matter what happens, don't 
forget to keep smiling." -Unknown 
"Life belongs to the energetic." - 
"Um, Liz, I think we're lost again." - 

G, Gino, Tony, Wax 
"The greatest trick the devil ever 
pulled was convincing the world he 

didn't exist." -Keyser Soze 
"Aman without a plan ain't no man." 
-Benjamin Franklin 

Jane-nee, Nene, Bajan 
"I am who I am, take it or leave it." 

"Don't hate me 'cuz you ain't me!" 
"Ifya heart was as big as your mouth, 

you'd be real!!!" -dmx 
"Don't look down on me cuz you may 
think you are better than me." 

Rine, Marthe, Kathy B's, Rine 

Tommy, Trish, The P 
"Be who you is. If you is ugly, be j 
ugly, but be xvho you is." ' 
-Cajun philosopher 
"Was up, was up! Tliis is Kev!" -Ke; 
"It takes big hair to cover big brains. \ 

"Life is far too important a thing eve'j^ 
to talk seriously about." 
-Oscar Wilde 

Jennifer Busa Christopher Bynoe 

Jenny, Jen, Busa, Booze, BDB, Chris, John, Bynoe, BBM, CJB, 
JenLeigh Jiggaman 
"Love Seat" "How do you keep an Idiot busy?" 

"You've got beatfis through your '^^'^ Mike Jones 

Christmas tree." -Craig 'V*^ takes forme to suffer, formy 

"Jen don't laugh... you laugh you brother to see the light, give me pain 
drink." '^'^ ^ but please Lord treat him 

right." - DMX "Tlte Prayer" 
"'Cuz I lualk like a pimp talk like a 
madman." -Jay z 

Jenny Cargiuolo Zachary Carlson 

Maria Casella 



Gweido, TK, Mattallica, Karate 

"/ will ivin! Wlnj? I will tell you 
why. I have faith, courage, and 
enthusiam!" -Richard Callahan 
"Yo, I heard you told the cops I killed 
Tyrone!" -Dan Baron 
"This is the best part of the trip!" 
-Jim Morrison 
"Time marches on!" -Metallica 
"Ha, you're so goofy!" -Craig 

"Tliere will be none of that!" -Frank 

Andrea Chan-Moy 

Andi, Aiidy, Angie, Andrea, 
Chinky, Chinksta, Shinese girl, 

"Red means go." -Nicole Lawrence 
"Better to get up late and be wide 
awake than to get up early and be 

asleep all day." 
"You have brains in your head, you 
have feet in your shoes, you can steer 
yourself any direction you choose." 
"Great minds discuss ideas. Average 
minds discuss events. Small minds 
discuss people." 

Wei Chen 


"Do what you feel in your heart to 
be right - for you will be criticized 
anyway. You will be damned if you 
do and damned if you don't." 
-Eleanor Roosevelt 
"Great opportunities are not seen 
with your eyes. They're seen with 
your mind." -Robert Kiyosaki 

David Cheng 

Jack of the Lantern, Chairrrtan, 

Father Enghsh, Chunk 
"Whenever I climb I am followed by 
a dog called 'Ego'" -Nietzsche 
"Tlie only way to get rid of a 
temptation is to yield to it." -Wilde 
"First they ignore you, then they 
laugh at you, then they fight you, 
then you win." -Ghandi 
"There's no such thing as a 'good life' 
a 'hard life' or even a 'normal life,' 
there's only life. 

Rachel Ching 

Kenneth Christie Michael Chunn Andrew Churella 

'The only people for me are the mad 
ones, the ones zvho are mad to live, 
mad to talk, mad to be saved..." 

-Jack Kerotiac 
"Look Closer" -American Beauty 
"Make a decision." -Ken 
"This above all- to thine own self be 
true." -Shakespeare 
"Peace be with you." -Jesus 


Sarah Collins 

Collins, Saccy, Sac, Triples 

"Opportunity always involves some 
type of risk, you can't steal second 
base with your foot on first." 
"Wltatever tears at us, whatever 
holds us down, and if nothing can be 
done, ive'll make the best of what's 
around." -DMB 
"Tliink. Believe. Dream. Dare." 
-Walt Disney 

Monica Connarton Daniel Conway 

Monique, Mon, Mon-Bon, 
Monikaka, Kelly 

"Turns out not where but who you're 

ivith that really matters." -DMB 
"My boys' wicked smart." -Chuckle 
"But all the promises ive make from 
the cradles to the grave, when all I 
-want is you." -1/2 
"We'll make the best ofivhat's 
around." -DMB 
"May the good Lord be with you..." 
(-see LD) 

Dan, Danny, Stan, 

Danny-Boy, Danno, Dan-Dan 
"Wliat you don't have you don't 
need it now, and what you don't 
know you can feel it some how. ..It's 
a Beautiful Day." 

Jaclyn D'Erric 


"Work like you don't need iih 
Love like you've never been hu) 
dance like no one's watcliin 
"Do not wish to be anything t 
what you are and try to be t. t 
perfectly." -Saint Francis Dei as 

Aleah Davis Elizabeth Deweerd Kelin Dickerson Mark Donnelly 

ay-Hee, Angel, Smeleah, 

' confidetttly in the direction of^ 
, ir dreams'. Live the life you'\ 
<■ ginedl" -Henry David Thorem 
"Vie best is yet to be." 
-Robert Broivning 
■ resolutely and faithfully what 
1 are; be humbly what you aspire 
■J be." -Henry David Tltoreau 

Liz, Lizzy, B#l, Madam Liz, 
all about the memories." -Can't 

Hardly Wait 
n't cry because it's over, smile 
because it happened." -Anonymous 
"Until ive... meet again!" 
-Mrs. Krueger/Macbeth 
'Living is an art, not a science... you 
make it up as you go along." 
-Al Hirschfeild 
'Doivn every road you roam..." -CE 

Kay, Kit 

"Learn from the mistakes of others, 
you can't live long enough to make 
them all yourself." -Anonymous 

Nicole Downs 

'addy, Nikki, Nik, Nickster, 
aoalie, Paddy Dukes, Nikki 

'erybody my age pees their pants, 
t's the coolest!" -Billy Madison 
Every man dies. Not every man 

really lives." -Braveheart 
you really want something in this 
ifeyouhavetoivorkforit. Now 
et, they are about to annotmce the 
ttery numbers!" -Homer Simpson 

Grachaun Dunn 

Chris Duprey 

Kristofski, Dup, Topher, June 
Bug, Bubba Ju 

"Your heart is the one thing that will 
eventually fail you, don't let it go to 
ivaste." -unknown 
"Yeah like that's gonna fit in my 

mouth." -Mo Dawg 
"Wlten I grow up I ivant to be a 
principal, or a caterpillar." 
-Ralph Wiggum 
"Puppies are cute, kitties smell like 
com." -Me and Petey 

Michelle Earl 

Robert Eaton Catherine Egan Franscheska Eliza 

Krystel Eliza 

Rob, Robbie, Rob E, Rob-o 
"Perfection is not attainable, but if 
we chase perfection ive can catch 
excellence." -Vince Lombardi 
"Do you have any rice crispy 

treats?" -Laura 
"Work expands to fill the time 
available for its completion." 
-C. Northcote Parkinson 
"Wlty are we knowing this?" -Tom 

"We all take different paths in life, 
but no matter ivhere we go, ice take 
a little of each other everywhere." 
-Tim McGraw 
"And may sunshine and 
happiness..." -Kf 
"Always expect the worst then 
you'll never be let down." - 
"It's not lost, I just don't know 
where it is." -Maura 

No Photo 
r Available 

No Photo 


Scott Epple 

Bonnie Feldman Shannon Pillion 

Shanny, Shanny-Girl.Spam, Spanks, 
Esmeralda, Blondie, DLH 
"We are such stuff as dreams are 
made of." -Shakespeare 
"Its ok, we're all gonna die. 
Dying's not a sin, not living is." 
-Jack Lemmon 
"Would the Real Slim Shevory 
please stand up?" -AP Physics 
"I'd rather laugh with the sinners 
than cry with the saints, the sinners 
are much more fun.. .only the good 
die young." -Billy Joel 

David Freedmai 


"With the fearful strain that is 
me night and day, if I did not la 

I should die." -Abraham Linco 
"Running twice as fast I see, yo. 
getting sick again. Running fas 
all the time... Making plans to r 
the world. Spread yourself way 
thin. You're wishing that you u 
king, its killing you." -Goldfin 

Austin Friend 

Kyle Gaertner 

Mark Giordano Nicole Girouard 

No Friends 
I never wanted to cease to exist, 
just disappear." -A.F.I, 
m make me regret the times I 
lent with you." -Blink 182 

"Your mouth is quick your mind is 
slow." -A.F.I. 

"Wiat are you doing!?" -Mark 
"Are you mad at me?" -Becca 
"Speak the truth alwaxjs and never 
try to convince anyone. After all, 
your friends don't need convincing, 
and your enemies can never be 

convinced." -Unknown 
"Home Goods is Good goods" 

Colleen Gleason 

!>o, Amelia, Beanie, Cici, Kolina, 
Nancy, Bobbin, Coiner 

i"l gotta PT." -Colleen, Nikki, 

' Jessie, Erin 

"Do we really knoiv anybody? 

^10 does not wear one face to hide 
another." -Francis Marion 
inish each day and be done with 

i Tomorrow is a new day; begin it 
well." -Ralph Waldo Emerson 
He was bebopping and scatting 
all over the place." -Seinfeld 
'It turns out not ivhere, but who 
ou're with that really matters." 

Rebecca Gould 

Becca, Becks, Rosa 
"If a man does not keep pace with 
his companions, perhaps it is 
because he hears a different 
drummer. Let him step to the music 
which he hears, however measured 
or far away." 
-Henry David fhoreau 
"If you think something small 
cannot make a difference, try going 
to sleep with a mosquito in the 

Nathan Gray 


"Wliat lies behind us and xvhat lies 

before us are small matters 
compared to what lies within us." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"To the world you may be one 
person but to one person you may 
be the world." -Mahatma Gandhi 
"Its not whether you get knocked 
down, its whether you get up 
again." -Vince Lombardi 

Peter Gray 

Pete, Petey, Peedo, Pedro, Petey Jo 

"Tlte man ivho walks with God 
always gets to his destination." - 

"The tour's over Bob." -Tlie Rock 
"Look baby, it ain't my fault you 
lack the flavor." -Can't Hardly 



Kathryn Gregory 

KK. Cakes. Kay, Muscle, BiJly 
Goat, Burly hick, Kaka, Wrii^tie 
"Love inspires, illuminates, 
designates, and leads the way." 

"Attempt-Even the impossible." 

"Even if the glass is empty, ttiere is 
still ivater somewhere to fill it." 

"One does not climb, to attain 
enlightenment, rather one climbs 
because he is enlightened." -ZMF 
"If you don't let go, you can't fall 

off." -m 



Linds, Lov, Linny, Linsafa, LLJ 
"In three words I can sum up 
everything that I've learned about 

life. It goes..." -Robert Frost 
"We didn't lose the games we just 
ran out of time." 
-Vince Lombardi 
"Is he payirtg you to say this?" 
-Erin O'Reilly 

Jason Harris 

#1 Stunna, Chris, Lil Harris 
"I'd rather die on my feet than live 

on my knees." -Unknown 
"Ifiue do not hang together we'll 
surely hang apart" -Ben Franklin 
"Dis goes out to all my babies 
mamas mamma mammas." -Outkast 
"Jason Harris isn't afraid to go over 
the middle." -Jason Harris 

Pamela Hart 

Pam, Pamm)', Poomeler, Poop 
"The more you plan, the less yoi 

"I'd rather laugh with the sinner 
and cry with the saints, the sinne 
have much more fun, 'cuz baby or. 
the good die young." -Billy Joel 

Kathryn Healy Stephen Hempton Kirk Henderson Paul James Higsc 

Disco, Spud, Lusl^, HendriX, 

Captain, Dirk 
"Knoxvledge speaks but wisdom 
listens." -Jimi Hendri.x 
'Tlie only difference between me and 
madman, is that I'm not mad." 

-Salvador Dali 
"Some cause happiness wherever 
they go; others, whettever they go." 

-Oscar Wilde 
'Success usually comes to those who 
are too busy to be looking for it." 
-Henry David Tlwreau 

Jimmy, Jimbo, Jimmy James 

Hector, Pablo 
"All that shimmers in the world 

sure to fade away." -Fuel 
"How you doin." -Joey (Friend: 
"I have never let my schooling 
interfere with my education." 

Mlliam Hillyard Samuel Holland Terrance Horn Elizabeth Jacobs 

Big Willy Styles 
To be, or not to be. That is the 

question." -Hatnlet 
' ife doesn't come to you, you have 
o go out and get it." -Miranda 
\'c shall fight on the beaches. We 
all fight on the landing grounds. 
I t' shall fight in the fields, and in 
] streets, ive shall fight in the hills. 
We shall never surrender." 
-Winston Churchill 

Sam, Sammy 
"Tlie truth is transitory. Human life 
is ivhat is real." 
-DJ Sliadoiv 
"We used to hate people. Now we 
just make fun of them." 
"I'm troubled by shapeless fears. 
Who can live in this modern world 
without catching their share of 
-Land of the Loops 

Liz Lizzy 
"I am chaos. I am the substance 

from ivhich your artists and 
scientists build rhythms. I am the 
spirit with which your children and 
clowns laugh in happy anarchy. 1 
am chaos. I am alive, and I tell you 
that you are free." -Eris (Goddess of 

"Look deep inside, can't change the 
ivorld but you can change yourself." 
-Sick of it All 

Emily Jamison 

Em, Emma, Brigitte, Betsy, 
Jamison, Grahamily, Peaces, 

Holly, Bananas 
or I know my place is home, where 
he ocean meets the sky, you'll find 

me sailing." -Rod Stewart 
'All my bags are packed, I'm ready 
to go. ..'Cause I'm leaving on a jet 
plane..." -P.P.+M 
"FREESWIMH" -Everyone 

Christopher Janson 


"Bang the head that doesn't bang." 

"If there was a button to destroy the 
world, I would press it tivice." 
-Chris Hale 



Kris, Pisten, Krissy-Lee, K], Nf 
Potato, Johannakoiirnikova 
"Tltere are 3 ways to get to the top of 
a tree: l)sit on an aconi. 2)make 
friend ivith a bird. 3)climb it." 

"Tlte only sin would be to deny -what 

your heart truly feels." -Zorro 
"Tltere we stand about to fly, peeking 
down over land parachute behind." 

Michael Jones 

Whitey, Special K, Jonesy, Crash 

"Long live sport." -ADIDAS 
"If you had a million Shakespeares 
could they write like a monkey?" 
-Steven Wright 
"Hoiv to keep an idiot busy" 
(sec Bynoe) 
"If I hadn't assembled myself. I'd've 
fallen apart by now." 
-Brandon Boyd 
"Hard work pays off in the future, 
but laziness pays off now." 


Rebecca Keating 

Becca, Becky, Beez 
"We are all just prisoners here of our 
own device" -The Eagles 
"Life is a feast, hut most fools go 
hungry." -Maine 

Stanley Knight 

Jay, Big Stan, Bear, Steez, Manly 
"Let me get a bean bro"-JC 
"It's all gravy baby"-Me 
"Mi Di Boom Mi Di Beem"-Pran 
"Oh for real, no doubt"-Me 
"Jay stop!!"-Family 
"leu tryin 1 take my moves fay"-sis 
"With that being said" -MSgt. Rollend 

"Live for the moment, not for the 
future and don't divell on the past" 
iiik -Me 


James Kotwal 


"You are out of your element. You 
are entering a world of pain"-Walter 
"Nobody ever died of laughter" 
-Max Basbohm 
"You can work hard or you can work 
smart. I prefer to work smart."-Mr. 
"I can't believe I ate the whole 

Evan Lagasse 

E-Man, EZ-E, E-Clay Ice 
"Tlie man who follows a crowd w 
never be followed by a crowd."-R. 
"High on Life!" -Unknown 
"Carpe Diem . . .Seize the Day!" 
"Wltite but tight!"-Me 
"Wliat the stupid heck!"-Joe Chaf 
"Frisk! Frisk!"-Fifi James AKA-A 
"Congratulations Class of 2001!' 


Anna Larson 

Bean(o), Nanna, Bei BrocoUi, 

Salty, Cheese Louise 
"That is happiness."-Ralph Waldo 

"No dress rehearsal, this is our life." 
-The Tragically Hip 
"Love isn't love,'til you give it 
away." -Maria Von Trapp 
"It sounded better in my head"-MC 
"And may you grow to be proud . . 
."-see MM 

Christina Lee 

CC, Schmuotz, Chipmunk, Baby, 
etc . . . 

"You can do ivhatever the heck you 
want, the only thing you have to keep 
in mind is the consequence. "Sarah 
"Quid Pro Quo— A Smile for A 
"I'm a nut, A Nut in A Shell"-Me 
"I'm made In Taiwan."-Me 

Rachel Lehman 

Thomas Lima 

Lima, Tepee, Lima beans 
"Sleep is for the iveak, you read t 
while 1 go to sleep."-Homer 
"Okay brain 1 don't like you and 
don't like me, so lets get over th 
with so 1 can get back to killing i 
with beer." -Homer 

Beth Lorusso 

Bethie, Lo-ru-sso, Bethie Poo, 
/laura, baby Lou, Licle Lorusso 
"I've got uno ttickelette." -Jeff 

"The Lord ivill keep you all from 
\rm-he will watch over your life; the 
ifd will watch over your coming and 
oingboth now and fa rev enn ore." 

-Psalm 121:7-8 
"Stop looking at me swan!" 

-Billy Madison 

Margot Lynn 

Ms. Magoo, Margo-Fargo, Maga, 

Dorkus, Sarali 
"Wliy am I so lonely? WIty am I so 
tired? I need Backup, I need 
company, I need to be inspired." 
-Ani Difranco 
"And then I tell ya, 'You know honey, 
love doesn't know the distance' and 
then you turn around and look at me 
and say 'Yea, but my arms do.'" 

-Melissa Ferrick 
"Tlie zvorld does not revolve around 
you." -Mr. Mod 

Rebecca Magnone 

Becca, Beck, Chewy, Bambam 
"Dream as if you'll live forever; Live 
as if you'll die today." -James Dean 
"It is one of the blessings of old 
friends that you can afford to be 
stupid with them." 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
"My own little world is what I 
deserve, cause I am the only child 
there is. A king of it all, the Belle of 
the ball, I promise I've always been 
like this." 

Thomas Matteo 

Christiana McCall 

"I'm a Beast." -Donald 
"If thy castles are in the clouds, 
worry not; for that is where they 
should be. Now build their bases." 
-Henry David Thoreau 

Sara McCay 

Betty-Joan, Thelma, Bone Daddy, 
Scroduni,The Devil 
"You think you're hot poop, but 
you're really just cold diarrhea." 

-Welcome To Tlie Dollhouse 
"Life is too short, so love the one 
you've got." -Bradley, Sublime 
"We're just two lost souls swimming 

in a fish bowl, year after year, 
running over the same old ground but 
have we found the same old fears; 
wish you were here." -Pink Floyd 

Shane McDonald 

Shane 54, Shaney, Shaneo, Sean, 
"You only live once." 

'"Tis trti 'tis tru in the Valley by the 

Barbara McElwain 

Lesley McGovern Michael McGrath Patrick McGrath John McGue 

Les, Lester, LeRoy, Ines, Lanks 

Phat Pat, Pat. Patio furniture, 
Wiggum, Ralph, Ralphie 
No you got the wrong number. This 

is 912." -Cheif Wiggum 
"Don't yell at me thats not right"- 

"I don't know I have no opinion"- 

'Me fail enlish? Tliats impossible"- 

Ralph Wiggum 
Shut up brain or I'll stab you ivith a 

Q-tip" -Homer Simpson 
"I shoot shoot shoot from the hip"- 

J, Johnny, Nomar, John-John 
"Quotes are Unnecessary." 
-Dan Dan 

Meredith McLane 

Sarah Minue 

"People say true friends must 
always hold hands, but true friends 
know the other hand will always be 
"Don't cry because it's over smile 
because it happened." -Unknown 
"..and do unto others." 
(see MN) 

Janet Moonan 

Jennie, Jen 
"A plausible mission of artists is to 
make people appreciate being alive 

just a little bit."-Kurt Vonnegut 
"Whether you think you can or think 
you can't; you're right."-Henry Ford 

"Look closer." -American Beauty 

Ben Morgan- 

BMC, Benaca, Ben-Ben 

'All in all you're just another brie n 
the wall." 

-Unknown I 
"Serve the servants." \ 
"I knoiv you, you knoiv me, one ti , 
/ can tell you is you got to he fvc 

Colin Murphy 

G-Funk All Star, Murph, 
So tv and no beer make Homer 
^ nc thing something. GO CRAZY!? 
I II t mind if I do"-Homer Simpson 
luit's a Random Place for a cow 
fir system doesn't ivorkfor you" 
-Anti Flag 
"Kill the Rich" -Unknown 

Erica Neff 

Nuwanda, Rice Pilaf, Nefferdite, 

Gidget, Lord of the Dance 
"A problem well stated is a problem 
half solved" -Charles E Kettering 

"Thunder is good, thunder is 
impressive, but the lightning does 

the iVork."-Mark Twain 
"Life is just one long vacation to 
people who love their ivork"- 
"It doesn't pay to worry too much 
about the future, it conies quickly 

"Silence is a great peacemaker." 

Maura Neff 

Flippin cliic, Mo-dawg, Beth, 

"A heart will never be practical until 
it can be made unbreakable." 
-Wizard of Oz 
"It's not lost. I just can't find it." 

"Let me break it down for you..." 

"Tough this is not." -Sarah Cuban 
"Here she comes to wreck the day" 

"As you'd have done to you" -see AS 
"Let's go hand-in-hand, not one 
before another." -Shakespeare 

Keith O'Donnell 

No Photo 

Erin O'Reilly 

"Hope is a good thing, maybe the 
best of things, and a good thinker 
never dies." -Tlie Shaioshank 
Life moves pretty fast, if you don't 
''op and look around once in awhile 
you could miss it." -Ferris Bueller 
Dan, don't step on the pink stuff!" 

Brian Pantano 

Brizna, Eleven, Head 

"As a young boy, I dreamed of being 

a baseball, but tonight I say, we 
must move fonvard, not backward, 
upivard not forward, and always 
tivirling, tivirling, twirling towards 

"A little nonsense now and then, is 
relished by the ivisest men." -Willy 

Derek Parham 

D-Rock, Dirk, Paranoid, Buff 

"I'm not paranoid, THEY are trying 
to MAKE me LOOK paranoid!" 
"It works better if you plug it in." 
"To fix your piroblem: take your 
computer, put it back in the box, 
bring it back to the store, and tell 
them that you are too stupid to own 
a computer." 

Ana Pellizzari 


Joshua Pierce 

Beef, Yosh, Fatty, Joshy Poo, 
Shwing, Don Juan 
"Wfiat lies behind us and ivhat lies 
before us are tiny matters compared 
to what lies within us." -Ralph 

Waldo Emerson 
"Always do sober ivhat you said 
you'd do drunk. TJtat will teach you 
to keep your mouth shut." -Ernest 

Liza Poupart 

shorty, Little Bit, Liza Piza, 
Poptart, Lizzy, MuncKkin 
"Oh my goodness!" 
"That's swange." 
"Yes, y'all I am from the South!" 

Jesse Ratichek 

Aniruddh Ravi 

Kevin Redmond 

Wingas, Hoi Winga, Chinaman 
"I love Shocker." -Angus 
"No..." -Lindsay Harrington 
"Justfloiv zvith it." -Boone 
"Guy I have a confession." -Buddhist 
"Guy give me the tape" -Matt Winick 
"Just touch it." -Anthony Tltomas 
"Do you want to see a Chocolate 



Sam, Sammy, Spam, Sammy J., 
Jason's other half, Samxay Girl 
"I get by with a little help from my 
friends." -me 
"All you have to do is believe in 
yourself and your dreams will come 
true." - ? 

"We must accept our fate." -Mr. Mod 

"Kiddiwampus!" -Mr. Pilla 
"BONNIE LANGUAGE!" -Mr. Griffin 


Angus, Animal, Tree, Swervies 
"It's not hoiv big you are, it's how 

big you play" -Larry Bird 
"Tlwse who dance are considered 
insane by those who can't hear the 

music." -George Carlin 
"Kill my boss? Do I dare live out the 
American Dream?" -Homer Simpsott 

Kenneth Robins 


Kim, Woody, "The T", Wilbur 
Mdies, Ladies please. Bothoftjou 
II hold my lazer pointer anytime." 

-Can't Hardly Wait 
Wio knozvs where thoughts come 
from, they just appear." -Empire 

^Ihatz up, ivhatz up? Tins is Kev." 

-Kevin Robinson 
et off of me, I'm the one that makes 
the first move." -Welcome to the 

Danilo Robles 

Katherine Roe 

Destiny Rutan 

Boob Girl 
"I am diagonally parked in a parallel 
world." -unknown 
"If it weren't for the last minute, 
nothing would get done." -uitknoiun 
"Better to be a real nobody than a 
fake somebody!" -Matt Damon 
"Don't be sad 'cause it's over, smile 
'cause it happened." -Tiffany Lanhals 
"Do not folloiv where the path may 
lead, go instead where there is no 
path and leave a trail." -unknown 

Anna Sabella 

Brett Samuels 

Spaceman, Zabo, Brett-Brett 
"A journey of a thousand miles begins 
with a single step." -Kane 
"I am whatever I say I am, if I 
wasn't, then why would I say I am." 
-Marshall Mathers 

Tracy Samuels 

Jose Sanoja 


Laura Scaramelli Corey Sheehan 

Lola, Laurette, Jordi, Flora, Heat 
"Sweet memories are the paradise of 

the mind." -iinknoum 
"Take your time, think a lot, think of 
everything you've got. For you ivill 
be here tomorrow hut your dreams 

may not." -Cat Stevens 
"..And in my heart you will always 
stay..." -see LW 

Joshua Solberg 

Narc, }, Josh from Texas 
"No, but really, I'm not a narc.' 
"I am Diesel." 

Lindsay Sternber 

Benjamin Stuhl Brian Sullivan Ryan Summers Kathryn Sylva 

Katie, Killer-Kate, Partner, Sho: 

Sylva, Wimb 
"You don't realize the importana 
something until it's gone." -Jel 
"Caring, whatever, maybe!" 
-Kathryn Brooks 
"Another ditch in the road, you k 
moving. Another stop sign, you I 
moving on. And the years go by 
fast. Wonder how I ever made 
through." -Savage Garden 

jithony Thomas 


"The talent of success is nothbtg 
more than doing whatever you can 
do luell, and doing ivell whatever 
you can do." -Henry Wadsworth 
"Yahoo for school." -Billy Madison 
"...For you, root beer." -Hooters 

, waitress 
"Victory goes to the player who 
makes the next to last mistake." 
-Saveilly Tartakower 


Meagan Tovado 

jregory Trelegan Cole Tucker 

"Language is a virus. 
"Information is not Knowledge 
Knowledge is not Wisdom 
Wisdom is not Truth 
Truth is not Beauty 
Beauty is not Love 
Love is not Music 
-Frank Zappa 

Heather Twombly 

Heath-bar, Triple T's, Bea, Heljner 
"The most zvasted of all days is that 
on zvhich one has not laughed." 

-Nicolas Sebatien Chamfort 
"They are so lucky." -Lesley McG 


Jonny Jo, Pre 
"To give anything less then your best 
is to sacrifice the gift." -Steve 
"Man imposes his own limitations, 
don't set any." -Anthony Bailey 
"FSU" -us 


Sarah UUman 

Sariabi, Ullmanator, Motlier 

"...Wliatever your labors and 
aspirations, in the noisy confusion of 
life, keep peace with your soul." 

Lauren Weeks 

LK, Strong, Laur, L.wees 
"Do not follow where the path may 
lead. Go instead ivhere there is no 
path and leave a trail." -Emerson 
"Try not to frown because you never 
know who is falling in love with 
your smile." -anonymous 
"Good friends are hard to find, 
harder to leave, and impossible to 
forget." -anonymous 

John Whallon 


"Following Jesus is the greatest 
adventure I can imagitie." -my father 
"It's not hard, but it requires hard 
work." -Mr. Sabourin 
"You can do it." -my mom 
"A lifetime of accomplishments, 
money, and fame means nothing if 
you don't have friends " -anonymous 

Lydia Willsky 

Lyd, Lybidaya, Lydz, Shmid, 
Limabean, Bean, Sophie, 
George , Flaflooga 
"Isn't that a fashion spafoo?" -Jes: 
"Life should have background 
music." -Kate 
"When you respond to something 
because it's so beautiful, you're 
really looking at the soul of the 
person who made it." -Alice Wn/fa 
"I was just about to think that!" 

"...Forever Young." -Rod Stewart 

Nicholas Wilson 

Nick, Nicky, Wilson, Nicky Pooh 
Bear, Fats 
"And don't forget to boogie" 
-Canned Heat 
"If the ivall is black and I say it's 
green, it's green" -Devins 
"Okay brain I don't like you and you 

don't like me so let's get this over 
with so I can get back to killing you 

with beer." -Homer 
"Tliat's what the sign says." -Lima 
"Yeah right like that's gonna fit in 
my mouth." -Maura 

Matthew Winick 


"That which does not kill me can 
only make me stronger." -Tupac 
"We're gonna bite 'etn in the nose, 
then kick 'em in the a—!" -Coach 

Andrew Wotton 

Drew, Phish, Drewbie, Watonies 
"We are the music titakers, We are 
the dreamers of dreams... We are the 
movers and shakers Of the world 
forever, it seems." -Arthur 
"Who does the hard things? He who 

can." -Shibumi 
"Two roads diverged in a wood, and 
I, I took the one less traveled by. 
And that has made all the 
difference." -Robert Frost 
"Not all who wander are lost." -JRR 

Pawel Wrotek 

Pohsh, Fimkmaster 
"If A is success in life, then A equ 
X plus y plus z. Work is x; y is pi 
and z is keeping your mouth shu 
-Albert Einstein 

Senior Superiatives 

Astounding Athlete Greatly 

Johnny Whallon and Sarah Lindsay Harrington and Nike 
Collins Jones 

Dangerous Driver 

Becca Nagnone and Kirk 

Cutest Couple 

Jesse Ratichek and Lydia 

Superbly Spirited 

Evan Lagasse and Naura 

Neff ^ 49 

All Around Amazing Friendly Folks 

Sarah Ullman and Pete Cray Steve Hempton and Erin 


Awesome Artists 

Lesley NcGovern and 

Nick Robichaud Dave Freedman and Liz Jacobs 


Positively Preppy 

Class Complainers 

Alan Tomczykowski and 
Jill Bernardo 

Colleen Gleason and 
Scott Epple 

Dazzling Dressers 

Laura Scaramelli and 
Andre Arzumanyan 


No Photo 

Totally Timid 

John NcGue and 
Rachel Ching 

Goofiest Giggle 

Lauren Weeks and Brian 

^ 51 


Best Looking 


and Kathryn 

Probably Partying 
NcGrath and Sara NcCay 

Sensational Smiles 

Beth Lorusso and Richie 

Fabulous Flirts 

Jimmy Higson and 
Heather Twombly 

Junkiest Jalopy 

Kevin Redmond and 
Kristen Johannessen 


Kathryn Sylva and Natt 

Definitely Dramatic 

Shannon Fiiiion and Andy 

Loveliest Locks 
Rachel Lehman and Ben Stuhl 

Constant Communicators 

Anna Sabella and Jon 


Class Clown 

Nikki Downs and Austin Friend 

Exquisite Eyes 

Sarah Ninue and 
Tom Lima 

Other Superlatives.*. 

Most Likely to stick a paper clip in an electrical socket: Anna 

Most Likely to have a little black book: Tommy Matteo 
Most likely to change his name to Steve Prefontaine: Jon 

Most likely to get with a sophomore boy: Heather 

Most likely to find relief in trivial pursuit: Becca Magnone 
Most likely to miss graduation and not know it: Kathryn 

Most likely to go to 5 Jewish proms but not his own: Brett 

Most likely to duct tape himself to a rocket: Matt Carvey 

Most likely to fall asleep at graduation: Sam Holland 

Most likely to cry at Hallmark commercials: Anna Sabella 

Most likely to marry their English teachers: Lydia Willsky, 

Kathryn Brooks, Jennie Moonan, and Maura Neff 

Most likely to become a gym teacher: Mike Jones 

Most likely to be at the mall: Chris Bynoe 

Most likely to light his truck on fire: Mike Jones 

Most likely to be president: Charles Bililies 

Most likely to replace his brains with muscles: Shane 


Most likely to be JBall MVP: Brett Samuels 

Most likely to end up in jail: Kirk Henderson 

Most likely to get lost in Bedford: Monica Connarton, Laura 

Scaramelli and Maura Neff 

Most likely to claim he is his best friend when pulled over: 
Nathan Gray 

54 CKiir 

Most likely to sleep outside Fenway Park: John McGue 
Most likely to get mad when Costco won't accept her 
credit card: Jill Bernardo 

Most likely to do a slick turnaround: Ben Morgan- 

Most Likely to hug a tree: Sarah Ullman 

Most likely to be paranoid in every situation: Sarah 


Most likely to think the the X-Country team wears mo 
guards: Jenny Busa 

Most likely to go to a Mariah Carey concert by himself 

Johnny Whallon 

Probably Pooping: Matt Winick 

Most likely to be cruizing to techno: Steve Hempton 

Most likely to marry Martin Jaffer: Catherine Egan 

Most likely to punch anything hard: Nick Wilson 

Most likely to think everything is rude: Liz Boland 

Most likely to climb Mt. Everest: KK Gregory 

Most likely to play in MLB: Richie Tomczykowski 

Tremendously tall: Nick Robichaud 

Longest side burns: Brett Samuels 

Most likely to drive through a fence: Colleen Gleason 

Most likely to have stadium seating in his basement: I 


Most likely to be a hacker: Tom Matteo 

Most likely to shave his chest: Josh Pierce and Dan 


Most likely to sleep with a soccer ball: Nikki Downs 


<7\ /T^ ^ /TTn 

<7n ^ 

^^"'N^ Liz DeXSjfeerd^ "'"^ ^^""Ny ^ Mark Donnely'^ ^ 

/T^ /77\ /TTn /T^N /TTn /TTn /T^ 

Vfd^ I^^P ^-T«<i^^H ^^^^^^^ 

' Krystel 'Eliza'N. 

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/Cn yr\ /r 

I oi l Duffany 

James Fagan 

Kurt Gaertner 

James Grande 

Brandy Depietro 

Michael Dwyer 

Michele Farina 

Adonsia Grant 

Lindsay Dill 

Katherine Earle 

Matthew Grasso 

Kristen Fielding 

Liana Garofalo 

Lauren Gray 

Brenden Fov 

Cathorino Cniisti 

Dennis Griecci 

V 69 

Matthew Ha\nes 

Christopher Hedrick 

Robt'i t Hlmv 

Jack Hines 

Katrina Holme'- 


Jeremy Larose 

Erica Spicer Christopher Springer Samantha Stahiakei 

111 ha btcrn 

Katharine Valente 

Stephen Waite 

Matthew Waldron 

Craiir Warrington 

David Weston 

Katherine Weston 

Mark Weston 

steplun Wheeler 

Shellev Stewart 

Christian SuUix an Rosemarie Theberge Alexander Tousignant Elizabeth Townsend Anthon\' Tropeano 

David Webster 

Courtnev White 

Rvan Wilson 

Courtnev Wissenbach 

Peter Wosko\ 

i\anc\ \ eh 

%^ 73 



David Marks 


Allvson Mc Connell 

Timothy Mc Grath 

Stephen McLane 



Andrea Nieto 

Tracy O'Brien 

Kathrvn Olander 

Lisa I'aquette 

€f 79 

Rebecca Parkhurst 

Michal Perron 

Kara Perrv 

Derek Pfeffer 

Jennifer Raymond 

Colleen Reed 

Bianca Robles 

Nathan Smith 

Tucker Reimann 

Colin Richardson 

Jesse Robichaud 

Lillian Robinson 

Shawn Roe 

Karen Siegel 

Jessica Sigle 

Elyse Smith 

Richard Spillane 

Caroline St.Onge 

Lisa Stewart 

I'eter Stewart 

j?. Jennifer Strachan Christopher Stuart 


Ian Sullivan 

Catalina Tamayo 

Jeffrey Tate 

Jeffrey Tavlor 

Bradford Vatter 

Kyrsten Whitt 

Jamal Teque 

Kristina Tropeano 


Ross Venuti 


Meghan Wilcox 

Aaron Thomas 

Jenelle Valliere 

Richard VolpicelH 

Rebecca Warwick 

Christopher Wilkins 

Katherine Thomas 

Jamie \'an Aria 

Michelle Yen 

Brittany Tovado 

Jason Varney 

Katherine Wallace 

Philip Welty 

Jessica Young 

%J 81 





Joseph Aor 

Piper AniiL 

Savannah Armstrong 

Alexia Arocha 

tirian Avila 

Sheldon Ayala 

James Bahicock 

Amanda Baggett 

Rick) Barbato 

Matthew Barbett 

Jonathan Beekle) 

Abigail Belknap 


96 0^ 

Hello Nr. Sills and 
Nr. Reagan! 

do you like your job so far? How does it compare to your past jobs? 

Sills I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Well, maybe not thoroughly, 
ause I miss the classroom and the relationships with kids that 
lie from exciting them to think in new ways. But I love learning 
1 being stretched, and this job is teaching me so much, and it is 
illenging me in ways that I haven't been challenged before. 

Regan My new job has been a wonderful experience and 
jlenge for me. I have been faced with some difficult situations 
ivell as many positive interactions. Compared to my previous 
i, I now carry more responsibility and see more kids and parents 
|a day to day basis. 
It memorable experience this year? 

I Sills Probably when I accidentally locked a wonderfully 
l^iving young student in the girls bathroom. 

Regan When I look back at this year, it is hard to pinpoint one 
jmorable experience. The whole year has been memorable in 
|; it is my first year at Bedford High School in this capacity. Every 
IV experience is memorable, 
iirite parts of the job? 

. Sills Getting to know, and working directly with teachers and 
iJents. There's interesting, unique, caring, hurting, achieving, 
iggling, giving, growing, trying-to-figure-out-the-world-and- 
ir-place-in-it people at Bedford High School, and I'm lucky 
h time one of them is willing to share a part of themselves with 
Oh yes, principal's prerogative; I'll say two. Problem 
ving. Making it work and making a difference. 

. Regan The part of my job I like the most is the amount of interaction I have with the students at BHS. I enjoy talking with students casually 
hey pass in the halls, helping them with specific problems or concerns, and sharing in the joy of their successes. 

What do you hope to accomplish or change in the future? 

Mr. Sills I'm fortunate to have come to a terrific school. But good education is a work 
in progress and there is always room for improvement. Right now, my goals include 
opening up the school a little bit more to give students greater freedom to make 
decisions about how they use their time, and involving the students more in figuring 
out ways to make sure that every student feels that he or she belongs and can succeed 
in his or her own way. 

Mr. Regan Bedford High School is a strong school and a great place to work. Some small 
changes have already been made and can be felt, heard or seen in the halls daily. Specific 
long term goals are still being developed. Some of these changes include freeing up 
more time in student schedules and creating a more open atmosphere in the building. 
If you had unlimited money, what would you change about the school? 

Mr. Sills First, I'd hire more teachers so that every teacher taught one less class, so that 

J^^^^^^p J he or she could have more time to regularly give more challenging, complex and 

^^^^^^m j^X^^^^^H^^^^'^ik^ interesting work to stu- 
^^^^^^K S^^^^^^^^K^^^^mmm dents and still be able to 
^^^^^HmS^^^^^^^^Q^^^^^I upon 
^^^^^^E^fi^^^^^^^l^^^^^^l to 

We could also have 
more team teaching and 

■cinating interdisciplinary courses with great projects for students to create, 
en I'd build a new, state of the art facility. 

■. Regan If we had unlimited money, a new building would be first on my list. BHS 
ers a rich curriculum that is delivered by a superb staff of teachers, teaching 
istants, specialists, and administrators. Our facilities could use some updating to 
Ip us to continue delivering our programs, 
lat is your rdationship with the senior class? 

r. Sills The maturity of most seniors has made them some of the most welcoming 
idents of the new principal this year. I've appreciated that. And I continue to 
preciate the leadership that many seniors show on the playing fields, in the 
issrooms, and in the tone they set in the hallways. The more I get to know 
iividual seniors the more I wish that I had come here sooner. 
'. Regan Prior to obtaining my current position, my role as a music teacher 
orded me the opportunity to work with kids from grade 5 through 1 2. Because 

this, I have known many of the seniors since they were in 6th grade. In addition, the class of 2001 will always be a special class to me since 
^y are the first graduating class I will shake hands with after they receive their well deserved and long awaited diplomas. ^ 


Retiring Teachers m 

The end of the 2000-2001 school year will see the "graduation" ofnot only the Class of 2001. At the close of this school year, severs 
faculty members will either be retiring, taking leaves of absences, or moving on. And, just as the class of 2001 has left it's mark oi 
Bedford High School, these faculty members have also left their marks during their illustrious teaching careers, some spanning more thai 
20 years. These teachers are just one of the unforgettable aspects of Bedford High School and will surely be missed by all. 

Mrs. Pelligini 

Mr. Palmer 

Mr. Buckley 

Mrs. Krueger 

Mr. Corliss 

/%_..Mrs. Ambrose 


Ms. Light 

Mr. Norton 

fliftdfeieilllifellHiHBi / 

FacuKy CanAjjls. 




Left: Members of the Interact Club; Sle\ e Waite. Brett 
Boghigian. Greg Gannon. Tyler Gray. Adam Chan. Liz 
Dew eerd. Peter Stewart. Ben Morgan-Cle\ eland. Beth Lorusso, 
Jill Bernardo. Nathan Gray. Lauren Weeks. Becca Magnone. 
Catherine Egan. Da\ e W ebster. Betsy Holland. Marisa Demarco. 
Sam Deans. Samantha Blanchard. Britta Gotch. Kellie 
Henderson. Julia Amirzadov. Kate Willsky. Kate Wallace. Sarah 
Sheppard. Alexia Bililies. Nancy Yeh. Kate Weston. Cynthia 
Last. Whitney Dorer, and Emily Sheehan. 

3ve: Members of the S.A.D.D. club; Robm Lowe, Litmg Young, Jenny Spencer, Ashley 
Nulty, Corina Tom, Emily Frank. Tara Busa, Sara Bookin-Weiner, Adam Chan, Mike Jones, 
U Boghigian. Kathryn Bentley, Krista Harrington, Betsy Holland. Ryan Wilson, Lauren Gray, 
;hel Arabasz, Michael Perron. Britta Gotch, Laura Scaramelli, Erin O'Reilly, Kate Valente, 
litney Dorer, Marisa Demarco, Allyson McCoimell, Colleen Reed, Laura Whallon, Kristen 
annessen. Anna Larson, Liz Deweerd, Lydia Willsky. Lindsay Harrington, and Becca Gould. 

Above; Members of S.A.D.D. work diligently at a meeting. 

^ 101 

Right: Members of the Spanish Ckib; Juha Stern. Jenny 
Waldron, Meagan Asp, Ashley McNuky, Jill Bernardo, Peter 
Gray, Lesley McGovern, Sebastian D'Agostino, Talor Aronson, 
Richie Volpicelli, Stephanie Scaglione, Josh Pierce, Katie 
Springer, Catriona Savage, Michael Perron, Steve Shamlian, 
Marisa Demarco, Tyler Gray, Adam Chan, Pat Redmond, 
Sarah Caban, Dave Arzumanyan, Greg Gannon, Dan Richter, 
Franscheska Eliza. Tom Moran, Jamie Vanaria, Mark Amato, 
Kate Thomas. Keith Collins. Frankie Tanner. Erika Briere. 
Mike Hurley-Dorof. Sarah Brun, Piper Annese. Sonia Cheda. 
David Webster, Liting Young, Erica Wotton, Lisa Mara, 
Colleen McGovern, Ryan Potter, Rachel Ching, Tim Brady, 
Heather Twombly, Philip Aiken, Jenny Spencer, Colleen 
Gleason, Charles Bililies, Carey St. Onge, Kim Bernardo. 

Latin Club 

Members of the Latin Club: Alex Herz. James 
jViardt, Elie Rivolier, Josh Savitch, Sarah Sheppard, 
■|; Warrington. Jessica Christin, Nathaniel Dem, Danielle 
rili, Eric Kachelmyer, Tracy Samuels, Christian SulUvan, 
i;y Tate, Jon Twombly, Nancy Yeh, Brett Boghigian, 
tc'ynne Cloukey, Liz Deweerd, Chris Duprey, Scott 
)';, Alexander Iwanchuk, Jason Kessler, Dave Lefebvre, 
I, Tomczykowski, Brittany Tovado, Lauren Weeks, 
, Winick, Tim Brady, Da\'id Bratton, Jo Jo Dispena, 
sFagan, Jason Haynes. Jason Kennedy. Chris Kiely. 
. Kruger. Cliris Long, Ryan Lucas, Eric Macdonald, 
le Purchia, Samantha Stalnaker, Genev-ieve Slander. 
;iy Budka, Alec Danaher, Krista Harrington, Matt 
nes, Helen Lin, Margot Lynn, Rachel Miller. Edward 
,i, Ricky Barbato, John Davis, Ryan Potter, Daniel 
jter, Jenny Spencer. Caroline St. Onge, Chris Sulhvan, 
ilitmg Young. 

A. F. S. 

Left: Members of the American Field 
Service: Back rovv(left to right): Katie 
Earl, Frank Tanner; Next row: Karen 
Siegel. Jacob Lafoe, Alex Hudzik. Jason 
Dearaujo, Pam Harvey; 2nd row: 
Monica Connarton, William Hillyard, 
Sam Deans, Danny Richter, Chris Long; 
Front row: Mark Donnelly, Robin Lowe 


Nath Team 

Left: Ken Liu, Mark Amato, Matt Wampler-Doty. Derek Parham, Paw 
Wrotek, William Shao, Logan Gains, Scott Dalrymple, Andy Shen, M 
McGowan, Christina Lee, Ben Stuhl, Nathan Gray, Liz Deweerd, and Ste 

Chess Team 

Right: Logan Gans, Joe Wilkerson, Ani Ravi, 
James Kotwal, Christina Lee, Derek Parham, 
Jeremy HoUembaek, Brian Pantano, Mr. 
McGowan, Jimmy Babcock, Jerry Gao; 1 st row: 
Jason Dearuajo. 



Computer Programing 


Left: Members of the Computer Programming Team; Andy 
Shen. Derek Parham, Steve Shamlian, Ben Stuhl, Brian Pantano, 
and Mr. McGowan. 


Right: Members of Telemedia: Philip 
Aiken, Mark Amato, Lauri Baudanza, Tara 
Biisa, Tim Busa, Mike Buttrick, Ashley 
Campbell, Courteney Campbell, Andrew 
Churella, Tim Churella, Daniel Conway, 
Nikki Downs, Shannon Pillion, Amber 
Fisher, Nick Gleason, Nathan Gray, Will 
Hillyard, Emily Jamison, Robin Malone, 
Jennie Moonan, Maura Neff, Josh Pierce, 
Patrick Reed, Brett Samuels, Chris Springer, 
Chris Sullivan, Steve Waite, Jenny Waldron, 
Matthew Waldron, and Lydia WiUsky. 



Environmental Club 

Right: Members of the Environmental Club: Sth 
Mr. Griffm, Matt Waldron, Kate Wallace. Pat / 
Helen Lin, JuJia Stern; 4th row: Robbie Eaton, 
Holland, Gregory Gannon, Marisa Demarco, Th 
Moran, Ben Cleaver, Kathryn Brooks, Sara McCay 
Stuhl, Sarah Healy, Dane Mahoney; 3rd row: 
Darkazalli, Stephanie Cerchione, Katie Bentley, 
Harrington, Emily Sheehan. Whitney Dorer, Am) 
Jessica Whidey, Shira Charles, Anna Larson, U 
Weeks, Anna Sabella; 2nd row: Jamie Vanaria, R 
Arabasz. Kate Weston, Sarah Sheppard, Alexia Bi 
Laura Whallon, Britta Gocht, Erin McGowan, 
Busa, Alastair Ingram, Kristen Johannessen, ^ 
Neff; 1st row: Lesley McGovem, Becca Magi 
Sarah UUman, Heather Twombly, Erin O'Reilly 
Lmdsay Harrington. 

Gay/StraiglH Alliance 

Left: Members of the Gay Striaght Alliance (pictured): 
Adam Lauziere, Kayo Anthony, Cassie Norton, Margot 
Lynn, Jose Portuondo, and Kathryn Healy. 

Peer Leadership 

Left: Members of Peer Leadership: 2nd row: Mrs. BiUouin, Joe 
Chapa, Nathan Gray. Evan Lagasse, Andy Churella, Pete Gray, Steve 
Hempton, Chris Duprey; 1st row: Maura Neff, Lauren Weeks, Beth 
Lorusso. Heather Twombly, Sarah Ullman, Liz Deweerd, Anna 
SabeUa, Meredith McLane, and Liza Poupart. 


Left: Members of Madrigal: 2nd row: 
Whallon, Jesse Ratichek, Eliot Rabinowitz.Jo^' 
Mark Amato, Tim Busa, Dane Mahoney, Dave . 
1st row: Kim Robinson. Katie Rossin. Kathr-, 
LydiaWillsky, Shannon Pillion, Kathryn Brook 
Kate McNamara, and Ashley Campbell. 

\ i 


Chamber Singers 

Right: 4th row: Matt Carvey, Nick 
Robichaud, Steve Waite, Ben Williams, 
Ben Gould, Liz Townsend; 3rd row: Brit- 
tany Tovado, Abby Belknap, Jimmy 
Higson, Mike Jones, MattWaldron, Heather 
Backman. Tara Busa, Kenneth Budka; 2nd 
row: Tracy Samuels, Karen Siegal, Rebecca 
Trigg, Lindsay Dill, Stefanie Scaglione, 
Amber Fisher; 1st row: Kathryn Sylva, 
Margaret Low, Kate Weston, and Courteney 



Hens Octet 

Right; Members of the Mens Octet: Mark 
Amato, Jose Sanoja, Jesse Ratichek, Tim 
Busa, Johnny Whallon, Dane Mahoney, 
Dave Webster, and Ehot Rabinowitz. 


Left: 5th row: Sarah Arsenauk, Sean Roe, Sam Deans. Jennifer Strachan. 
Nikki Lua, Anthony Thomas. Alexi WOson. Jeremy Oulette, .Mex Ivvanchuck. 
Corey Shaw. Ryan Wilson; 4th row: Kim Bernardo, Kathryn Anthony. 
John Saucier. Talor Aronson-Waintrup, Timothy Feeley. Ken Budka, Andy 
Churella; 3rd row: Erin McGowan, Samantha Blanchard, Courtney 
Little, Diana Bickford, Britta Gocht; 2nd row: Evan Lagasse, Jimmy 
Higson, Stanley BCnight; 1st row: Mike Jones 

Double Sextet 

Left: Members of the Double Sextet: 3rd row: Lesley 
McGovern, Kathryn Brooks, Ashley Campbell; 2nd row: Mary- 
Kate McNamara. Lydia Willsky. Anna Sabella. Margaret Low, 
Katie Sylva. 1st row: Shannon Fillion, Kathryn Healy, and Kim 


Wind Ensemble 

Right: Members of Wind Ensemble: (m alphabetical order) 
Wind 1 

Charles Bililies, Lauren Gray, Parnela Harvey. Anna Larson, Daniel 
Raimondi, Christopher Springer, and David Webster 
Wind 2 

Philip Aiken, Patrick Allen, Mark Amato, Piper Annese, Meagan Asp, Lauri 
Baudanza, Heather Baxter, Abigail Belknap, Kerry Bosman, Michael 
Buttrick, Benjamin Chambers-Maher, Keith Collins, Vanessa Demeo, 
Nicole Downs, Keith Egan, Gregory Gannon, Nicholas Gleason, Britta 
Gocht, Tyler Gray, Michael Hall, Kathryn Healy, Kurt Johannessen. 
MargotLynn, Christopher Minue, Sam Morgan-Cleveland, LmdsayParham, 
Rebecca Parkhurst, Sarah Perkins, Derek Pfeffer, Jeffrey Picton, Patrick 
Reed, Jesse Robichaud, Katherine Roe, Anna Sabella, Karen Siegel. 
Katherine Thomas, Corina Tom, Jenelle Valliere, Richard Volpicelli. 
Katherine Wade, Jessica Watro, Mark Weston, Laura Whallon, Ryan 
Wilson, Stephen Woskov, and Andrew Wotton. 

Jazz Band 

Left: Members of the BHS Jazz Band: 1st row: Jesse Robichaud, Mike Gartland I 
John Raynes, PliiJ Aiken; 2nd row: Erin McGowan, Lauri Baudanza, DrevI 
Wotton, Mr. Felker; 3rd row: Ken Budka, Dave Gerberg, and Derek Pfeffer. 

1 1 0^ '^ 


Left: Members of Orchestra: 2nd row: Michelle Yen. Heather Backman, 
Courteney Leavitt, Michelle Manning, Rebecca Parkhurst, Pat Reed, and 
Francisco Larios; 1 st row: Ben Reynolds, Brian Avila, Martin Jaffer, Kate 
Weston, and Tim Churella. 

Chamber Orchestra 

Left: Members of the Chamber Orchestra: Ani Ravi, 
Nathan Gray, Ben Stuhi; Not Pictured: Emily Jamison. 

Concert Band 

Left: Members of the Concert Band: (in alphabetical order) 
Matthew Barbett, Brian Barrows, Kimberly Bernardo, Alexis Bilihes, 
Tara Busa, Jacob Buttrick, Mingli Chang, Scott Dalrymple, John Davis, 
Philip Demeo, Douglas Ebner, Shannon Pillion, Matthew Fish, Jason 
Frey, Gina Fusi, David Gagnon, Matthew Gagnon, Jason Haynes, Sarah 
Hearly, Darryl Hohday, Thomas Lane, Frank Lentine, Michael Liechty, 
Amy Lin, Christopher Matheson, John McFarland, Ashley McNulty, 
Colin Murphy, James Purchia, Erika Reiss, Daniel Richter, William 
Shao, Christopher Sullivan, Frank Tanner, Jeffrey Tate, Jeffrey Taylor, 
Jennifer Waldron, Lindsey Warren, Phihp Welty, Taryn Westerkamp. 


Narching Band 

Right: Drum Major, Junior, Matt 
Waldron plays his tuba at the Home- 
coming Pep Rally. 

Right: Kayla Avery spins the flag with 
all her might. 

Below: Sophomore, Sarah Healy plays 
her clarinet while wearing one of the 
new uniforms. 

Above: Sophomore Keith Egan plays his trumpet at one of the many home Above: Freshman, Chris Sullivan plays the base drum at a pep rally, 
football games. 

112 0=^ 


Right: Colorguard members lined up 
111 ihis years field show "Earth. Wind, 
and Fire. " Danika Ulrich-George. Katie 
Springer, Ahni Mooridian, and Sabrina 

Below: Jesse Robichaud honking away 
on his bari sax at the Homecoming Pep 

e: Ken Budka, Jenn) Waldron, and Aree Mady make up the pit of the 
nd High School Marching Band. 

Above: 1st Row, Left to right: Danika Ulrich-George, Sabrina Stucka, Ahni 
Mooridian, .'Xshley McNulty, Ka)'la Avery. Katie Springer, Meghan Asp. 2nd Row: 
Ken Budka. Shannon Pillion, Corina Tom, Gina Pusi, Allison Neff Jackie Roe. 
3rd Row: Drum Major Matthew Waldron, Katie Roe, Sarah Healy, Jessica Watro, 
Sarah Scampini. Michael Hall. Drum Major Katnryn Healy. 4th Row: Philip 
Aiken, Lauri Baudanza, Keith Egan, Pat Reed, Becca Parkhurst. 5th Row: Jesse 
Robichaud, Chris Minue, Colleen Reed. 6th Row: Aree Mady, Jenny Waldron, 
Chris Springer, Nick Gieason, Ben Gould, .Alec Danaher. Tim Churella, Chris 


Air Force Junior 

Right; A Flight 1st tlement: Tyler 
Mac Neill, Drew Wotton, Adam 
Lauziere, Jose Sanoja, Shane 
McDonald, John Mc Cue, Stanley 
Knight, Joe Chapa, Jake Buttrick, 
Danielle Lagasse, Eldonsio Grant, 
Katie O'Connor. 

Right: C Flight 1st Element: Danielle 
Carey, Nicole Geniusz, Ming Li 
Chang, Ashley Dipietro, Adam 
Cortes, Chris Summers, Colby Gre- 
gory, Ben Erwin, Robin Malone, 
Erica Wotton, Matt Gagnon, Jamie 
litis, Catrina Holmes, Courteney 

jtcserve Officer 

Left: A Flight 2nd Element: Liz 
Boland, Craig Cloukey, Sarah 
Arsenault, John Bentley, Chris 
Callagher, Ryan Summers, Becca 
Magnone, Evan Lagasse, Meagan 
Tovado, Ken Christie, Nils Sandel, 
John Hart, Ed Arocha, Erica Spicer, 
Brandi Dipietro, Christine 
Blanchard, Lesley Edris. 

Left: C Flight 2nd Element: Shawn 
Roe, Erika Earl, Jonathon Beckley, 
Phil Stone, Alec Danaher, Mike 
Petrasik, Mike Chunn, Scott 
Dalrymple, Rachel Burns, Helen 
Lin, Grachaun Dunn, and Ashley 

Left; Members of Debate: Mr. Milliken 
Liu, Andy Shen, Pat Allen. Jerry Gao, 
Kotwal, Adonzia Grant, Nils Sandell, 


Ut Nag 

Left; Members of Literary Vlagazme: Mr. Donahue, 
Pawel Wrotek, Ben Stulil. Sam Holland. Liz Jacobs, 
Brendon Baker, Dave Cheng, Kate Wallace, Jenny 
Cariguilo, Colleen Reid. 



Right: Members of Drama: 4th row: Andy 
Churella, Shannon FiUion, Steve Waite. Chris 
Springer, Chris SuUivan, Alec Danaher, Chris 
Stuart, Kim Robinson, Jenny Waldron, Tim 
Churella, Jesse Robichaud, Abby Belknap, Sara 
Bookin-Weiner; 3rd row: Matt Waldron, Erika 
Briere, Jeff Picton, Kathryn Brooks, Colleen 
Reid, Sarah Brim, Jennie Moonan; 2nd row: 
Dana Waters, Brittany Tovado, Lauri Baudanza, 
JlUian Russo, Karen Segal, Emily Frank; 1st 
row: Kathryn Anthony, Dara Goodman, 
Kathryn Healy, Jessica Watro, and Dana Wa- 


Right: Members of Metco: 2nd row: Sheldon 
Ayala, Matt Mckennon, Jamal Teque, Gerald 
Bragg; 1st row: Eboni Walcott, Keisha Boykin, 
and Janene Brome. 



Car Club ^ 

Far left: 2001 Dodge Viper GT Con- 

Left: Kristen Johannesen poses with a 

Bottom left: Members of the car club 
pose with the 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse. 

Below right: Members of the Car Club: Peter 
Stewart, Matt Carvey, Gregory Gannon, Richie 
Tomczykowski, Tom Matteo, Catherine Egan, Peter 
Gray, Maura Neff, Lydia 
Willsky, Alan 
Tomczykowski, Steve 
Hempton, Anna Larson, 
Andre Arzumanyan, 
Jesse Ratichek, Sarah 
Collins, Erin O'Reilly, 
Brian Miley, Rob Eaton, 
Charles Bililies, Lindsay 
Harrington, Ben 
Ratichek, David 
Arzumanyan, and Ryan 

Cycling Club 

Dve: Members of the Cycling Club; Pat Allen, Jon Cogliano, Brian Miley, Dane 
honey, David Webster, Steve Woskov, and Charles Bililies. 

\J 119 

Members of the National Honor Society: Current Members: President Sarah 
UUman, Vice President Lydia Willsky, Secretary Laura ScarameUi. Treasurer 
Ehzabeth Deweerd, Brendon Baker, Jilhan Bernardo, Charles Bililies, Kathryn 
Brooks. Jenny Cargiuolo, Matthew Carvey, Shira Charles, Wei Chen, David 
Cheng, Andrew Churella, Catherine Egan, Krystel Eliza, Sharmon Pillion, 
Colleen Gleason, Rebecca Gould, Nathan Gray, Peter Gray, Kathryn Gregory, 
Kristen Johannessen, James Kotwal, Arma Larson, Christina Lee, Beth Lorusso, 
Rebecca Magnone, Thomas Matteo, Lesley McGovern, John McGue, Benjamin 
Morgan-Cleveland, Maura Neff, Erin O'Reilly, Brian Pantano, Derek Parham, 
Lisa Poupart, Jesse Ratichek, Kevin Redmond, Nicholas Robichaud, Kimberly 
Robinson, Josh Solberg, Benjamin Stuhl, Alan Tomczykowski, Richard 
Tomczykowski, Meagan Tovado, Heather Twombly, John Whallon, Courtney 
White, Andrew Wotton, and Pawel Wrotek. New Members: Daniel Conway. 
Robert Eaton. Scott Epple. Michael Jones. Evan Lagasse, Cole Tucker, Matthew 
Winick, Jemini Abrahman, Patrick Allen. Rachel Arabasz, Jennifer Boshco. Jacob 
Buttrick. Ashley Campbell. Courtney Campbell. Joe Chapa, Jessica Christin, 
Michael DeBartolo, Michael Deen, Vanessa DeMeo, Katherine Earle, Jerry Gao, 
Lauren Gray, Robert Herz, Anubhav Kaul, Adam Lauziere, Margaret Low, Dane 
Mahoney, Patrick Redmond, James Reinhaardt, Joanna Reynolds. Katherine 
Rossin, Alexis Rudd, Nils Sandell, Joshue Savitch. Steven Shamlian. Andy Shen, 
Sarah Sheppard. Julia Stem, Christian Sullivan. Elizabeth TowTisend, Katherine 
Valente, David Webster, David Weston, Kaherine Weston, Mark Weston. 
Stephen Woskov. Nancy Yeh. 

Class Officers 

Right: Sophomore 
Class Officers: 2nd 
row: Secretary Lisa 
Paquette, Treasurer 
Jason Kessler; 1st 
row: Vice-President 
Alex Iwanchuck. 
and President Brett 

Left: Freshman class Officers: 
2nd row: Treasurer Jason 
Kennedy. Secretary Matt Greer, 
Co-President Michael Hurley 
Dorof; ist row: Rep. to tht 
School Improvement Council 
Amber Fisher. Co-Presiden( 
Jacob Lafo, and Vice President 
Erm McGowan. 

Right: Junior Class Officers: 
2nd row: Secretary Eric 
MacDonald. Vice-President 
Michael Debartolo. Treasurer 
Pat Redmond, President Josh 
Savitch; 1st row: Prom 
committe member Margaret 
Low, and Prom Committee 
member Jessica Hamilton. 

Below: Senior Class Offi 
President Andrew Chu 
Vice-President Erin O R 
Treasurer Lesley McGo 
Prom Committee Memb 
Bernardo, Secretary 
UUman, and Prom Con 
tee Member Anna Sabe) 



Boys and Girls State 

Left: Members of Junior Statesmen of America: Joanna 
Reynolds, Kate Valente, Mike Deen, Sarah Sheppard, Josh 
Savitch. RobinLowe, Mike Debartolo, Jon Cogliano. and Mr. 
Reynolds, and Steve Shamlian. 




Dear Yearbook Staffers, 

To tell you guys the truth, we really have no idea of what we should say to you. Ho: 
exactly how grateful we are to you for all your efforts. Without your help, there would 1 
days, late afternoons, and tiring weekends that you all put in were essential in completii 
never forget your crc^ivity and hard work. Steven Shamlian: You, above all, have the i 
histSry of the world. And THE MATRIX will never be the same without you. Nice pufl 
men ui your room. Try to come to school for a whole week. Robin Lowe: Thanks form? 
Labeling pictures would help. Nice 30 minute drive to Burlington. Fighting with the clit 
laugh. And, facial hair is cool! Chris Bynoe: No cell phones in the yearbook room. No 
man. Phone calls from Kayla. Radio editor. Remember the four rules. Michelle Mannin 
seniors. Calls home for a ride. Long distance photos from down the hall. Make up youi 
afternoon violin lesson. Danielle Carey: Thanks for identifying people. 2nd to last to j{ 
staff. Lots of laughs. Leat^r is uncomfortable. Senior friends. Drew Wotton: Bestty 
the world. Thanks for the'senior thanks. Any problems with them, will be attributed to 
Productivity. Practice. Best of the best. Monica Coiuiarton: Thanks for never buying 
iPoritos. Causing a scene at Burlington Studios. Slippers in lockers. Staring at water b 
Fashion advice. Katie Sylva: What happened to you? Yearbook sleepover. Fun Times 
wanted you to come, really. 1 don't want to be in any photos. John McGue: Officially i 
person to join the yearbook stall. A key member. Picking up the munchies. Why are y 
mellow.* What would we have clone without you? Mike ,Ioncs: Why are we thanking ) 
Rest and relaxation. Drawing the all night party picture. Basketball draft. Michael Pen- 
Nice eyes. Can you come consistently. Rides home. Asking Dan to the movies. Badly 
behaved in gym class. Andy and Jerry: Playing whacked out computer games. Writini 
'wall. Do you guys go any^vhe^e alone? Bccca Gould: Hitting the home run in the 9th. 
help to finish strong. Putting yourself in the middle. Stressing out about APES with D 
Brett. Colin Richardson: What would we have done without you. Yearbook study will 
be the same. Dina: Thanks for the slipper. Shauna: Thanks for long distance phone bil 
Gretchen, Katie, Lisa, Nicole, BMC, Grachauii, Kirk, Cicrald,/\lexis, Jimmy. Nick, Brendo 
Rinaldi: "Yo yo wassup kid?" It's because I am Jewish. "You broke the camera." Allov 

yearbook room. Buy us Doritos. The popcc 
have a college recommendation. The two be 
wo had a fantastic time making the yearbook 
making pages it was al! fun. We worked har 
done. We wisli all of s ou luck in the future? 

vords can depict 
rbook. The long 
k on time. We will 
ipoline in the 
ing fourty year old 
book so difficult, 
de smile. Ton of 
ching the fresh- 
touching the 
; me a minute! Late 


. Becca: Thank you for stopping by. ..once. Mr. 
vear, be rude, intolerant, and smelly in the 
;s like cardboard. You have kids? Can I please 
, we would just like to say that 
ublic relations or 
we are very proud of what we have 
VOM will be proud of the book toqj 




Becca Magnone: Joe Chapa: Sarah Arsenault: 

Color Guard Captain Drill Team Commander Exhibition Captain 


Alexia Arocha 
Eduardo Arocha 
Sarah Arsenault 
Brian Barrows 
Brian Blake 
Christine Blanchard 
Liz Boland 
Jacob Buttrick 
Ben Chambers-Maher 
Joe Chapa 
Craig Cloukey 
Jocelynne Cloukey 
Katherine Connor 
Rich Crouse 
Alec Danaher 
Leslie Edris 
David Gagnon 
Chris Gallagher 

Adonsia Grant 
Rachel Grant 
Colby Gregory 
John Hart 
Jamie litis 
Ben Irwin 
Stanley Knight 
Danielle Lagasse 
Evan Lagasse 
Adam Lauziere 
Courtney Leavitt 
Becca Magnone 
Thomas Moran 
Jose Sanoja 
John Saucier 
Julia Stern 

Rosemarie Theberge 
Stephen Woscov 






•e: Varsity and JV Football: 2nd row: Coach Hirsch, Coach Bergess, Tim Brady, 
Sargent, Jason Luby, Mark Leshane, Steve Spellberg, Jeremy Oulette, Teddy 

. John Busa, Dan Black, Nick Miller, Dave Salvi, Jamal Teque, Dennis Griecci, Pat 

iest, Ryan Reed, Greg Hughes, Tim McGrath, Travis Desiato, Corey Bagett; 1st 
Shane McDonald, Chris Duprey. Nick Wilson, Josh Pierce, Austin Friend. Keith 

)nnel, Jason Harris. Greg Trelegan, Stanley Knight, Malt Winick, and Tom Lima. 



Kre: JV Football: John Beckley, Doug Higson, Nathaniel Riflcin, Alec Danaher, 
ninic Pespisa, Dan Mondello, Jason Kennedy, Torn Lane, Alexia Bililies, Matt 
ennon, Sheldon Alya, Coach Casey; 2nd row: Mike Hurley-Dorof, Kyle Carrol, 
n Luby, Dan Richichi, Rob Adams, Ian McPhail. Ryan Chan-Moy, Jacob Lafoe, 
Richter, AJ Davo; 1 st row: Dan Bullard. Ben Taylor. Montana Ross, Ryan Santos, 
s Long, Brandon Kennedy, Alex Hudsik, Scott Wannamaker, Matt Greer, Ricky 
lato, and Owen Harris. 

Left : Josh Pierce carries the ball for Bedford . 

Below Left: Pat Depriest kicks off to start 
the game. 

"BETTER EVERYDAY" that was this 
years slogan. From the hot August 
mornings to the cold November 
nights we were together as a team. 
This year we had a lot of changes, 
we even had a legendary coach 
move off the sidelines and into the 
stands. Coach Sullivan, long time 
assistant and friend to Coach Sab 
took over the head coaching job. 
He didn't ask us to win one game, 
he only asked us to play for our- 
selves and each other. "One thing 
we will not do is quit," stated 
Sullivan. We were heavy under- 
dogs. Never the less we played the 
games as we promised Coach 
Sullivan. We never quit and we 
gave Concord a run for there 
money. Depending on what town 
you ask, the real winner of that 
game was Bedford. The symbol of 
our whole year, spoiler, with noth- 
ing but pride on the line we always 
played spoiler. And that's what we 
tried to do that play, a tie does 
nothing for us. Even though we 
lost 27-26 we still gave it our all. 
One play stands out. After an 
inspiring halftime speech Greg 
Trelegan flew down the field and 
laid all one hundred and ten pounds 
into the ball carrier popping the 
ball out. That was us all year, out 
manned but never out worked, 
by Jason Harris 

e: The team huddles up to discuss strategy. 




Lett; Lauren Weeks slams the ball 
with all her might. 

Bottom Left: Laura lunges to hit the 
ield hockey ball. 

Below: Jenny Busa steals the ball 

The record of the girls' field hockey team 
does not reflect the hard work they put in 
during the season. These girls have played 
strongly, putting all they had into staying 
competitive against much more experienced 
teams in the DCL. New coach, Bev Barton, 
came in and took over a closely knit team of 1 2 
seniors, 3 juniors, 2 sophomores, and one 
freshman, and had a hugely successful season, 
even though it was not filled with wins. They 
will miss seniors Jill Bernardo, Jen Busa, Lesley 
McGovern, Kristen Johannessen, LizDeweerd, 
Anna Larson, Kathryn Brooks, Lauren Weeks, 
Lydia Willsky, Shira Charles, Laura Scaramelli, 
Catherine Egan, and manager Jen Moonan, but 
the younger athletes surely will keep up the 
hard work in the future under the leadership 
of tri-captains, Kate Weston, Patricia Mizzoni, 
and Lauren LeBlanc. 

By: Lesley McGovern 

Right: Top row: Patricia 
Mizzoni, Kellie Henderson, 
Meghan Asp, Lauren LeBlanc; 2nd 
row: Lydia Willsky, Laura 
Scaramelli, Liz Deweerd, Kate 
Weston, Kim Bernardo, 
Catherine Egan, Shira Charles; 
1st row: Jill Bernardo, Kathryn 
Brooks, Jenny Busa, Lesley 
McGovern, Anna Larson, Lauren 
Weeks, and Knsten Johannessen. 


Left; Anna Larson chases the ball dowTi the field. 
Below: Patricia Mizzoni kicks it out old school. 


Right: Anna Larson puts some real oomph 
behind it. 

e: Seniors Kathryn Brooks. Jill Bernardo, and Lesley McGovern show us sequentially 
to hit the ball. 

^e: The JV Field Hockey Team. 3rd row: Rebecca Tngg. Rebecca Parkhurst, Candice 
rey, Colleen McGovern, Katie Kerwin, Michelle Yen, Marissa Demarco; 2nd row: 
Han-ey, Rachel Miller, Jenn Raymond, Rebecca Warwick, Michelle Hagar, Kate 
mas; 1st row: Juliana Disanzo, Vanessa Demeo, Emily Sheehan, Rachel Arabasz, Sarah 
ipard, and Lauren Gray. 

Above: A Bedford player skillfuUy fmesses the ball away from her opponent. 


Giiis^ Soccer 

The 2000 Varsity Girls Soccer season was marked by a lot of 
firsts. With the help of a new head coach, known as Alvin, 
the girls' soccer team had their most successful season in 
three years. Following two disappointing seasons with 0- 
18 records, the team finished this season with a 2-13-3 
record. None of the girls will ever forget that memorable 
night game against Tyngsboro when we got our first win, 
the bus rides, dinners, sleepovers, headers, "Who let the 
bucs out," music before games, and all of those fun wind 
sprints. The team was led on and off the field by senior 
captains Nikki Downs, Colleen Gleason, and Erin O'Reilly. 
The other seniors who contributed to the remarkable lead- 
ership were Lindsay Harrington, Becca Magnone, Sarah 
Minue, Anna Sabella, Megan Tovado, and Christina Lee. 
Next year, the present juniors, Margaret Low, Courtney 
Campbell, Ashley Campbell, Kate Valente, and Mary-Kate 
McNamara, will lead the team. The sophomores on the team 
this year were Lindsay Mann, Jamie Vanaria, and Jen Caban. 
This season, the Bucs had some help from the young and r i g h i 
upcoming freshmen: April Jacobs, Lisa Mara, Cory Shaw, Cory 
Taryn Westercamp, Ryan Potter, and Jenny Spencer. We s h a w 

had a strong sense of determination and unity this season, ^ " " 
o ' past the 

and we dedicated ourselves to earning a win. This Bedford I defender 
girls' soccer team added a lot of character to the competitive and 
DCL league, and we will not be forgotten. streaks 

by Erin O'Reilly 

Right: Colleen Gleason clears the ball 
down the field. 

Above: Nikki Downs stoops up the ball 
and makes the save. 

Right: Girls' JV Soccer: Heatlicr Ba.Mer, 
Amber Fisher, Liz Townsend, Ashley 
McNulty. Natashya Sanoja; 2nd row: Jes- 
sica Hamilton, Krista Harrington, Jen Spen- 
cer, Ryan Potter, Jenelle Valiere, Jen 
Strahan; 1st row: Katie Springer, Sara 
Sabella, Erin McGowan, Danielle landoli. 
Coach Byrnes. 



Left: Kate Valente breaks down field. 
Below: Sarah Caban hacks it up. 

Above: Varsity Captains: Nikki Downs, 
Colleen Gleason, and Erin O'Reilly. 

Jt: 2000 Varsity Girls' Soccer: 3rd row: Sarah Caban, Jamie Vanaria, Colleen Gleason, Cory Shaw, April Jacobs; 2nd row: Taryan 
tercamp, Kate Valente, Courteney Campbell, Margaret Lowe. Ashley Campbell, Lindsay Mann; 1st row: Sarah Minue, Lindsay 
ington, Erin O'Reilly, Nikki Downs, Colleen Gleason. Becca Magnone, Christina Lee, and Meagan Tovado. 


Boy^s Soccer 

Above: Freshman Boys' Soccer: 3rd 
row: Jason Frey, Frank Tanner, Gar) 
Lucas, Ben Ratichek, William Shao; 2nd 
row: Brian Avila. Chris Kiley, Philip 
Demeo, Jack Davis, Derek Nener-Plante, 
Mr. McGowan; 1st row: Brendan 
Wilkerson, Scott Dalrymple, Alastair 
Ingram, Chris Dutton, Elliot Rabinowitz, 
and Francisco Larios. 

Boys' JV Soccer: 3rd row: Jeff Tate, Tyler Gray, Mike Busa, Nick Gleason, Chris 
Costa, Steve McLane, Craig Warrington, Danny Fagan, Brad Vatter, James Rheinhardt; 
2nd row: Derek Pheffer, Jeremy Larose, Keith Collins, Joe Dispena, Jamie Purchia. 
Chris Matheson, Richei Volpicelli, Tim Busa, Chris Springer; 1st row: Alex 
Iwanchuck, Phil Aiken, Jeff Taylor, Alistair Ingraham, Brian Coppola, Chris Dutton, 

The Bedford Boys Varsity Soccer team had a season for the record books m 2000. Led by captains Alan 
and Rich Tomczykowski, and assistant captains, John Bentle)' and Johnn)' Whallon; the team re^^istered 

the first ever undefeated season 

in school history. A strong core of 
Seniors including Scott Epple, 
Brian Pantano, Jesse Ratichek, and 
new comer, Anthony Thomas, as 
well as a solid group of Juniors led 
by Ryan WiJson , enabled the Bucs 
to score over 100 goals while 
allowing only 14, as well as 
notching in shutout victories. 
This impressive play earned the 
Buccaneers their first Dual 
County League Championship 
since 1989 with a record of 1 7- 
0-1. Bedford then went on to 
win the Division III North Sec- 
tional Championship for the sec- 
ond time in as many years, be- 
fore falling to Medway in the 
Eastern Mass finals 1-0, to end 
their season 21-1-1. The team 
boasted Bedford's all tune lead- 
ing goal scorer, Alan 
Tomcykowski (33), as well as 
four Eastern Mass All Stars, and 
had its entire starting lineup earn 
All League honors. In a season 
where winning games 10-0 was 
not uncommon for the Bucs, 
beating teams like Acton- 
Boxboro and Concord-Carlisle 
with ease, was expected. The 
team was ranked the fourth best 
team in Eastern Massachusetts 
by the Boston Globe. The high- 
light of the season came when 

Bedford defeated Bishop Fenwick in double overtime to win the North Championship. Bedford will 
have a strong team returning next year to defend their title. 

Above: Varsity Boys' Soccer: 2nd row: Sebastian D'agostmo, Johnny Whallon, Steve 
Hempton, Matt Kruger, Dane Mahoney , Dave Webster, Ryan Wilson, Tyler MacNeiU. 
Brian Miley; 1st row: Coach Wilson, John Bentley, Jesse Ratichek, Brian Pantano, 
Scott Epple, Anthony Thomas, Richie Tomczykowski, Alan Tomczykowski, and 
Robbie Eaton. 



Left: Alan Tomczykowski pushes hard to 
make it up the sidehne. 

Below: Dane Mahoney sprints in after 
the rock. 

.A ^9 _^P^ 

Varsity Boys' Soccer 

Wins: 1 1 
Losses: I 
Ties: I 

Below: BHS Varsity Soccer Team takes a break 
at halftmie. 


Above: Bedford soccer players circle the 
ball in order to make the defensive stop. 

Left: BHS Varsity player, Ryan Wilson, 
fights hard to gain control of the ball. 




136 CHs 

e: This race car stinks, it can barely make it past 5 mph. 
i: Ryan Lucas hits the golf ball just like a professional. 

Btlovv: Second Row: Mr. Reynolds, Eric MacDonald, Christian Sullivan, Patrick 
Sullivan, Josh Savitch, Steve Kerwin, Mike DeBartolo; Front Rov\.-: Mark Amato, 
Brett Boghigian, Dave Lefebvre, Ryan Lucas, Mike Deans. 


/ ^ 


There were very high expecta- 
tions for this year's Bedford High 
School Golf Team. They were 
only two years removed from be- 
ing crowned Division 3 State 
Champions, and they wanted to 
hoist that trophy high in the air 
again. While the squad did not 
attain this goal, they had a very 
successful season in the year 2000. 
They made the State Tournament 
and had nine wins out of sixteen 
matches in an extremely competi- 
tive league. Helped by Coach 
John Reynold's experience and dis- 
ciplined practice sessions, the team 
worked very hard. They had long 
practices, played on weekends, and 
went to other courses to target. 
The team was led by its seven 
juniors, and freshman, Patrick 

Like any sports team, this one 
had many highs and lows. One 
highlight for the team included 
shellaking Westford, one of the 
strongest teams in the division. 
Another highlight was when al- 
ternates Steve Kerwin, Mark 
Amato, and Brett Boghigian made 
their debut in a varsity match and 
added strong contributions to de- 
feat Boston Latin. The fact that 
this team did not have a single 
senior and still achieved a great 
deal bodes well for its future. 
By Mike Debartolo 

\J 137 

Right: Backflipping to victory. Maura 
Neff does backflips during the pep rally. 

Above: Members of the BHS cheerleading 
squad: Eduardo Arocha, Juhe Amirzadov, 
Amanda Baguette, Jocelyn Cloukey, Alexi 
Wilson, Courteney White, Nicole Farina, 
Danielle Lagasse, Heather Blohm. Michelle 
Farina, Liz Boland, Jackie Adams, Maura 
Neff, Samantha Blanchard, Sarah Caban, 
Craig Cloukey, Aleah Davis, Beth Lorusso. 
Christine Blanchard, and Katrina Clemons. 

Above: BHS Cheerleading Seniors: Aleah 
Davis, Maura Neff, Christine Blanchard, 
Beth Lorusso, and Liz Boland. 

Right: Beth Lorusso stands at the top of a 
pyramid and reaches for the sky. 

138 CHs 

Above: Katrina prays for victory. 

Left: Julie Amirzadov showing off her 

The 2000 BHS Cheerleaders are one 
of the hardest working sports teams 
at the school. This year we put in 
many hours, not only perfecting 
our own competition routine, but 
also supporting many of the other 
BHS teams. We cheered for foot- 
ball. We cheered boys and girls 
soccer. We were there for states, 
and now, many hours, psyche bags, 
and spirit days later, it has all paid 
off. Led by captains Christine 
Blanchard, Beth Lorusso, and Maura 
Neff, along with seniors Liz Boland 
and Aleah Davis, the BHS cheerlead- 
ers went on to place 2nd in the DCL 
and 2nd in the state, we also won the 
opportunity to perform at the Citrus 
Bowl in Florida. We wish the BHS 
cheerleaders the best for the next 

by: Maura Neff 



Upper right: The Bedford Cross-Country 
team sprints down the trail. 

Right: The Girls' Cross-Country team 
gathers around for an inspirational pep 


Patrick Allen stretches before a 

Jostling for space on the starting line in slashing rain, freezing cold, and 
several-inch-thick mud; running intervals on a track made slick by blinding 
snow; sprinting uphill against a whipping wind: such is the plight, and the 
pleasure, of Cross Country. We are All Weather, All Terrain, Anytime, and 
we're enjoying every moment. 

The girls team received a major revamping this season with the arrival 
of five new freshman. We look forward to seeing the team make an All- 
States apperance as Erica and Amanda Wotton, Emily Frank, Abby Belknap, 
and Stephanie Scaglione lengthen their strides. Sophomore Whitney Dorer 
and Junior Jenny Boshco will provide the upperclassman leadership 
needed next year through performance equal to and beyond this year's 
excellent results. Senior Captain Heather Twombly demonstrated high skill 
and unmatched leadership in her fmal year with Bedford, and will be 
greatly missed. 

A repeat performance of last year was in store for the Bedford guys. They 
placed third in the DCL and in Division IV, and defeated all of the DCL at 
All-States, placing 11th in a very tough race. Senior Co-Captains Jon 
Twombly and Drew Wotton showed enduring leadership during the 
season, with Drew earning his spot in the front of the pack and Jon 
recovering from a midseason injury to place right behind him at States. The two placed 1st and 3rd in the 
DCL. Seniors Peter Gray and John McGue, plus Juniors Dave Weston, Pat Allen, and Adam Lauziere, provided 
much-needed support for the Varsity team. Dave, Pat, and Adam will be returning with newly arrived 
Sophomores Tim Churella and Sam Morgan-Cleveland in next year's unstoppable pack of Buccaneers. Seniors Charles Bililies and Will Hill 
finished their seasons with personal records, and Junior Steve Woskov and Sophomore Dave Gerberg also finished with strong performai 
Rookie Sophomores Shawn Roe and Sam Deans, and Freshman Jimmy Fowlie, will complete a very strong team next year. 

Coach Barry Dyment led the teams to very successful year. Good luck to him and the team in their upcoming competitions, and good 
to the outgoing seniors in their future endeavors. 

I 4Q ay^lH by Drew Wotton and Heather Twombly 

Above: McGue runs as if his life 
depends on it. 

Above: Drew Wotton, Heather 
Twombly, and Jon Twombly post 

Above: David Gerberg, David Weston, Stephen Woskov, Patrick Allen, 
ihawn Roe, Timothy Churella, Adam Lauziere, Charles Bililies, John McGue, 
onathon Twombly, Peter Gray, Andrew Wotton, William Hillyard. 

Above: 2nd row: Amanda Wotton, Erica Wotton, Abigail Belknap, Emily Frank, 
Stephanie Scaglione; 1st row; Whitney Dorer, Heather Twombly, and Jenny 


Below: Krystel jumps above the net to slam 
the ball down their throats. 


The process of building the Bedford High School Volleyball 
program continues. This year the Bedford Volleyball team has come 
together to form two full teams. As a team, we have gained more 
confidence each game that we play and continue to improve daily. 
Coach Diane Gallo has returned from last year to coach both the 
Varsity and JV teams. The captains, Krystel Eliza and Katie Olander 
continue to do a great job leading the team. They have led our teams 
through many hard-fought battles upon the court. We wish the best 
of luck for the next year's team. 

by: Mollie Lanigan and Katie Olander 

Left: The Volleyball team smacks the floor to get psyched. 

Above: Sarah bounces giddily. 

Far left: Danielle uses her flexibility to get 
to the ball. 

Left: Erica successfully bumps the ball. 

Above: For a change, Krystel bumps the 

»ve: 2nd row: Sarah Heal) . Ashley Hedrick, Danielle Carrey. Brenda Cortes, 
»ch Gallo; 1st row: Grachaun Dunn, Capt. Krystel Eliza, Capt. Katie Olander, 

d Michelle Earl. 

Right: .Ashley finishes a great hit to the 


Swim Team 

Above right: Drew Wotion races down 
the lane. 

Right: Tom Moran gracefully slides into 
the water. 

Below: Derek Castellana hard at work. 
Doing the Butterfly. 

Right: Swim team captains: DrewWotton 
and Monica Connarton. 

Right: Ana Chambers-Maher, Monica 
Connarton, and Betsy Holland take a break 
to smile at the camera. 




Left: Drew Wotton powers his way down 
the lane. 

Above: The 2000-2001 Bedford High School Swim Team: 3rd row: Sarah Healy, Katie Rossln, Ana Chambers-Maher, Whitney 
Dorrer, Rebecca Parkhurst, Kerry Bosman; 2nd row: Brian Blake, Tom Moran, Keith Egan, Sarah Perkins, Betsy Holland, Coach 
Blake; 1 st row: Kathryn Healy, Derek Castellana, Monica Connarton, Drew Wotton, Katie Roe. 

The Bedford Boys swim 
team made a huge splash 
at the Division II State 
Competition this year, 
placing ninth of 28 teams 
with a 90% participation 
in the meet - not too bad 
for a team with only five 
members. Our lack of 
numbers this year once 
again limited the number 
of team victories we 
achieved, despite the 
regular firsts, seconds, 
and thirds that were made 
by each member of the 
team. Senior Captain 
Drew Wotton provided 
much-needed leadership 
as we greeted our new 
head coach, Dorothy 
"Sparks" Blake. Drew 
continued to be at the top 
of his events, registering 
third and fourth in the 
100yd Backstroke and 
200yd IM at States. Up- 
and-coming sophomore 
Derek Castellana showed 
great perseverance, over- 
coming a serious pre- 
season injury to take the 
North Sectional 500yd 
Freestyle and place fourth 
in that event at States, 
along with a third in the 
1 00yd Butterfly. Sopho- 
more Keith Egan quali- 
fied for Sectionals for the 
first time ever in the 
100yd Butterfly. Tom 
Moran and Brian Blake 
sparred for superiority in 
the Breaststroke event, 
and will provide strong 
support for the team next 

by Drew Watton 


Above: Members of the BHS Hockey Team; 1st row: Coac 
McGrath, Cody Gibson, Billy Wilson, Dave Bratton, Kenr 
Bieren, Ian Sullivan, Richie Volpicelli, Pete Spencer, Candii 
Duprey, Dave Basile, Katie Kourean, Tim McGrath, Mike Sargen 
Coach Dion; 1st row; Greg Dacey, Greg Trelegan, Danny Roble 
Nick Wilson, Chris Duprey, Pat McGrath, and Corey Sheehar 

Left; Coach McGrath, Captain Nick Wilson, Captain Chr 
Duprey, and Coach Dion. 

Below; Senior Members: Danny Robles, Nick Wilson, Chr 
Duprey, Pat McGrath, Greg Dacey, Corey Sheehan, and Gre 

A new year! A new coach! A new season! A new attitude! The 
hockey team retained a new coach again this year, Mike McGrath and 
assistant Peter Dion, both Bedford High alumni. The Bucs tore up the 
league. Although we got off to a slow start, we were not to be taken 
lightly. We faced tough opponents such as Dracut. Lowell. Concord, 
and Cambridge. The team celebrated their first victories against both 
Dracut and Lowell, for the first time ever, back to back. While the 
team feels that they should of won their first Concord game, they 
made up for it the last game of the season with a big upset. The seniors 
this year. Danny Robles. Pat McGrath. Greg Dacey. new addition 
Greg Trelegan. and Co-Captains Chris Duprey and Nick Wilson, 
have never lost to Concord in their hockey careers. Although next 
year, the team will be holding auditions for the starting position at 
goaltender, the rest of the team is confident that the addition of the 
new freshman and the remaining team, will uphold our determina- 

By: Nick Wilson 


Ski Team 

Lasting only five weeks, the ski team has the shortest season of any 
other winter sport team. This doesn't mean that they prepare any easier 
than the other sports, however. Led by first year coach, Mr. Shevory, the 
training portion of the season started far before the first race of the season. 
"He had us out running and doing agility drills like we were preparing 
for the US Ski Team!" exclaimed Tom Matteo, BHS ski team captain. In 
addition to Tom, the team had three other captains: Matt Winick, Peter 
Gray and Jill Bernardo. Jill was a strong skier for the team all three of her 
varsity years. As for the other three captains, they have been racing varsity 
since freshman year, along with seniors Brian Pantano and Meredith 
McLane. Both girls' and boys' teams finished in fourth place this year, a 
respectable finish in their ver)' competitive league. A bright spot this 
season was Matt Winick's strong skiing that led him to the 2001 State 
Alpine Skiing Championship held at Berkshire East. Last year Winick 
qualified tenth in the league, which also qualified him to race in the State 
Championships. This year he moved up one spot finishing ninth in an 
even more competitive league. Winick is the only skier in Bedford High 
School history to qualify for the State Championship two years running. 
"I had so much help from all of my coaches, especially by my on course 
technical trainer Dave Matteo who helped me accomplish my goals." 
Winick and the rest of the captains wish the best of luck to next year's 
team, which could very well be a force to reckon with in the competitive 

By Matt Winick 

Left; Members of 
the ski team ride 
the lift. 

Far Left: Sarah 
Sheppard leans into 

ove: Meredith McLane, Sarah Sheppard, Jill Bernardo, and Erica Wotton pose for the 

Above: Members of the 2000-2001 Bedford High School Ski Team: 2nd row: Jon 
Cogliano, Dave Lefebvre, Brian Miley, Kurt Johannessen, Matthew Fish, Mr. Shevory, 
Jocelynne Cloukey. Rebecca Trigg. Erica Wotton, Meredith McLane, Michael Pietrasik, 
Brad Vatter; 1st row: Chris Matheson, Sarah Sheppard. Brian Pantano, Jill Bernardo, Matt 
Winick, Tom Matteo, Pete Gray, Chris Dutton, Owen Harris, and Chris Springer. 


Indoor Track 

The indoor track team did well in building on the success we had last year. We did well 
in winning some meets and were overall very competitive. The team knew it was going 
to have trouble filling Mike McFarland's shoes, but we responded well with leadership 
contributions made by many people. Once again Assistant Coach Thompson got us in 
great shape for the season. For the boys, individual state qualifiers were Corey Bagget in 
the hurdles. Josh Pierce and Alex Iwanchuk in the 300m, John McGue in the 600m, Tyler 
Gray in the 1000m, Ryan Wilson in the 300m, and Dave Webster in the mile. The boys 
also had a dominant 4 by 400 team led by Pierce, Baggett, Gray, and Iwanchuk. Other 
standouts were Phil Aiken, Adam Chan, and Tim Churella. On the girls side, the team was 
thin in numbers, but with a significant freshman girls turn out there is good hope for 
the future. Individual state qualifiers were Heather Twombly and Kate Valente in the 
1 000m, Krista Harrington in the 300m, and Liz Deweerd in the dash. Thanks to all the 
hard work everyone put in and good luck to the team next year! 
By: John McGue 

Top Right: Corey Baggett hurdles. 

Above: Dave Arzumanyan starts a 50 
meter sprint. 

Right: Heather Twombly runs the 
1000 meter. 



Right: Liz Deweerd does the long jump 

tow: John McGue races around the track. 

Below: Josh Pierce pants after his race. 

Above: Members of the girls' indoor 
track team dominate. 

Above: 3rd row: Coach Doherty, Lucy MacRobert, Alexia Bililies, Stefan Iwanchuk, Emily Sheehan, Emily Frank, KateValente, 
Jenny Spencer. Erin McGowan, Katkryn Springer, Ryan Lucas, Jamie Purchia, Sam Morgan-Cleveland, Amy Lin; 2nd row: Jesse 
Robichaud, Brian Barrows, Corey Baggett, Dave Arzumanyan, Robert Eaton, Kellie Henderson, David Gagnon, Brian Coppola, 
Phihp Aiken, Corina Tom; 1st row: Chris Costa, Adam Chan, Tyler Gray, Steven McLane, Heather Twombly, Josh Pierce, Jon 
Twombly, John McGue, Christina Lee, and Ryan Wilson. 


Rifle Team 

Staring down 
the barrel of 
a gun only 
one thing 
came to my 

Back Row: Sam Deens. Jon 
Hart, Mike Buttrick. Coby 
Gregory, Sean Roe, Sean Roc 
Kan Liu, William Shaw. 
Front Row: Capt. Jacob 
Buttrick, Colleen Quinn, Jon 
Saucier. Julia Stem, Asst. 
Capt. John Hart. 

152 'iJ 

The Bedford High School Rifle Team is a close group of friends thai meets every afternoon in 
the rifle range under the gyms to practice sharp shooting. We have always had an excellent team 
and have been undefeated for the past three seasons. We recently switched over from shooting .22 
caliber rifles to shooting air rifles. Air rifles are more poweful and accurate than .22 caliber rifles, 
and the number of teams within our league competing with .22"s have dwindled significantly within 
the last couple of years. We shoot Daisy non-rifled precision pellets at 10 meters with expert 
coaching from Mr. Goodwin. We now compete against 14 other .schools including West Roxbury, 
East Boston. Methuen. Gloucester, and New Bedford. We had a great season this year, and hope to 
extend our winning streak next year as well. 

by John Hart 

!ie rifle teams gets revved up before practice. But, is that really where The key to a straight shot, is a stiff body, strong amis, and the eyes of 

e is supposed to be aiming the gun??? an eagle. Looks like we have everything under control. 

The Boys' basketball team wrapped up 
a successful season with an 1 1-9 record. 
Led by tri-captains: forward/center 
Nick Robichaud, point guard Kevin 
Redmond, center Jason Harris, and 
also 3 year varsity player Johnn) 
Whallon, the Bucs harrassed opposing 
teams with their tenacious pressing 
defense. The addition of two new- 
comers, Josh "Narc" Solberg and .■\n- 
thony "Bruce" Thomas helped the Bucs 
out a lot this season and more than 
filled the gaps of players that had moved 
the year before. Highlights of the 
season include sweeps against rival 
Concord, Weston, L.S., Boston Latin, 
and an overwhelming win over 
Westford on Senior night. Also, the 
three captains had the honor of being 
selected as DCL all stars. The Bucs also 
qualified for the state tournament for 
the 6th year in a row. The six seniors 
will surely be missed, but hopefully 
next year's team will be just as good, if 
not better. Good Luck! 

by Nick Robichaud 

Far right: 

Josh Solberg crashes the 

Right; Josh Davis charges the baseline. 

Above: Members of the Boys' Varsity Basketball team: Josh Davis. Christian Sullivan, Josh Solberg, Nick Robicahud, Jason 
Harris, Danny Black, Danny Pagan; 1st row: Jojo Dispena, Pat Redmond, Anthony Thomas, Kevin Redmond, and Johnny 

Right; Jason Harris brings it in hard. 



Far left: Kevin Redmond puts up a three. 

Left: Johnny Whallon puts on the brakes to put up the 

Far left: Kevin Redmond puts up the 

Left: Christian Sullivan puts it on the 
floor, driving the weak side baseline. 


Right: Bedford Girls' Varsity brings it 
in before a game. 

156 0=lli 

Above: Members of the 2000-2001 Girls' Freshman Basketball Team: Coach 
McGrath, Michelle Eaton. Robin Malone, Mollie Lanigan, Marisa Deluca, 
Coach Chester; 1st row: Meagan Asp, Taryn Westerkamp, and Colleen 

Above: Members of the 2000-2001 Girls' JV Basketball Team: Megan 
Harris, Lindsey Hartv^'ell, Gretchen Driessnack, BCristy Tropeano, Jen 
Caban, Coach La Vita, 1 st row: Jemini Abraham, Adonsia Grant, Katherine 
Thomas, Sarah Armstrong, and Jennifer Strachan. 

Below: April Jacobs dribbles to the 
hole while warming up. 

Middle: Sarah Collins spots for the 

Winning is not everything. 
The girls' basketball team 
knows this (These ladies 
might not have won many 
games, but they did come 
really close, and most im- 
portantly had fun). This 
year's team led by Co-cap- 
tains Sarah Collins and 
Lesley McGovern worked 
incredibly hard all season, 
and never gave up no mat- 
ter how discouraging the 
record was. Seniors Sarah 
Collins, Lesley McGovern, 
Sarah Ullman, Katie Sylva, 
Nikki Downs, and Becca 
Magnone will be missed 
greatly. Good luck to next 
year's team! 

by Lesley McGovern and 
Sarah Collins 

!ft: the 2000-2001 Girls' Varsity Basktball Team: 2nd row: Coach Sullivan, Sara Ullman, Robin Lowe, Becca Magnone, 
pril Jacobs, Lesley McGovern, Sheena Santos, Courtney Little, Coach LaVita; 1st row: Kathryn Sylva, Sarah Collins, 
litlyn O'Brien, Nikki Downs, Nataysha Sanoja. 



The I.ADY BUCS had another suttessful season last spring.. Having no seniors on the team, tlie nine junioi s had 
to step up to tlic plate and take charge. The girls started of f the season strong, hut the greatest act omplisliinent 
by far was beating CONCORD-CARLISLE 9T, by liaving the home advantage. For the twelfth year in a row, tlie 
I adv Buccaneers made the state tournament, and they aLso made it into the quarter finals. The highlight of the 
tournament was beating the *1 seeded teain, SHAWSHELN I'LCH. The Lady Bucs suffered a tough loss in the 
regular season to Shawsheen, hut came out strong by knocking them out of the tournament, 2 1. The Lady 
Buccaneers then were defeated by GREATER LOWELL TECH, in the quarter f inals. 

This years teain was led by co captains Sarah Collins and Nikki Downs, who worked side by side to dominate the 
whole left side of the field. Also, Lesley McGovern did an excellent job manning first base. Other members were 
Jenny Busa and Lindsay Harrington of the outfield, Lleather Twombly, Katie Sylva, Erin O'Reilly, and Nicole 
Girouard were also important assets to the team s success. This year the Lady Bucs are looking foi^ward to 
another successful season with nine seniors to help lead the team to victory, 
by Sarah Collins and Nikki Downs 

Below: Lindsay Harrington darts to second at the speed of light 

Above: Riders of the pine pony cheer on the team. 

Right: JV Softball Team. 3rdrow: Nadia Darkazalli, Catherine Giusti, 2nd 
row: Juliana Disanzo, Kellie Henderson, Samantha Blanchard, Bianca 
Robles; 1st row: Heather Baylis, Kate Thomas, Courtney Litde, Lindsay 


Above: The Softball team huddles up to discuss game-winning 

Below: Varsity Softball Team. 3rd row: Michelle Hagar, Sarah Armstrong, Nikki Lua; 
2nd row: Katie Connor, Jackie Adams, Katie Sylva, Erin O'Reilly; 1st row: Heather 
Twombly, Jenny Busa, Nikki Downs, Sarah Collins, Lindsay Harrington, Lesley 


Left: Freshman Softball Team. 3rd row: Krista Harrington. Jessica Sigle, Katie 
Bentley, 2nd row: Jessica Young, Nicole Griffin, Marisa Demarco, Heather Baxter; 
1st row: Meghan Wilcox, Kirstin Lundberg, Nicole Lawrence, Candice,Dj^rey. 


Right: Pitcher Danny Pagan hurls the ball 
right down the strike zone. 

Below: Craig Warrington whips the ball 
toward the plate 

Above: Senior captains (trom left) Jeft Dacey , Dave LaCharite, Craig Gelormini. Jiinin) Above: The 2000 Varsity Baseball Team. 3rd Row: Mike Sargent, Craig Warringtc m, i 
Lawrence, and Doug Leshane Brady, Peter Spencer; 2nd Row: Coach Sabourin, Danny Pagan. Jimmy Higson. I ' 

Mahoney, Tim Busa, Coach Sullivan; 1st Row: Craig Gelormini. Doug LeShant, I 
Dacey, Jimmy Lawrence, Dave LaCharite. 

160 0"'^ 

Team members Doug Leshane and Jack Hines ride the steel stallion. 


The 2000 Bedford Bucaneers had a very successful season. 
Coach Sabourin and Coach Sulhvan along with seniors 
Craig Gelormini, Jimmy Lawrence, Dave LaCharite, Jeff 
Dacey and Doug Leshane carried the team to winning the 
Newburyport Tournament. The whole team was also 
named MVP for outstanding play. The Bucs ended up 
with 9 wins and 1 2 losses for the season. Pitchers Dan 
Pagan , Craig Warrington and newcomer Tim Brady helped 
keep the games close, while Dane Mahoney, Mike Sargent, 
Jimmy Higson, Tim Busa, and Peter Spencer supplied the 
defense. Bedford made it back into the state tournament 
after just missing the previous year. However, the Bucs 
ended up losing 4 to 1 in a hard fought game against 
Austin Prep. It was a disappointing but well played game. 
All in all, it was a terrific season for the 2000 Bucaneers. 
Thanks to Coach Sabourin and Coach Sullivan for a great 
season, and good luck to the 2001 Bucaneers. 

by Jimmy Higson 

Left: A Bedford player jumps toward sec- 
ond base. 

Below: In order to play mind games with 
the other team, a Bedford player takes one 
right down the strike zone. 

' e The 2000 Bedford High School Junior Varsity Baseball Team. 
I P.(j\v; Coach Reynolds, Pat DePriest, Ian Sullivan, Ben Worsowicz, Mike Fowler; 
! o\v Robert Lumberg, Ben Armstrong, Dermis Griecci, Kristofor Olsen, Jack Hines, 
I . Pepin. 

%) 161 

Below: LizDeWeerd lunges to make 
the play. 

Right: Kristen Johannessen looks to smack 
the ball back over the net. 

The 2000 season proved to be one of our best. The varsity hne-up 
was composed of returning juniors and seniors. Hindered by 
unexpected injuries, and close 3-2 losses, we fell short of states once 
again. Our senior captions Suzanne Kim, and Kari Kachelmeyer 
were strong leaders and will be greatly missed. Coach Aldo (Barbara 
Aldorisio) did her best to keep our spirits up and our feet moving. 
The 2001 season will be even better as returning seniors Kristen 
Johannessen, Liz Deweerd, Rebecca Gould, Lauren Weeks, and 
Monica Connarton hope to compile a winning record, a definite 
challenge in the Dual County League. Making states is in our eyes 
as a definite possibility. If we convert key matches and stay positive 
after the losses, we will be sure to have the best season yet! There 
is no doubt however that we will have fun with the bus rides, 
practices, tons of food (popcorn anyone?), and dinners. Our 
enthusiasm for the sport has created a spirit in the team that we hope 
will remain for years to come! Good luck lady bucs!!! 

by Kristen Johannessen and Liz Deweerd 


Above: Friends Forever. Lauren Weeks, Kristen Johannessen, Liz Dewee 
and Monica Connarton embrace prior to a match. 

162 CK^ 

Giris^ Tennis 

Far Left: Kari Kachelmyer prepares to slam 
the ball into the opponent's side of the 

Left: Monica Connarton shows her game- 

Below: Members of the Girls' Tennis 
Team talk smack about their opponents. 

Above: The 2000 Bedford High Girls' Tennis Team. 
3rd Row: Nancy Yeh, Pamela Harvey, Monica Connarton, Rebecca Parkhurst, Kern Bosman, Kim Bernardo; 
Captains Suzanne Kim and Kari 2nd Row: Meridith McGowan. Alexis Rudd, Julia Stern, Krissy Ela, Kristen McNamara, Amandine Colombe, Mei-Mei Tang, Coach 


1st Row: Suzanne Kim, Kari Kachelmeyer, Rebecca Gould, Lauren Weeks, Kristen Johannessen. 

neyer pose with Coach Aldo. 


o\v: Bedford Tennis Player 
dian "Tiger" Gray runs to 
the tennis ball. 

Boys* Tennis 

b c Brian Pantano and Stefan hvanchuck listen mtentl) to their pre-game pep talk. 

With almost all of its varsity players returning, as well as a number 
of strong new JV players, Bedford's boys tennis team had another 
very successful year. Led by New England-ranked Pat Redmond, 
a sophomore, the team fmished the regular season 11-5, improv- 
ing on last year's record. They cruised through the state tourna- 
ment, defeating teams like Lowell Catholic, Masconomet, and 
Gloucester, before falling to Division II state champions Concord- 
Carlisle in the sectional final. Lots of hard work, dedication, and 
skiU from both the players and the coach, John Geilfuss, helped 
Bedford further establish itself as a strong team in the DCL and the 

By Nathan Gray 

Left: Even with his eyes 
closed, Pat Redmond 
takes it to the competi- 

Above: The 2000 Bedford High School Boys' Tennis Team. 4th Row: Vikram Sndharan, 
Nathan Gray, Jerry Gao, Andy Shen; 3rd Row: Derek Pfeffer. Mark Amato. Brett 
Boghigian. Sam Deans, Coach Geuilfuss; 2nd Row: Mike DeBartolo, Pat Redmond, 
Kevin Redmond, Eric Kachelmeyer, Chris Springer; 1st Row: Ann Kanl, Mike Jones, 
Matt Winick, Johnny Whallon. 


Spring frack 

Below: Bedford Track team member Shame McDonald hurls the shot put with 

Right: Jocelyn Cloukey clears her mind 
before stepping up to make the throw. 

Below: Chad MacGregor, Stanley Knight, 
and Dan Baron look intmiidating before 
their meet. 

Above: The Bedford High School 2000 Girls' Track Team. 4th Row: Coach 
Greenwood, Jen Caban, Jocelynne Cloukey; 3rd Row: Sarah Caban, Lindsay Mann, 
Lauren LeBlanc, Patricia Mizzoni, Grachaun Dunn; 2nd Row: Jenny Boscho, 
Rebecca Trigg, Joanna Reynolds, Sarah Markow, Christina Lee, Meagan Tovado; 
1st Row: Jessica McGrath, Nicole Volpicelli, Crystal SaJvi, and Lindsey McGrath. 

Above: Bedford Boys' Track members get ready for their race. 


k: The Bedford High School 2000 Boys' Track Team. 5th Row: Teddy Moy, 
h Doherty, Chris Matheson, Jeffery Tate, Stephen Woskov, Andre Arzumanyan, 
el Conway; 4th Row: Bret Simpson, Craig Cloukey, Ed Arocha, David Gagnon, 
on Barro, John McGue; 3rd Row: Stanley Knight, Dave Gerberg, Shane 
onald, Jason Duggan, Drew Wotton, Jake Buttrick; 2nd Row: Tyler Gray, Leon 
ws, Martins Berzins, Peter Gray, Alex Iwanchuck. Mike Busa, Phillip Aiken; 
ow: Mike McFarland, Jon Twombly, Chad McGregor, Mike Mead, Josh Pierce. 

The 2000 Spring Track team was perhaps the best in a decade. 
Two school records were broken and everyone had a great time 
contributing to the team. Team captain Mike McFarland led 
the team by example, breaking the school record in the 
individual 400 meter dash. Mike and teammates Robert Eaton, 
Drew Wotton, and Josh Pierce broke the previous school 
record in the 4x400 relay and competed for a medal in the State 
Divisional Meet. Robert had a great season competing as an 
indiviual in the 400 meter dash. Hopefully Josh will stay in 
shape for the upcoming seasons. Peter Gray and Drew Wotton 
had great seasons competing in the 2 mile at the Dual Coimty 
League Meet, both lowering their personal bests quite a bit. 
John McGue ran well as the team's lead 800 meter runner and 
had a very successful season. Jon Twombly had a tremendous 
season running the 1 mile nearing the school record which he 
will be striving for in the upcoming track seasons. Let's wish 
Jon and the rest of the team luck in the remainder of their 
_ running careers. 

— by Jon Twombly 

Far Left: Christina Lee sizes up her javelin 
before makmg her throw. 

Right: Senior Captains Nicole Volpicelli 
and Lindsey McGrath. 

Above: Senior Captams Mike McFarland, 
Chad McGregor, and Mike Mead. 


^ Lacrosse 

Below: Eric Rogers looks to score. Right: Tom Matteo streaks down field. 

Above: I wanna be like Mike! 

Mike Gartland watches the game with a 
look of intensity on his face. 

Right: Tom Matteo meditates before en- 
tering the game. 

Right: Head, Heart, Hustle... The La- 
crosse team gets psyched for their game. 




season for the BHS Girls' Lacrosse Team. Moving up from last year's 
status as a club team, the girls played with confidence and skill, at the 
JV level. Coach Pam Paquin returned with the same overwhelming 
enthusiasm and expertise that is essential in making a comfortable 
transition to the next level. From crazy socks to homemade psych- 
shirts, led by captains Catherine Egan, Anna Larson, Sarah Minue, Beth 
Lorusso, and Maura Neff, the team could not be accused of lacking 
unity or spirit! The Hues worked to gather interest at the middle school 
level and with the help of Coach Paquin, held two successful basic skills 
clinics. Leaving with a list of thirty middle school girls, the BHS Girls' 
Lacrosse Team is destined to grow next season, hopefully forming both 
JV and Varsity teams, 
^y Anna Larson 


Above: The Girls' Lacrosse team gets 
psyched before the game. 

Right: Rebecca Warwick scrambles down 
the field. 

Right: Ashley Campbell does a quick Irish 
jig between plays. 

170 0^ 

Jen Strahan takes it to the hole. 

Below: Ashley Campbell protects the ball 
from an opponent's attack. 

rd High School Girls' Lacrosse Team. 3rd Row: Julie Amirzadov, Courtney Campbell, Kate Weston, Kate Valente, Ashley 
Betsy Holland; 2nd Row: Rebecca Warwick, Jessica Christin, Mary-Kate McNamara, Jamie Vanaria, Jen Strahan, 
Jorer, Margaret Low; 1st Row: Maura Neff, Beth Lorusso. Anna Larson, Sarah Minue, Catherine Egan. 

\^ 171 


Andr^ Arzumanyan 

1 warn lo ihank my family for the help and support that they 
have provided me with for as long as I can remember- Moin, Dad. 
and Dave, you mean a lot to me. and I love you all very much I 
also want to thank all of my friends for making it worthwhile, the 
good times we had together will stay in my heart forever, and I'm 
sure there will be more to come. As for everyone else, I think you 
are all awesome kids and I wish you the best of luck iin everything 
you go on to do in life. 

Brenden Baker 

Thank Sue and Gi>ri Bless Sue' Who's Sue? 

John Bentley 

I have to thank my family Mom and Dad thanks for 
supporting me and always being there, I am very lucky to have 
you for parents, I love you. Katie and Cora thanks for putting up 
with me and being cool. ALAN- from 8th grade swap parties to 
sebago you have always been my best friend and you always will 
be, RICH- thanks for being cool, sorry about the tupac cd, we will 
always be friends MIKEM - forest fires, hanging out at the rez, 
sleep overs, crazy nights in NH. we had fun, thanks for letting me 
live in NH that summer, we will always be friends TOM- 
wedgewood, the gym, your always cool to hang out with, I still 
want to be the pool cleaner guy! SAB-colorado. the matrix. 
Joseph, sebago, slush puppies, we had some good times SCOTT- 
crazy nights in the caddy, the gym, your huge but I still have fun 
hanging out with you GREG-you were one of my first friends, 
remember york, you were always a cool kid to hang out with, 
AUSTIN- friends since kindergarten, RI, cruising in the jeep, jiffy 
lube, dancing in the fire BB- going to NH in the blizzard, your a 
crazy kid, i will always have fun hanging out with you CRAIG- for 
always being cool, and for soccer CHARLES- being my neighbor 
and a good friend JESSIE-ceramics master STEVE-Guiness LIND- 
SAY- we have been friends for a long time and we always will be, 
you have always meant a lot to me, we have been through so 
much, thanks for always being there, I know you'll be successful 
in whatever you do, I will always be your friend, SARAM - we go 
back a long way, we had so much fun, I am definitely comin to 
visit you in call, LESLEY- your an awesome girl, I always have fiui 
whenever your around, good luck, keep in touch, yeah fleetwood 
mac! BETH- we haven't hung out much in high school but iU 
never forget you. you were always cool to be with, JESSM.- we had 
a lot of fun. NH, allmans, I will never forget you. good luck with 
everything HEATHER- wedgewood, fox nasty COLLEEN-thanks 
for putting up with me. your a cool girl ANNAS.- wachusett, ccd. 
thanks ftjr the help m math, keep in touch JENNY- thanks being 
my lab partner, and stealing my friend, your a fun girl. NADIA- 
wedgewood, ping pong, mustang club, we had fun RACHEL- 
thanks for going to the semi with me. and makming me crazy 
CATHERINE- for law and history class, thanks for being cool to 
talk too. LAUR.A- for partying with us and being funny KATHRYN- 
kims house, saras house, your fun to hang out with KIM- for being 
yourself, parties at your house. ELYSE- for being crazy, and always 
being fun to be around. I would also like to thank the soccer team 
you guys are all awesome, it was afim 4 years, good luck next year. 
Thanks to Mr. Wilson for making it happen. Johnny, Brian, 
Robbie, Ryan, Miley. Dave. Dane, Tyler. Kruger your all awesome 
kids. I loved hanging out with you and playing on tlie same team. 
Thanks to Winick. Brian S.. Deluca. Dimn Boy. Kenny B.. Krista. 
Kim. Kerry. Lima, Barry D.. Jon T.. Rachel L., Erin, Kevin R., 
Mikey, Pagan, Floyd, Josh, Nick, Sarah A., Jessica C, Mary Kate, 
Teddy. Jenny S., Courtney, and Doug for being cool to hang out 
with. I also would like to thank the class of 98 for being the last 
class of real seniors. Susan M. Dan M., Dave M . Steve. Bree, Andy, 
Nick. Mark, and all the rest. I'm sure I am forgetting names but 
you know who you are. To everyone good luck 

Charles Bililies 

Activities: Outdoor Track 1. Ski Team 1.2. Cross Country 2,3.4 
Varsity 2,3.4 Jazz Band 1 ,2,3.4 Spanish Club 1.2,3.4MTB 1.2,3.4 
Cycling Club 2,3,4 President 2,3,4 Weight Room 1,2,3,4 BBQ 
1,2,3,4 Sports Announcer 4 Miele's Math Class 1 ,2,3 Bertone 
owner 3,4 

Above all, I need to thank God for looking after me and • 
blessing me with such great parents and great life. Mom and Dad. 
there is not enough space in this yearbook to express my love for 
you two and just how thankful I am. You guys have bent over 
backwards for me and have made me into what I am today. Your 

174 0=^ 

advice and guidance has helped me tremendously. I consider 
myself extremely lucky to have the two of you as parents and 
friends. Mom- for always being there and doing so much for me. 
and getting on my back to get things done Dad-for being a great 
guy to sit back have fun and crack jokes with, your advice has 
proved very valuable. Thank you both. Lexi- for being a great 
sister, annoying, but fun to grow up with, stay out of trouble. The 
rest of the Bilihes family, for the great food, gifts and laughs over 
the years. I am so I happy I am a part of it. To my friends. RICH 
and AL. you guys have been my two best friends for the past eight 
years and I owe a lot to you. Good luck with soccer. ALAN- we've 
had some good times together, both in school and out For having 
almost every class together, for being my connection to the 
limited Bedford social scene, cruising in the Grey Ghost, Don 
Henley and Peter Frampton, for being the only other person who 
likes classic rock. College Scam w/ Drew. Mr. JSM. for being the 
consummate ladies man. Hampton beach. BBQs, Ms Coyle's Bull, 
Physics with special K, our video(s) with Jill, thanks for making 
my school years a blast. RICH- my lifting buddy, we've spent so 
much time in the gym getting huge together. Dimitri and Romanov, 
sneaking into the Lex. Club, joining Gold's, for introducing me to 
rap, N, Reading girls, Hampton Beach, BBQ, and thanks for being 
a funny kid and someone I could talk to. Thanks for all the fun you 
guys, TOM- you stud, for being in Boy Scouts with me, ski team, 
and being so good with computers. BENTLEY-for beating me up 
when we were growing up together, being my neighbor, Hamp- 
ton Beach .frisbee, good luck with soccer and the military, 
SCOTT-stabbing me in track, B scouts, Spanish class, McGRATH- 
parties at your house in middle school, and being a party animal, 
nice to have you back.. JONNY JO- XC. ski team, fast driving. SAB- 
thanks for parties at your house. Hampton Beach, grilling. JESSE- 
your are the biggest kid I know (besides Drew), for showing me 
the loop, driving a Fiero, painting and cranking the tunes, being 
the only one to show me up m the weight room. IRISH-for being 
an Irish stud, driving a Probe, farting in Humanities, car club. 
Winick- for being one of the funniest and grossest guys I've ever 
known. Ski team, history class. PSAT PPMs, the viper (oh stealth). 
CARVEY- for being so smart, always having duct tape. PETE- for 
being my best friend when we were litde My GIRLS, JILL- Spanish 
class, THE video, miele's class. Reynolds, ski team. BBQ, and 
making me laugh, ANNA L.- for going to school w/ me ever since 
nursery school, being my crush (ever since nursery school), 
driving a yellow CJ, sticking a clip in the socket, beach days. BBQs. 
teaching me to drive stick. Miele's class, band. LYDIA- for being 
my girlfriend in middle school (2x). T-weeds. HEATH- 
BHSXC2KPHP. miele. Spanish class, and of course all our XC and 
ski team fun. yeah-yeah. ANNA S - band class. Spanish video, 
BBQ, SARAH U - for "hearing me" being so kind, having a cool 
mom and house, being one of the only people that I can connect 
with. You are amazing ERIN- for being so nice to me. letting us 
over your house. Miele. beach days, you're the greatest. LINDS- 
for being so sweet and nice to me. Spanish class. Hampton. 
KRlSTEN-pool party, french videos, middle school stuff, tights. 
BECCA- for being loud and annoying and so easy to make fun of. 
for living on the circle and passing gas at Sarah's. Thanks also to 
SARA M, and any other girl I forgot, I'd also like to thank all the 
juniors, sophomores and freshmen that I've hung out and partied 
with over the years. To all the raddos who have been such great 
guys. To my teachers, Mrs, Miele, for putting up with us for three 
straight years and loving every bit of it, to both Sullivans, for being 
more than great teachers, Mr, Reynolds for being such a big, 
funny, and very smart guy. Mr, Mod for being a fellow car bulT, 
Mr Regan for being a great music guy, Mr. Petrillo, for comic 
relief. Senorita and Ms. Coyle for not killing me. Henley and Dan 
for helping me with my CD. Barry D. for being a great coach. I 
would like to also thank all my other friends and everyone else 
wh(3 has helped me along the way. There are so many people I 
forgot or left out. but writing this stuff isn't cheap. Anyway, 
thanks for the memories, and good luck in the future, 

Christine Bianchard 

Cheerleading 12 3 4 Captain 5 4 AFJROTC 12 3 4 

My Family - 1 want to thank you for the support you've 
provided me throughout the years. I am going to miss you when 
I attend college. Mommy and Daddy, I'm not good at showing my 
feebngs, but trust me when I say that your efforts are not 

forgotten. Samantha. Victoria, and Reginald, all of )iju ^ 
brought great joy into my life. Cheerleaders - Beth and M.' 
cheerleading wouldn't have been the same without you. tb; 
Juniors, you're next, make me proud, take what you've lea 
and advance. Samantha. I don't know what I would've have c 
without you in the squad, it's nice having family around, 
underclassmen. I appreciate all your efforts, you've manage 
conquer your fears and improve your skill. Ms. Gullage. thank 
for coaching another year, you've played a major role in 
growth of the squad, your efforts haven't gone unrecogni 
Class of 2001 - Together we've shared enough memories to 
a lifetime. Best of luck to all of you. To everybody in this paragi 
and the ones I couldn't include free of cost, I love you all! 

Liz Boland 

First and foremost I would like to thank my Daddy witl 
you I wouldn't be here today You've been there for me thro 
it all. You've laughed at me. helped me. put me in my place w 
I needed it. The whole time showing nothing but uncondili' 
love, I love you Dad, Pam thanks for showing me what it's lik 
have a mom. Even if it seemed as though I never cared. I d: 
appreciate al the things you've done for me and though I may 
always act like it I do love you. and I'm glad 1 had the chanc 
grow up with someone like you raising me. Tommy + Kev 
love you guys, even if you did torture me while we \> 
growning up together I'm lucky to have gotten stuck with ) 
Even if you guys annoy the living daylights out of me at tir 
Aunty Cathy and Uncle Dick you guys have done so much 
me, I can't thank you enough, just know I appreciate it all. S; 
for always listening and some great handmedowns. Keith 
standing up for me all the time and always making me feel be 
about myself Nana and Grandpa you guys have taught me a 
and I appreciate everything you have done for me, esped 
accepting me vas one of your grandchildren. I love you. G 
you're the nicest funniest guy ever. Payne's for great vacations, 
superbowl undays Mrs.MacGregor for nagging me to death ab 
school and everything and pushing me so I could gradu 
Ms.Rozen for helping me in reading and writing skills and tell 
me to StopTalkmg! give it up it'll never happen, Mr.D for mak 
me pass English and alw-ays making fun of me. Colonel for tak 
care of ex erything and putting me in my place when I neede 
I may not have appreciated it then but I do now. Leslie for be 
my cousin, and always being there when I needed someone, yi 
and awesome friend don't worry I won't move to Texas! 'Yoi 
my Cover Girl!" I luv Ya Cuz! Michelle Is it really black? I luv 
Hun your great friend and I'll never forget the stupid things 
did, you really shouldn't leave your cell phone in the cemetei 
Next year we'll be rippin' it up in ATL! Oh Geez Watch C 
Rachel for Italy, GirlScouts, Friendly's and all the years of fric) 
ship. I luv Ya and I'll never forget ya. Jason 4yrs. Of das 
together, funtimes, and that night at BK I really apprecia 
cleaning my car at lam. Hope you have fun in Jaxonvi 
Grachaun for being the only one with a bigger booty than r 
Maura for having pink lemon juice in your fridge refridgerat 
dude! NECA. UCA and Dudley Rd where'd the truck go? .Mil 
Head for some crazy times. Simonds Park. DunkinDonuts. T 
ning. Laundrymat. the 4"' of July(cafTeine Overdose) at Sea 
"hey Aleah wanna go get a coffee' " Jiznene JizzyBizzyBoneDa 
you're the corniest girl I know it's been real. Betsy for 
much, pop- Warner, Disney, Rockport, White Choc, Tree InMy Va 
"That Night" wanna go play .Arena Football ? Little Nicole Lawrei 
My spedilicious sister The other family outcast. Where's youre 
Nicole?" Him Too"" oops that was a girl I think" and thanks 
throwing me over the railings at the mall!! Jimmy Hogs 
HECTOR!! ever since2nd grade we've been friends. Lots of Go 
times Scary movies (Halloween H20) I luv Ya Hun. Mrs.Higs 
you're the best lunch lady and officially ever We still have to ^ 
get our tattoos together ok Jax Michele and Nicole we had soi 
silly times together, probly because we're all a bunch of SPED 
Amy for Good Times at Dunkin D'snuts. attempting tocc 
andTheConspiracy! Steve for being the only one as crazy a 
confused as me "It's cuz I'm Italian, Dawg!" I luv Ya Hun. J 
Dimkin D'snuts, my Car Dying. Good Times, and having i 
funniest Parents in the world. Your never getting another coP 
with me again. Chris Bynoe for a great friendship + lots off 
throughout theyears MonkeyBoy 'Craig and Jocelynne BootCair 
UCA, and great memories, "outstanding" "Mad Dogs"" Cot 
Here You" KatieSylva for girlscouts, Salem Witch Houses, a 
being friends since 2"''grade you're a sweetheart and Candi 
Duprey you are a good kid with a big heart don't let anyone tn 
you otherwise, ever ok luv ya bun Jamai Your Crazy David Sal 
ray future husband, favorite Football player of the cheerleadi 
Brian I know it's been rough we've been through a lot but we 
done it together. We share a lot of memories don't ever forf 
them. I love You Chinky I love ya Andrea, I'm glad we becat 
friends I had a lot of good times with you over the summer aJ 
during class. It helps if you stay in the chair and not fallo 
randomly Anthony hate you. you're a scumbag! But it's be- 
fun. Also: Chinky, Pam, LindseyH,Kirsten, Sheldon, Juliell 

Bear. Crispy. (Spanky),NikkiD. NichoIiW. KM. Jon S. Keisha, 
aE, Shamekia. Dre, Little Chinky, Little Hogson, DonieUe Lagasse, 
, Rosie, LittleKhabbaz. .^mandB, Janelle. Christine. Erica's. 
;a(4yrs.of ROTC). MichelleB. Kenny, Brian S. Corey B. Lexi 
Elyse. Chapa Joe (tennisBall). Evan, Stan, all the cheerleaders 
Drill Team, and the Senior Class anyone I left out I didn't 
et Nou I'm lust tcif cheap to put you in, no offense. 

Gerald Bragg 

I would like to thank you Mom ... for being my friend, biggest 
.■rleader and taxi driver. Knowing that you are there always 
es things easier. For everything you do, I love you Dad. 
iks for teaching me to ride 2 wheelers. 9hr. car rides, and many 
essons. Too often it goes unsaid how much I truly appreciate 
.Hove you. Casey, we've been through so much. You're my 
Ssl friend Thanks for the poking and bruises, but more 
ortandy for the laughter and advice. Thanks for keeping me in 
k. I miss ) ou so much when you're gone. I love you tons, 
iks to Bill for those jokes and so many crazy times. Your 
;rstanding nature and "insightful" discussions make life so 
Thanks to Stephanie for our couple trips out. hopefully with 
we will have more! Thanks to .Abby and .\lex for every-other- 
cend-adventures - letting me take you shopping, meeting 
friends, giggles, etc. You guys are the coolest. Thank you to 
irandad Hill for the chocolate under the table and our games 
ounce., someday I'll win it big! I love you. Thanks to 
dad Casey for the butterscotch bears, salami game and 
lup spills. You taught me more about hfe than anyone else 
love and miss you so much. Thanks to Nana, I know you're 
me and with you as my angel, I'm safe. I love and miss you. 
ks to Auntie .Annrose and Uncle Gary for being my Godpar- 
(and Santa....) Thanks to Mrs. Gurley for being as close to a 
dmother as I have, you have shown me God's love and 
gtli- Thank you to my second family, the Larsons, for taking 
1 all the time and treating my like your own. For taking me 
J River, teaching me about banana bread and lending me your 
iparents. Your home and family has alway s been a steady 
for me in times of great confusion. I love you all as family, 
ks to my teachers, especially Mrs. Feehrer for teaching me to 
learning, and Mrs. Rainis. Ms. Smith. Mr. Stephenson. Mr. 
jry, Mrs. Morris and Mr. M. for being such genuinely nice 
le even outside the classroom.Thank you ANNA- You already 
' how much I love and appreciate you. Thanks for being my 
ie twin, second half, for camping trips, rocks, concerts, 
ng in the living room, huge talks, being there for me to cry 
and knowing what I'm thinking, I will always be there for 
even in your sleep...) You mean so much to me and have 
n me through so much, without you I don't know what I 
d have done. You are my sister! JON - For being the one who 
awa) m\ homesick feelings, for too many laughs to remem- 
leart-to-hearts. lullabies and private concerts. I can always 
on you to be happy and try to make me happy too. You're 
eatest. When we're 30 ... NICOLE V - long talks, bike rides, 
ng. PIT', jacuzzies, Germany bus rides. You are a caring, 
erful person, I take yotn: advice to heart, you always know 
s on my mind! CARRIE - Makings... freshmen year, crazy 
/dances. Cinderella, stress, le diable, mg?\ *NSYNC!! you 
e cutest, most "organized" person and so much fun to be 
Keep smiling and don't forget to breathe! KRISSY- for being 
shionable one, crazy times, telling me how it is. smooth 
flying!!. I appreciate your honesty and your craziness! LIZ- 
erine makes everything better.... stop light sensors, boys on're such a funny girl and I love spending time with 
fou keep me on my toes and laughing! Thanks for all the 
time and all the near prison experiences LARRY- for DAVE! ! ! 
! the coolest kid. your advice is always right and you know 
3 put everything in perspective You keep me down to earth 
ress-free. You should come out of your house more often. 
G.- thanks for being such a nice guy. watching out for me 
ways being one of my very best friends, for new experi- 
first kisses and many imforgetable memories. KEVIN- for 
my friend since birth and not knowing. I'm glad we're 
g new memories, Shania. car rides, board games, for 

ing time with my family the cruise! ! ! You can always fmd 

liingtodo! JEFFREY-surprisevisits, Chuckey Cheese NICOLE 
yPookieBear! EnVogue!!! ANDREA-my parmer in crime, 
lushing your tush, talks, field hockey, singing, dancing, I'm 

; here to hsten ALYSSA and JESSIE- for letting me play 

th you in third grade RAYNA - tree climbing, fights, games, 
secrets. STEFAN- for way too much stuff. m>- church 
, hair dying, truck riding, everything. KRISTEN- for dino- 
lays. RICKY- Do you have any screen names' bike camp, 
the best J.ACKIE- for cheesecake, the red car. ballet, advice, 
g sessions, LiUth. thanks for always caring about me... you 
le laughing soph, year, you saved mel ANA- being a great 
you're make me laugh! CRAIG- for math classes. RYAN 
ioUrYKATE- for making Spanish so much fun! EM-ALIE- for 
ill akes REBECCA- for always wanting to play with me. We 
■ be neighbors! To everyone else that made high school 

so great Bobby (girl advice), Eric, Jeff, Meredeth (we can find our 
way anywhere). Stephan, Katie, Mike McFarland, Dan. Jimmy. 
POOH GIRLS!!. The breakfast crew, Einstein's. To the F.H. girls 
for four years of fun - good luck!! Mrs. Irving. Mrs. Sullivan for 
being great advisors Thanks to all student councils throughout 
the years. Thanks to Orchestra for great times in Germany, 
England. Bedford! (Rine for making routines) Especially to Mr. 
Maffa for keeping things funny and always beheving in us (it'll be 
great! ) Thank you to anyone that has ever helped me, guided me 
and been there for me. To anyone I have forgotten, thank you. 
GO.ALS To have good friends, good times, be happy and travel the 

Janene Breme 

First and foremost. I'd like to thank the almighty God for all 
of his help and support. Without him I don't know where I 
would be. Mi, you gave me what I needed when times got rough 
for me, you are the only one who actually stood by me when I 
wanted somebody to be there. I LOVE YOU' Jon. y ou are my 
brother and I always looked up to you. 1 appreciate that you stayed 
real and gave me advice when I needed to get my act together. 
Joyanne, you're only six and you can't read yet. but thanks for 
making me laugh when you saw me cry. Jamiel. you always gave 
me jokes even when I didn't want to hear them,( I had to put you 
in my thanks cuz. you know, your G.ANGST.A and all Plus, unlike 
WATER! ) Sherry, my cousin and my best friend, I want to thank 
you for giving me the advice that makes me who I am today. 
Without you, I would probably be lost and confused Desrick. 
you was always giving me da real deal even if I didn't wanna hear 
it(mi hav nutf luv fi ya) . Janelle, even though you had your little 
attitudes exer-i miw and then. I thank you for helping me out and 
being the smart person that you are(don't get too happy, I'm 
being sarcastic). I didn't forget about my dawgs Valissa, Kirby. 
and Darren, Valissa. ) ou can relate to me m a way that no one can 
cuz you know . w e both from the islands and all! Kirby. you help 
me to reahze some things that I didn't \\'ant to see, Darren, even 
though ) ou didn't know me, you chilled with me and show-ed me 
what high school was all about. THANK YA'LL AND GOOD LUCK 
IN COLLEGE!'! Keisha B., when nobod)' was around, you were 
the one that sat and listened to ray problems and laughed at me 
when I deserved it GOOD LOOKING OUTGYRL!!!!! Gerald, we 
finally made it boy ! Even though you was always the quiet one, 
you made me see what it is like not to open my mouth when other 
people are runnin theirs. I didn't forget about you E so don't even 
go there! Eboni, you was always the furmy one and you always 
stood by me. When people was talking noise, you held down the 
fork and didn't care what haters had to say, that's why you will 
always be my gyrl. To the Bedford crew : Grachaun, you helped 
me when I needed it the most (in Geometry) thanks gyrl ! Michelle 
you was cool peeps from the beginning Jason, you fronted on me 
in middle school but its aight though, you always gave me a 
reason to laugh, I had to save the best for lasl. Liz, we've always 
been mad tight since ninth and I'll never forget you. You helped 
through the problems that I was having and I'll always appreciate 
that, THANX GUYS!!!! I also wanted to thank [he people who put 
me down and told me that I couldn't do it, the people w ho hated 
on me and everything that I did. Ya'U thought that ya'Il was 
hurtin my feelings, you only made me stronger and helped me to 
make ya'll look stupid in the end. Last but certainly not least, boo, 
you mean a lot to me and even though people was hatin, you still 
believed in what we had and I LOVE YOU for it. You kept me sane 
when folks was tryin to drive me crazy. We had our ups and 
downs but we made it through the rocky roads and the stormy 
days. You taught me what it is like to really care about somebody 
and you kept it real, THANK YOU DUWA'YNE! ! ! ! ! " If I forgot 
anyone. I am trul) sorry ONE LUV AND NUFF RESPECT' 

Kathryn Brooks 

First, thanks to my family for always being there for me 
Mom, you have done more forme than anybody in the world, and 
care more about me than even I do. My life wouldn't be the same 
with out your love and support. Thanks for the talks, the tea. the 
costimies. and "skunkaroo!" Dad, you are one of the most fun 
and interesting people I kno\\', and I admire so much about you. 
Despite your business, you have always made time for me. 
Thanks for the Cafe Luigi. the wTiting tips, the phone gadget, 
never rushing, and always having a joke The Bad. I look up to you 
more than anyone. Thanks for late night talks, sharing clothes, 
and always being nice to me I'm glad we are so close and I miss 
you when you're in France! Remember when you got stuck 
between the wall and the bed, and when I faked vibrato on the 
violin. Next, I'd like to thank my friends. Sara. Kim, and Lee, you 
are the coolest girls I know. I've known you each forever and I'm 
so glad we all became such close friends. I'll never forget 
PACBAN. Dangerous. BowUng (BAD), "ream," peemg in a coke 
botde, and Busta Groove. We've really made some friendships to 
last a lifetime.. .1 love you and I'll miss you all next year! Kim. you 
make everything so much more fun: plays. Madrigal, trips, etc, 
and I'm glad you're one of my best friends. Remember the 

Jordanmobile, dirty poems, poop-faced Jesus, and our list of 
things that are constant. Sara, you have been one of my best 
friends ever since gymnastics. You are such a fun and creative 
person, thanks for always being a good friend. Remember 
"stretching in the morning." calling QVC, and Sandro. Richard, 
Justin, and Mike, you are the three nicest and funniest boys I 
know, except for Mike who is the devil. Thanks for making my 
friends so happy and laughing at me when I fell down the stairs. 
Andy, we've had some good times. You are the coolest boy I know 
in so many ways, you'll always be one of my favorite people. 
Thanks for the proms, the 9's, and locking your keys m Paula 
Abdul. Good luck with your janitorial career! Cirilia, you are 
such a cool girl, thanks for always being so friendly. Rachel, 
thanks for being my first Bedford friend and having the best 
Halloween parties! Lauren, you always make me laugh. I'll never 
forget our pre-practice "meetings" . . Dix', , "Craggy bags" thus 
spake Belial, , sore jaws. day let's watch "Fallen." Beth, 
orchestra wouldn't have been the same without you. . Contrasts 
forever! Kim, Lauren, and Beth, G&A and England were the 
greatest trips ever thanks to you ...Bonjour, Bonjour, Goooo 
boyf! Lesley, you are such a fuimy girl and the best FH captain. 
I'm glad we've become good friends. We've gotten through 
many a science class together... remember Paula Abdul. Wilson 
Phillips, fatty acids & globules, crushing organic breath mints, 
scat singing, and uncle.. . Heather, you make Poly Sci so much 
fun, I'll never forget Ron H. pretending Steve was at limch, and 
"what are your thoughts on ." To my French class, thanks for 
bringing so much joy to my life! Lauren, Beth, and Erin . quatre' 
Brendon and Kim. thanks for the funniest project ever and 
"babiole." Richie, thanks for being the best English parmer and 
such a wonderful poet. Thanks to all the FH girls (including '00 
girls). I've never had so much fun on a team, from "name and 
favorite STD" to camp to "get ready to be blow-n away" and 
"who's bad'" Jill, thanks for sharing my love of Borja and 
"Lovable Leo." Madrigal, I'm so lucky that you are such a fun 
group,,, I think "Faima Canzone" sums it all up, Lydia and 
Shannon, so many memories. , Double Sextet, the Derdarian 
Method. "I goon dates, " .Anal.Ass-Caps. ROTC candy. Timmy, 
never let go! Anna L, curly-haired friend . , I'll never forget "I love 
eggs" and pictures on the board in History. Josh, thanks for the 
semi and all the good times. You are a great person and I'll never 
forget all our gym classes together. Anna S. thanks for being a 
diehard NSYNC fan. Nathan, you always entertain me in class, 
thanks for being the only other person that chokes on sweetness, 
Lindsay H. you are such a nice girl, remember "Jake" and our 
home video. Colleen, you've made me laugh ever since 7"'' grade, 
remember Cover Girl & Kover Boy and Code Red. Andrea, you are 
one of my oldest friends. Remember the shadow behind the tree, 
playing spy. and the Lexington Club (Mr, Vain and Brad the 
lifeguard) Sam H, thanks for always having something crazy to 
say and falling asleep in class, Jenny C. thanks for being an 
individual and wearing beanie babies on your head. Liz J, 
remember ouiji boards and "I'm in the mood for food!" Jeimy B, 
thanks for the clock! Ben S, thanks for being smarter than your 
teachers and for never sitting down at a desk, Nikki, WWJD? 
Chris D. thanks for the photo in England. BMC. for making art 
class fim. Christine B, for being the best cheerleader, Liz D. for 
growling at FH. Shira, for math, physics, and FH Tommy M, for 
complaining to teachers. Kristen. for Chouette Quartet and FH, 
Becca and Cole, sorry about almost killing you that night . , , thanks 
for being so nice! .Alex I. thanks for the flower! To my Math class, 
the most interesting group of people, . I'll never forget our 
seating arrangement. Trebuchets. duct tape, TI89. and math 
competitions Rick, my co-coimselor. thanks for keeping me 
laughing all summer, I'll never forget the Manwich, Strega Nona, 
poop behind the bleachers, and our motto... who cares? Jon B. 
the best figure skating partner a girl could ask for. remember the 
ritardando? Second violin forever! Stefan, thanks for the Chicken- 
in-a-Biscuit. Thanks to all my teachers and coaches, and everyone 
else who should have been thanked and has made the last four 
years so memorablr* 

Jennifer Busa 

First I would like to thank my family because with out you I 
would not be half the person that I am today. You all have helped 
me in so many ways throughout my whole life. My parents 
especially you both have always been there for me in the good and 
bad times I hope that I have made you proud. Jon and Matt you 
are the best brothers. I can remember all the ftm times we have 
had growing up- building forts in the backyard and playing 
baseball. Now that we are all grown-up I have to thank you both 
for protecting me( football teamjeven when most of the time it 
was unnecessary you guys have always been there for me and I 
know that )'ou always will be, Katie you have always been my best 
friend and ) ou always will be, 

LESLEY & HEATHER you are two of my best friends and we have 
had so many good times together driving around, hanging out, 
going to the mall "the game"C,B- and fieldhockey and Softball 
seasons were really fun CHRISTIN.A you are the fimniest person 

I know ) ou alwa) s can make everyone smile we have had so 
much fun together ERIN' you are one of the nicest people I 
know, I am so glad that we became friends and your sleep overs 
are the best. LINDSAY you were one of my first friend we have 
had alot of fun over the years thanks for the good times 
SAR.AH U. I couldn't meet a nicer person, the pool parties. 
BECC.A thaiiks for being always being right you make it fun. 
CATHERINE "EGGHE.AD" freshmen English poem. F/H run- 
ning, .-^NNA & KRISTEN Hilluwiren and fieldhockeyis always 
fun. COLLEEN & LAURA - being the other girls at the parties. 
SARA & NIKKI Softball capti. >nv half my classes. RINE being late 
for everything, homeroom LAUREN f/h running and always 
laughing, JILL fieldhockey a tri-captian or should have been. 
S.ARAH M Ireshman English group work, ceramics. K.ATIE 
pool parly and prom dress shopping. MIKE thanks for New 
Years and all the other times we have had the C's in math, the 
pumpkin, bring me to the parlies, always making me late 
Junior prom thai is all I have to say JOHN B. my lab partner 
alwa^ s giving me a hard lime but at the same liinea good friend 
"jumbo ]ei " SABASTI.AN having parlie'. and being hot and I 
won't forget the w alk-in. TOMMY & SCOTT for always making 
fun of me /hurting me, MIKEY, BRIAN & DANNY always 
being there partying lots at fun making me laugh. RICHIE & 
ALAN the bus rides and going out my grandparents pool. NICK 
W. all the great tunes in math class the watergun is still not 
funny. CHIRS English class foohng around making the teachers 
mad, you will come swimming. TOMMY L. always quit and a 
topic in Math. JON T. you are such a nice person you can always 
make me smile. BRIAN S. being nice even though you did not 
want any one to know being hot and a prep. STEVE what can 
I say your pure Irish and the nicest person, car club all the way. 
Austin, Dennis, KennyB., Charles. MattB., Maria, Shira, MarkD 
Peter Rachel, Beth, John Maclsaac. Sara M. Merideth, Keith, 
Kim, Gila, Greg , Lydia, Liz D. Anna, Jeremy And everyone that 
I have partied w ith and have not mentioned. Every one on the 
field hockey team and Softball team. 

To all the teachers that have helped me throughout the 
years Miss Gullage and Kelly, Mr. Kelly, Mr. McGowan, Mrs. 
Sullivan. Mr. Shevory for letting be your favorite student and 
the only one who could talk. Pete Cacciola the best gym and 
athletic trainer in the world no one can replace you. Mrs, Rozen 
jelling me take all of your classes. Dr. Ryan thank for all your 
help Mr, Wilson what can I say you are a great coach eventhough 
you have made me cry many limes but I am so much better 
thanks lo you. 
Thanks again m everyone! 

Chris Bynoe 

First oil all I uould like lo thank my family. To my father, 
you did your best after mommy passed away, I know it was 
hard but I'm glad that you were there and are my father. I love 
you very much. To my sis Tracey, I know we have spats and can 
hate each other at times but through it all I love you very much 
and don't think hfe would have been as good if you weren't 
there. To my mom, everyday since you've been gone has been 
one in which I wished you were there. Thank you for all your 
love and for raising me right. I love you and still hold you in my 
heart. To my crew the Fab Four. To White Mike, my boy since 
forever. Dude, we've been through a whole lot together and 
you've alway s been there to help me out. Remember the night 
we went to move your sister out of Bradford, or the nights 
online talking bout life, and all the times you borrtjw ed money 
from me Dude its been a long time but you'll be my best boy 
and I !o\e )oii dude. To Kirk aka the Lush You're like the son 
I never \\ anna have, j/k man, you've been my boy for awhile 
now and we've always had fun: gym, girls, money, our 
cars.. ..All good stuff that I'll always remember doing with you 
man. Much love. To my fellow Nasiy Pimp Jimmy, dude all I 
have to say is AFRO!! Haha, dude it sux that we missed out on 
those years between 5th grade and high school but we're back 
as a clan and I'm glad. You've always been there to hsten to me 
complain and I appreciate ii. Remember the "Drivehouse'?" 
and the parties yo Much love to you man and may the Fab 
never separate We still have way more partying to do ya'll. To 
all my fellas and ladies that I've become close too. To Lizzy B, 
my big sis, babes Ive been tight with you for aw-hile. I luv ya 
babe and thanx for alw ays keeping me in line. To Erica S., at first 
you were my sister's little friend but you've grown before my 
eyes into a beautiful young woman, Im glad that we're now 
friends, and I luv you a lot. Lindsays S., you know I luv ya babe, 
im gonna miss you a whole lot now that you're moved, but 
you'll always be in my heart. To Rach Link, you know every- 
thing about me babe and I miss you so much, sorry for the 
change. To Becca G., babe I know I've been busy recently but 
you've always been true to me and helped me, I mean I've 
known ya since kindergarten!! I luv ya babe. To Spaceman, 
dude even though sometimes the jokes might have gone too 
far, you know I didn't care cuz you my boy and we've been 
through it since 6th grade, and don't forget our talks about all 

176 OHn 

the Jewish ladies, haha. To Shira, those times were rough, but I'll 
always remember you and keep you in my heart To Wax aka Tony 
aka Gerald, dog I'm sorry bout this year and how everything 
changed from left to right, but you're still my road dawg and I'll 
never forget ya. Tracy S. I've known for ya awhile and you've 
always been there for me thanx!! To Leslie E.. you're a great girl 
thanx for being my friend, luv ya girl!! To RobE. dude we had 
some good times, thanx for the cd's and remember we can always 
work on cars. To Dre and Steve, dudes we had some good times 
at the club, lets keep it groovin. To Lauren. ..Lolo, hey you've been 
such a great friend to me hope we stay in touch, luv ya darling. 
To Rachel Lehman, hey babe, gym was fun, and it's always a joy 
talking to ya. Iu\ )a" To Liz D, doll you've been a good friend, 
remember the barbecues and those summers To my Bedford 
friends who im tight with: Tommy, Dupre) . Slan. Evan L, Colin, 
Pat, Shane, Lori, Tanya, Nick R, Kevin R, MRhellc M, Mollie, 
Devon L, Will, Dan(Best Editor!!)-You are the man!! Rock on!!, 
John Mcgue, Matt H, Jojo, Mike Busa, Destiny. Katie O, Grachaun. 
Michelle E, Nicole, Sam, Jessica Y, Courtney , Leanna G. Kristi. 
Mark D, April J, Candace D To my Burlington friends and Concord 
friends ya'll have kept me well rounded and helped me thru tough 
times. To anyone I forgot Im truly sorry but it was late when I 
wrote these and plus I lost my mind second week of senior year. 
But to those listed and those forgotten, you know i luv ya'll and 
always will Good luck to e%eryone" 

Jenny Cargiuole 

Thanks to all of the people I've shared my life with for the past 
18 years You're all w'icked cool, I love you. Thanks 
Seth, thanks for always being there, the perfect role model. 
Mom, Dad. you're my parents~thanks for feeding me good 
Italian food and for letting me keep my Bear. 
Thanks to my family, grandparents, cats, dog, and my crazy 
aunts, uncles, and cousins. 

Danya, thankyou for the monkeys, the bunnies, the love, the 
quality pudding, the Boggle, the French, the moon picnics, the 
late-night sorbet runs, the materialistic crazes, and the white 
rabbit chasing. You is the bestest monkey ever. Andy, thanks for 
the sanity and the insanity, Thankyou for all that is undefined. 
Dan. thank you for always being there(oh, the irony) and for the 
buckets of love, Kathryii, thanks for the poker games, sleepovers, 
midnight croquet, and dancing. You are the embodiment of the 
weird and the wacky. Thanks for the eternal friendship. I know 
you'll always be there. Cassie. thanks for the constant sarcasm 
Chris-Boy you're the sweetest, thank you. Dara. thanks for 
running my club for me. Liz. thankyou for smiling. Bonnie, 
you're crazy, thankyou. Krystel. thanks for understanding. 
Drew, thanks for the conversation, Margot. thankyou for trusting 
me (sorry, blush) Katie, thanks for being wicked sweet. Emily, 
thanks for Pans and the little book of quotes Thanks Jennie, just 
for being you. (Hi Jennie) Nancy, Ralph, and the entire Penland 
clan~thanks^you never cease to amaze Chris Markowski, thank 
you for being the ultimate good person, thank you for leading, 
inspiring, helping, and just being so cool. Thankyou. Bruce, 
you're the greatest. You are such a cool father figure. You're the 
best coach ever. Buckets of love. Thanks to my OM team, Erin, 
Polish, Dave, Derek, Colin, and oh, yeah, Andy. I love you guys, 
you're the best. Thanks for a great year, and for Regionals, 
Worlds, and States~the best night ever. I miss you all 
Tom, thanks for always helping everyone out. You're great. 
Johnny, thanks for being Johnny. 

Mrs Morris, you are so cool!! Thankyou for your indulgence in 
helping and inspiring me, Thankyou for dancing in class. You're 
awesome. You could be a Muppet. (That's my highest form of 
compliment). Stephenson, Standing Ovation for algebra and 
allegories, and thanks so much for all the homework, you fiend, 
Madame Rainis, Merci beaucoup pour ma nouvelle langue, Merci 
pour le cercle franfais et les classes qui etaieni super chouette, Et 
merci pour etant plus qu'un proffesseur, Mr Pilla, thanks for 
putting up with me in class, after school, and in school. Thanks 
for cracking the whip and helping me get into college. Thankyou 
for teaching me so much art. You're hke cool and some stuff. Mr 
Sheinfeld. Thanks for putting up with me, teaching me, and 
coaching some real art out of me. You win, Ms, Davis, thanks for 
a great year of class. When I was in your class I felt like I was really 
making art. not just panting and drawing, Thankyou. 
Mr Reynolds, thanks for being such a good teacher and for 
sharing your past with all of us, it connected us to a liistory we'd 
never have known Thankyou for making us more than students. 
Thanks to Mr Walsh, who will never read this, for making me a 
whole thinking person again. Thank yc;u for liking my writing. 
Thanks to Mrs. Coyle and Mrs. Keltner for always being wicked 
cool advisors. Thanks to Mrs. Rozen for being the best home 
room teacher ever, for always being ready to help me. for advising 
SAC. and for all the support and advise. Thanks to Mme McCarthy 
and Mrs. McGrawfor getting me through middle school. Thankyou 
Mrs. Gelormini lor always having something good to say. 
Thankyou Mademoiselle for always being cheerful. Thanks Mr, 
Mod for the promise of a great senior year. JD. thanks for putting 

up with me Senorita Taub. Mr. Griffin~thanks for bemy 
AND Many thanks to the greats- the artists, musicians 
inventors, leaders, philosophers, and geniuses who in 
all. Especially Jim Henson who gave us Kermit the 1 
Gonzo. Thank you all and everybody I accidentally for, 

Zachary Carlson , 

First of all I would like to thank my parents. Withou 
parents I would not have gotten through, you were there a 
way through, helping me and guiding me. Jean-thank yo 
being a great older sister, I wouldn't have gotten through my 
school years without you, and thanks for the laptop and lettin 
use your car. To the whole Curtis clan. My neighbors. Betty 
the Bradfields. Paul, you w'lll always have a special place ii 
heart, thanks for being a great friend. The Sullivans. Stacey'' 
Brogdons. thank you for having trust in me to take care of 
children, you are all great. Andrew-this one is for you, thanl 
giving me advice all the time and always making me laugh. \ 
this IS teh second sentence that you requested. The Dutton far 
esp. Bobby for driving me to school every morning, Mrs E 
letting me shop in your closet. .All of my teachers that have ta 
me these 4 years, Mr. Reagan. Ms. Bouzan. Mr Palmer-"well 
was a nice story", Mr Sabourin. Mr. Reagan-for being the 
band director, marching band, wind ensemble, band camp 
DeSantis-for always parking on my road and helping me 
senior year. Mr. Tocio-for helping me on my essays and jo 
around with me. Ms. Foley-for helpmg me make it througl 
classes senior year, I could not have done it without you guys 
Marching Band of all ray years. fellow seniors-Vik. Dan: 
Stefan. Ellen, Erin, past band members esp. Bryan Nash, , 
Wolf, and Alissa Lee-he Iping me in MB. always smiling, f 
having confidence in me. love ya. Katie & Uuvia for beinj 
clarinet buddies in wind. Jenny & Megan for being my 
friends and going to all the baseball games. Rick leaving, I 
Anthony's, stories, baseball guys-for being so nice with pici 
and autographs-Rick thanks for the bat. pictures. My cou 
Kristen & Kelly-thanks for hanging out with me during 
summer, taking me places, baseball games, you guys are g 
The rest of the Donovan family-Tommy for making fun of n 
front of Frank and taking me to Chatham games. I love yoi 
I'll see ya next summer, I have had a lot of great laughs and j 
limes. The office for pulling up with me for 4 years Erin-wi 
been friends forever, well here we are graduating together, 
are a great friend. To all of my friends .Shauna-for being my 
friend, junior prom, semi, parlies, Danielle-you are an awes 
drum ma|or, MB camp, algebra, analysis, Betsy-prom, Shani 
for always being energetic, Chrissy-for doing my hair for 
prom and being a great chem and physics buddy. Jenn 
physics, chemistry. Palmer, donuts. ROTC candy. Cane 
.Allison and Gary-for taking me in to your senior gym class w 
I was a freshman. Tiffany-for tutoring me in algebra fresh 
year. I miss your bright smile arund school. Finally to anyc 
forgot, you know I love you all, so please forgive me somet 
Future Goals: I plan to attend college, major in education, 
married, have lots of children. My overall goal is to live life tt 
fullest and enjoy it. 

Natthew Carvey 

Firstly, i would like to thanks God for all of the good for 
that I have had. I want to thank my family for all of the love 
support that they have given me. My Mom, for always tryin 
make my day better. My Dad, for helping and teaching me. 
sisters and Nick, for providing a role model. .Andrew, for b 
the best older brother that one could ask for The Ratickeks 
being great friends and always being there. Jesse, for all the 
stuff we've done. The Hemptons, for their Irish charm. Sieve 
"killer spikes." Ani, for driving everyone around. My frie 
Jesse, Steve, Rob, Brian, James (M.ARGPOW!), Andy, Pa 
Derek, Brendon. Ben, Dave, Cole, and Eric. Troop 1 14, foi 
scouting experience. Mrs. Aumann, for being a great p 
teacher. Thanks to all my teachers, especially Mrs, Krueger 
Mrs. Sulhvan. Matt Greening, for The Simpsons, and 3M fori 
Tape. 1 want to thank everyone who I forgot to mention, 
should have been 

Haria Casella 

First I would like to thank my mom who has raised met 
the person I am today. You did a wonderful job. If it weren' 
you pushing me so hard in school I probably wouldn't have n 
it this far. You're not only my mom you're my best friend. 1 
you so much. Dad, I love you. Thanks for yelling at me all the i 
to graduate. Angela, thanks for all the advice you give me. I 
you. David, sometimes I am real hard on you, but I appreciat 
the patience that you have with me. I love you. Danny. W 
defintely had some good times and some bad times, but all i 
we've gotten through everything together. I love you Bia 
we've defintely gotten into some fights but you're a sweet girl 
I will always love you. Gram and Papa, you two have done n 
for me then you even realize. Thank you for everything. I love 

[ Dale. we"ve been che best of friends for many years now 
|we always will be. I love you. Sarah, ! know we're not as 
1; as we use to be but keep in touch. Meghan. I'm glad we're 
I good friends. We have had some fun over the years. I luv 
Michelle, it's been fun "chilhn" with you. I'll try my 
est to keep in touch with you. Pete, thank you for being 
I a good friend. Thank you for the Cutlass. That was really 
ghtful. You're a sw^eet kid. I love you. Mrs. Jordan, you've 

the best teacher ever. If it weren't for you I probably 
Idn't be graduating. Thank you so much. Luis, you do so 
y things for me and I love you with all my heart and I 
ys will. Miss. Gullage. Michelle, Kenny, Brian, Greg, Jeff, 

Pam, Lisa, Jenelle, Rachel, Li?. Lindsey. anyone else I 
;jt. thanks and I'm s.irry 

Hatt Castellana 

Activities: Lacrosse (Winter/spring), Studying Kemp Ka- 
Teaching Karate, Competing in Karate Tournaments, 
in around with Barron. Fowler, Piccolo, and friends, 
din time with the love of my life, etc. I am actually here... 
mazing that finally. I'm finishing High School. I still for 
reason feel hke a little kid with dreams of graduating. I 
I'm not anymore. It's kinda scary seeing myself and the 
le around me all grown up kno win back in the day ho w we 
ed to be small, joking around at recess at Lane School and 
to get the coolest new Nintendo game. Being httle was 
and It opened me up to a ton of new experiences that have 
i with me up to now. I don't regret anything that I have 
and if I had started my life all over again. I'd do n ail the 
way An)'wayz. time to give a shout out to the people who 
greatly impacted my hfe. MOM and DAD-You guys were 
insible for making me what I am today. Without the effort 
ou had put into in becoming good parents, who knows 
e I'd be right now. I love you more than I can describe in 
s. but I would like to say thank > ou for doing an outstand- 
jblll WENDY-You are great. His.. I love you to death! You 
been one of those mother figures towards me my whole 
nd even that we fight from time to time. I still couldn't 
done all this without you to give me a kick in the rear, 
k you Wendy... I love you so much! DEREK-My little punk 
irother... you know I'm kidding about that. Anyway, you 
an little bro! You got swimming ahead of you and you 
lly are gonna be at those 2004 Olympics. You know I will 
ere to cheer you on to that gold medal. You will do it 
day! 1 love you little bro and I will always guide you when 
leed me. DAN B.ARON-You are my absolute best friend! 
since I met you on the lacrosse field, we became good 
Is. I can never forget the amazing memories you and I had 
her .. caught by the cops in Marshalls parking lot. con- 
y playin pool in Wobum. seem Kate at work. Vermont, 
ng me meet Denise. Red Hot Chili Peppers, cruzin with 
and Martins. Concord party, u yeUin "WEST-SIDE" at 
1 people, humanities video, jumpin in the road to pull 
iiat drunk lady. Pam's wedding, etc. You give me the best 
e I could ever get from a friend. You have incredibly 
:ted my hfe and ya were always there whenever needed, 
you like a brother... u and I will always be best friends! 
LER-You are the craziest guy known to man! You are a 
friend who is always there for me and u and I have done 
A party ain't a party without Fowler inside. "DOWN 
FISH!" KIM- You too are the craziest gf of the man. You 
e coolest to chill with and I am gonna miss you when I go 
ilege. Thanks so much for the girl advice ("chocolate 
ed pretzels") . Shake your bon bon and don't trip down 
airs... love ya! FRANK (BEEFSTEAK)-Kid... I will see you 
! Guinness Book of World Records for 2000 (ya know 
I mean) . You and I have been through it all and I will miss 
pro! JASON-You were a cool kid to chill with and even 
li;h ya always got the back seat, you were da man! DAVE/ 
Mi-You two have grown up with me and we have done a 
UJ guys will always be great friends. I'll miss ya both! MIA- 
Mone of my closest friends and I am always gorma be here 
HJ'U! JUAN-You are the coolest break dancer -- 1 miss ya and 
J«! the Navy Seals accept ya! I will never forget you. CRAIG- 
u .. u are one of the coolest kids I know. We have done tons 
igier and I think ya owe me taco bell money... inywayz, 
)iind I have had some kickin moments together and I hope 
■ video, lol. LAN-You are one crazy dude. Man, u 

re funny as hell to chill with and I hope that your life 
bro. I will never forget u kissin Jocellyne Cloukey at 
1 puUin that "china" talk. You're a good friend Ian 
^1 nna miss hangin out with ya. Peace... JEFF-You and 
h been best friends ever since back in the day when we 
e W'ung. You influenced me to pick up a guitar and learn 
u . i.r since I was 7 years old. You will be always close to 
i> an as a bigger brother... I will miss you greatly bro. 
A STEVE-You two have been the goofiest, craziest kids 
'. ime across. We've had a lot of fun moments in the past 
Id never forget you two. MR. CALLAHAN-You built 

me into a perfect karate student/insrructor. You modeled me into 
the positive person I am. I love you like a second father and I w ill 
always have a spot in my heart for you! !! To anyone who I have 
left out... sorry, not enough room but don't think that I will forget 

Andrea Chan-Noy 

First I'd like to thank my Dad. even though this year has been 
rough, I want you to know that I love you and appreciate 
everything you've ever done for me, and for helping me become 
who I am today. Stepdad - for always being their for me, letting 
me stay with you. for all those years of basketball. Corey — even 
though your senior year, we were a lot closer. I still consider you 
one of my best friends. All of our late night talks, parties, dinners, 
solving our/my problems, Jamie - over the last couple of years, 
we've become a lot closer. You know I'm here for you anytime. 
Teddy - Thanks for always beating me up in the hallways. I've had 
so much fun at parties and Tufts Just try not to get yourself killed 
at parties next year Ryan - Don't forget, I'm always here if you 
need me. Remember all our talks, parties, the pooping pig. "Am 
I fat'" and so many other things. Chris - For giving me so many 
stories to tell and being the funniest kid. Ashton and Kyle - For 
being the most spoiled but cutest little brothers I have. Katie - For 
being the best and smartest little sister and for saving me from 
being the only girl. Curt and Angelo - For being the best "big 
brothers" and for always having my back for anything and 
everything, and for always having all my family member's backs. 
Craig —Bern' my little bro. 7th/8th grade memories. Tufts. Baby 
Face. Jeff. Danny. Stevie, and Mike - For always taking care of me. 
and never giving up on me. Sorry to all my brothers and cousins 
for the fights I've caused you to get into. Auntie Mary and Uncle 
Jim-f(ir always letting me know I'm welcome to live at your house 
and for everything you've done to try and make my life a little 
easier. Mr. and Mrs. Corrigan- for being so kind to me. always 
inviting me into ) our home and for taking me to York Beach . 
Pam- our 5 years of friendship, only getting into 1 fight. Angel. 
Waltham. Walking Forever. Sped Classes. Rape road. Bullfrog 
Lane. Blood family, walking around at 3:00 m the mornin. and so 
many other memories ... and so many more to look forward to. 
Kelli-for beinmy best friend, as soon as we met we clicked. I miss 
you so much, so many memories. Our httle white lie. sneaking 
out. smoking on my roof, basketball, soccer, a 12:45 cruise, peer 
pressure from you. I know we won't ever lose touch so I don't 
worry. Rich -for everything you've done for me. You have taught 
me a lot and you've been there so much for me. I'll never forget 
York beach, last simimer. the Bronco, my strawberry message, 
and so many firsts. I love you(and I'm not buzzed ). Doug — for 
being my best guy friend, going to the Junior Prom, I miss you 
a lot. Thanks for always listening to me and never thinking 
anything different of me. School is so boring without you around. 
Peter S - For saving my brother's life, becoming a close friend, 
McDonald's parking lot, always ripping it up. always makin sure 
I was havin fun , alw'ays talkin and stayin v\ith me until I w'as 
having fun at a party. Kristi - Stand tall, keep your head up and 
always remember to smile. You've become one of my best friends 
and you know I'll always listen. Thanks for letting me stay at your 

house, smoke another, silly juice tonight' or should we ?, 

and for always keeping your word. Courmey - You're an absolute 
sweetheart. Never change. Don't forget our 1 2:30 talk. Thanks 
for alw-ays bein there. I'm here whenever you need to talk. Elyse 
- I don't care what anyone says, you're one of the truest friends. 
Don't ever listen to anything but your heart. You know 1 will 
always be around if you need anything. Thanks for cheering me 
up when I was hysterically crying. Nicole - my baby girl, Bedford 
to Burlington, always eating. "What's your license plate num- 
ber?", "can I borrow this and that?", the only one I can always be 
sober with. Thanks for always keeping my secrets. Austin - Last 
summer, all our little scams, listening to me whine. Moontower. 
Fond Lake, which girl this week? Sorry for all of the spills. 
Michelle E - Community Black Girl, you're so much fun to hang 
out with, making me laugh till I cry. Don't worry. I'll see you in 
California. Always bein dragged into Burlington with me. Michelle 
B - This year we have become good friends. I have so much fun 
hanging out with you. Let's see if we can find . . . Dave's speech 
to us. rippin' it up on the weekends. Thirsty Thursday. Mr. 
DeSantis - Thank you so much for everything this year. You've 
gone out of your way to help me with everything Without your 
help, I probably wouldn't graduate and would've probably had a 
nervous breakdown You are a savage. Thanks for all the food too. 
Jenelle-for bein my twin, always knowin whats up, are we ever 
gonna do somethm? "look I have white spots on my arm too. 
Nikki Downs- runnin around base all night hiding from that kids 
mom, seeing Mrs. Ring at 6:00 in the mornin. It's all Kelli Rings 
fault. Throwing rocks at the slide all night. Bein there tor me when 
NO one else was. And especially 6th grade. Ja Loves- for always 
encourging me to do my best, always listening to what I thought, 
for bein the craziest at parties, and for takin me and Pam to 
Hampton, remember the cruise back? Greg T. Brian S. Danny R. 
Bianca. Kenny B. KenDog, Keith, Dave Agneta, Lianna, Juliet. 

Tommy. Ryan Nolan, Tony. Tracy. Brianna. Danny Black. MikeyD. 
BB. Adam C. Sarah C. Sargi, Rachel Lehman. Liz B. Grachauu. 
Nikki Wilson, Jason H. Heather T. Lesley M. I'm sorry to anyone 
I forgot but my English teachers lost my original copy 

Shira Charles 

First and foremost I'd like to thank my parents. You have 
given me everything a girl could ask for. You have stood beside 
me through thick and thin, making every experience something 
to learn from. Your love, compassion, support, tolerance has 
made me the person I am today and though I may not say this 
everyday, I appreciate all you've done for me and I love you both 
so much. DAD for always believing in me and supporting me in 
my decisions. I've made my mistakes in life and I've had my share 
of problems but you've always been there to help me out. Thanks 
for being there to talk to. for all the late night revisions on papers, 
for all the help with my car and for pushing me to do my best. I 
love you dad and I am going to miss having you around. MOM for 
loving me as much as you do. You've made me want to be a better 
person and I hope someda)- 1 can be the mother that you are for 
me. For always making me lunches, for always putting your 
family as your number one priority, for talting me shopping on 
)our only days off, for making dinner after a hard days work, 
thank you and I love you. SCOTT for being the older brother and 
setting such a great example for me. I've always looked up to you 
and wanted to be like you. You've always been there looking after 
me and loving me when I've needed it the most. 1 love you so 
much and I am so happy for you and Denise. JON for being not 
only my brother but my best friend. I've always had this great 
admiration for you ever since I was a little girl, you were different 
and I saw something amazing in you I always had faith in you and 
I am so proud of the person that )ou have become. I love you so 
much and I wish you the best of luck m the future. TRACY, my 
best friend what can I say, you've always been there for me and 
you know me better than I know myself These past years have 
been awesome and I'm so happy we've stayed friends. You're an 
incredible person with a great sense of humor and I know you will 
do well in the future. JIMMY H for being that friend who I could 
confide in, who I could spend hours talking to and who could 
always make me feel better. You have had such an impact on my 
life, making me a much better and a much stronger person and I 
will never forget that. I think you're a great person and I wish you 
the best of luck in the future, SHANNON so many memories, so 
many laughs Spanish skits, math class with vanqster, math 
competitions, "lets kick some asymptote." physics class with shev 
in magic happy physics land, the prom with our dates, our parents 
with the pictures. We've had some great times and I am so glad 
we have become so close. CHRIS B I can't explain why we have 
gone our separate ways but I will always cherish the times we had 
and I will always remember you as a great friend. JENNIE for 
helping me with my life and with school, physics class with shev. 
.*iP Dorks, magic happy physics land, our photo trips and spend- 
ing all hours after school, and trick or treating as seniors in high 
school. DANIKA my little freshmen buddy, for being the coolest 
and lots of fun to hang w ith, "that's an affirmative." All the lines 
and laughter we've shared, your a great kid, don't ever forget that. 
SPRINGER and STEVE you two are a great pair and I'm so glad I've 
gotten to know you both, you definitely can always make me 
smile. LAURA my long time neighbor and great friend, for our 
ping-pong tournaments, making fun of .Al and the dogs, and all 
our girl nights. MAURA for all our guy talks. New York and prom 
which w ill always be remembered because you made them that 
much better KRISTEN for the soccer trips in your car with the 
mangled radio, field hockey injuries and of course our famous 
collision. LYDIA for giving me my nickname shiers and for always 
pushing me to do my best SARAH M for all the nights we drove 
around. New York and all our trips to dunkin. MERI and 
CATHERINE for field hockey junior ) ear which would not have 
been the same without the two of you. MONICA for all the fun girl 
parties at your house. LIZZY for being my locker buddy, the 
countdown sophomore year and for driving me around many 
times. LAUREN for all the times we've starting laughing and could 
not stop. TRICLA for making field hockey this year a blast with all 
our jokes and for being a great friend. LESLEY for being my friend 
when I first came to Bedford. STEVE its been awesome getting to 
know you, we've had some great times including New York, the 
museum, driving around Bedford, dudley road and listening to 
techno. BRETT for always helping me out when I was in a ]am. 
your awesome and tons of fun to hang out with. NATHAN for all 
the laughs at who knows what And I'd like to give a special thanks 
else I failed to mention. TO EVERYONE we have shared a lot of 
memories and I will always remember the times we spent 
together. All the laughs we shared and how much we've taught 
each other. As we graduate from high school we'll go oiu: separate 
ways but high school is something we will always share. Good 
luck in the future with everything you do. remember to be 
yourself and reach for the stars. 


David Cheng 

You know who you are and you have done I will thank each 
of you in person 

Ken Christie 

I would like to thank all the people who have stood by me 
over the past 1 7 years. My family, friends, and teammates in 
sports are all very important. Steve. Jeff, mom. dad. Jack. Sam. 
Mr. Buca, Y. Melsier, Mr. Beam, of course my good friend Zack, 
and the rest of them. For those who have known me for the 
longest, my friends from Groton. MA, I would like to especially 
thank Roberto Costales. and his family who have been like a 
second family to me for the past thirteen years. My teachers of 
course have played an enormous role in my life, and 1 would 
especially like to thank Mr. Hunt. Mr. Walsh, Mr Cacciola, and 
the great Mr. GaiUard, who has given me a second chance to 
succeed. GO HENDRIX! It's been a great four years here at Bedford 
High, and I am happy to have been a part of all of your lives, so 
thank all of you for your graciousness in taking in a stranger and 
turning me into a friend. Remember everyone AEROSMITH 

Andrew Churelia 

MOM and DAD. What can I say about you? You've given me 
life, and made me who I am. I love you. Thank you for teaching 
me to always do my best, but never asking for more. Thank you 
for show ing me how to be compassionate, and lovmg. Thank you 
for supporting me when I was right, but pointing out when I was 
wrong, and doing your best to teach me humility. What can I say? 
I thank you for everything that I have and am, and I thank you for 
everything I wiU be. DAVID: Squeegy, Toad, man-cub, etc. 
You're a great brother, you always make me feel important. I'm 
gonna miss you when I go off to college. Thanks for being 
cheerful, creative, and excited about everything. Keep it up! I'm 
proud of you! TIM: You've always been one of my best friends, 
and most loyal supporters. I'm thankful I have a brother that I'm 
so dose to. I'm sure our friendship will always be special. JASON 
and STEVEN: my oldest friends, almost brothers. JENNY: Thanks 
for always being there, sharing thoughts, listening to more 
complaining than I'd care to admit to, putting up with craziness, 
not letting me be too hard on myself, the list goes on. Thanks for 
being my best friend. ROBIN: I know you won't read this, but I 
need to thank you anyway, for listening, and caring, always being 
able to cheer me up, and just being the wonderful person that you 
are. KEN: Thanks for every "make a decision," MR POULIN: 
Thanks for every "don't do it all yourself," MR. DUTTON. Thanks 
for providing an incredible example of leadership ALL THE Tl 94 
LEADERS- I'll always remember your advice, the time you've 
given, and the faith you've had in me. Thanks to SHAWN and 
CHRIS for being people I could look up to. To all the SCOUTS- 
thanks for everything. BUSHY- You've come a long way. I admire 
your kindness, helpfulness, and incessant good cheer. ERIC: 
thanks for a single act of kindness freshman year, so insignificant 
that I'm sure you instantly forgot about it. but I never have- to 
EVERYONE who has ever gone out of their way to help me, or 
anyone else- EVERYONE who doesn't know the effect the sim- 
plest actions can have on people- Thank you. and don't stop 
helping! DANYA: Thanks for challenging me into becoming what 
I hope IS a better person, but more importantly, for making the 
effort to become my friend, for teaching me about fun, for not 
giving up on my "heart made of ice" for everything else that you 
are. and have made me. MRS. SIEGENTH.ALER: My life here would 
have been so different without your welcoming guidance, and 
help. You own a part of any success I've achieved. Thank you. My 
TEACHERS, though I'm leaving BBS, I'll always remember what 
I've learned here (most of it. at least) School is nothing without 
the hard work of teachers, who by encouraging, but challenging, 
sharing insight into academics, as well as everyday hfe, nurturing 
skills and talents, and giving of your time, have helped to make 
me. and all their students, that much better for their time here 
Special thanks to: MR WALSH- for some fun, crazy classes. Why 
did you have to leave' MR. REYNOLDS for always challenging, 
clarifying things, and hosting some fabulous arguments MRS 
SULLIVAN for putting up with me doing my homework for your 
class every day during break; for being incredibly supportive and 
helpful; for listening and giving advice about life outside of 
English class MR, SHIENFIELD for teaching and encouraging me 
in photo over the past 3 years, its been a lot of fun. and very 
rewarding. MRS. RAINIS for the help and advice about every- 
thing, and for really caring about your students Thanks for: ANI's 
dry wit. ben's arguements, BRIAN'S antics. CAR VEY'senthusiasim 
and generosity, COLE's different points of view, COLIN's music, 
DAVE' s cutting anlysis, DEREK's desire to help and please, JAMES's- 
antics again (but what else do you call the goldfish") PAWEL- 
worlds and shows- good times!: God knows there were plenty of 
times I wanted to pretend I didn't know you guys, but still, it's 
been fun: LAN, talking on Derek's porch, lunches, movies, the 
Nerdery, OM, good natured harassment -Thanks for everything 
Take care of yourselves, (that means you Carvey!!) Good luck in 

college. I'm sure our paths will cross again. CASSIE Thanks for 
the verbal abuse' Seriously, thanks for the conversations, the 
advice, thanks for being there. You have meant a lot to me. LIZ 
J: Thanks for being who you are, just a fantastic person. Thanks 
for some great conversations, both what you've said, and just 
listened to. I wish you the absolute best EVERYONE whose 
smile is a gift to the world- thank you for the warmth and 
happiness you can bring. SHANNON: Lot's of people hsten to 
my crazy ideas, very few^ understand or agree as often as you 
though. ..thanks. JENNIE: Thanks for being able to make me 
smile just by thinking about you. I wish I had gotten to know 
you better sooner. BETHANY: Thanks for conversations, sup- 
port, and an unparalleled wit and sense of humor, ELLEN: 
hahahahahaha!!!(need I say more') SHAN, CARL and DAVE: 
I've always know I owe you guys something, but, (especially 
in the case of Shan) I'll be damned if I know what. None the 
less, thanks, CHAD: For moving the desk' EVERYONE I'VE 
EVER ACTED WITH: Thanks for the mistakes that made re- 
hearsals (and performances) fun. the drawn out on-stage 
romance, wearing makeup and trying to find Bickfords. and all 
the other good times we've had. PENLAND HOUSE CROWD: 
For being a great group of people, and for providing a ready 
alternative whenever life got too normal, LIZ D.- for the math, 
chem, and physics help, for your hard work. To EVERYONE! 
I never thought I'd use 1 000 words, and still have so much left 
to say! I'm sorry if I've forgotten anyone! Peace, 

Sarah Collins 

Activities: Softball V 1,2,3.4, Capt. 3.4. Basketball V 
1 ,2,3,4, Capt. 4; Soccer V 2; Latin Club 
1.2.3. Treasurer 3; SADD 2,3,4; Bedford Farms 2.3.4, Pen IS 
Club for life 

First and for most I would like to thank my parents. DAD- 
I don't know what to say. You have always been there for me 
and that means so much , Thanks for being my # I fan and 
coaching Softball in the summer. Thank you for all that you 
have done for me and I love you tons. MOM- What can I say, 
thanks for all the advice and everything you have given me. 
Thanks for always going to my games and those times down 
at the cape. You mean so much to me. I love you. TIM- You 
are like my second dad. Thanks for all the tips with sports and 
always helping me out when I needed. Thanks for everything. 
GRANDMA and GRANDPA- Thanks for all the memories up at 
O.O B. those were the best times growing up. I'll never forget 
them, Luv ya. AUNTIE- Thanks for always taking me shopping 
and just having girl days. Thanks for everything you have done 
for me. Luv ya. ADAM- Thanks for all the good times growing 
up, even though we always didn't get along, we managed to 
get through it. Behave yourself when I'm not around trying 
to keep you in hne. Good luck with everything, Luv ya. 
MCMANUS FAMILY- Thanks to all of you Everyone has been 
so wonderful and you all mean so much to me. SARAH 
MOCHRIE- Where do I start. We have so many good memo- 
ries, from Softball to just hanging out. Driving around, causing 
trouble, partying, Fla. both times, O O B,, Hampton, the cape, 
getting in trouble for not being where we are supposed to be, 
singing "California." tattoos, concerts, always having fun- 
Thanks so much for everything; I don't know what I would 
have done without you sometimes, Bff and I luv ya, KRJSTINE- 
All those times in the gardens growin up, you are like the other 
sister I never had All those good times at your house, the 
bathroom, BBC and all the other crazy things. Thanks for 
everything JENNIFER- my other older sister. Thanks for all the 
advice on practically everything. The BBC, coaching Softball 
and keeping me in line. What would have done with out you 
and Kristine, I love you both. VIC- Thanks for all the great bball 
memories. My house, just cruisin around, new year's, Q.U., 
concerts, partying and all the advice. 143. CARLI- Bball, new 
year's, devin's, my house, partying, all the talks, concerts and 
|ust hanging out. 143. NIKKI- My partner in crime. What can 
I say. we have too much fun Half days, cruises after school, 
DD's. all the bball and softball memories Also O.O B. Thanks 
for everything and good luck too. SHEENA- All the good times, 
semi, eric's, bball. and your house. LINDSAY- Softball, holi- 
day star, shut up, history; you are too funny for me. Good luck 
in the future. HANNAH- new year's, my house, all the times 
at Tim's. Devin's, my semi date. 1 43. KRISTIN- Bball, softball 
jokes, painting, giving me rides, your car door. LESLEY- Bball, 
softball bus, all our classes. We always have so much fun. 
SARAH U- Sarah Jo, basketball, bball jokes, anatomy and for 
watching out for me. RICKY- Thanks for all the good memo- 
ries. N.H., all the parties, going out to eat, prom, car rolling. 
Thanks for all the fun we had, ANDREA- Gloucester, parties, 
Latin, colleges, snow storm, talks, advice, fun times. ERIN- For 
being so funny, the softball bus, classes and just always having 
fun. HEATHER- Singing my song, softball bus. all the )okes. 
RICHIE + ALAN- All the sports, the gardens, and all the fun 
times growing up. JENNY-Softball, being so gullible, 
COURTNEY- Bball, rides, the club and being like a little sister. 

JIMMY- Baseball, mike's house. SHAN'S- For bemg sohn- 
semi, SARA M- For being so crazy and 3:00 in McD's pai J 
BECCA- Bball, Soccer, hangingout, KELLl- All the fun iiiiii 
doing nothing. Hampton, cruising, partying, just acting st 
TRACY- 1 can still kick your butt KIM- Bball, "give it to me I 
and for all the fun. Jill, Devin, Brad, Jeff, Tim, Jen C - Than 
all the good times. New year's. Tim's and Devin's. Than 
everyone at Bedford Farms CONSUELO- All the fun times, a 
and going to the store. SARAH P- All the dance parties and sin 
Also thanks to: Liz, Meghan, Pete, Marge, Janelle, April, 
Lyndsey, Kacie, Alyssa, Mariaime, Elyse, Craig, Amy, Katie, 1 
Sue + Robbie- for being my second fam.ily, all the trips, a 
and all the help with everything. To my softball girls: JENN/ 
all the good memories, partying, Dracut, softball and Fla.. a 
advice and talks. 143 JENNYE- Stoneham parties, good tin 
StonehiU. softball. Fla.. partying and your house. LEAH- Je 
house, fun times in Fla., softball talks and fights with pe 
Bentley and hook ups. LISA- All the years. York, all our trips 
all the fun at softball, MELISSA- Dump room. IL., softball. a 
fun times at Q.U., pit stop at 1:30 a.m. HILARY- Jennye's h< 
driving around. IL.. Stonehill and Q.U. Thanks to all my coa 
Mr. Wilson- thanks for a great 4 years and all the help you 
given me and all the fun. Mrs. SulUvan- Thanks for 4 good y 
Wayne + Frank-all the fun trips, and help you have both give 
over the years. To my teachers: Ms.Burke- Thanks for ever)'tl 
Coming to my games, advice, letting me sit in your class al 
time cause I didn't want to go to class and for being a good fr. 
Ms, Hennessy - For always going to my games, math help 
advice. Mrs. Sullivan - For working out, being so nice and a; 
help. Also a special thanks to Ms, Messmer. Mr, Kelly and 
Gullage. Anyone I forgot, I'm sorry and thank you so much. ( 
Luck and Congratulations to the class of '0 1 Future Goals: 
life to the fullest, workhard and keep having fun' 

Nonica Connarien 

ACTIVITES: Field hockey- 2, 3 Swimming- 1 ,2.3.4. Tei 
1,2,3,4, SADD-2,3,4, Interact- 1 ,2,3 ,4, Fn 

Club- 1,2,3,4, AFS- 1 , 2, 3 ,President4 

First I would like to thank my parents because with out 
support and dedication I wouldn't know what to do. M 
thanks for always driving me everywhere and for being 
"cookie mom" your help was greatly appreciated. III miss ca 
your cell phone a million times a day. Daddy- 1 don't know 
you can be so many things at once and still be a fun guy, tb 
for the weekends in Vermont, and for bringing Seamus ev 
where you go. Mark-DOG SHOW'!! You are by far the 
brother a little sister could ask for, you never made the eight- 
age gap noticeable when we hung out. I'm going to ' 
watching stupid TV shows with you (tom green), running, 
teaching me how to drive. Ill miss you making me say, "I lov< 
big brother" when I was little. Nicole- For being my sec 
sister, helping me with my biology homework, being so nice 
for marring Mark I promise to visit you in Melrose, Ca 
Thanks for being a fun sister and such a fitness freak, Altbc 
It's difficult for us to get along sometimes, I'll miss youscrean 
at me to turn the radio down. Seamus- For being the spa<' 
beagle I know , I ' m going to miss you getting dog all over my s 
Be good for mom and dad. Thank you guys so much for beinj 
best family, I love all of you. Now for friends, I would never 1 
been able to spend from 7:20 to 2:0 1 without these phenom 
people. Laura: FLORA! You are one of the funniest gi.-ls e 
Although we didn't become friends till high school, I feel like 
known you forever-bleacher painting-we have to change 
still, being blind with me, driving skills, getting lost. Bcdf> 
Doogie!, Nicole's, Lexington, counting crows. GAP, candy. I 
hockey, running trips, making your room messy, I don't thi 
could have fun without one of us doing something stu 
Meredith-always being some one to have fun complaining w 
tennis partner sophomore year, rowbie!. going on aol at 3 in 
morning, Davis square, working way to much during the sum 
with me. visiting me at work, sleepovers. getting lost in Roxb' 
rollerblading along the Charles, I can't imagine going through 
high school with out you. Lindsay- For Junior year English 
being so fun, your one of the easiest and best people to tall 
Maura-For being so nice. Sarah- For being my swim bu 
Freshman year, those were the days, baking wicked gross ca 
and wondering why they came out that way. almost getting ki 
in Arhngton. its okay I would have thought it was two lanes 
haha. Pam-although we're not as close as we used to be. I 
laugh at freshman year math and junior year English. Nikki- 
being my physics buddy and always watching the clock v 
me. ... 1 2: 1 9 we're out!. Dodd. Junior year was too funny. Eng 
is not the same with out you always making me laugh; I'll save 
files for ya. Tom- for driving me to sat class. . . way to fast. A 
L- For being one of the first people I met when I moved here 
for being so outgoing.- "easy amused syndrome" I can alv 
count on you to be laughing at something stupid with 
Robbie- thanks for being a great neighbor, AFS-Mark. Ka 
Robin. Mary-Kate- For the play and swim team. . .and never d( 

178 OHn 

; again! It was fun though, the bus rides were always a good 
haha-ill miss Sunday nights at the Lexington dub with you 
Jeremy haha those were the funniest talks. Matt B-for being 
Ikative to and for making fun of Laura and I for running slow. 
;-for junior year English and pretending I know how to drive 
■ car. Lydia- For being my London Buddy, and for the 
icil. London wouldn't have been the same without you. 
en-for the play and tennis, you have one of the most unique 
fun personalities ever. Shira- For swimming sophomore 
I, field hockey and making ice cream sundaes. SWIMMING 
|.S-Sarah P. Mary-Kate. Karen and Betsy, and swim team isn't 
lame with out you guys. Dmner at the 99 was always a good 
i. GIRL SCOUTS- Kristen, Liz, Jennie. Pam, Meredith, 
erine. Anna. .Anna. Emily. We have done so much since we 
: little it's amazing. Monday nights wont are the same. Mrs. 
)n-You are the most dedicated woman in the world. I'll never 
V how you juggle so much at one time. We are all so happy 

I the time you spent with us and always giving us advice. 
erine-For field hockey, swimming sophomore year and for 
g a great friend. Jennie-for being original. TENNIS: Becca. 
Lauren. Kristen. Liz-for always being my homeroom 
ly. . . haha am I ever on time? And being so nice and smart. 

one of the sweetest girls I know. Anna S-For all your 
usiasm about everything and for being one of my first friends 

I I moved here. Sara McCay-For physics and gym and always 
g someone to laugh with, you are the most easy going person 
)w. I'm going to miss Shevory's class next year. .April-For 
^ my bestfriend since preschool, sleepovers. swimming in 
lool. ice-skating shows, making gross shakes and pretending 
ke them, bike rides when we were little. You are my oldest 
lest friend d a girl can ask for. I'll miss our funny situations 
liege. MIKE- For being one of the nicest boys I know, never 
ge. Brett and Dan- For doing all the stuff for the year book, 
wits hard work. Teachers-Mrs. Reynolds, MissGullage, Mrs. 
tremont for being the best teachers I have ever had. You have 
■d me so much. Well, that's it, I'm so sorry to any one 
'tlen Congratulations class of 200 1 , BYE:) 

Daniel Conway 

Ul right, as one of two people who could've gotten their 

word senior thanks for free, I've decided not to take 
itage, and make this kind of brief Okay, so first off, I'd like 
ink God, for giving me all the good stuff and bad stuff in life, 
lelping me find my way especially during the tough times 
grade, last year, etc.). 2nd, I'd like to thank my family: 
, Dad. Ke\'in. and Brian Thanks for all the "stressful" family 
ions and the encouragement and guidance that've helped me 

to this point in life. 3rd, My grandparents: Nanna, Pa, 
ima, and Granddad, for being so loving and kind (I hope 
all having a great time up in heaven). 4th, I'd like to thank 

best friends: Nathan: sophomore year chilling in your 
nent and all the sighs and interesting phone calls, Brett: for 

in the yb room and pretending to be editor, and the crazy 
:s in your basement, Ben. for telling me the truth about so 
. stuff, for coming from Billerica, and for some awesome 
sofpool in your basement. Will: for being Big Wilhe Styles, 
awesome limches. and some mad hottubbing. and John: for 

my friend since the 1 st day of kindergarten . being obsessed 
Mew England Sports, doing xcountry and track with me. and 

taking anything too seriously. To you 5. for all the mad 

times we've had up to this point (the rest of which is too 
crazy/weird/sketchy to mention). 5th. I'd like to thank all 
iends from the class of 2000: Don. Mike. Stephen, Chad. 
I. Karan, Steve, Vik, Eric. Jeff. Shauna. Danielle. Beth. Ellen. 
Dina. Thanks to all of you guys for your good advice. 

< ent times at Don's house, great times at the lunch table, and 
S eing really good friends. 6th. a special thanks to Shauna 
a I don't think I can really explain what you mean to me in 
!■ 1 ,000 words, so I'm not even going to make the attempt. 
1 hanks for not letting me do any "bad stuff," and hounding 
E di.i well in school, and convincing me to try my hardest in 
t :hing that I do . 7th. I'd like to thank all of my new freshman 
(Is Mollie. Michelle, and Katie (even if you are a sopho- 
f 1 Thanks for being such cool little frosh, even if you are 3 
3 younger than us. An especially big thanks to Mollie cause 
e me of the coolest and cutest freshman I know. Also, thanks 

< irtney. my orchestra stand partner. Without you, Iwould've 
J been lost, thanks a LOT for showing me the way. 8th, I 

< I've left out a lot of people. I'd thank all of you if I had the 
r n do so. but I'm sure you know who you are. so thanks for 
1 Mich great friends/teachers/influences in my life/etc. 
' " ' Jiise I'd feel bad if I didn't mention these people, here 

\ndre: for some mad track practices last year and some 
Brenden, Matt. Brian. Andy. Derek, Liz. Steve and the 
ft the APCHEM class: thank for the best class ever! Chris: 
s . for being so white and so black at the same time and all the 
' we've had over the years. Shira: for making gym and 
lie more interesting and your interesting stories about 
:■; Kirk: thanks for keeping us entertained during our yb 

study and just being a cool kid Sam: for some incredible games 
of sockey in gym and listening to your interesting ramblings 
Mike: for trying to hook it up with Molhe and being so dumb. 
Tommy: for a quality English class and theTI-89s in .Analysis. Pat 
and Shane: thanks for some interesting lunches though out the 
last 4 years. Steve H: for being Irish and for the birth of feel good 
chemistry. Jason: thanks for being our "business editor" even if 
you did have a couple of detentions. Jennie: Thanks for the 
summer of 9th grade and talking smack when it was all over. ]k. 
Nick: Thanks for being so tall and goofy and for some nice sloth 
calls. AAAAAGGHHHH!, Katie: Thanks for being so cool and 
showing up for yearbook a couple of times and the 4 at the VA. 
Lauren: for your nice laugh, cleaning up juice, and going out 
with Nathan. Monica: for picking up our pictures from yb and 
visiting us during our yb study and being so cool. Laura: for the 
best ceramics class ever and sitting behind me in analysis and our 
awesome classe de francaise. Pat. Steve. Jake, and Dave Gerberg: 
for cross-country and track. Sarah: for APES. Ashley: for being 
so self absorbed in APES. Robin. Joanna. Steve Shamlian: for 
being our yearbook peeps and never doing any work and being 
editors next year, special thanks to Steve for our awesome time 
working with Mr. Lord Sammy: for being Ben's little brother, 
44, and taking his messages with the nice voice cracks. Mr. 
Reagan and Mr. Maffa: for being a quality vice-principal and 
London last year. Mrs. Morris and Mr. Griffin: thanks for being 
great teachers and putting up with me and Brett. Steve Waite: for 
Orchestra and all the fun we had "faking" our way through. 
Rinaldi Thanks for putting up with me and Brett and helping us 
make this ) b and ... . THANKS FOR THE FREE SENIOR THANKS! 

Greg Dacey 

Hockey 2 3 4 

First I would like to thank my dad and mom for always doing 
what IS best for me, Dad always pushing me with sports and school 
work Mom giving me advise for later on in life and helping me 
with sports, Thanks. I would also like to thank my grandparents 
for all they have done to help me. Jeff for looking out for me m 
hockey and sports getting my back when there's a problem. Aunt 
Gina and Rich Mike JJ and Ashley. Uncle Chris Joey Chris and Erica 
Thank you I hope we keep in touch. Mellon giving me rides 
everywhere hanging out partying. Peter. L you're hke a older 
brotlier watching out for me. Dan and Brian back in the day at 
you're house after school watching the window, getting me 
(tougher) . Joe thanks tor taking me into Dorchester That night 
that was sweet. Going to Maine with you're cousins. Riding the 
bikes all over Bedford. Good times. Dave you the man good luck 
when you get out we all miss you. Tuna finally you smartened up 
and are doing something with yourself good luck.Nikki You are 
one of the best friends of mine hanging out on the weekends. Russ 
back in the day wolfin a pack at 8:00 in the morrung in the 
camper. Hanging out late night going to depriests at 5 : 30 banging 
on the window. Going snowboarding riding the RM donuts in the 
back yard Lenny going to hull whipping the boat at 1 :00 m the 
morning With jess listening to her cry the whole time, that was 
a treat. Danny. Bianca you guys are savages good luck. Pam Christie 
Nicole Tracy Sniff good luck.PS CD ND MD CW MS CP all the 
teachers at .Acton high thanks. 

Aleah Davis 

Cheerleading 2.3.4 Drill Team 1,2,3 

Mom and dad you have done so much for me. I love you so 
much. You gave me everything I wanted and more. Thank you 
so much. Without the two of you I don't know where I would be 
right now. Mom, you are the best ever. You have always been 
there for me. I know that I've put you through so much and you 
have always been there for me. Dad, I love you. You were always 
someone that I could count on. No matter what I've done wrong 
I was always "Daddy's Angel". Joshua you're the greatest brother. 
You're the greatest basketball player that Bedford High has ever 
seen. Keep following your dreams, don't let anyone else tell you 
what you can do. Let your heart lead you the way. No matter what 
school I go to I want you to know that I will always be here for 
you. If you ever need someone to talk too I will be here for you. 
just like I always have. Do the best that you can in school. Trust 
me you wont regret it. You are capable of so much. Live up to 
your potential. If mom and dad are ever giving you a hard time 
tell me and I'll help you out. You mean so much to me. I love you 
so much. Desiree you have always been someone that I could talk 
to. When I needed something I could turn to. I miss you April 
for the trips to Dunkin' Donuts after Early Morning Seminary 
Morgaret "No it hasn't" I still say I didn't say that. I know that you 
and Nikki made that up. Nikki D's "the files" drawn during 
Psydiology were awesome. You still owe me like 20 pictures 
The toothpick project was fun even though we spent most of our 
time at Stop-n-Shop. Sora we had some fun time during Shevory's 
class. Do you still have the wig? Jackie my car looks pretty good. 
I'll miss the flip out sessions we had after those "really fun" 
cheerleading practices, lori thanks for being a good friend and 
some that I could count on We had some fun times. I am glad that 

we have become such good friends Rachel L. for being someone 
that I could talk to I can't beheve that you are leaving early. What 
am I going to do in English? liz B. if you didn't get hurt I would 
have had to gone to work on time, thanks for getting me out of 
it We had some fun times together. The trip from New York was 
the best We should do that again before \ve go to school Kim 

you are the "Hottest " I think you know what I mean. 

Rachel M. you crack me up. Thanks for all the fun times we have 
had together. Rosie I'm glad that 1 wasn't the only ... you know. 
Jimmy and Chris for "visiting me" at work, so you say Katrina H. 
thanks for the fun we had together at the concert and the dance 
We definitely have to do that again. Ms. Gulloge, you have been an 
awesome coach. You made my last year of cheerleading worth all 
the effort. I hope that we have made you proud. Please stay the 
coach they need you again next year Kelly GuUage for coming in 
and working with us. You helped us a lot. Mr.D tlianks for the help 
over the past tew years. Mrs. Rozen thanks for helping me with all 
that college stuff. Mr. M (math) I am glad that I could be your hero. 
Mr. Mod. You're an awesome teacher. You've taught me a lot You 
are so luck that your daughter is just like me. Thanks to the 
cheerleaders: You made my last year here the best That means 
so much to me. Keep smiling! Go get our Dual County League title 
back next year. You can do it. You are all awesome. Don't let 
anyone tell you other wise. I can't wait to see you next year at the 
competition when you walk all over Lincoln Sudbury. 

Elizabeth DeWeerd 

First to my FAMILY- I'll always be able to count on you and 
know that you'll be there for me through everything. Thankyou 
for the endless list of things you've done for me my entire life. I 
love you all so much! MOM -i- D.AD- you've always tried to teach 
me right from wrong, respected and trusted me to make my ow n 
decisions. You made me the person 1 am today. I've always tried 
to make you proud of me and hope that you are Thankyou for 
your all of your love and support! MARGARET-It's so great having 
an older sister, especially at this point in my life. Thanks for all 
the talks! I'm so lucky to have you. Sean. Mills, 4- Christian in my 
life! ALL THE GIRLS (old and new): I'm going to miss having all 
of you so much, we had a blast, thankyou for all the good tunes, 
I know you'll be there for me at graduation when I'm crying my 
eyes out! KATKA: my sister and best friend forever! it's orange! 
happy halloween! through all the guys, family issues, and every- 
thing you were/are there- one of the strongest people I know! 
KRISTEN: my sista (in-law!!) St. Croix + 20th reunion (those will 
all come true). Owl's head NH. he he he ;-). sexy man. evita (on 

this night /singing'!), drama girl -I- boy. I'll always look up to 

you! JEN: here's some advice Isabel: "Jennie don't lie!" remember 
boating in the swing-set box? sessions, marshalls. super nintendo 
(still this year) . you're my sister in law (how's will') ANNA- you 
crazy girl. Mrs. Timberlake- 1 can't believe I survived your nsync 
craze, one of the 3 B's!. sessions, talks- my house is always open! 
LYDIA- sleepovers (w/ katka- "get out' !"). our many guy talks on 
the fir bus!! thanks for having lots of clothes! MEREDITH- one of 
the B's and soo proud of it (just like me), we had a blast making 
fun of all of us! thanks for getting me into the farms! CATHERINE- 
you're definitely the sweetest and most patient one of us. you 
keep us together! remember your list of boys? it'll keep growing 
ANNA NANNA- my friend who suffers from pokadotalana. I 
hope that all works out some day! you're a riot and a broken doll 
(your eye!)!. MONICA- 1 know I know, it sounded better in your 
head. MAURA- 1 hate you (ha ha) LAURA- you're so quiet, it's 
ok- I forgive you for kicking jon! BECCA: we'll def play tennis 
later on! SARAH P- the awesome dance moves/singing, taking 
pics of people's houses. SARAH- thanks for being nice to me this 
year!. SHIRA- get better (fii '00). SHANNON- 7th grade note- 
books!: MY GIRL SCOUTS (hee hee- aren't you proud of me?): 
we've done so much together, I will never tbrget any of it. JON- 
I don't know what the future has for us or where we'll be. but the 
past has been incredible Summer '00 was like no other (owls 
head, cape, guster...). thnx for everything- you know what I'm 
talking about. There have been so many good times, you'll always 
be a part of me! We've shared so much together, ps- there'll be 
a bridge connecting our islands right' THE REST OF THE GUYS: 
ROBBIE: 6th grade- I still have everything!! thanks for the many 
good times in your basement! PETE- you're a riot, chem was a 
blast thanks for being my buddy! everytime I see someone do an 
ugly face I'll think of you. you have the best Spanish accento! 
STEVE-for all the times you were wrong, clubbing, ping-pong, 
reggae/techno cruising, being Irish, you're a riot, sorry homey 
died. I'm going to college! NATHAN: thanks for the candy! 
uuuuuh. yeeeeeeah. bronchioles...:-) you gave me so many 
laughs thankyou so much' JESSE R- thanks for flexing just for me 
(halloween 2x) BRIAN P(father)-my competitor, sorry for upset- 
ting you jr year, not my fault! you made me work hard to keep up 
w/ you. thanks! guross! TOM- remember great meadows? we 
had some good times thomas. thanks for promising to get me 
ready for college, bio- you hurt me so many times! MIKE J : we had 
good times! ill never forget soph/jr year, thanks for the shrimp, 
and everything else! ALSO THANKS TO: CHRIS B^ICK, KIRK, 


(latin:-)) . CHEM CREW: I'm you're wench, MATT- thanks for 
the donutsl BEN S- we all thank you for your help!. MY TENNIS 
GIRLS: popcorn, high ponytails (*NAFF NAFF and LAUREN- 
waaaaaaaaah) , states ('"!), mustard peas!!! FIELD HOCKEY GIRLS 
thanks for the great season MR. V. DAVE. CANDY. AND THE 
FARMS CREW; thanks for the laughs, music, singing, dantmg 
(*SARAH P), SAT. NIGHT CREW: we'll definitely have a night to 
watch all the soundtracks! SARAH AND JENNY you guys are the 
coolest! good luck the rest of your time at BHS THE ADULTS: 
MRS. LARSON: thankyou for your patience w/ us' You taught me 
so much about myself and life in general! DEBBIE: thanks for 
being my second mother' MRS KRUEGER. MR STEPHENSON, 
being such dedicated and wonderful teachers. I am so lucky to 
have been in your classes! COACH ALDO: thanks for believing in 
me! To everyone else who has been a part of my Ufe: I wouldn't 
be the same person I am today if you hadn't been in my life, 
thankyou. I'm sorry if I left anyone out, I'm sure I'll thank you 
at some point by the time we graduate! I'm going to miss you all!! 
GOOD LUCK CLASS OF '0 1 - Even though you want to get out of 
Bedford right now, you know you'll miss it and will come back 
soon! Thanks for all the good times, see you at the reunion! 
Future dreams/plans, be happy and own a house on an island! 

Kelin Drickerson 

First oft 1 would hke to thank ni) lather, he had the task of 
raising me all by himself . Dad you are a great father and I love you 
so much. Thanks for being there through the thick and the thin 
Donna, you came into my Ufe almost four years ago and you have 
made a great impression in my life and heart. You are like a 
mother to me and I love you. My sister Jen. I think we have grown 
a lot closer since you moved out. I am happy for that. You know 
everything that has ever happened to me. and I love being able to 
confide in you. I am proud to call you my sister! Jen B. I always 
thought of you as part of my family and pretty much you are. You 
are my oldest friend and dear to my heart. Even though we never 
got our parents to marry, I still think of you as an adopted sister 
Thank you for always being there for me. To my friends, oh boy 
we have been tfu'ough a lot" Jackie through all the worrying and 
the screaming phone calls. The random cries We have had our 
ups and downs but we still have remained friends. Christiana, the 
sleepovers and nightlong cooking sessions, trips to Boston. 45 
minutes of sitting staring at the river. Just kidding. I didn't mind 
I was happy to help you out. Charles, well I lo\e you. you were 
my first love and you will alwa)'s hold a special place in my heart 
Drew, remember England! (I promised I wouldn't put it m. so I 
didn't), we have had some really weird but fun times, like New 
York and your pants. Never forget me. I won't forget you. Eric 
I love all of our talks, you always seem to know what to say to 
cheer me up. Jason, I don't know what happened, we drifted, but 
I still care so much for you, I will always remember our nightlong 
conversations. Sarah, remember our times! Doing the hokey 
pokey down the hallway and singing the banana boat song in the 
cafeteria, and all of our cry sessions. I miss you, I wish you were 
here for our senior year. We had a lot of laughs, never forget 
them. Cheska. you are a good friend to me and you usually gave 
me good advice. I treasure and all the laughs (and don't forget my 
theory on relationships-shoes and undies). I still can't believe 
that you walked in on me! Krystel, we have been through more 
than anyone knows or ever will, oiu' life long secrets, and 
experiences that will never disappear. .And we will keep in touch 
throughout our lives, I am sure of that. You are one of my best 
friends, let's keep it that way. Justin, oh god. you are my best 
friend. I love you so much. You were always there, whether to 
talk to, a shoulder to cry on or to kick someone's butt, when 
necessary. And even though you broke my bed I still love you. 
Thank you for everything. Liz, just to put a rebuttal to what you 
put in your thanks; my dog never had a green head. But I will 
always remember our childhood. Trolls do not talk or blink! To 
all my friends that I did not mention there are just too many, but 
thanks for all the memories I love you all and I will never forget 
any of \ • m 

Nark Donnely 

Activities: Latin club 1.2,3; Anime vice president 3; AFS 
1,2.3 vice president 4; Car Club 4; 

First of all I would like to thank my family. Mom and Dad 
thanks for bringing me up right, making me somewhat respon- 
sible, trusting and believing in me and for all the great family 
vacations we took, I always had fun no matter what I said. 
Michelle, your my best friend and you always will be, thanks for 
always being there for me and just hanging out when no one else 
was around, oh and by the way you can play Sega now! ! Nana 
Donnelly thanks tor being so sweet and loving and giving great 
hugs. Nana and Papa thank you for just being you unconditional 
love and spoiling me rotten. Gen and Mike I always had fun with 
you guys, playing in the summer and building forts in the 
winter. renting video games and movies, you guys are great, and 
I'll always have time for you. To all the rest of my family I love you 

and thank you for always being around, it means a lot to me. 
Auntie Di you are the greatest! What would camping be with out 
you? Our special connection makes you my favorite aunt, that and 
the fact that you are the coolest ever! Thank you for always being 
there and bringing your apple pie, I love you and remember what 

they say great minds think alike (does that mean we're great?) Of 

course! Don't worry you'll have the second best room in the B&B, 
I'll have the best. Uncle Mike thank you for being my sponsor for 
conformation, my god father and my hero you have been like a 
second father to me and an idol as well I always had fun on all the 
fishing trips and the annual camping trips they meant a lot to me. 
Lindsay, what can I say. you are my closest closest friend and I 
always had fun no matter what we did. always remember. Icetea, 
the snow owl. new'years 2000. HSN (the guy in the bear suit), 
your mom's Pepsi. RiverRave, and just hanging out, I love you no 
matter where you are. Nicole, you make work so fun, without you 
I'd quit, don't ever forget Duce Bigalo, the Palace, your b-day 
party, Sam's sleepover, Halloween, our summer trip to Walden, 
letting me drive your car. 1 I th grade math class, make that two 
please!, toothpick towers, and moMes at your house, we've got the goods! Sam what can I without 
you life would be so boring. Remember the bad drunken hippo, 
your junior prom party, stop and shop at I 1:30, the car air 
freshener. Conies angels. I think your pump's broken it seems to 
be beeping! Don't you go dying on me! (I love you man). Becca. 
your the life of the party and you always will be. Always 
remember the nasty guys at the club, junior prom. lan's sayings. 
Austin Powers. SNL. Curve for men. lunch conversations. NSYNC. 
trips to Chill's, and just plain being weird with me Don't tell the 
rest, but your my favorite Angel. Tracy. I could always tell you 
anything without receiving criticism, and you knew |ust what I 
wanted for lunch every half day. Remember all the conversations 
c^ver Chill's or Chinese, the sarcastic remarks that cml)' you and I 
seemed to hear, pudding and mushrooms, putting up with my 
bimboness, and remember, the party's just begun, were finally 
outta here! Liz thank you for making me experience new things, 
opening my eyes to punJt music and life, whenever I hear it I think 
of you. remember, . your pool party, the concerts, mike the bass 
player, the men's room. "Hey are you the girl that was in the 
men's room?", picking you up at Alewife, I love you Liz. Bonnie, 
YOU ARE GREAT! I'll never forget Anime, Harvard Square, 
Nicole's parly, your generosity, picking you up at Alewife and 
never letting me take my self or others to seriously. Go for your 
goals Bonnie for you of all people will succeed, Lori your your the 
best manager ever, a great friend and the coolest person that I've 
ever known thanks for every thing. Candice my wife what can I 
say. Homegoods just wouldn't be the same with out you . I 
always enjoyed our conversations and our trips to the bank oh and 
hey... nice tattoo. Dee you are like my back up nana I love you for 
your advice and support support you make me a strong person 
thank you. I love all y ou guys so much you'll never know and if 
1 have forgotten anyone 1 apologize but it's hard to thank 
everyone in such a small slot 

Nikki Downs 

Activities: Varsity soccer: 1,2.3,4 Capt. 2,3,4 Varsity 
Softball: 1,2,3,4 Capt. 3, 4 Varsity basketball: 
2.3,4 Spanish club, 1.3 Latin club. 2 SADDl.2,3 PENlSCIub. 
tor life 

I would first like to thank my family for their wonderful 
support throughout the years. Mom and Dad for always encour- 
aging me to succeed in life and sitting through endless games. 
Shawn- someday you will be making movies somewhere in 
Hollywood but until then you are still the weirdest person I know, 
but don't ever change. Debbie- Bon Jovi videos, our concerts, 
camping, and all of the stupid things we did. J. P.- I don't even 
know where to begin. We have had some rough times but I don't 
think I would be the person I am today without you. You are not 
only my brother but my best friend and always know that I love 
ya. Shannon- Camping. Tony, our movies(the spida!). making 
snow forts, your smelly car. food creations, and for being the best 
friend anyone could ever ask for The day you become famous 
don't forget the httle people Danielle- Springs Brook Park, 
Camping(I was just tired that's all'). Red Sox games, Ursula, 
Skittles, Daisies and other fun stuff One day I am going to 
blackmail you and Shannon with that tape! Marge- "Walks in the 
park", 18-0 in effort!, Brianna is so cute!, excuse me. I stole your 
chips!. Jess's. Clam Chowda. cheese sticks, boy I w ish I had a bag 
of cheese! You have always been there for me when I needed 
someone and I know you always will Mickey Mouse! Jenelle- 
Putting up with me, windmill with Meghan, Jess's, munchies, 
eating raw cookie dough, making Sarah drive us everywhere, 
making fun of April all the time, wind ensemble, Ryan, smacking 
you constantly for not behaving, .Angela and her funny obsession. 
You are a good friend and thank you for always listening to me. 
Sarah C- Being my personal taxi service. Cruzin after school, half 
days at my house , fatty McGee, bald eagle, Softball, basketball, 
soccer, always put the car in park, partners in crime. Behave 
yourself next year and don't have too much fun without me. 

Colleen- PT's. best soccer player, mad scatter, let's qui 
half claps, bald eagle flies at dawn. Bandits, bee boppin ai, 
all over the place!, Colleen G'Whiz. Erin O- Bus buddies. -k, 
sleepovers. don't know so don't ask me, Erin! Ryan!, emba 
mg each other about our prom dates, co-operative acti\ities( 
a productive class), skits. Erin O'Mygosh. Lesley- Lesbo. oh 
trafed!, KFC, basketball, Softball, throwing the ball at your s 
turds. Liz P- Making me put on make up, Wednesdays in ra 
school, powderpuff, making fun of Sarah and Meghan witl 
Lauren- Making weird noises, where is that funny bird s 
coming from?, nose farts. Lindsay- Soccer, let's think re; 
cally. you act like a kindergartner!. you like my bad ha 
beano, holiday star. Sarah U - North Conway. Florida, allig; 
bench warmers in basketball. Katie- Basketball, your pool, c 
superstar! Heather- The ride to the Revolution game, yoi 
dying because you left you r headlights on, trafs, 99 times in 
Hampshire. Phil. Andy, eat your broccoli!, straddle please' Je 
Softball, you thrive the purple people eater. Physics? Andre 
It's all Kelli's fault, sittin in the rain for three hours under a - 
locker room, blood sisters, basketball. Kelli R.- Roomi 
Keene. being a trouble maker with me, Sarah's eyes because 
is ... basketball, sleepovers and other stuff. Laura O.- Bar 
your knee, for being my big sister and looking out for 
Gunnar. Jimmy- 8th grade, at the semi in the auditorium, 
huge truck with the plow, ) ou with the hook ups, springs b 
park. Jessie M - PT's, the dance, soccer, half claps, confirm; 
and the guy who ripped one in church. April- For bein; 
craziest girl I know, locker room, lunch buddies. Yellow Cai 
license plate number 00040, chatty cathy. Green Monster , 
your hole, big hands, your such a goof! Ashley- Fawn lake 
scared! ) , always saying words you hate, scarring you in the 1 
Courtney- It's the middle of the day we can't do that, Cour 
Campbell for president. Mary Kate- Mrs. P's class, funny t 
mayo, pickles. SarahM - Bill Nye. Physics, shevdog. Aleah- 
been a long time. Phsy cliology, cruizes after school, phy 
toothpick tower. Grachaun- Basketball, G, Mr Palmer al^ 
picking on you. Catherine- All I have to say is that I punched 
first!, bus rides, sledding, crazy dreams. Anna S.(mom)- Th 
for keeping me in line and always going into to mom mode oi 
and Austin, wind ensemble, Dane. Jo Mann- Camp, De 
(lump on his shinjFrancyazac, Olympic skier Jo!, you stir, 
playing pele, circus penut. pre-game notes. Becca- Che 
bagging me everywhere I go. our talks, basketball and sot 
because we have great teams for both. Sarah Minue- Being 
running buddy, soccer, you biting your tongue off. walden p 
running experience. Sarah P. - Wind ensemble, gobble, gob 
Emily and thank god for her hair brush, shimmy shimmy, wt 
thechampions! Maura- Drivers ed.phsychology, mangia.mar 
Ms, Hennessy. Ms Burke and Mr. Regan for being the r 
inspirational teachers to me. To: Christina Pak . Meg. Mich> 
Nicole. Jackie. Jamie. Lisa . Jenny . Cory, ,Jessica C. Jeremy . 1 
V. Liana G, Gunnar, Pam, Ryan P, Noelle P, Krista, Canti 
Nikki, Sarah A. Courtney L. Meghan W, To all the soccer gir 
9 7' and all my coaches. Future Goals: To be happy tn u hat' 
I am doing and wherever I am and to play soccer until I can't \ 

Grachaun Dunn 

First off. I would like to thank GOD for putting me here 
earth and giving me the many blessings that I have received 
my PARENTS, you have both always been there for me and I L(i 
YOU for that MOM: there are not even enough words todesc] 
all that you have done for me. You have always been there fori 
when I had questions on life, and advice on social life as we 
homework. Thanks' DAD: (a.k.a. twin) well if it wasn't foi 
those road trips and historic sites, where would I be today! Th 
you for always helping me out when I get myself into a jam. 
the stay mg up you have done for projects and college applicati 
has finally paid off. and I couldn't have done it without > 
JONATHAN: you are the best little brother to have around, j 
going to miss those late nights of playing crash bandicoot, wii 
eating pizza! I'm glad that we were blessed with you. I LCi 
YOU. FAMILY: thank you for all your support, NANA, GRAND>' 
each other all our lives, since we could talk. You two are my 1 
boy friends and 1 love you both dearly, you both will always 
in my heart Pop thank you for all the fun that we had, . 
conversations Gerald, thank you for teaching me how to f 
video games, when you weren't being mean! CASSIDY, thanky 
for having all the sleepovers and fun nights that six, -year-old g 
can have. You were my first best friend, and I'm glad that we» 
able to meet and become such good friends. KELLYE, you w 
there for me whenever I needed you, even though you are alw 
on the run to get somewhere, you still made time. We started 
as enemies, but are now the best of friends. I had fun at the skat 
ring every Friday, and doing things that we knew we would 
in trouble for. Love ya! MARIO: you are either my soul mate 

twin, I can't tell which one yet. but which ever one it is. ) 0u 
I alwa) s be in my life. We have had so much fun together, and 
have been through some rough times, but we have made it 
)ugh with a little help from each other. Love ya! Thank you to 
friends in Georgia for always being there. LORN.^. EBONY B.. 
■IGANYKIA, I love you all. KIM. you and I are alike in so many 
■s. We have so much in common that we have become 
iforiable with talking about anything, and everything. What- 

■ it was that I was going through. I could always talk to )'ou 
iuse you would understand. Thank you for being my friend. 

mentor on life and school. Good luck at FAMU. love ya! 
PHEN. we have had some good times, and some bad ones. You 
always been there for me whenever I needed you. You are 
ifirst love, and will alway s be in m)' heart. Keep doing well in 
i)ol, and keep playing basketball. I Love You! To all my friends 
krmany. thanks for all the fun at the dances and teen center. 
\NNA. ERIN. VTKKI, J.M., ANNA, girls from volleyball, 
»ll, and basketball. MICHELLE, you have been with me 
ugh some hard times with school, and boys. I am glad that I 
a friend that is as blunt as you. I seem to have a new best 
id every rime I move to a new place, and I'm glad that when 
.ved here it was you. Thank you for all the long (late) night 
ersations about "knuckle heads" and life in general. Love ya' 
■NE thank ) ou for showing me around and introducing me 
■ople. when I first moved here. CRAIG, thank you for all the 
talks about our Georgia friends and our Bedford friends. LIZ, 
k you for always' inviting me out with you. so that I could get 
he house. JASON, thank you for being such a nice person to 
vhen 1 first arrived, and for all the fun times in Bedford. 
HONY. I'm glad that I have someone to talk to about the 
thank you for always taking me out. and for making me 
i! STAN, you are the man. Thank you for all those talks about 
pposite sex ERIK, thank you for taking me to all die parties, 
foi giving me advice about school. MARCUS, thanks for 
)S listening to my problems, SRANE. thanks for all the 
ing around. D.ARREN. thanks for being a friend To all my 
■n. KEISHA. CHRISTINE. K.ATIE(big. but). SAR.AH M.. AN- 
ds on the volleyball team, basketball team, and track, TE.ACH- 

■ (German), MRS, SULLIVAN, and MRS, IRVING, Thank you 
r pushing me to work harder. F.AMILY and FRIENDS: thank 
ill for being very supportive of my decisions, and me. 
"ELS, I Love You all (even those I forgot to mention) I'm glad 
ou are all a part of my life, 

^Chris Duprey 

..'\CROSSE- 3. 4 DRAMA CLUB- 1 . 2, 3, 4 INTER.ACT- 

-1,2 PEER LE.4DER- 4 

irst of all I w ould like to thank my DAD and my MOM, 
)Ut you two I would be nothing. You both have helped me 
gh rough times and I am eternally grateful, DAD thanks for 
: talks about hockej- and letting me know what I did wTong 
3uld get better. I love you both and I hope you know that. 
I know we have had our rough times ( and they have been 
) I think we have become alright now. I am sure you will 
; in the future if you just smartened up a httle. But other than 
DU will do fine. Thanks for letting me hang out with you. 
5r putring up with me. we dad made you take me out, 
(CE- you're on your way to a great life. Get those grades uo 
3n't let anybody tell you that you can't do something. Now 
I of my dawgs, TOMMY, we have been friends for so long, 
ijng with your dad and by ourselves (while I was hvmg Ln a 

3)wn by the river) so many cruises, "ice" and just some of 
ks we have had about our friends and how shady this town 
Jver loose touch brother. NICKY. 12 years, we have gone 
Kuh every grade together and I can't believe we haven't killed 
l^ither yet. Everything I have said to Tommy pretty much 
fti to you and then some, London- it was a good time despite 
^lappened. Crew for more years. And yes I did win that night 
'fi car. Your welcome. You Tommy and matt are the three 
S- that I truly consider brothers, don't ever-loose touch and 
&Jv I will always love you and your family BROGAN-DIESEL. 
We like my counselor you have hooked me up sooo many 
U can't even count. We had our one bad time and I am soo 
He got over it. You are going far in life don't ever forget the 
leople in the beat town of Bedford, PETER W- if I ever find 
Br kid that can have an .ADD attack at 4 in the morning I will 
■im your way. You are one of the funniest kids I know and 
Wiber, " puppies are cute and kitries smell like corn" don't 
ajiange, MIKE, DONKEY, TRIPUD- I feel like a four year old 

when I am around you but I am glad that I can always count on 
you to be there rippin it up with me. Even though you don't really 
have a truck, you are a good guy and I know whenever I am 
around you I will get a laugh. Always remember. "Nibb high 
football rules". BOONES- " boone boone boone boone boone I 
want you in my room" H.AHAHA that's a good one. What can I 
say about you boones. you are one of the most reliable and 
trustworthy friends I have, I am glad that we have become very 
good friends and I hope we stay that way for many moons to 
come, BURGER NUGGETS- I don't know what happened to ya 
brother. We lost touch. We had some great times together though 
just chillin and what not, I am sure we will be hanging out more 
and more as the year goes on But don't go dieing on me and don't 
do too much stupid stuff Or I will come back and beat you. 
CATHERINE- 1 guess everybody was right about us. These stupid 
things have to be handed in so early that I don't even know what 
to write. Crew has been a blast with you, I get stage right and I get 
Nicky, Only time will tell what memories and fun times we will 
have together in the future Whatever happens benveen us I know 
we will remain friends through out it Don't ever stat 
being to cool for me and not talking to me or I will be severely 
pissed, JACKIE, FLAREWhat would I do without you' You have 
been a savior so many times that I can't even count that high, I 
have been able to tell u all my problems and you have given me 
advice that has helped so much. You are like my mother that is a 
close friend that I can talk to You have been one of my closest 
friends and I am so glad that I can rely on ) ou and know that you 
are alw ays there for me. KATY. SMURF. RUDY- 1 am glad that we 
never really lost touch we haven't been very close but we also 
haven't been very far, I know we will be hanging out a lot over the 
year but so far there hasn't been too many memories. And I am 
still very sorry about eighth grade LOLA- we haven't had a lot of 
memories but we had a few that were pretty good. Swimming, u 
not saying good bye to me that nme. just babbling on line for 
hours at a time. You are pretty cool but you need to learn to stop 
getting people into fights. Just a few random names I am going to 
throw in here now, MICHAEL "CHUNBCY" DUNNE- thanx for all 
those parties at your house. BOBBY- thanx for coming home with 
me when something happened with my brother. .ALEX MAZDA- 
thanx for all the rippas and the cruises in the beastly wagon. I 
think I am spent for ideas. Anyone else who I forgot sorry but you 
probably remember more than I do. Good luck to everyone. 200 1 
teann it up 'til the earl) mom. 

Michelle Earl 

First I have to thank god for all the blessings that hes given to 
my family and me. Mommy-Thankx for giving me life and always 
loving me on matter what, Thanx for being there for me when- 
ever I needed you. I also appreciate all the sacrifices you have done 
for Erika and i, 1 more thing, thanks for bein a good friend-I luv 
you! Daddy- even though I most of the time hate hearing them, 
thankx for all the school talks. And I hope that one day I grow up 
to be as strong and smart as you- iluv you!!Erika- thanks for 
sometimes keepin your big mouth shut and even though you take 
all my clothes, wear all my make-up and get on my nerves I still 
luv ya!!(and stay away from those boys!) Dom^ Ive only met u 2x 
but your still the best little brother and I luv ya very much Ben- 
thanks for puttin up with my crap all the rime-you have A LOT of 
patience , and most of all I want to say thanks for bein there for my 
fam and makin my mom happy ,_Grandma and Grandpa- I luv you 
guys and I cant wait to come and visit you more, .Aunti and 
Uncle(and Victoria)- iluv you guys. My godfam-you guys are the 
best 2'"' family I have ever had. Necie;_Ur the biggest brat that I 
know but that's okay cuz Ur the best friend in the world, thanks 
for always bein there when I needed someone to talk to, Ur the 
best friend anyone could ever ask for.i luv ya kyrtle! Jason- 
ATLiens! Even though you beat me up every time that I see you 
I still want to thank you for bein one of the funniest people that 
I know and for bein a good friend. So don't ever change for 
anyone, _Liz;w ell first the answer to your question is no and 2'"' 
even though we hated each other freshman year your still a good 
friend. .And thnkx for bein the blackest white girl I know- see ya 
in n,c, Grachaun^ well I only met you last year but you turned out 
to be okay. Thanks for always bein a good friend to talk to and for 
always lettin me stay at your house, good luck! Maria^thanks for 
bein a good friend and for all of the rides that you gave me, and 
you better still call me when in move to Georgia. Good luck with 
Luis!_.Andrea- thanks for all the little talks in the bathroom, 
Janene; you've been a good friend and since I probably w'ont ever 
see you agam-thanks, .Anthony- Shoosh. |/k you are definatly one 
of the corniest people that I know but I guess that's okay since its 
funny sometimes. Mrs. Jordan-thank you sooo much for all the 
help that you have gave me. You're the best teacher I have ever 
had. And since im too broke write to my other friends (and you 
know who you are), ill jusy say THANK YOU!!! 

Robert Eaton 

.Acti\ities: Soccer: l,v2,3,4. basketball: 1,2 ski team: 3, 
indoor track: v4. track: vl.2.3.4. 

First, I would have to thank my parents, without them I 
wouldn't be anywhere near the student I am today Mom, 
getting up ever) morning to make us breakfast, and making me 
lunch, and bringing me my lunch to school when I forgot 
it (sorry) .Also keeping track of all my school and college stuff 
and keeping my organized and focused. Dad, same to you with 
the school and college stuff .Also, I owe everything I am in 
sports to you. You showed me all kinds of sports when I was 
young and kept me playing them tlirough school. Without you 
I probably would not have played any sports at all, Michelle, 
even though we fight almost all the time I still love you. I hope 
)'ou do well in the rest of high school, even without me hogging 
the computer I love all three of you more than I can say even 
though I don't show it all the rime, thanks for everything and 
more. PETE, we've known each other for as long as I can 
remember, tree houses, go karts. nerf wars, they were all fun, 
I'm happy we've stayed good friends through high school, and 
we will stay in touch, STEVE, even though we have only been 
friends a couple years, 1 still consider you one of my best 
friends. I hope you enjoyed living in Bedford as much as I did. 
how could you not? I hope you stay here for college; it's the way 
to go. If not, have fun in Ireland; I still have to go visit there with 
you, ANDRE, I've onl) known you since Radio Shack, but 
you've become one ot m)' best friends too. Remember all the 
stories from the shack' I know I won't forget it, we've had some 
good times and I'm sure we will this summer again, JESSE, the 
last member of MS I've mentioned, can't forget the fun we had 
with that amongst other things, trips to Boston, etc. We will 
make sure to stay in touch when you ship off to the West coast. 
To all of M5, you guys are probably my best friends; I thank all 
of you for always being there when we had nothing to do I'm 
glad we took our idea so far too. Don't worry; \ve'U be famous 
someday, LIZ I've probably known you the longest out of any 
girls, I'm happy to have known you so long, thanks for being 
there all the time for me. KRISTEN, I've known you since 6th 
grade I think, thanks for being there all this rime, CATHERINE, 
oops, I mean Cathy, homeroom was fun. Friendlys at 1 1 is too. 
LYDIA. I fix. thanks for all the massages, you're the best, .ANN.A 
S, although 1 never talked to you too often before, I'm happy we 
became better friends this year. MAURA, since I've moved back 
you've become one of my best girl friends, thanks for letting us 
use your house almost as much as mine too, S.AR,AH U, even 
though I didn't know you before this year, we are really good 
friends now. you are probably the nicest person 1 know, 
LAURA, you can be weird sometimes, but still are a good friend, 
CARVEY, we like physics right? ALAN, this year in ceramics was 
fun, I made a blue duck, because I've never seen a blue duck 
before, RICHIE, too bad we didn't have any classes together, 
but who can forget hangmg out in E-hall, JOHNNY, thanks for 
being such a good guy, keep in touch, JON, this past year has 
been a blast, we will tear it up in track again this year, JOSH, 
even though you are fat from football you can still run fast, this 
year our team will w-in it all, R,ACHEL and LESLIE, even though 
I don't see much you out of school anymore, thanks for being 
there this summer, KIRK, MIKE, JIMMY, CHRIS, thanks for 
making dris summer fun, keep clubbin', M.ATT. even though 
you fart, etc. all the time, you were still a good friend, have fun 
in college, you'll fit right in, J.AIME. )ou are the most verbose 
person I know, and a riot too, JULI.A, I am glad we got to be 
friends this year; I hope the rest of high school for you is fun, 
even without me around. AM.ANDA. you need to gain some 
weight, and you are way too nice(j/k), have some fim and keep 
in touch. To anyone I haven't menrioned, this was due two 
days ago, it's late, and I'm rired, but hey isn't that what high 
school is all about, an)\vays thank you and good luck to the 
enure class of 200 1 

Scott Epple 

First and toremosi [ want to thank my parents for all their 
love and support in everything that I do and alw ays guiding me 
in the right direction; I couldn't ask for betier parents I want 
to thank Colleen for being the most amazing girl I've ever met. 
Thank you for always being there through the good and the 
bad, we have so many memories together. Thanks to my 
friends: Sebastian. John, Alan, Richie, Mike, Tommy, Brian, 
and Mikey for all the good times, rippin' it up. Thanks to the 
enure soccer team and Coach Wilson for all the years of hard 
work and dedication, it definitely paid off. Thanks to my 
teachers for giving me the tools I need to succeed. .And finally, 
thanks to everyone else who has made high school the coolest 
times, you know w ho you are. 

Shannon Fillion 

Activities: Field Hockey 1 ,2; Drama Club 1 ,2.3,4; March- 
ing Band 1,2,3,4; SADD 1,2,3,4; Interact 
1 ,2,3,4; Double Sextette 2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2,3; Stage Crew- 
Wannabe 1,2,3,4; 

Thanks to: MAMA and DADDY for letting me be almost as 
independent as i wanted to be, believing in my dreams and 
leaving me alone for nine weeks, taking me arou^the entire 

USA as a kid. and letting me have a hamster SHAUN for killing my 
hamster, taking me to NYC. mediating for the family, late night 
talks, and duets .ALL MY FAM I could not ask for more love than 
I get from you three, even if I do belong with the gypsies NIKKI 
thirteen years now, still best friends, like jence at brmc said: this 
will last forever, for camp and the oakleys. camping, tony, skittles 
and daisies, your dreams, new year's eve. sledding, carmen 
sandiego. I cant believe we've made it this far. I love you. girl! 
DANIELLE for getting me into marching band, razzle dazzle, 
you're the best friend a girl could have, the sweetest and most 
caring ever! "we will survive!" LYDLA for plays and music and 
everything that is our friendship; newsies, our musical, sextette, 
tumbleweeds. chex mix, "would you like to take a survey'", 
swapping boyfriends, "the game ". notes in math, best friends 
forever in our penthouse in nyc! JENNIE dude, for bemg a dork 
like me, originality "at least I'm not boring!", turning 16, little 
boys, halloween. stage crew, cows, ho names, auditorium break, 
physics, road trip, and staying as far away from "them" as 
possible SPRINGER or should it be chris? For four years of being 
there for me, midsummer, cj crisis, vicki. earnest, movie nights, 
those stupid little lifesavers. "the game", bus rides, roses, "back 
at one", spontaneity, blankets, no matter what we will always be 
best friends. I love you. DANIKA no one could ask for a better 
sister, thanks for being the little shannon, sharing band stuff, 2 
hour picnics, car rides, sharing clothes, crying, loving boys, 
hating boys, "that's a negative" "ten points", everything we've 
done and everything we'll do. thanks for reminding me that I'm 
still a kid SHIRA for b+c. b+n. pete/springer problems, math 
notes, "that's suck" . film class, billenca play, physics, lunch 
buddies, sixth grade bday party, Connecticut colleges rule! 
STEVE.W your still the sweetest, thanks for car rides, lunch 
buddies, pool, helping me with chris, movie nights, our lines, 
patriots rule!, band parties, stage crew, concerts, your the best 
"brother" I could have TIMMY for madrigal, the plays, octet/ 
sextette, "the game", chicca chiccaaaa (I never told), online talks, 
b+c!!! our talks at break, you were the best bagger, your a great 
friend tim. thanks for the good times MATT for stalking me and 
then lying to me about it and then still being one of my best 
friends, for band, "brotherhood", drivers ed "biff!!!", loving 
musicals, discovering foods, visiting s+co. and all those talks we 
had LAURI for being my little sister, band parties, bringing the 
camera to band camp, that tongue thing. I love you babe so much 
KATHRYN.H for being drum major and a llutie. madrigal, the car 
ride up. chenille sisters, band parties, and piccolo tuning 
CATHERINE for sledding and whipped cream, kindergarten, bus 
rides, nikki's dreams, punch buggies, documentaries, the plays, 
stage crew, its been 1 3 years and your still such a great friend! 
MAURA for loving Shakespeare! Midsummer, hating vicki. stage 
crew, painting, humanities, and all those plays! You're the bast" 
babe! CATH. MAURA. NICK.W. CHRIS.D. JENNIE, for letting me 
be a part of stage crew, I always liked it better than cast ANNA S 
Spanish class, the plays, sixth grade band, bb rock, sextette, and 
for getting me to like n'sync LIZ.D for math, seventh grade 
notebooks (I still have mine). Spanish class KRISTEN the plays, 
mary poppins. physics KATHRYN.B madrigal, math, the derderian 
method, sextette, the plays ANDY for our talks online, being into 
so much cool stuff, pink floyd. kubrick. the plays, your nose 
falling off, your a great actor, keep it up IRISH for being the best 
neighbor, freshman health, mr palmer and chem. and for not 
moving cause I'd miss spying on you (jk) MIKE. J for chemistry 
and copying my hw. and for making me watch wrestling C.ARVEY 
for making math and physics ftm. the spinny thing, coffee, candy 
in matli. and our TI-89 war JESSE. R for you and lyds. your Uke 
a brother-in-law to rae. thanks for tolerating us in physics and in 
madrigal, for the plays and singing so well, for quitting wind 
ensemble with me MADRIG.AL elliot thanks for letting us call you 
adorable, scratch, for letting us pick on you. you know we love 
ya, katie.r for keith and his play, dane for singing like frank Sinatra 
EVAN+JOE for all the plays, earnest and tournament and mid- 
simimer. you guys are the best the funniest and the sweetest 
LESLEY. E for dmike and timmy and all the times I got to hang 
around you. I'm so glad we got to be friends, stay strong and stay 
beautiful babe MARGE I still remember when I took you around 
four years ago. your such a sweet girl and so much fun. thanks for 
new years, the plays, hanging around with nikla MARCHING 
BAND katie springer. I'll always be your big sister, thanks for 
being so sweet, tolerating me at your house all the time, we gotta 
have some girls nights babe, ashley and sully, freshman health 
woohoo! Nick, jesse. ken: for your jam sessions, and hacky sack 
stuff. I love you all. even if you harass me. allison: carry on the 
tradition babe, your a great flutie Ali, Sab. Kay. Ani. for calling me 
and for your crushes, stay young and beautiful MR. REAGAN 
you've been an inspiration to me for years, thank you for 
believing in me and trusting me. thank you for pushing me to be 
the leader you knew I could be and for watching out for me. you 
are my mentor and everything that a teacher should be. ANYONE 
ELSE you know I love you and thank you all. KEEP IN TOUCH!! 

Austin Friend 

First of all I would like to thank my parents Mom. we have 
had our differences through the years but you helped me get 
through it. I love you Dad. we have always done a lot of things 
together and you have always been on my side no matter what 
happened, thank you. Ryan, you have always been a good brother 
to me and I'm glad you were always around. Now to all my 
friends that I've had some of the best times w ith. Alex, from the 
start you have been like a brother and always will be. Where have 
you been' Deluca. we have had our times from the sunbird to the 
black truck crash. You better hook me up when you take over 
Delungus Enterprise. Ken-Dawg. we have partied more times in 
the backyard than I can remember It was some of the most fun 
times I have had. let's take a poll? Dunneboy. where do I start? 
We have hung out so many times and have so many memories, 
endless nights searching, the property, the lake. Gammy'sCamaro 
cruises. Peoff the big kid. I'm going to miss you. Keimy. I've 
known you since 1 was little and we've been close, all the times 
at the river, cruises, late nights, Michelle get me a drink. I hope 
we stay as close as we are. Brian and Danny. I have always had 
something to laugh about when I was with you guys and all the 
private jokes I'll never forget. Floyd. I've always picked on you 
and made you mad because you're one of the fuimiest kids I 
know; I was driving hard that time. Gregory, we have hung out 
on and off since we were yoimg and I'm glad we did. all the times 
in the van (I'd like to thank the van), the time I had to beat you 
and Kenny at the bottom of the road, it's been fun. Rich, we 
became good friends because of J-Lube and we had an awesome 
summer, the can explosion, the pool parties, the concert, you will 
always be a cork. Sebastian, John B, Mike, we chilled a lot through 
the days on bikes or in the jeep and we have always been able tp 
have a good time. I hope we keep in touch. Paul and CJ. for always 
being around and wanting to party. Kathleen, are you behaving? 
Robbie, for always calling me ET and being a freak Jeff for always 
being able to laugh with me. Now I would like to thank aJl the 
chicks I have hung out with. Michelle and Bianca for always being 
hke sisters to me. Andrea, we became good friends this year, the 
scams, the like to Rich, all the spills. Lesley and Heather, for the 
poster, egg breaking, and the treasure chest we had some good 
times. Kristi, Nicole. Tracy we have hung out for a litde while 
now and it has been fun. Pam. we have had our good times and 
our bad times but in the end you know everything will be fine. 
Lastly, I would like to thank a couple of people that helped me get 
through my senior year; Coach Sullivan, Coach Burgess, Ms. 
Hennessy, Mrs. Milligan. Bob and Josh. Thank you to all the 
people that made my high school years the best. 

Kyle Gaertner 

Thanks to; my parents for putting up with me. my brother 
Kurt, my grandparents. Ken Beats Barbie(Brenden, Kurt, Colin, 
T.J.. Tom) for the good music and moshmg, squirrels. Chris the 
surfer for the trips to go surf and that shack to stay at m Wells(dats 
da'kine brah). sharks. Deniz "Face-Plant" H, for being a friend, 
people that spit into the wind, Velcro shoes. No Friends surf 
company for helping mereaUze why I'm here, the Davis Custodial 
Engineers(Tad! "Bah!!!", Lucas. John, Wally) and Kurt, Brenden, 
Steve, Tom, .Andy, and Jason for all the fun we had there, Brenden 
K. for being entertaining, scooter races through Davis Elemen- 
tary, my friends in Florida, and anyone else I left out on accident. 
"I've never wanted to cease to exist, just disappear." -A.F.I. 

Nicole Gireuard 

First I would like to thank the most important people in my 
life- my mom and dad. We had some rough times but whatever 
doesn't kill you makes you stronger Mom- you are one of my best 
friends, and one of the nicest people I know Thank you for all 
you've done to raise Joey and I. Dad- you are my hero. I had so 
much fun w ith you in NY. I'm glad we got to spend that time 
together You make the future look brighter. I'll love you forever 
I'll love you for always, as long as I'm living my parents you wiU 
be. JOE- We were always there for each other. I hope you know- 
how much you mean to me and that I'll always be here for you. 
;)- I love you. NANA- 1 love you so much, and I know you know 
that. MUM- 1 know you're in heaven watching down on us, I miss 
you. GRAMPY- I'm soft, you know that! I admire your photog- 
raphy and your knowledge. KATHY- Thanks for letting me stay 
with you, and all the memories. Going out to eat and Christmas 
shopping would not be the same without you. RICH.ARD- "It's 
Showtime! " PAM, DAVE, DARIN- My favorite cousins! Thanks 
for always being there for me. including me. and making me 
smile. I'll never forget the cape fmopeds on MV. the "kids", and 
New Years '99). I love you guys-you all mean so much to me. 
VICKY for always being there for me... COREY- our future 
football star LYNETTE- MP and the Holy Grail!!. We've done the 
coolest things- scuba diving, rock climbing, snowboarding. and 
skating. I love you man' SAM- We've been through a lot since 
7th grade. You've always been there for me. Cool hangouts like 
Lynch Park. Chilis, and your dads shop.. I know we'll stay friends 
for a while. Thanks to your family too- your mom meant a lot to 
me and I'll never forget her BECCA K- The hfe of the party! 

You're so fun to be with. We have to keep in touch after la 
school .. S-dawg- (everyone knows that by now- KikkiD ih 
we're crazy). You're sheik- wait, what does that mean!?? I 
you man!... We'll be friends for a while! OR ELSE MARK- 
important fact- Homegoods is good goods! Adventures inc 
ing-renting movies, hanging out at Sam's house, and even br- 
ing into my car kicked. I'm sure we'll be friends for a loot 
You're are a cool dude I love ya! SHANE 54- The < 
mandates . ..DON'T TOUCH ME' (Pat M too).. I'll never fo 
the beach, the sand-people, the psycho guy with road rag 
though he was gonna kill us). Just remember bad is BAD!...R 
Rave was fun. I know you're a bright kid. you're gonna beat 
star some day. BONNIE- I've known you since what. 2nd gr; 
Girl Scouts was a trip- We used to terrorize the leaders and o 
troop. We grew up together. . I'll always remember Hamj 
beach... "K ", and more LIZ- sunmier of '99.. Hampton be 
PapaGino's (free pizza, water fights), Duckyboys and all theo 
shows, driving around Boston all night, and the walk 
hunger. .Fun times. BECCA G - 1 looked up to you freshman ; 
and I still do today. You're fun to be with. Keep in touch Tha 
to your parents too- they were always there for me. I love 
guys! CHRIS+RACHEL- You're really cool people. We had 
times (chuck-e-cheese). JASON P- you've always been a g 
friend. I can trust you w ith anything. KK- rock cUmbing was f 
our ski trip was better The DC trip was horrible but hey. th 
when we became friends!- things happen for a reason STE 
thanks for being good to my mom. You're a nice guy. that's v< 
she needs. JACKIE- my softball buddy. I'll come back and v 
you next year. Kyle (werewolf)- we have a vending mach 
Brett and Dan.. You guys are sexy! Colin and Britt you guys 
so fun! Sam B, Michele and Nicole F. and Kellie H. Candicf 
Monica. Jenny C, Sam, Dave C. Krystel and Danielle, w e had sc 
fun times at either parties. RiverRave. or softball-luv ya all. ' 
Scouts-the punk group. Camping trips, sledding, and gettin] 
trouble... we had fun! Softball- fun times, we had a good te 
Kelly, you were an awesome coach. A huge thanks to all 
teachers! Everyone at HomeGoods- Mark. Lori. Candice, I 
Lauren, Jillian. and Dave, You guys made work a fun place to 
There are so many other people to thank. If you're not on 
page, you're in my heart. TH.ANK YOU .ALL 

Colleen Gleasen 

Mom thanks for everything you've given and done fori 
Despite what you think, I'm grateful for all that you do. Yoi 
a fun mom and I love you always, dad thanks for aU 
homework help and being involved with soccer. Sorry about 
rough times. Hove you. Emily thanks for being a cool sister. Sc 
we didn't become friends until high school. Jess and I hac 
awesome time in Maryland, sorry for making you mad ab 
Walter that night. Boo loves you! Scott we've come a long i 
these years and I can't thank you enough for all the good and 
times. You're the most special person I've ever met. Thanks 
bringing out the best in me. I hope we know each other alw 
and if not, I'll remember you forever. Best of luck in colle 
you're a real smart guy. Amelia te querre siempre, Quico. 
yeah, you're huge! Anna thanks for our friendship. I know w 
always be friends. You're a sweet and caring girl and have alw 
been here for me. Thanks for Klllington-flying airplanes. "DC 
Worry Be Happy", swimming in hot tub and diving into snc 
Cape Cod. always having me over, talks, childhood memor 
Jess thanks for ditching me for coUege-Jk. I'm glad we became 
Thanks for our cormections on family, life, opinions, soccer ; 
everything- Maryland was awesome-John and Brian look aliV 
it snowed alot. finding hot old men at the airport. Prom went b 
forgotten tickets, Allman Brothers, indoor games, canning, n 
hands at UMASS, the NOVA and all the boys we picked up. 
many good times and laughs, we'll always be hippies Josh tha; 
for aU our good times. I'll always remember our friendship ; 
sorry it ended the way it did. science museum-string stuck in 
teeth, space goo, "why are your hands so wet", shaving my 1 
at anna's, dying your hair, poker with my family, ping-po 
Pecker, Colleenakuah. "Come on EOeen"- car crash, all i 
laughs. Thanks for letting me be Nancy Drew, you've beenagr 
friend and I won't forget the Hardy Boys. Rich you're a gr 
friend. Thanks for our talks, letting jess and I try on your dotb 
eating out with me and josh. Spanish, making me laugh, 
games, studying for English, and being my "buddy" Oh ye 
you're huge. Alan thanks for being a great friend and alw 
giving me someone to talk to. You've been a helpful friend. La 
thanks for always being wherever torn and Scott go I've hadl 
of fun times with you-writing notes to Nick. Spanish colog 
playing drums with Carl, not telling when I borrowed 
stickers/nailpohsh... thanks for a lot of fun. Tom thanks for 
your random help. You're a real smart guy. Sorry about that ni; 
in the car and crying. Don't yell at your college professors hkel 
Henessy. you'll get kicked out! Soccer Team thanks for all f( 
years. Sleepovers were cool- "monster man". Seriously everyt 
must play next year. Defense was awesome this year- Lindsay 
lagger it outta here". Scatting in the back/bus Nikki. Linds. 

182 Q=w 

rube an awesome sweeper/ our and our dads' knees. Sarah M. 
■y for fighcs. Erin- always "Do che Locamotion With Me ", 
il-shut your hole, Courtney and Ashley you're silly. Mary- 
s-bosion market. Lisa-dancing, Jenelle-MY"Weasel" Corrie. 
n. Jenny-thanks for helping us out, Pete-thanks for Cape Cod- 
e. walking on the beach. Seinfeld, Mr.Pilla-the "Project", 
erything's fair game". I've laughed so hard with you. Sara- 
iks for being just as tall as me. We had some fun times 
sther-soccer, JGMS, 3 litde pigs, "beanie", the Trecel. dance 
ses etc. Heather thanks for BFF starting in Mr. Bennett's class. 
I can always tell a true friend, even when they become 
emies". they can talk about anything later in Ufe. I'll always 
le your opinion . thanks for being a great friend. Nikki thanks 
being serious about soccer. Bandits-kimmy speaking French. 
. O'Brien/daughter's spacesuit. "Cecilia", seeing my neigh- 
5 everywhere. Charles-for being a cool guy and having a room 
natch Oh yeah, you're huge! ]ohn-"Hey Babes." Brian P.- 
"sonrisa whrire" owes you one. 

Rebecca Gould 

The first people I'd like to thank are my parents. Mom and 
, you have been there for me throughout everything, and I 
w you'll always be there for me in the years to come. 1 don't 
w if I could 've gotten through all the BS without you. I love 
more than you can imagine. Ben. you are the coolest brother 
ane could ask for. You've always supported me and been 
e to talk with. Stay crazy and don't let anyone tell you to 
ige. I love you! STEVE: You are the best boyfriend anyone 
d imagine You made me smile when I thought there was no 
2. Camping, boat trips, movies, getting lost in the car. Chili's, 
>overs, Chuck-E-Cheese's. Studio 54, Lexington. . it's end- 
' No matter what happens in the future I will always love you 
you will always be part of my heart. You're my sweetie-pie. 
-RIENDS. .MIKE (BE) ; Carleton Willard- thanks for quitting . 
lass- you didn't wear your Halloween costume, ice skating, 
n. pool. Burger King, talking on the phone for hours, giving 
ides: for all of this and so much more, thanks for being there 
ne. To my best friend, lots of love CHRIS: "Best Looking." 
date in the limo freshman year, inviting me to your b-day 

when we were httle, pool, prom, camping, we've known 
other forever- you are the sweetest guy with the best hugs, 
ks for always being there for me- love you! KK: From Barbies 
>ys! "BE FBI -I- ST END" pillows, tie dye shirts. Building 19, 
d wars, from 2nd grade on we've been close- I'll always 
mber everything we've done, thanks for being a true friend. 
lY I'm proud to be the Bedford girl that loves you- you've 

there for me through a lot and I'll never forget you. WILLA: 
>usiness buddy, the sweetest girl I know- thanks for being 
self and always smihng. BMC: Benaca, down the street, 
ys remember pool, coming to my window at night with 
■ tipsy, camping, chubby bunny- for talking with me and 
rstanding the BS- love you. SAM, NICOLE, LIZ, BONNIE: I 

even wTite all the things we've done together, you have been 
riends forever and I'll never forget any of you. I know we'll 
(S be there for each other. Love always. NICK: My first dance 
b grade and the nicest guy I know. SARAH: Neighbors for 
ears, tag, spud, gym, APES, clubhouses, there's way too 
I to list! GERALD: The sweetest, I admire you for waking up 
•fully early to be here. I'll miss you. KRISTEN, UZ. LAUREN: 
is has been great, between Wedgevvood. Woburn. and 
on, I'll never forget it- thanks for being there. BRETT + 

Thanks for putting the yearbook together and cracking me 
: APES. ANNA L- Remember pet-sitting- no Dobermans! 
lA- Coimdess art classes. .WN.A S- A great prom party and 

jf Spanish! JOHNNY: The nicest guy ever! M.AURA: The 
> St cheerleader ever, and a caring friend. TOM: I can't thank 
) nough for breaking up boring classes with your complamts! 
1INON -I- L'YDIA: We've been friends for years, beginning 
i Girl Scouts, you are truly talented, wonderful people. SAM 

E.\ NYC: Stay absurd. I love you both for it. ANDY + MATT 
: ims of our class. I've loved debating with you both and I've 
Jjciated having you in classes, you're both great people, TO 
H UNIORS! JACK-l- NICK: You're both great guys and I'm 
a met you- I've had fun, ROBIN: I didn't forget you. we've 
a friends through middle school, even if you call me Liz. 
e great. ERICA: Strange how we got to be friends, but hey- 
n ad we did. BEN -I- JOHN H: Thanks for cheering for me at 
ly atches, it helped! MATT WALDRON: Thanks for being a 
K nend- APES SPRINGER: You've been an absurd flirt ever 
n you were little, but I love you for it. MY FAVORITE 
IP ILLA, SENORITA: You have all changed the way I look at the 
o and have helped me get through high school- happier. If 
V :n t for teachers like you, school would be a total drag. ALL 
3" iRS We've grown up together and I've known most of you 
ly lole Ufe. I wouldn't be the person I am today if it weren't 
>r of you. Good luck m the future and stay in touch. Lots of 

love! I'll miss you all! 

Nathan Gray 

ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Orchestra 1,2; Chamber Or- 
chestra 3,4, Pit Orchestra 2.3,4; Telemedia 
2.3,4; Interact 2,3,4, French Club 1,2,3,4; Math Team 1,2,3,4, 
NHS 3,4; Peer Leadership 4. 

MOM AND DAD - 1 couldn't be where I am today without all 
the love and support you have given me over the years. You have 
always there for me, pushing me in the right chrection and urging 
me to do my best. You have shaped who I am, and for that I will 
be forever grateful I love you guys. LAUREN - You're the coolest 
sister I could have asked for. I'm glad we get along almost all the 
time. I always have a good time hanging out with you, whether 
we're playing ping-pong, watching a movie, or just sitting in 
your room talking about school and random stuff KARAN - for 
all the time we've spent hanging out, especially summer '99. 
introducing me to people, ping-pong, depressing conversations. 
Laekan. tennis (JV doubles. "Leon!"). Germany - bus rides. 
London, "sites" of England. DON - you're the man for always 
letting us hang out in your basement and swim in your pool, 
making lunch, the painting, summer '00. London - hackey sack 
in the lobby, being the only other one who fulfilled the pact; 
Scituate - Ken and friends. VIK - tennis, telemedia, WW, ping- 
pong, pit - Elevator Dance, that loud trumpet player; St. Patrick's 
Day, London - especially the last day. KATHRYN B. - being in lots 
of classes together, Germany, London, orchestra, French, math, 
always making me laugh. BRETT - Jewish girls, Mrs. Morris' class, 
summer '00, just hanging out a lot. DAN - for being friends since 
Lane School, sophomore year - hanging out in my basement. 
Lexington Club, playing pool; London - the 2:30 am fire drill, 
telemedia, AP chem - you are the father of feel-good chemistry. 
LYDIA - French, math - sitting behind me, playing with my hair; 
French Club. BEN - playing pool, hanging out, being neighbors, 
a phat last day of school '00. STEPHEN - the asthma attack, your 
X-mas party '99, Germany - on the bus, playing cards, etc.; 
London, giving me haircuts even though I was afraid the first 
time. JEFF - remember HFP' (It all turns into glucose...), Laekan, 
being a sick guitarist, Germany - "Tiger m the night;" London. 
CHAD - Germany, hking my Tracy impression, being a good guy. 
WILL - London - rapping: "It's the D to the A to the N...;" chilling, 
the jacuzzi, Italy, having your permit for 2 years. BRENDON - 
ping-pong, AP chem parties, being in lots of the same classes. 
LAUREN - summer '00 - lifeguarding, the Colonial Classic - ZPL!, 
getting to know each other; hanging out, watching movies, 
talking on the phone and AIM, saying the same things, races, 
London - "Chicago;" and overall being the sweetest girl I have 
ever met. I am so happy that we have become so close over the 
last year. You are someone I can always trust and be completely 
comfortable with. I love spending time with you. Thanks for all 
the cute emails and late-night talks. We have been through a lot 
together, and I hope much more to come. I'll never forget the 
good times we've shared. LIZ - orchestra, being the best page- 
turner ever, tennis - Woburn, WW; helping me in math and 
science, math team. Interact, math class - the elliptical track, your 
stiff neck, BDC - selling shirts - bronchioles (I hope you didn't put 
that as a quote). KIM - London, French, being a cool girl, talking 
on the phone, we still have to go bowling. STEVE - AP chem lab 
partner - doing nothing; being Irish. SHAUNA - Scituate, 
hanging out in Chelmsford, swimming in your pool (when it was 
not green). BRIAN - House of Beef, London - "sites" of England; 
pit, "drop perk every day," the 4-week plan. KRISTEN J. - tennis, 
working together at WW, orchestra, Mrs. Morns' crazy history 
class, French. Thank you to all my teachers, who all had a huge 
influence on me, the rest of my extended family, and any friends 
I may have left out. 

Peter Gray 

Activities: JV Golf 1. Cross-Country 2,3,4. Skiing 1,2,3,4 
Capt. 4. Tennis 1,2. Track 3. NHS 3,4. 

Spanish Club 2,3,4 President 4. Latin Club 3,4. SADD 3,4. Peer 
Leader 4. 

Thanks: First off, I'd Uke to thank my parents for being so 
supportive of me and for always believing in me. I cannot put into 
words how appreciative I am of the way that you both have raised 
me. You have both always been there to watch all of my sports. 
Thank you for constantly making me study and do my school- 
work so that I could achieve the best grades I possibly could. 
MOM, "stick with me", thanks for always cooking the best meals 
for everyone and for making my bed every morning. Thanks for 
the awesome trip to Florida and for the countless times of going 
to the beach. You have always been there to help me out when I 
needed it, and give me your expert advice. DAD, "shape-up". I 
will always remember all of the family skimg trips we have been 
on. especially the one to France. Thank you for continuously 
pushing me to do the best I could in school, and for trying to make 
me the most polite and mature person possible. Thank you both 
for teaching me to ski and for letting it become my most favorite 
thing to do, TY- we've done so many things together over the 

years, thanks for being an awesome brother. Thanks for being so 
athletic that all of our games have always been competitive. 
Remember these: inventing handball, no thumping rule, having 
mini-soccer shoot-outs in the backyard, home run derby, the 
intense ping-ball tennis matches right before dinner, American 
glachators in the basement, the indoor soccer arena in the base- 
ment, skiing on the expert only trails when we were 1 0, going to 
Busch Gardens Virginia with the awesome Drachenfire, going to 
Six Flags New Jersey, and I will never forget all of our intense 
Nintendo games including Fifa and Hockey (bag of sand). We've 
been through both good and bad times, but you're a great litde 
brother, so don't ever change. Grammy Anne and Grampy Bob- 
Thank you both so much for all the great times at the Cape, going 
to the beach, and playing golf I'll never forget all of our awesome 
Christmas's together. Grammy. I'll always remember waking up 
early and going to the bakery. Grampy, going to France was 
definitely my favorite ski trip of all time. Grammy Betty and 
Grampy Fred- Thank you both for always taking great care of me 
and Ty when our parents went away. Spending nearly every 
Thanksgiving dinner together is always a joy. Ross, Sean, Lisa. 
Circe. Brian. Sean- Your are all the greatest cousins. I love all of 
you. JON- Where do I start? We have had countless inside jokes 
and fun times. Here are a few: "Do you have these shoes in size 
ten'". "No but I have a thirteen if you want", all our skiing trips 
in Vermont and New Hampshire, your New Hampshire house 
July 4th, the hst of insults, freshman English and the mallet, JD's 
English class, Wendy's, making the huge jump at Killington and 
doing helicopters, mogul mania. The Colorado trip deserves it's 
own category: Golden Colorado. Rug man. lady at Taco Bell, 
owning On the Border, movies in the hotel, our mogul pants, the 
love shack, asking Rug man: "Do you have a detailed map of the 
city?". .."No but here's one of the entire state", seeing Rug's 
brother in the airport. Jon, you are definitely the funniest kid ever 
and have made me laugh countless times. We have to stay close 
friends next year. ANNA- We've known each other our entire 
lives, I'll never forget all our ftm times growing up together 
including: Trips to the Cape, going to the beach, camping, skiing 
at Wachusett in 7th grade. I'm definitely going to miss you next 
year, but I know we'll stay great friends forever ROB- So many 
good times: building the go-kart and stadium seating, intense 
nerf wars, working on the fort, skiing m Colorado, driving to 
school junior year. )ust to name a few. Rob. we've had tons of 
good times and I know we'll stay in touch next year. HEATHER- 
Yea dawg! What's up girl! Heather Jayne, we've had so many 
good memories: x-c2k, smgmg our songs together, peer leaders, 
our math class (3 years), talking in Spanish, and so many more. 
Heather you're such a good friend. I'm sure we'll always be close. 
LIZ- Here are a few memories: The Rainforest Cafe. May 22. July 
9, #7, my Junior Prom, awesome awesome awesome, being co- 
counselors, red lights; I could go on forever. Liz, I'm go glad that 
we have became such good friends. We've had so many good 
times together that I will never forget, and I'll miss you tons next 
year. Mr. and Mrs, V, thank you both for all that you have done 
for me, I deeply appreciate everything, MAURA- You're the best 
cheerleader and an awesome friend, I hate you, no just joking, 
peer leaders, getting caught. We have to be friends forever, go 
skiing sometime, and go to the same school next year! JOSH- It's 
tight, the Border, commandos, the book of everyone from 8th 
grade, termis team, the ripper. Lot's of good and funny times 
man. Dave H- Yea, I'll pay for everyone, Macbeth, OuUaws, CC, 
Riverside, and 1 could go on forever. I'll never forget all our fun 
times, Liz D- For being the best and happiest partner in chem. and 
always knowing the right answer. Lindsay H- homeroom, BDC, 
economics. Austin- For being the funniest person I know. Jenelle- 
For being a cool girlfriend and a good friend. Erin- Ethan Fine, and 
BDC. Alan- Mr. Palmer's chem. class. Steve- Yea wifey's. Sarah M - 
The ultimate game. To all the other seniors who I could not fit in 
here, thanks for everything. To Ryan, Erica, and all the other 
awesome freshman girls. 

KK Gregory 

I must first of all thank God for all of the blessing he has 
bestowed upon me. Any height I have ever achieved (figurative 
and literally) or will in the future I can lovingly thank God for 
making it possible, giving me the strength and motivation and 
love to continue. Of coarse, MOM AND DAD!! Where would I be 
with out you to so lovingly show me the right and honest way to 
be. You have taught me all I know, and for that I owe you 
everything, I love you two with all my heart. And my 'lil bro! 
YoYo homie 0!! What can I say' You are my best friend, and I will 
always cherish the memories of our "heart to hearts" and I will 
always be here whenever you need to vent © And all my 
FRIENDS!! Whoa Bill!! there is no way I can thank everyone 
individually, there isn't enough room in all the world to show 
how much I appreciate each and every one of you. The love and 
respect you show to me is irreplaceable. (There is no specific 
order to these) Becca G-you have been my best friend since 2nd 
grade, and I know we will be forever, remember the times! Tom- 
There are no words. You are so genuine and sweet I will cherish 

our friendship. Somehow you managed to gel me lo Uugh by 
making fun of me, bui maybe that's just the blonde kickmg in., 
thank you for being there for me and all the care, and... .GET OUT 
OF MY READ" The Radiator Crew!' Beccy K-the raddest dresser 
I will ever meet! And the sweetest too. Liz- Your creativity will 
take you places! I admire your maturity and still think you have 
bigger arms than I do! Nicole- We have been best buds for so long! 
Nicole, Liz, Beccy. never forget our history video, that was so 
much fun! Liza- thanks for making me smile, and listening to me 
complain, you made gym class a blast with yoga and kick-boxing! 
Danielle- My best "Ul" friend! You are so dear to me, thank you 
for stickin' by my side the whole way though this tough h.s. path. 
Bonnie-Row do you do it? I don't think I have ever seen you mad, 
your joy is so contagious you light up the room. Sam- .Although 
we have had our differences, we remain good friends till the end. 
Tracy- you are so funny, and such a good friend Craig&Ed- 
almost seems like one word, but you guys are so aueswme, even 
though my rope swing can kick your butt Craig, and yes I AM 
taller than you Ed! Chris B- you are a great guy I'm glad to have 
known you Mike]- you are the funniest person I know! Andre- ill 
never forget the english project last year' That was a blast! Ro~ 
thank you fo'' making faces at me in Rumanities. Joanna- We 
survived Ph)sics" Thank you!! Catherine G - Following me to 
colleges e) ' Thank you for being such a great friend and always 
ready to listen, remember the bus rides and summer fun (and that 
stupid bee that wouldn't die) Kim and Kelin- We were riding the 
bus together for as long as I can remember thank you for all those 
good times! Nick W - thank you for walking me to the bus when 
we were young. Ken-I have known you for waaay too long' EE- 
I love you and will always remember playing scrabble and making 
my own rules to cards! I amsorry I don't visit as much as I used 
to. Thank you for being a second mother to me. Val Kilmer- thank 
you for being such an honest and loving guy, you have truly 
inspired me Ok, I know I have forgotten someone, somewhere, 
but you know who you are, and how much you mean to me .And 
thank you to all the teachers who have helped me alon^ the way 
A special thanks going out to all my gym buddies o\er at the 
Boston Rock Gym, and to all my Sunday school teachers along the 
way who have taught me so much And to the all the Newfie' 5 
out there' LITsGB KB' "' 

Lindsay Harrington 

Varsity Soccer-1 ,2,3,4 Varsity Softball- 1 .2,3,4 Varsity In- 
door Track- 1 ,2 Interact-1,2,3,4 SADD-I.2,3- 
Treasurer, 4-President, Student Government 2.3.4 Environmen- 
tal Club-4, Car Club-4 PenI 5-for life 

First I would like to thank God for giving me my wonderful 
life, I appreciate everything. For the other four most important 
people in my life, my parents, brother and sister- my gratitude 
would never be enough for all that you have done for me. Thanks 
MOM, for always being there, caring and always trying to be 
funny. DAD, showing me how to mow a lawn, Homerun Durby 
'99, and for all of the sports, without your constant support and 
interest I would of never succeeded as much as I did. RICK, what 
can I say it has been real being your other hall. Thanks for always 
watching out for me, I know it was for the best,. We have had 
some crazy times together, you are not only a great brother but 
a great friend. We are so much alike it scares me KRISTA, you 
are a beautiful person who always thinks of others before your- 
self. Thanks for letting me wear your clothes and being a great 
sister. I will miss you next year. MIME, thanks for always dancing 
and never getting mad GR.ANDPA. for preaching, fighting for the 
clicker and for loving television as much as I do. N.ANI for loving 
shopping and always having a million bags. GRAMPS thanks for 
always calling me beautiful and dancing in the living room when 
I was little. I miss you. Thank you to all of my uncles, aunts, 
cousins, and family friends. LAUREN, I cannot thank you enough 
for being my best friend. I value our friendship. I know I owe you 
my life a 1 000 times over. We have had a great 4 years together. 
Never forget, the cruise, dances. Guster. NSYNC. shopping and so 
much more. I do not know what I would do without you. I am 
so glad things turned out as they did. Thanks for having such a 
wonderful family who always made me feel welcome, no matter 
what. You are a beautiful person who has so many qualities that 
I admire. Thanks for always being there forme. I hope we always 
stay close, no matter what happens next year, I love you. 
ERIN. thanks for your sense of humor and your Pat and Dan 
stories, where would we be without them? Thanks for soccer, 
parmers for life. Softball throwing partner, being a reject with 
me, BDC, and for the loser nights when we bottomed out on the 
scale. Notre Dame- cups partner baby., Guster and NSYNC. You 
are a great person, I admire your dedication and motivation. You 
are such a great friend and I know I can count on you, I know we 
will stay close and we will be friends always, I love you. JOHN 
B. I know we have been through so much together, good times 
and bad. You have been my best friend for so long, and I value 
that. Thanks for everything, you are very important to me and 
always will be. Thanks for Jr. Prom, and so much more. 
JOSH. How's your etiquette? BDC, Spanish videos, your car, and 

184 OHtt 

before the comedy show, you are a great person-never change. 
BRI.AN KADISH- thanks for making soph, yr interesting BECCA. 
thanks for making me laugh and telling me I never smile. Soccer. 
NSYNC. and ND will always be good memories with you. I know 
you will be successful in the future. SARAH U, for loving the 
Earth. SBP. writing lab, and for being a genuinely sweet girl. 
SARA MCCAY. we had some crazy times together in middle 
school. I will never forget the pumping station with Beth or 
camping in Maine, thanks. BETH, thanks for being a great friend, 
you are a funny girl. I will never forget your parties and your 
mom's food, good luck RICH, thanks for being a great friend and 
teaching me a thing or two. We have made some good memories 
together. .^L\N for being a good person always considerate of 
others. Always remember our trip to the mall and our promise. 
SCOTT, listener's guide, and loving .Armstrong. COLLEEN, soc- 
cer, homeroom, it been classic. PETE. BDC homeroom, you are 
awesome. STEVE-IRISH all the talks in psych, being funny and 
the palest person I know, I love you. HEATHER, softball. walking 
into the walls with Erin. LESLEY. bond fires and so much more. 
Thanks for being my friend growing up. JILL. soph. yr. good luck. 
JENNY. Softball, the outfield is key (we know that). KATHRYN S. 
life long friend, thanks for always being there. CATHERINE. 
Rosie's class, your tree house, and thanks for being great friend. 
KATHY B-pooh BDC. for being late, and taking forever. I love 
you. SARAH M. soccer. Spanish and for caring. ANNA S. for being 
mom and knowing the gossip. NIKKI-cheater. four yrs of Softball 
and soccer, its been real being your teammate. Eng. for 3 yrs, and 
always being realistic with me. S.ARAH C. for thinking I'm funny. 
Softball and for being a great friend. I love you. Jc. thanks for 
everything. 7-21. MATT B Belmont Hill Semi RY-RY being 
funny and always wise. JON SEE thanks for the ride and for being 
Harrington 6 LABBY you are so funny-stay that way. JONT. you 
are a great guy LIZ D. history. Eng. For being so smart. 
TOMMY. for fixing my computer and always being helpful, I love 
you. Special thanks to all the soccer and softball girls throughout 
the years. CAMPBELLS, you two are great. I love you, MARGA- 
RET, for making me laugh, and MARY-KATE. Good luck junior 
boys. Thanks to all of my coaches. Mr. Wilson (George) Scott. 
Jen, Kelly, Kristen, and Chris. For the rest of the senior girls. 
Laura, Kristen, Anna L. Monica. Lydia, and to anyone else I forgot, 
Jesse, Andre, Brian P. I love you and best of luck in the future. 
FUTURE GOALS. Live life to the fullest and have no regrets. 

Jason Harris 

FOOTBALL: 1,2,3,4 Basketball: 1 , 2 , 3 ,4 

First off I would like to thank God, without him nothing is 
ptissible, and I owe all my achievements to him. Mom and Dad, 
I would like to say I love you and thank you for doing your best 
to raise me. Being in an interracial marriage wasn't easy. By doing 
this you have shown me that you can do anything against all odds. 
Mom you keep this family going Coach Sullivan was right when 
he said I'm a momma's boy. Daddy your always at my games, I 
think you are the best father in the world. You have worked hard 
to give me everything you never had. Chris, you are my role 
model. Ever since I was small I always wanted to be like you; I 
never told you how much I appreciated how you would let me 
hang out after your high school games. We've never gotten in one 
physical fight ever, lucky for you dad never let us. Pook, you're 
always at home waiting when I get back from my friend's house. 
Ready to talk and hang out, you mean a lot to me even if I don't 
tell you. Greg, ever since 2nd grade we have been friends. No 
matter how far you move we'll always be friends. We have gotten 
in a lot of trouble together but I don't regret anything. Mr. and 
Mrs Bushey, you guys have been like second parents to me. 
Praising and yelling at me as if I were. Spank and Man. even 
though you guys have not been here the whole time I still think 
of you guys as brothers. Craig, what up wodie. How you livin 
in ATL, stunna. Too bad we couldn't have played ball this year 
together. Because they couldn't have tripled us both. Are 
friendship started in fifth grade when I told on you at the youth 
center. When I think back on all the things we did I can only laugh 
about all the dumb trouble we got into Bryson, shaootadoota 
laryoota. That explains everything between us. James, what are 
yooooou doooooin. Too bad you had to move to Idaho and stop 
talking to us. O, we had a stuntastic summer last year; we made 
a boring summer a fun one. D.J you were a good friend to me, 
never treating me like I was 4 years younger than you. Jajuanza, 
you acted like an older brother to me. You have taught me so 
much about life and so much about girls. Scott thanks for always 
being there for me and for always calling me to chill last summer. 
I would like to thank all my brothers' friends for showing me 
what not to do to get girls. Pia. you taught me never to trust girls. 
HAFB dorms, you have been good to me. Kenea and Jan too bad 
we couldn't of been friends longer. "Get your mind right, Kenea" 
Jan. "I know". Matt every time we hang out we get into trouble. 
Christian's car, paint ballin, mall punkin. Marcus, you are huge, 
and the hardest hitter I know, thanks for being my mentor. L A 
you are crazy, where did you go? Mike you are the best party 
thrower I know. Feet, you are an ill bailer, crazy cross son, your 

J's wet like water world. Ryan, you have the fastest ' ! 
Topaz, and you are my inspiration for football, your shou ; 
nice and sturdy. Michelle (feet's lady) you have taken t' 
as my closest friend at Bedford Sheena we have been frieii 
eight grade you and your fast bronco. Kevin, when are y< i 
learn to talk to girls, you let little Pat out do you ever , n 
Hopefully we tie again with our SAT scores. Ms. Redmond 1 
never gone hungry at your house thank you. All the coai. 
have believed in me. Pete you are a good man Coach Bu: 
wasn't sure whether we'd get along or not, but we've learncc 
like you and I think we will have a good friendship for a long tii 
Coach Sullivan, at first I was upset that you moved me but I trus 
you and it paid off. Coach Sab, you are this program. Thank ) 
to all my coaches, you are the reason I am going to college to p 
football. .Anthony, we made this year fun, as fun as possible. 1 
remember freshmen year at Franklin Park, with Derek and LA 
I have forgotten anybody I'm sorry, thank you. To all the peo 
that hate on me and talk about me. thank you for making it ea; 
to succeed. To all my bay mommas. I miss you and I'll see ) 
soon. "Your about to witness a dynasty like no other. 

Kathryn Healy 

To Mom and Dad. who've had to deal with me from the si 
thank you. To Sarah, who I lovingly call Kid ey Kid. somei 
when you're a senior, you too will pray to the snow gods and 
eighty-four-or-higher gods. But mostly to my friends who h 
helped me keep my sanity, find it when it has been sevei 
misplaced, or help me bury it out back. I owe you all thanks t 
words can just start to express. 2001 JENNY: Thank you 
always being there with your confused giraffe face. KATIE: 
small obsession with dragons and all that goes with it. sailing i 
swearing at the wind. MARGOT: for your purple hair keeping 
status quo at bay. To you three thanks for the goldfish poker ; 
midnight croquet in two feet of iced over snow and bread. EMI 
theory and protests that Ives broke that rule at least tw 
SHANNON: braking into your van with a stick 5 min. before 
have to be at the library opening. "Use the Flutie Force." JEN^ 
lunch Jr. year and just being Jennie. DREW: keep in mind th 
have proof that I was once taller than you. Thanks for 
Hanscom and school swim teams. ANDY: I've not main 
anyone yet. stop worrying. Thanks for not running loo far aw 
Cole. Sam etall: for all those conversations that I would just sm 
nod. and hack awa) slowly. Christine, Franscheska. Krys 
Kelin, BonniL , Christina, Meagan for adding color to what CO 
be boring days. 2002 TIMMY I'm very sorry about the headU 
just don't attack me with silly string again and everything vni 
alright. CHRIS: for Blast!, the mark-time, trying new crazy s: 
tricks and showing me the ways of the perclussionist. M.ATT: 
telling me to smile when I felt like ripping of someone's head 
Blast! and DMA. And what does this have to do with conducti 
Absolutely nothing. .AREE: see, I'm not that scary. Cassie, Ka 
and Liz for making life more interesting. 2003 NICK: for help 
me every time I had to get the stage set for concert band while 
on stage singing for sextet and Blast! SCRATCH: for remind 
me of the headlock at every opportunity, swearing during w 
at your sax and being that freshman in Madrigal. KAYO: beinj 
understated voice of reason in cooperative activities. CHRIS 
being there to cheer me up when no one else is around. O 
LEEN: for all of your random comments during band to put thi 
back into prospective. TIM: for letting my try to play your : 
in the cadence. JESSE: for being the tall skinny bari player. LAL 
marching band and much more KEITH: always smiling. PHIL- 
being the clear person that SPF 45 was made for. BRITT.\NY: 
musical and art. KENNY: yes, if it rains, you wont play bass 
MB, it'd be a health hazard. 2004 BRITTA: for youth gr 
MEAGAN: just for you "I'm giddy that the lines for 8s 'n 8s 
pretty" ASHLEY: for the blue lollipops for when I loose it in b; 
CHRIS: SCOTT!!! I love ya man. BEN: for marching band 
bread. KATIE: for being so chipper most of the time and infec 
me with it. Matt, Alec, Corina, Danika, Jenny, Pat, Jeff and Jes 
for being those freshman I just couldn't leave out. OTHER:. 
Sopranos: Shannon, Lydia and Katie, is there any question ' 
they always give us die melody? We're the best. The res 
madrigal: KathrynB, Kim, Mary-Kate, Ashley, Jesse. Johnny, J 
Dane, Dave, Elliot. Double Sextet: with Madrigal gals and Les 
Anna, Katie, Marge, and our inspiration: JC and timmy the 
Everyone in the plays and musicals: there are no small parts, 
short actors and large choruses. To Marching Band: thank yoi 
such a great final season. I couldn't be DM for a better b. 
TEACHERS: for inspiring me, teaching me and beating me ti 
that paper. Mr, Low, Mr. Maffa, Mrs. O'Toole. Mr. Salvai 
Reagan and Falcon for letting me live in the music dept. 
expanding my love of music. I dedicate my first work in m 
composition to you. Mrs Devaney and Mr. Sheinfeld for art 
my term of photo. Mrs. Sullivan for never giving up on my d( 
"good" in English. Mrs. Caves: the use of your room du 
lunch. Mr, Stephenson: for teaching me Algebra. Calculus, J 
to think and the coundess life lessons that may prove, n 
important than anything else you've said in class. TO EVERY! 

didn't mention above, and once again to those I did: Thank 
ir helping me make it this far, and giving me the support to 

Stephen Hempton 

irst of all I would like to thank God, without whom nothing 
is possible. Thanks to my family for all the support over the 
i years. Jonney for countless crazy adventures and various 
good times. Mum. nagging wasn't all in vain, trust me. 
'or being a quality mentor and knowing more than me about 
:hing (except how things work). Family back home, 
lally Granny McCrory for the endless support you have given 
er since I can remember. Ratichek and Whallon families for 
erding us through the early months of our time here. Jess, 
car club. Boston, good times. Johnny, mini-golf, bhob, 

RobE. Taurus, basement. Bedford. Liz, reggae, techno, 
lOuse, Krueger. Dre, club(s) . Europe (I had to FIGHT for my 
>E). trance. Kristen. random evenings. Sarah S, 5 very 
sting months. BB, U2, kravitz (yeah 31 year old heahh 
!r). parties. Maura, late summer nights, and equally amus- 
inter ones. Laura, driving, faces, poking my eyes out, etc. 
nosaurus Tommy, nyc, 101, math. Mike], hoops, bk, bowlin. 
aang. club. Wilsky, chats, sister, new years. Linds. Idonot 
i/our cell phone. AnnaS, proms, PL. AnnaL, Car Club, scary 
rides. Kreuger. garage cocktail, soccer. Seb. strike partner 

Ferriter. NNA. orange peeler. Fagan, Halloween, Erin. 
,ea. Sarah (my american eagle), starting car, PL. Heather, 
ng up. PL. NYC. McDonald's. Shannon, neighbor, fresh- 
lealth, JohnB. being amencan, after soccer season. MattyC, 
ng random dangerous items, bad taste, virtual acoustics, 
spikes. AndyC. M I.T, oakenfold. marrrrika, bad taste. 
rineE. chinese food, our siblings, PeteyG. rumors, cars, PL. 
s's. Jimmy, club, mall. Alan, PKs, etc. Richie. Champion's 
; final, other soccer, bhob. Meredith, Bedford Farms, 
I's. JonT, fast cars, techno, lunch. NickW, thug. Chris 
•y, PL yea yea. Chuck, car club, humanities. Nathan, 
ig my work. MikeyD, letting me win lots of pool money. 
M, chilli's, soccer etc. Alex, rides home. Dane, soccer. 

good times. Teddy, track, boulder. KateW. Oli, summer 
ennyB. psych, sat. Shira. driving crime buddy. Monica, 
; a hard-core girl. DanC. rides in your nasty car Nikki. 

road, psych, eng. Jason, court, hoops, english. Becca. 
french times, sorry about senior year (sucker). SaraM. NYC. 
1 video, etc. Jenny, funny girl. Brian, moby. soccer. 1 1. 
eating all my food, bagging me last October. Kevin, hoops. 
I road, rabbit. Mile) . yellow rabbit. Nick, I need that 
lard. Lauren, unstoppable psych laughter. Ryan w-hiteness, 
-. truck MS, being the sickest, most productive band EVER 
imin in women). Soccer team 99-00 (D3 North champs. 
) thanks for all the good times and making me feel special, 
vlechanics. keep up the good work. Last, but far from least. 
3ne back home (you all know who you are) for staying in 
. all the INCREDIBLE times when I have come home, not 
ig me for being a yank, reminding me where I am from, and 

jm proud ot it' 

Kirk Henderson 

d have to start by thanking everyone and anyone who 
d me to get to where I am today. My mother was always 
for me, she never gave up on me. She taught me more than 
ing responsibiUty, she gave me work ethics, she raised me 
a child to what I am now. For anything and everything I did 
the credit should go to her. I owe her the most gratitude 
IS. My father was never around when I needed him. and he 
. when my mother and he had divorced. My mother had to 
iier job. deal with two kids, pay the bills, and everything 
Jill on her own. When 1 wonder about all she has been 
^gh and still deals with. I can only wonder how she does it. 
I'.o like to thank my sister and my grandparents who were 
f. s there for me when I needed them. Thanks to a man's best 
(I. my blind dog Moo. All of my friends, you all know who 

I re You helped me on the ups and downs. You were there 
t I needed you. and you gave me my life. What I did and what 
:;v I shared with you. and what you did and knew you shared 
i ne We learned from one another, and we all made experi- 

II and things that we will never be able to forget. Mike, White 
I thanks for being crazy and original all the time, wrestling. 
' driving me to school when I was suspended from driving, 

in that chicken Mike? Thanks to Chris who always 
-T me, helped us all with money when we were in the 
, he took care of us like a father, I'll never forget you. 
1 , thanks for being a good friend who I didn't always know, 
1 -\ 1 11 see you after High School, a few things you'll 
I nhcr, trips to Londonderry, Tower Records, Chili Peppers 
' n. Korn and Staind, and all the parties. Kevin, Hoi, you are 
' an. > ou drive a nice rabbit. Thanks for hanging out with me, 
I advice and teaching, thanks for being someone to look up 
' mmy, thanks for always looking out for me and showing me 
) luft when we were growing up. My clubbin boys. Steve my 

Irish brother who made me a techno fan. and stayed in the U.S. 
with us. Andre. Han. where are you' Nice car man. I have stripes 
on my car too. you'll see it someday. Rob. thanks for being a good 
friend and amazing me with the world of technology, being the 
music index man. and thank you for showing me a family sedan 
can be a race car Matt Brogan is the fimniest man alive. Shane, you 
are huge. Zach, nice gold bullet. Brett, Spaceman, women are like 
toilet paper. Gerald man, good lookin out. you were a really good 
friend and thanks for being there. Angus, you are the tallest kid 
in the school, yes. someday maybe you will dunk in the pros. 
Nicky Wilson, you are the man. Chris Duprey. Martins, my tears 
gone cold Stan. I'm wondenn why, Evan. Maurice. Wayno. Tony. 
Dale. Kenny. Brian. Dan. Floyd. Corey. Tom Dolan. Ian Sirois. 
Winick, Peter S.. Dougy. Michael S.. Teddy. Elise. Courtney. 
Sarah. Juliet. Kate, Liana, Kristy, J.C., Dave .Rumanian, Ryan, 
Jamie, Jon, James, Matt, .41ex, my youngerclass buddies and 
friends. Peer Leaders, older buddies, Sean, Jeff, Brad, Chad, 
Starnes, Norman, and of course Ziggy, friends from Burlington, 
NH, Salisbury. My second families, the Lima's, the Higson's, the 
Duprey's. George Bynoe. and the Jones. Some teachers I'd like to 
thank. Ms. Light. Mr Walsh, Mr. Thompson. Mr. Lowe. Ms. 
Light. Ms Gullage. Mr. Corliss. Ms, Jordan, Ms. Morris, Ms. 
Sullivan, Ms. Lohrum. Ms, MacGreggor, Ms. Rozen, Mr, Norton. 
Ms Staples, Ms Irving, and Mr Hunt senior citizen. 

Jimmy Higsen 

First off. I want to start b) thanking my family. Mom and 
Dad, I may not seemed like I appreciated everything you did. but 
I really did. Thanks for all the money, rides, and for being the 
loudest mom cheering for her son at any of my games. Nana for 
al the cookies, money and everything else ) ou did for me. DOUG 
for becoming a awesome brother We have had so much over the 
last 2 years, first dance, mall, and all the other good times. You 
are an awesome brother, dianks for everything, M.AX for being 
the best dog. FAB FOUR for all the amazing car rides, parties, bk 
runs on half days, stop and shop, and all the other good times we 
shared, I will never forget em. DISCO we have had so many good 
times over the last 2 years, barn, tower records, clubbin. pimpin, 
fries n pies, NH, almost limp bizkit, pats game, chili peppers, 
korn, parlies and everything else. MIKE for your truck, rides, 
tiuckfire does he know wazzup, acting immature and always 
knowing how to make me laugh. CHRIS cruisin, pimpin, football 
games, parties, our chats, basketball, our crazy ideas, psycho, bk 
runs, you have been a great friend to me, that is something I will 
never forget ADAM mall, movies, ricca chics, Arlington, empo- 
rium, work, gerciusos part) , 

William Hillyard 

First. I would like to begm by thanking my family for always 
being there for me. Mom and Dad. I would hate to think where 
I would be today without you. You have supported me through 
all the ups and downs that I have been tlirough over these last 
eighteen years. When I have needed help, you have been there to 
provide what I needed. And the advice ) (ju have given me from 
a whole wide range of subjects has been invaluable. Mom, you've 
always been there to help me with the 'intracacies' of life. You 
have been someone for me to lean on since the day I was bom and 
I want you to know how much I am grateful for that. Although 
we may have had our differences over the years. I have always 
looked up to you to provide an example of what I should be doing. 
Dad. you have given me assistance in all the things I struggled 
with when left to myself. Whenever I have needed help with 
homework or any general tasks, you have never failed to provide 
it, no matter whether you had time to or not. You have always 
been one to come forth with advice, ideas, and suggestions. And 
I have always enjoyed our discussions of all kinds of subjects, and 
I know the appreciation of our sharing of opinions is mutual 
Miranda, whether I wanted to admit it or not, I have always 
looked up to you and tried to emulate your success. I'm happy 
to say that we have always gotten along with each other and never 
been afraid to discuss issues with one another, I truly believe that 
my positive relationship with you has had a tremendous effect on 
me forever, and I expect it to continue just as long. Darcy. you 
have been my personal companion over the last six years, and 
have always been someone there for me to confide in. I have 
always taken advantage of your inability to respond as seeming to 
understand whatever was bothering me. John Dan. Brett. Ben, 
Nathan, we have all been together ever since middle school, and 
it's been a good time had by all. You guys have been supportive 
and have also helped me through a lot of difficult stuff We have 
all had good times together for many years and our lunch table has 
always been the envy of the rest of the cafeteria. Licking milk off 
tables and pouring food on each other has never been made more 
fun Trips like London and Germany were the best and definitely 
wouldn't have been the same without you. All my teachers who 
have helped me over the last four years, Ms Luke. MissTaub. Mrs. 
Mathews. Mr. Reynolds, Mr. Palmer, Coach Sab, Mr. and Mrs. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Morris, you have all done a little bit to shape my 
character over my high school career. Never forget how much we 

all appreciate the work that you do for us, sometimes it may seem 
like we take it for granted, but it's not true. Our education would 
be nothingwithout your input and would render high school 
meaningless. To everybody else who I have spent time vrith over 
the last four years but are too numerous to name, thank you for 
showing me new ideas and sharing your time with me because we 
all do our part to help each other. I wish everyone well in the 
future and hope to stay in touch with each and every one of you. 

Emily Jameson 

Activities: Orchestra, "Chamber Music." Chamber Singers. 
Madrigal Acceptance. French Club. SAC. Telemedia. Spring Mu- 
sical, Spring Musical Pits BHS and JGMS. NEC Prep, and others I 
tried and didn't like or didn't have time for. Never thought the 
time would finally come when 1 would get to write this, but 
here's four years worth of appreciation acknowledgement: Thank 
you to my parents, who raised me. did the best job they saw fit, 
and tried to give me all the opportunities they could to learn about 
and explore the world around me. and to Daniel, for being there 
as a younger sibling to be teased and picked on and get me into 
trouble for things, and to Katrtna. for being warm and fuzzy and 
living with me and having claws. Haha. thanks Jenny, for being 
there to argue with and be even more stubborn than myself, for 
Middle School and Stephenson and McCarthy and I'm not as think 
as you drunk I am and (giggle, snort) Hell, for a moment there I 
thought I was still in college!, and for being there to listen to me 
rant about my surroundings and follow you around. Photo 

Nike Jones 

First and foremost I would like to thank my family for 
everything. You have always been there and have helped me 
through my whole life Thank you for your love and inspiration. 
I wouldn't be here to day if it was not for you. Mom, Dad, Jeff and 
yeah even Jen, As well as Nana, Papa, Grammy, and Gramps, 

Friends CHRIS I want to thank you for always being there 
through thick and thin. You are my best friend and have been for 
a long time. Since that day on the basketball court that we hung 
out first the first time, you and I have been unseprable, its true, 
its true. No one knows me like you, and I know that will never 
change. Thanks. KIRK we are the nastiest tag team ever. Always 
fun times, always. Since 2nd grade man, we were twins, and 
now, you are still one of my best friends. JIMMY we are the same 
and have been since kids, u the man. NICK you are the smallest 
person Ive ever met. lift weights. Mens fitness magazine, thanks 
for being nice. KEVIN bball is ur game but you'll never beat me 
m tennis Since 8th grade weve been tight, and now my belt is. 
BRETT all I can say is J ball mvp. ROBBIE STEVE and DRE Salisbury 
beach! EV.AN abou face, yes captain sir thank you very much, 
BECCA you are the best friend of a girl I have, thanks for being 
there and taking care of me, you are mad ill with the pencil and 
brush, you mean a lot to me MOLLIE you are the nicest . cutest 
girl in the world. To all my frinds, thanks for the memories. AND 
sorry if I forgot to put some memories in, I can barely remember 
last week. 

Rebecca Keating 

Editor of the Forum-4 Girls' Soccer- 2,3 Girls' Lacrosse-2 
Science Team- 2 French Club- 2 Literary 
Magazine- 2.3 

Above all. I would like to thank Mom and Dad. Without your 
continual love and support, I would be nothing. Mommy: I love 
you more than anyone in this world. You're my best friend: you 
always have been and always will be. You're strength and inde- 
pendence and success in life has always been important to me. 
You've taught me to keep on trying, to never give up. Don't settle 
for second best. I've also learned something from you that is the 
most important thing anyone could ever learn: You can only be 
happy if you're happy with yourself .After wasted years. I finally 
understand, and I'm on my way to happiness. Thanks for your 
advice, and wiping my tears away Thanks for always understand- 
ing Thank you for rides to the mall and home from soccer 
practice and ballet. Thank you for everything you've ever given 
me, I've always been grateful, even if I haxen't always shown it. 
1 love you so much and I'll miss you You're the best mother 
anyone could ever ask for. 

To Dad: Dad. I'm so proud of you' You're career has taken off I'm 
so proud that you're my dad, knd I can't wait for our new hfe to 
begin, Thank-you for all you're hard work, you're guidance and 
support, I know I'm sometimes difficult and I'm sorry. I think I've 
finally forgiven you for the dance costume. I'm sorry about your 
zip drive. I hope you can forgive me. Dad, I love you and I always 

To Ian: The last three years of my life have been bearable because 
of you. You'll never know how much I love you and I can't tell 
you how much you've taught me. You're the most beautiful, 
sweetest and smartest httle boy in the world. I'll look forward to 
watching you grow and I promise I'll teach you the things I never 
knew at your age, I'll always be there for you, I love you very 
much Pie! To Matt: I know^ how hard it is to be yourage and I'm 

sorry we don't always get along, but I love you very much. Matt, 
and I'm very proud of you! You're creative and smart. You're in 
high school now. so it's time to shape up. I wish you'd stop giving 
Mom and Dad such a hard time Hang in there kid. things will all 
work out in the end. Bryan: You can be anything you want Bryan, 
but you have to want it. All you have to do is try. I knov\' it's hard, 
but bit your lip and do it. You'll be glad you did in the end. That's 
the best advice I can give you. .Although you're the biggest jerk in 
the world. I still love you and always will. To Mama and Papa and 
Granny and Granpa: I love you and thanks for all you're love and 
support. To Aunt Faye, Uncle Jeff, .Adam, and Baby Bree: I love 
you guysl I'm finally grown-upl To all ray teachers, especially 
Mrs. and Mr. Sullivan. Mr. Mod. Mrs. Devany, Mr, McGowan. Ms. 
Smith and Mr Shevory. Your liard work and dedication has 
always been appreciated. Thank-you!Jen: My baby sister. I love 
you girl! You're on your way to greatness. Nicole; We've been 
through some rough times, thick and thin. I love you. We have 
to be friends forever! Nothing else will do' And let's not forget S- 
dog and how we laugh at everything. We're awesome!Samantha: 
Remember all those fights sophomore year' It seems like ages ago. 
What were we thinking anyway? I can't imagine my life without 
you. I'm so glad you and Jason are happy together, and I hope 
things work out with you're family. I love you man!Ijz: There is 
no one weirder than you!(Well maybe Bonnie) but I love you 
anj-way! Remember Florida? Remember Flower? We have too 
many memories for this page. Always stay the way you are , Mark: 
We've had more good than bad times I appreciate all your advice 
and understanding and nursemaidmg, I love you! You're the 
man!Bonnie: I'm gonna miss you! I can't wait to see your aruvork 
when you're famous! Kyle; Our friendship is just begmning. but 
it looks pretty strong. Thanks for putting up with my S 
obsession.Jessica and Rosie: I love you guys! Good luck next year! 
To KK and Tracey : We all know this is the begging of the best time 
of our lives. And you better make it the best! Thank you to 
everyone at Talbot's in Burlington who made me realize my 
calling. Thank you to my CD's, my friend and confidant through- 
out good times and bad. Thank you to my computer who let my 
write and get it all out And books. You're the best! Lastly, thank 
you to whoever is responsible for it all. I'm not sure what it's all 
about, or who or what ynu are. but maybe one day I will. 

James Ketwal 

First and foremost I would like to thank my parents and Ollie 
for helping me through four trying years of High School, and 
Tom for setting the bar of expectation high, and then helping me 
over it, I would also like to give thanks to the various members of 
the nerdery: To Brian, for making us all feel well adjusted. To 
Pawel, for being so darn tasty. To Derek, for being a wild man of 
action. To Ani, for driving me home after school. To Dave, for 
making me feel smart when I turned on a flashhght, and no, you'll 
never live that down To Brendon. for being weirder than I am. 
To YevTac. M.^RG POW. need I say more? To Andy, for promising 
to hook me up with a cushy government job when he's president. 
To Stuhl. for teaching me the meaning of the word condescend- 
ing. To the General, for suppressing rebel uprisings in Calc. and 
Chem, To Stevo. for the lovliest falsetto I have ever heard. To the 
Slaw, for bringing some international spice to bland, old Bedford. 
Without all of you, the past four years wouldn't have been the 
same, I can't thank you enough, 

Evan Lagasse 

.Activities list: ]V Baseball ( I 0) . Spring Play (11), Telemedia 
(12), Choir (12), Peer Leadership (12). Tourna- 

ment of Plays (12). French Club ( 1 , 1 1 ) . AFJROTC (10.11.12), 

Drill Team (11,12) 

SENIORS! We made it guys, how exciting! However, we 
didn't make it this far without the help of others, so I would Uke 
to take this opportunity to thank those individuals who aided me 
throughout my Ufe and high school experience. MOM and DAD, 
you guys have made me what I am today, and for that I am 
extremely grateful. You have been there for me from the day I was 
born. You comforted me during the hard times, and celebrated 
with me during the happy times. You mean so much to me; 
words can never do you justice. I love you with all my heart, and 
I realize how lucky I am to have parents like you. Although there 
were times that I thought you were too strict on me. I now realize 
that you w ere only watching out for my well being, DANIELLE, 
you truly are my best friend in the whole world, and I don't know 
what I would do without you. You complete me! I will always 
cherish our LONG talks about hfe, family, values, and the oppo- 
site sex. Staying up into the early hours of the morning talking to 
you about who I had a crush on, and you listening and giving me 
advice. I don't think I could ever express how much you truly 
mean to me. You give me the motivation to go on and to do my 
best. You are a great person, and you have made a huge impact 
on my life. BENJAMIN, you are a little ball of energy, and you're 
so full of life. I love watching you grow up every day, and 
listening to you laugh. You have kept me on my toes, and you 
have kept me honest. I know you look up to me, and you watch 

186 0=^ 

my every move. I hope I have been a good big brother. I will 
always love you no matter what, and I want you to know you can 
talk to me about anything, I will always be there for you. One last 
thing Ben|amin, take it easy on all of the ladies! You're the man! 
To my whole family, I will love you always, and I will think of you 
daily during college and for as long as I live ST.AN 'THE MAN' 
KNIGHT What can I say buddy? We have been friends since 
fourth grade I want to thank you for everything, you truly are an 
amazing person. I'd like to thank you for being the first person 
to accept me back into the group Sophomore year when I moved 
back here. It meant so much when you came up to me and started 
our friendship again right where we had left off when I moved 
before seventh grade. You have been a great friend. Never forget 
busting 'the worm' at the ROTC dances. Those dances were the 
best! No matter where my life takes me from here, I will never 
forget you' CHAPA, JOE. From the day I met you we have been 
inseparable. Thank you so much for being such a great friend. 
Sure we had our little disagreements (usually about ROTC). but 
we always w'orked them out, and that's what friends do We are 
so alike it's scary, but it's also really cool at the same time! Spirit 
week was a lot of fun this year, thanks for being my partner in 
crime! You have been a better friend than I could have ever hoped 
for, and I'm confident we will stay in touch for a very long time. 
Best of luck to you during your senior year. Thanks again! My 
TEACHERS, Without you I wouldn't have learned as much , not 
just about school, but also about life. I really appreciate all of the 
hard work you put in to educate me, I'd like to thank a couple of 
teachers specifically. MS, SMITH, not oijy are you an outstanding 
teacher, but you are a phenomenal person. You made French cUss 
exciting, and you were always willing to give me extra help when 
I needed it. You helped bring out the best in me. and for that I 
am very grateful. I will never forget you because you have made 
a lasting imprint on my life. Thanks for everything! LT. 
COLONEL PAPPAS and MSGT. ROLLEND. you have been great 
influences on my life. When I joined JROTC. I didn't really want 
to join the military, but through your classes, and talking to you, 
I have decided the military is what I'm being called to. You two 
are great people, and I thank you both for everything you have 
done for me. I will take everything you have taught me. and use 
It to my advantage in Sr. ROTC. For anyone I may have missed. 
I would like to extend another, 'Thank you. ' Bedford High School 
will forever hold a special place in my heart. I will never forget 
the faculty and students who have made these past few years a 
wonderful learning experience for myself CLASS OF 200 1 . WE 
MADE IT! Congratulations and good luck with whatever might 
come your way! 

Anna Larson 

Field Hockey 1.2.3,4, Lacrosse 2,3,4, Interact 1,2,3,4, Wind 
1,2.3,4. SADD 1.2,3,4. French club 

secretary 4, NHS 3,4. penl 5 club for life. Environmental club 4, 
Car Club secretary 4, 

Mom and Daddo. I want to thank you for putting up with me 
for all these years. I know that I haven't always made it easy, but 
I want you to know that I do appreciate all the things you have 
done to try and make my life easier. Mom. your little notes before 
tests, competitions, or hard days, your calendar that keeps my life 
organized, and all the effort you put into making me believe in the 
tooth fairy, I love you, Daddo. for your hugs, long car rides to 
the river and to skating, letting me drive your toys, and for always 
having the right words. I love you. Carl, you are a wonderful big 
brother. Thanks for always thinking differently, looking out for 
me, and sharing your music. I love you. Lawrie. thanks for 
listening to me when I need to snuggle Gramma Leen. for being 
there to rescue me when I need a ride, meat loaf with tomato 
sauce, and for never moving out of Bedford. I love you. Grampy. 
thank you for my blond hair and blue eyes, I love and miss you. 
Granny Em and Papa, for being so energetic, sharing the river 
vnlh me. and starting me off on the ice, I love you both. Frank, 
thanks for showing me the impact of God on my life. Candy for 
being my other mother, making macn'cheese in the pink bowl, 
cleaning up toilet paper, ,. picking me up m Lowell at midnight, 
and for letting me live at your house. Bill, for hugs and Casey for 
being my big-er brother. Thanks to my teachers, Mrs. Miller for 
making me a teddy bear. Mr. Hunt, Mr, Reynolds, Mrs, Meile, Mr. 
Reagan. Mrs, Morris. Mrs. Sullivan. Mr, Mod. for being wonder- 
ful teachers who have had an incredible impact on my life in and 
out of school, Calherine-We've been together since I was ten 
months old and will be together for ever. Beautiful duets. Violet's 
Place, twmnies, tears and laughter, you have always been there 
for me, I can always count on your honesty and good advice. You 
are one of the strongest people I know and I love you very much, 
Doobie is always watching us from the Selfridge Rd trash can, 
Catherine E - 3 hr beach rides, TOP, the radio, your jeep respon- 
sibilities, the river. D&Ds. getting lost, red landscapers. For 
always being there and never getting mad at me. Pisten-Baked 
potato, my Viking friend, that was a pink sweatshirt, award 
winning French skits. Woody Allen, skanky outfits. Thanks for 
always being honest and for laughing with me hysterically about 

nothing Lizzie-Macn'cheese, Nanna, the pink house, sm 
your roof, D-day, that cool nail thing you have in your 
room. Thanks for being the emotional one. for having a , 
house hke mine, and for your great smile. Meredith-Ditha 
swimming, hiding in your basement when v. 
trouble, 1 1 5 dollars in 1 5 min, bad movie choices. You 
my neighbor forever I hope it always stays that wa> 
Tuesdays, yummy shakes, such a cool name. D-day. our fir 
girl party, chariots of fire, wind. You are the most enth ,. . 
person I know. Sarah U-my secret twin-wallets, wedding, shari 
a pillow, why doesn't a canible eat a clown?, wind chir 
comfonable ruts. You are one of the greatest people I knov 
admire your strength and I know that you will be very successf 
Monica-"it sounded better , "-you know the rest, you are a gc 
driver-sorry I screamed. "Does someone named Pete work her 
Jennie-Halloween sleepovers, implements of destruction on yt 
wall, Lyd-Scandinavian blood, essential/superficial, the saui 
Hercules and the Ring of Fire, pop-a-squat. Thanks for alw 
listening to me and knowing my secrets-your great advice. Lau 
wearing matching colors, getting lost and forgotten, Oct. bda 
fake-eyelashes. Sarah M. -SIN/COS table in math. LAX, co 
Chex, silent mornings driving to skating. D&Ds afterwar 
Maura-making those amazing shirts, beach tnp in the Jeep, 
doors in the cold, LAX, "can you come pick me up?" To all 
Lacrosse girls-OooBucyou! Lesley bleach n' Blonde, sheweshe\ 
Jenny-for scoring!, for having a great giggle, Jill-white shi; 
Lauren-the same since kindergarten, 1 3B1 SASweekschickachic 
Shira-catching FH balls with your head, Kathryn-poops. who 
wheat Saltines. Heather-3rd grade, getting points in Harvard 
Kim-French all these years. Chucky B, -nursery school, tallu 
cars, spot on your sweater. Goldsberry. learning stick, TomTo 
my first kiss, a great friend ever since, hyperactivity, your sc 
hands. Thanks for always knowing everything, Erin-your lau 
that keeps anyone laughing, Pete-being the only smart kid 
srupid math. BMC-staying after for math, Alan-giving go 
advice, massages, for being the guy I can always talk to a 
making me feel better, Richie-We've been through a lot togeth 
8th grade, the wedding, the lime, I still know what you did I 
summer, making fun of me, you're so annoying..., no mat 
what-you are a great person, and will always mean a lot to r 
Josh-Sociology. humanities. You have the best eyes. And 
momo steering wheels Sarah C-sociology. Mammy. Robbie-i 
blinking sign m your living room. Steve-singing your sentenc 
car club, your driving scares me. please don't go back to Irelai 
Nathan-Paul! Carvey-the candy man, Jesse-for being a Ratich 
yeah car club! Ryan W,-my chem, buddy/fuzzy pants, riding 
the middle in the suburban, always teUing me the truth. NickV 
"everybody must get.,,", hockey players are ok, Johnny Jo-fixi 
my TV door, John B, -not puking in my car. Becca- Mr. Woobecc 
team BAM, Chris-waiting for me at the semi, blocks/cirdt 
intricate footwork, E.A.S, getting my mail. Shannon- watery e 
like mine. Mr. Reagan will drive us to our prom! Becca G-bumi 
cookies, pet sitting, good times together. Alex I- Chrism 
shopping, bathtub pictures. Dudley. LizJ-bunny-hop-land. "th; 
a classic" Nicki- Cheese Louise! Colonials-I love you all! Go; 
To give back what all of you have given me. 

Christina Lee 

Activities: A whole bunch. Ask for my acti\ities sheet for 
3-t- years to see, I'm amazed I managed to keep my grades dec 
as was. And the list's still growmg! Teachers: I'd like to ths 
them all. in my entire life, from Chinese to U.S. (Ms. Erwin, ? 
Langan /Johnstone, Mrs. Newman. Mrs. Dubitsky. 
being very educational and nice. Special thanks to: Those w 
wrote my really great and flattering recommendations! All of i 
exceptional math, English, et Latin teachers. (Those were a 
some of my favorite subjects =) And my wonderful coaches 

Friends: I'll never forget them. I still remember one fn 
kindergarten, won't forget any here, numbered or not, Reme 
ber Mr, Ghost (#0) ? From Lindsay Harrington to Krystel et 
Thanks to you all. One very special thanks: To Sarah Markow 
love, owe, and miss her lots!!! (no surprise here =) This pasty 
was a killer 

I hope all of my friends will keep in touch, or anyone at all. I dc 
care. Teachers too if they so wish. For those who care, my e-m 
Schmuotz@yahoo,com High school has been quite an expe 
ence — good/bad. Thanks to all that/who contributed to it 

Rachel Lehman 

It seems like we always said we w(juld be in school forever. ? 
now. forever is ending. I could never have made it without a 
of people, thank you all, Kim: I love you so much. You are 
best friend I could ever have. We've had so much fun toget. 
(watching the elephant show, dancing. Barbies, make-beli' 
kitchen. Alvm and the chipmunks, soccer and breaking your an 
and. of course. The New Kids on the Block), Elyse; So many gc 
times with you. Kim and I (dancing, going to Uno's at 
mall)Oh yeah, sorry about dragging you, Kathryn: You're gn 
I'm lucky to have had you as one of my friends. Liz: I lo' 

-king at crazy Freindly's with you and going to Italy. Sara: I 
: how you are always so crazy but still such a good friend 
ih: We are such delinquents togetherfscreaming in the mall, 
ing into snowbanks). Jimmy: Thanks for always bemg you 
being there for me. Shane: You've never changed, you're still 
same old dork. I love that about you. Leshe- 'We might as well 
elive together we were so close, I loved that. John: Thanks for 
r concern, but I assure you, Sara and I are not going to hell, 
nks to all the girls for going to the 99s with me. Maria. Dale, 
:h. Pam. Lindsay, Janeane. Craig: thanks for all the good times. 
1. Anthony. Jay. Andrea, Jen. Jaybo, even Rich: It was great 
Je it lasted. Jay, Katie and Alisha: It was awesome working 
h you. All those people that made school fun: Anna. Stan, 
ibie. Jimmy. Chris D. Chris B, Doug, Andrea and the rest of 
know who you are. And thanks to all the friends I've had but 
enever gotten to close to but have still had fun with, you know 
3 you are. Thanks to those teachers who look at each student 
n individual person. Those teachers who go out of there way 
;acli us more than the subject they are teaching. A few of those 
Jiers are Mrs. Davies. Ms. Handle, Mr. McGowan and Mr. 
liss. Mrs.O'Mailley; You have been more than just a school 
nselor to me. Thank you for helping me realize that I do not 
e to be like everyone else and to just be me. Thank you for 
)ing take one step closer to my dreams. Debby: You have 
led me more than you will ever know. What you have given 
!S truly more than a gift. Now I would like to thank my family 
all they have done for me and each other. And most of all I 
lid like to thank the one selfless , admirable, unbelievable 
,on who imconditionally protects me, cares for me and loves 
Thank you mom. you are my very best friend. Thank all of 
for not only helping me grow up but for helping me create 
nones that I will have forever. 

Tom Lima 

;, I have to thank my parents, if it wasn't for them. I wouldn't 
iveie I am today. Dad, I don't know what to say. you are the 
[lest working man I know and you always did whatever you 
Id to get the best for me. I learned from you that you can get 
tuever you want from pure hard work. Mom, you always 
liected me and let me have a lot of freedom. I can talk to you 
ut whatever I want to. I thank both of you for everything you 
; done and wall do for me. Alyson. you are probaly the best 
!r sister a brother could get. You always hooked me up and did 
favors. Unfortunaly. I learned from the many mistakes you 
leas a teenager. Hope you do well in life cause I know you can 
ft, You are so cool and I can ask you anything I want. I hope 
is and am a good bigger brother to you. I know your smart 
ugh to do anything you want and you will succeed if you try 
1 enough. I hope you pursue you career as a writer. I would 
like to thank all ray relatives, Thanks for everything Papa and 
idma. I love both of you so much. I love you Nana. Novv' to 
boys:Nick, we have been friends since fifth grade. We have 
a lot of good times together Camping 99&00, the garage, cold 
ats,blazin',]erome,Allman Brothers concert(bluesky),your 
s red truck. the night at the circle near your house w/ 
.Sarah,rolUng.drinking,and many other things. Oh yeah, 
: we faught yet to date' 1 know we will always be friends. 
iS, I've known you and nick forever, we seem to never get in 
ght with each other somehow. Your always good for a 
lib&Dtunber quote. Remember the Bonneville, cruisin for 
I s, "that's what the sign says". "your brights are on", Softball, 
'iping 99&00. sleeping in you trailor. We have to keep in 
I h and stay friends. Kirk. I have known you practically since 
■ved here, always fun to chill with. summer of forth grade (you 
:w what happened). your oma and opa's house. riding 
; s. basketball. working on the mustang. and everything else. 

■ e we always stay friends. Matt. I've kown you for along time, 
aember sleeping over you house like every night. Your always 

I d for a laugh. Remember when I crashed into the crown vie 
1 the bormeville. I hope that you do something with all that 
\ riu have at hockey. Kevin, we used to be really good friends 
' -n't know what happened, we used to always chill, 
isketball. blazin' in your backyard, eating Chinese food. we stay friends and you play basketball in college cause 
are nasty. Doug, it w-as weird not having you in school my 
' jr >ear, you have been a good friend. You can always do 
'ething that will make everyone laugh. Remember your last 
lit before going to school. you, nick, pete, and me at stop and 
' ).that was so much fun. Peter Q's, you are one strange kid, all 
think of is ADD. it was fun partying at your house numorous 
s Boone, one word. ...savage, you are one cool kid to chill 
P\an. remember how many times your senior year. my 
■ e had sessions after school? Fun to chill with you 
u shoukd have continued playin hockey. keep in touch. 
: I Jidn't forget about you. Wished you never moved, we just 

■ ed eoming good friends. We will hang out again. Peace. 
- a. your always fun to hang out with. I can talk to you about 
' King, hope we keep in touch. Courtney. I'm glad that we came 

friends, you are always fim to hang out with. Erica. I wish that we 
could have become better friends, I just want you to know I would 
have done anything for you. To anyone that I didn't mention, 
sorry. Future goals: go to college. Get a high paying job. marry a 
beautiful girl that has money, get really nice cars, and have a huge 

Beth Lerusse 

.Activities: Cheerleading 1,2,3,4 Captain 4. Girl's Lacrosse 
2.3.4 Captain 3: Environmental Club 1 ; French Club 3. 4; Interact 
2. 3, 4, SADD 3: Peer Leadership 4. I would just hke to start by 
thanking my family. Mom and Dad. I don't know what 1 would 
do without you. Thank you for always believing in me. Thanks 
for allowing me to embark on such amazing adventures. I have 
learned so much from both of you. I love you very much! To my 
brothers, for always looking out for your little sister. John, you 
always have had a way of making me laugh. Mark, even though 
we did not get along when were young, I am so glad that we have 
had a chance to become so much closer. You're both amazing 
people with a big hearts. You guys are the best and I love you both 
very much! Karl, what luck it was for us to meet. The past year 
has been wonderful. There have been so many moments that I 
wouldn't trade for anything. I hope that we can continue to share 
many more together. I love you! Lauren, what can I say' We have 
been through so much in the past thirteen years. From falling into 
the toilet to breaking up with guys. It has been so much fun. 
Thanks for always putting a smile on my face. You're a wonderful 
friend. Lindsay. Heather, Lesley, Erin, Becca. and Jenny: you girls 
are the best' Thanks for all the fun times. To all the guys: Alan 
for always being so nice. Rich, for Fast Times, and being my math 
buddy John for always making me laugh in ceramics. To the 
cheerleaders I am so proud of all of you. Each and every one of 
you holds a special place in my heart. I will never forget you. 
Congratulations to the boys' soccer team. You guys deserved it! 
Christine, you amaze me. I don't know what I'd do without you. 
Love ya. Maura, my twin (Well not really). We finally made it 
to our year. Love you sweetie! Nicole, my trusty back, and 
Michele: the funniest twins I've ever met. I love you guys. Jax, 
my other base for life. Thanks for always making me laugh. Ms. 
Gullage. I cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for 
us. This team would have been nothing without you. You have 
gone way beyond the caU of duty for us. Thanks for being the 
greatest coach. Kelly Gullage, you contributed so much to our 
squad. I look at you as another coach. Thanks so much! Thank 
you to my working pals, Nicole and Tony. Work would not be 
the same without you two. Last but certainly not least, .Amanda 
I don't know what else to say, but you're the greatest. Thank you 
for always listening when I needed you. I now that our friendship 
will last forever I love you! Best of luck class of 200 1 ! 

Nargot Lynn 

First of all, I would like to give a general thanks to everyone 
who has been a part of my life. There have been soooo many 
people that have helped shape who I am today, and I know I won't 
be able to name all of them, so this is a general THANKS to 
everyone that is not mentioned. First and foremost, my parents. 
Mom, god, we've been thru hell and back again, but you've 
pulled through strong and because of your strength. I'm here too. 
I know we've had more than our share of differences, but no 
matter what ever happens, know that I do love you, and I hope 
that you know that. Dad, I miss you. Thank you for pulling 
yourself out of that mess. Doing that has showed me that anything 
is possible if you have enough motivation. Thanks for all the 
advice. 1 love you so much. To my siblings, all six of them. Thank 
you guys. No matter what, I love all of you. You guys have kept 
me sane. Or insane Whichever fits. Now lets see if I can list off 
all the special people who need recognition. Katie R, thanks for 
being my first friend here in 8th grade Kathryn, thanks for being 
there for me, I know it must have been hard on you. Thanks for 
bread-making and midnight croquet. Jenny- thanks for every- 
thing. Including outing me to everyone by mistake. Gotta start 
somewhere, right? Ryan, gee whiz kid. you've been there for me 
thru everything. Thanks for Dunkin D's. Fawn lake. Emily stories, 
adchctions, pink ice cream and countless rides. Jose, whahahaa... 
we've had fun, from movies to sneaking around (just kidding, 
mom) to GSA meetings. Stay cool. To Jess, my beautiful girl- 
friend, you are so amazing, sweetie, and I love you so much. 
Thank god for Richard Marx, and Ani Difranco. Always, baby, you 
and me. Thanks to Kat. Cat and the rest of the Lowell crowd. You 
guys are all awesome. Thanks to Katie Bowell for everything, even 
accusing me of being a Canadian. Though I'm totally not. And the 
last list of people that thanks goes out to would be Chris Markowski 
from Project Ten East Inc. Cluis. if it wasn't for you and P-ten. I 
doubt I would be here right now writing this. Thanks to all the 
other P-ten folks too. And thanks to the few teachers who have 
been there for me. Ms. Laver. Mrs. Keltner. Ms. Surprise (thanks 
for letting me chill in your office chatting for hours at a time) and 
Mr. Walsh for making English even more fun. And Mr. Reagan for 
making Music so interesting and encouraging me to keep with it. 

Last but certainly not least, a general thanks to: Elli. Hillary. 
Krystel. Ani. Jess' parents for being so goddamn cool, Ani 
Difranco. Cat. again, for being my faithful Faerie sidekick. Ani. 
Drew. Have I mentioned Ani? And thanks to doc martens for 
providing me with killer footwear. Maniac Panic for my random 
spurts of hair-dying ness. To everyone in the senior class, a few- 
word to think of as we move on to bigger, and hopefully better 
places, "I am Me Who are you'" 

Rebecca Nagnone 

ACTIVITIES:Soccer 1.2.3. 4;Basketball 1 .2.3,4; JROTC 1,2.3.4 
Commander 4; NHS 3.4: Prom Committee 3.4 Co-Chair 3; 
French Club 1 ,2.3,4; Interact 1 ,2,3,4; Environmental Club 2.3,4; 
Drama 2.3.4; Penl 5 Club 4hfe; First and foremost I have to thank 
my family. Mom and Dad I know what a pain I can be at times so 
thank you for putting up with me 1 8 years. Your love and support 
through all the tough times meant so much to me even if I didn't 
always show it. MOM: Thanks for taking me shopping whenever 
I got the urge, letting me sleep in, always putting yourself behind 
me, and always listening. I hope to become the wonderful and 
successful women that you are. DAD: Thanks for always coming 
to the games and trying to restrain yourself, for allowing me to 
be the financial drain that I am. dinners and movies, and occasion- 
ally being grandpa. I honestly forgive you for all the moving, it 
was the best thing you could have done for me :) I love you both 
very much! MORGAN: The best sister a girl could ask for. thanks 
for being mom's favorite. ERIN: I never w-ould have surv-ived high 
school without you. There are too many memories to count, from 
bio to ND. and everything m between. I look forward to you 
taking care of my kids. I know you will be a success wherever ) ou 
go. but lets hope that's BC. SARAH: My second mother, thanks for 
always caring about me, even if I did say you smelled like vinegar 
and called you dirty. ..sorry. We enjoyed man) incredibly sad 
movies, among other things, and you will always be in my heart. 
JILL: Prom brought us together, but since then you've become 
one of my BF's. Thanks for trusting me in the end. HEATHER: Too 
many memories to count, especially in your room. ..dress up has 
always been a favorite. You've gone through some tough times, 
but you never show it. ..I admire you for that. LESLEY: We only 
had one class together but somehow managed to stay such great 
friends. It had to be a mix of homeroom and basketball. Thanks 
for always making me laugh and keep on eating. JOE: My support 
system, my conscience, and my friend., you're quite an amazing 
person if you can handle all that. Some of our conversations have 
changed my life, and some have kept me from doing my 
homework. the end I'd be lost without you. STANLEY: Stan 
the man. practically my only eighth grade buddy left. We didn't 
do too bad for base kids Mr. Homecoming King. Thanks for being 
my teddy bear. EVAN: We started out shaky but you're really a 
great guy and I wish you luck with the AF. Thanks for being my 
partner in crime. LINDSAY: All-star soccer player. .1 hope you got 
that student of the month Thanx for the good advice. . .and don't 
forget our eventful trip to ND. JULIE: My BE through thick and 
thin, commissary. ROTC dances. Gap. and dirmers we've done it 
all. Your always there w-hen I need you most. COLLEEN: We had 
some really great times together. ..math and Gap BHD, BBD. Can 
I borrow your calculator? I love your honesty, thanks for the 
laughs. LAUREN: Lunch has been great, glad I had U to talk to in 
English the last couple years RICHIE : My studying partner, thanks 
for helping me get the grades. I guess I still owe you one for the 
ROTC ball. ALAN: I can't thank you for always making fun of me. 
but you have given me some good laughs., good luck with soccer, 
oh and "Actually I disagree." KRISTEN; I'm so glad we've gotten 
to know each other. London was great, and our trio dates were a 
blast. JOSH P: My fellow student council reject, your an awesome 
guy to be around and one of the nicest gu)'s I know... it must be 
the only child thing! SARAH C: You've been great since the day 
we met in Washington, thanx for hooking me up at the farms and 
that piercing outing Favorite sports. ..B-ball, soccer. NIKKI: The 
best goalie in the world, thanking you will never be enough for 
what you gave to the team. Don't forget "Hello my name is... 1 1 
ways . I am someone on this bus," Tons of laughs, thanx Paddy. 
TOMMY: Always entertaining in math, calculator's got to go 
though. You've been a good locker neighbor, and thanks for 
teaching me the ins and outs of not doing your homework. 
CHARLES: Compliments to the chef, can't wait to see Chuck's 
Famous Barbecue manufactured. Thanks for putting up with me 
w'hen I'm in the mood to argue. MEREDITH: Team BAM. yeah 
canal project! Thanks for always complaining about YKW with 
me. MAURA: My longest friendship here, thanks for sticking it 
out in French these last five years. SOCCER GIRLS: MINNIE: Italy, 
spaghetti dinners. ..especially Kahlua cake. .ANN.AS: fellow N'SYNC 
fan. cheering. KATE: My favorite junior, thanx for all the French 
help. CAMPBELL'S: Sassy twins, thanx about the mix up thing. 
MARGE: Don't quit, you're too good! JO: loved the tube top. 
JAMIE Bruce, your not trash. ..and you make the best signs. 
APRIL: U made the rides home interesting, and you turned out 
pretty cool for a nark/freshmen LISA: Keep dancing! MEGHAN. 

though you're all gone. I'll never forget our good times that 
summer. CRISTINA. GITA. JOHN. MATT: I miss you all. LAUREN 
G. MIKE D: dealing with me in French class. Sophomore boys for 
being cute: ALEX, CORY. GREG, DAVE. STEVE M. A quick thanks 
JOSH S. Thanks to every teacher I've ever had. and to anyone I may 
have forgot I'm sorry Congrats Class of 2001 — We made it! 

Thomas Natteo 

I want to thank my parents. MOM for always reading my 
papers, stopping Dave from killing me. and just being the nicest 
person in the world. CHUCK for making sure I was not always 
watching TV, and for teaching me all the sniff you have. Both of 
you for pushing me in school and in life, and putting up with me. 
You really have been great parents. Dave, thanks for making sure 
I am not a wuss, even if tliat was not your intention, for making 
me look like the good son. for letting mc hang out with you at BC. 
even though you are a spaz, you have ntjt been a bad brother .As 
far as all my friends go, we have had some good times. I am not 
sure how it is going to be without you all. A few of you are like 
brothers tr, me, you know who you are. Mike- 5:30AM, that 
summer I lived at ) our lake house, 2 :08PM, we had a lot of fun 
t( igeiheri ^onletlmes too much). Richie, "it's your fault and it 
alwa) ^ will be," the circle in your basement, and the new "deal." 
.Alan. Ms Roach's class, pacific sunvvear and making sure I did not 
turn into a complete dork "stud". John we had fun in NH. and 
some crazy times ai Wedgewood Scott thanks for always getting 
my lazy butt t( ■ the gym Sebastian, the only competition(maybe 
Scott now), but I can still kick )<)ur butt. Irish(britishf' ) compe- 
tition is still on, and remember us. ok" Lindsay, my girlfriend for 
5 min in math class, you are one ot the nicest people I know, don't 
change. Anna L my first kiss, and many embarrassing moments 
Colleen, because I could always talk to you. Brian B, for sick 
parties, and always being a cunl kid Heather for always being 
happy and never boring. Lesle) . a hin summer of liteguarding. 
and putting up with me, Jon T for keeping that job interesting 
"these are ice cold." Liz D for being a fun person(AP bio), even 
if you got rid of me twice. Josh. BC games, and your dad. Winick. 
for making English class fun, and just being Winick. Sara. Kim, 
Elise, and Kathryn you guys made eighth and ninth grade fun; 
hopefully you have hung out with us more this year. Craig for 
letting me chill with you at tuftsfmaybe I'll be accepted by now), 
Robbie, your racing stripes, and just always being a nice kid. .AP 
physics class: Carve) ) oLir insane, and none of )'ou forget me 
when you are rich. That includes you Brian, and TI-S'^ rules Last 
but not least Laura. I can't imagine wiiat High School would have 
been like w ithuiit \ ou. ) ou're different from everyone else I know 
and I love you tor it. It is hard to look back on the good times at 
high school and not remember )OU. You will always be part of 

Sara NcCay 

Mom & Dad- for gmng nie an) thing that I could ever want and 
for supporting me Dad for introducing me to California, for 
appreciating good music, for being morally liberal, for telling us 
stories about you and Larry, and being my soccer coach. Mom- for 
feeding, letting me call you Gayle, try not to cry when I leave! I 
knuu thai nothing that I can do or say can shock you. Bree- for 
setting such a wonderful example for me, you are such an 
inspiration to us all, your are the best sister a girl could ever want. 
I love you. "God made us sisters, but we made us friends". But 
seriously, thanks for being nice to me and singing about soco ono, 
and for calling me Thelma. Linda, Cards. Marianne, Nopes- 
thanks for the shelter and the food. Krista. Robin and Kristin- for 
being my second sisters, driving me everywhere, watching wild 
gorillas run in the forest, dressing up in old dance costumes and 
being in Fleetwood Mac. Brian- your smile brightens up my day. 
just hke the sun, "Call Cleo". Mook- for owning the best 80's 
collection of music, for singing Jewel and for singing "Stuck in 
the Middle with Your" on the way home from Lordy's. Justin- for 
being my best friend, keeping me in line, going to the dock, going 
to URI. and cutting in line to get us floor seats at Family Values and 
KoRn. putting up w ith me living in Long Island, and dealing with 
all of my crap, and still loving me. You are the best boyfriend in 
the world and I am glad you haven't dumped me. Kim- for being 
dumb, feeding my belly, owning Busta, KoRn concerts, the dock, 
the p-bench, and hosting PACBAN. Lee-for being crazy, coming 
to D&D Sunday mornings, going to the bleacher paintings, p- 
bench, falling on your face at my house and being my psychiatrist. 
Kathryn-for having a dad with six names, for loving BSB and 
N'SYNC back in the day. being so good at French, always having 
Vase, Ashley at gymnastics, and playing paddidle and paddadle 
with me, and keeping a sane mind. Rachel- dancing to Romeo and 
Juliet, Mr.McGowan's math class, "It's my prerogative, I can do 

188 OHn 

w hat I wiM to do!" For owning a Camry, for being the original 
Beast, for loving Sublime and for not haling me because I 
accidentally erased you from my original thanks Cirilia- for 
being my friend at lunch and always having something to talk 
about. Richard- for being Bobby from King of the Hill, and for 
being like a brother to me except you are much meaner, also for 
getting me to love The Simpsons, and yelling at me for being 
stupid, and not calling me Goofay McCay. Mike G- for being to 
best quarterback I know. 'int. also for eating steak with your 
hands Andy- for always having something noble to say. by the 
way. "it doesn't matter". Mike M- for always letting me party at 
yoiu house and for being the laziest person ever bom. John- for 
being so sweet and for making Mr McCauldy's class so enjoyable 
for me Rachel and I like Friday John, have fun "paying for your 
sins later". Ricliie- for being so friendly and having your middle 
school parties in your basement. Alan- for being my first 
boyfriend and for counting to three, Brian B-for making me 
worry about you. Tommy-for constantly kicking me in the hall 
and letting me barrow your brand new markers in Miss Peel's 
class, Sarah-for soccer. Mr. Page is so hot. Mrs.'s Pellegrini's class, 
and loving Mrs. Mesmer, Anna- for being a pig, inviting me to 
your girl scout parties, writing me notes on your calculator, 
helping me in Math, and ragging on John with Me and Rachel. 
Colleen- for being a pig. for Mr, Wakem's class, writing notes, lip 
gloss, the golf club, and cheering for Scott and George W, 
Grachaun & Michelle- for being so cute, and random. Alleah- for 
running to the lunch table with me and loving Shev-dogg's class. 
Nikki- or shall I say Bill, don't ever cut Shev-Dogg, Katie- for 
being the best modern dancer in the world. SDC- I love you all, 
Ryan- for being my date and for being the cutest Junior, Stanley, 
for dancing with me. Deniz- for making me a b-day cake Collin- 
for not pledging your allegiance. Kyle-for lifting )our right 
eyebrow, Brendon- for dedicating your song to me, Brett- for 
supplying our sociology class with animal crackers, Chris- for 
eating such a healthy breakfast, Pat- for trying to run me over, 
Robbie- for reminding me of Bob Sagett Jon tor making fun of 
Beavers, Tommy L-for helping me in She\ -dogg's class, .Andre- 
for being so highly spirited. BMC- for making my Sublime 40 oz. 
Sun, Mr, Griffin- for getting me to love snakes .And to Bradley. 
I love you' 

Shane McDonald 

V/ow I do not know where to begin. I would like to thank 
everyone I have ever met because the)' have made me who I am 
toda) , 1 guess I will start w ith Brett. Dan. John, Will for making 
my childhood what it was, David Cheng for spending all those 
summers with me getting into shape Byron for bringing me into 
the world on the outside (I love it here), I will have to Thank 
Zacky w-acky for always being there, even when we get caught 
stealing, and I beat you up all those times Ja) bone for always 
being there and having something to do and for hooking me up 
all summer and the rest of m)' senior year, I thank Alex Cleghorn 
for letting me come over every single day in eighth grade, and 
always having frozen pizza, Ian for introducing me to all the kids 
from Lexington and for being a good friend when no one was 
around. Fat Pat for letting me knock you out. boxing at the police 
station, and wrestling and those fun times at track. Brenden for 
being a good co-worker as a janitor. Keeping me skanng all 
summer and making dreams of the youth, oh ya and thanks for the 
help in to dark room. I thank Kirk for taking me clubbing all those 
times even though it cost you your license, and always being their 
at Nautilus. Jimmy for your connections with Lexington and 
Londonderry girls and for all those concerts we went to, Stan for 
being their at football and just being a good friend especially with 
bagel bites. Kelley I thank you for being my wife and high school 
sweetheart although most of my time my senior year was devoted 
to you It v\as worth it, 1 love you 

Lesley NcGovern 

.ACTIVITIES Student Council:, Fieldhockey: 1,2,3,4, 
Basketball: Softball:, 

First of all I need to thank my family. MOM and DAD for 
always being there and believing in me Thanks for everything, I 
love you. Grandma. Nana and Papa Joe. Papa Mollis I love you. 
HE.ATHER-you are my beat friend. My life would have been so 
different if you had never moved here, I am so grateful Youhaxe 
influenced me so much. We have so many incredible memories 
I love you, SARAH- we have been best friends for so long now. 
We have done so many things, Memories-musfuroom soup, wp 
on a stick, preschool. Mrs, Davies. basketball, forts, and more. 
You have been such a good friend, Ilove) C)u ERIN-cousin! You 
are so funny, and ) t ui alwa) s laugh at m) |(ikes even the unfunny 
ones. Remember fitth grade, the botigers, sleepovers. student 
coimcil. evirothon. 7-2 and more RINE-science galore! Bio- 
globuoles. physics, ahhhh w,s. j-d. fli scat singing, sextette, 
southpark. and for being so sweet, .S.ACCY-so glad we are friends, 
co-capts. softhall. Grcicci's house. .A T . english JON-for being 
my brother. I love you. you're my best guy friend, our pact. 
JENNY-fh. mall, Softball. ER. and carting me around soph year, 
thanks. JILL-fli. prom queen, council. WW, Emmanuel, arbustos. 

sleepovers NIKKI-VA rules, basketball (yes! we made j\ 
ball. I love you. You are the funniest girl, thanks for alw ay^ 
with me. LINTDS.AY-for being my 1st friend, softhall, h 
sledding, bon fires and so much more. AUSTIN-freshma: 
1 miss you, I wish we kept in touch, you are so funny, I lu 
KRISTEN-fh, WW, your doll ahhh. you are so sweet, I'm . 
miss you. ANNA-fh. Rick's, cheez louise. Jack Hannon. i 
pants. LAUREN- WW. singing and acting crazy while gui 
you're so funny, guster. english. RICHIE- you're on< 
fellow. I DON'T hate you. 60/70 club, middle school - 
Spanish, sleepovers. 6th grade, yellow. JOHN B-WW. m 
I'm gonna miss you next year COLLEEN-PP. cactus, sr 
lipstick. english. SCOTT-Beth's house, "Gotitade.Amor", Si 
cheater, boardgames (not at my house). Guess Who the real wii 
chem. TOMMY-Walden. WW, I guess I really don't hate, yi 
made my summer eventful I will miss you smarty BECCA- 
ball, no classes, base PETE-spanish. WW. for being so funr 
JOSH-spanish club, dancing, pink eye, you make me laug 
LYBADAY.A-kindergarton, sextet, fli. all our crazy conversatio 
you're the best. MAURA-envirothon. Mr,G. Bio-.Alex ahhhhh 
CATHRINE- 1 .2, 3rd grades, jr, history, my dog in your c; 
sisters, MEREDITH-honieroom, parachute in your basemei 
CHUCK-cooking, sleepovers, Spanish. BRI.AN-WW, cd's for 
mas, thanks, jajaja IRISH-history. KIM-sextet. math, our theoi 
SARA M-middle school, your house. BSB. Trainspotting. LIZ 
fh. WW. you're so funny. LAURA-for being so quiet, fli. glad yi 
moved here. BETH-Regina. history, english, homeroom, midt 
school. SHIRA-preschool, moving here, fh, Maine JENNIE-a 
fh, guster, enviro, soc. REBECC.A-art. Spanish video, you're 
nice, you'll do well in whatever you do. S.AR,AH M-lifeguardin 
dance, homeroom. BMC-license, health/gym ANDREA-for 
we shared freshman year. Juniors: N.ADINE-WW, Fox Nast 
Denny's, straws, fh, let's make this summer the best. MAR 
K.ATE-sextet. yea men!, soc M.ARGE-math-oh my, sextet, you' 
so funny KATE-fli. you'll make a good capt, don't forget tot 
the "F" position TRISH.A-yea goalie, you're awesome, goodlu 
next year, L.AUREN-all-star. keep Trish company next ye; 
RACHEL-fh. Denny's, driving around aimlessly. SHEENA-bba 
ROBIN-fur sticking with something you love. RYAN-muddin 
prom, tor always making me laugh. DENNIS-graveyard vide 
film. math. v\ -lab. and for being my prom date and crush, got 
luck next year, JEREMY-bagels, straws. Starbucks, skeleton, f 
being so funny. JON S. RYAN R-tor being such nice gu) 
American Pie. the most successful party in the history of hij 
school in Reagan's class. D.ANE-for keeping in touch with Ni 
and Joe, and being so friendly, SEBASTION-for really being ino 
grade, middle school, we have been friends for so long noi 
Sophomores: GREG-WW. S 1 1 , for hanging out with us, youa 
so funn) and sweet, w t, have so many great memories alread 
keep in touch TIM-I know you are weirder than I am, you are 
funn) . thanks for all the late night emails, poems etc. JEF 
scrambled what!!, you are so fun. cant wait for WW thissummf 
ALEX-we've become such good friends, emails, cake, WV 
you're such a nice guy BRETT-pink midgets, on-line cha 
DAVE. PAT. IAN, JAMAL. CHRIS, CORY, you guys are so mu( 
fun, I'm glad we became friends, good luck next year. COURTN"E 
you're the sweetest girl I've ever met. always stay that way, y( 
made basketball so much fun. UNDSAY. SARAH, NIKKI. KRIST 
good luck next year girls. CHRISTINA. JOHN-I wish you h; 
stuck around, I do miss )ou and I'm so glad we have stayed 

Patrick McGrath 

ACTIVITIES: Hockey 1.2,3,4; Track 2,3,4 

Most of all 1 would like to thank you Mom and Dad, you ha' 
given me the greatest amount of support and motivation, 
literally would not be here if it was not for you two, I have learni 
the most important of life's lessons from you guys. Thanks D; 
for driving me to hockey every morning even though you cou 
have stayed in bed. Dad I also want to thank you for encouragii 
me to keep playing even though I was frustrated at times, and I a 
also glad that you made me stay in refereeing I think that it w 
offer a lot of fun for many years to come. Dad I also want to thai 
y ou for dismissing me when I was sick, or just needed a bre. 
from school "I still think that Tim gets to miss more than I do 
and thanks for bringing me coffee and notes to excuse n 
tardiness after practice. Mom thanks for helping me tlirouj 
those early years of education. I do not know what I would ( 
without all of those vocab study sessions, and thanks for the he 
in Spanish even-though I hated every minute of it. Thanks f 
driving me to hockey and giving Dad a break, and even thougf 
may have complained about you washing my hockey pads it mac 
me the best smelling person on the ice. Thanks for my existenc 
I know that Dad had a part in it too. John I do remember a tin 
when you w ere bigger than me, and you actually used to w 
some of the fights. However, the tables have turned you do n 
stand a chance Mr, Bean, Thanks for taking me to Hooters I c 
think that I could wear the short shorts. I know that livin in t) 
ghetto IS not that bad and I will get my stuff back, thanks (<: 

lying catch with trie. To reply to that comment in your senior 
»nks I always have and always will be able to beat you m 
esiling. Ah Tim I know that I have at times seemed mean to 
u but you see I do it to make you stronger, and lately it has 
come more difBcult. You keep working at it and maybe some 
y we will meet for the most important battle pond skipper. Oh 
d I think that you should play catch with me more often, keep 
tying hocke)' and if you ever need someone to practice your 
ecking on I would be more than happ)' to let you knock me 
er once. But after that all bets are off. .\s for the rest of my 
nily I cannot imagine life without you I am very lucky to have 
many loving people so close to me. You all have taught me 
much through the closeness that we all have. Thanks Terry 
d Marion for babysitting me when I was little Terry you 
>'ays bought me something from CVS to keep me happy even 
)Ugh I did not always deserve it. Thanks Marion for not letting 
rry buy me every matchbox in CVS. At the time I thought it 
s a good idea but I really hke the fact that you guys played 
th me instead. Oh and let her spoil Leanna. She has a lot of love 
give. .After all I was spoiled and I turned out alright. Dave 
jiks for being my sponsor and teaching me about the world 
craftsmanship I wish I could skip school to go to a Red Sox 
ne. Thanks Nana and Pop for everything. Pop I am glad that 
ive such a reliable car. it is not a corvette but I am very grateful 
it and it has given me a lot of freedom Without it I would 
e had to use the most dreaded form of locomotion, walking, 
inks Uncle Mike. Christine. Christen, and Mike I always have 
ood time with you guys. Thanks for everything that you have 
en me Papa and Grammy. I want to thank the hocke)' team 
re is not another bunch of guys that I would rather be 
whng with. No-matter who I may play with after I get out of 
h school I will still think of ) ou guys as my team. I want to 
nk Shane for making Mrs. Mills's class a little more fun. and 
sU always get the last hit. I want to also thank Nick for helping 
make Mrs .Allen's class more fun and do not forget the 
onwalk and Da'Planes. and I will drive the Zamboni first but 
1 will be the first person that I tell what that thing does that 
1,1 press up and down. I want to also thank the BHS Hacking 
:n for playing with me before the penguin's class and at any 
I moment that we could find time. The most memorable time 
. lo be in New York outside of the museum. Hacking 
mbers JV: Summas. Jason- V: Colin. Chris, Me. Ben. Jose, 
ry to those who officially were not members or that I just 
Jot. Since this is a school ) earbook I should probabi) thank 
teachers. Thanks Palmer I had two j ears of fim and educa- 
1 with you. Thanks for the recommendation. Thanks Ms. Sav 
ow I usual!)- fought you but you did help me and I wish that 
dn'i have so many classes so that I could have yours all four 
rs. Thanks McGowan. Chevery, Col. Sgt. Sgt. Burgess. Walsh 
■G). Morris. Sorry to those I forgot. Thanks Homer Simpson. 
1 very sorry if I missed anyone but ! am running out of space 
ik-vou every one who has helped me through lifell 

Meredith NcLane 

I Activities: Field Hockey 123.SkiTeam 234. Tennis 2. SADD 
4. Interact 234, and other fun stuff 1 234. First 1 would like 
liank my family for everything they have done for me. You 
s have alw ays stood behind me. and I am forever grateful. 
1 though I haven't always shown it. You have taught me all 
ow and made me the person I am today. I hope I have made 
proud. Mom: You are the hardest working and most 
icated mother I know. You have done everything and 
hing for me. including senchng me around the world. You 
he kindest woman I know-, and I hope I become just like you 
leday. Dad: You have always pushed me to do better in 
;ything. Thanks for fixing my car all the time, making me 
i h every single day. for driving to class together, and for 
lys finding a way to make me smile. Mac: Thanks for 
li'ing me survive those Simday drives. Hampton. Disney, 
ig with me to school, and most importantly, for FINALLY 
; ig on a roller coaster with me. I love you guys! Catherine: 
bald people, "who are you hiding from", our birthdays 
rida. the Beach, Limos. etc.). skating, for never taking off 
■ guards. Monday nights-expired pizza and frappes, pitiful, 
3in bands, FH. London (that little street), caring etc.. 
honestly, basketball games-laughing, and BF. 
. our never-ending list. You are the best friend anyone 
c I am glad we have stayed close for so long. Anna S: 
en one of my best friends since daycare. We've gone 
> erything together Macaroni Grill, maroon vans, and 
:et. Then there was skating: Tanya vs. Nancy. Skate 
Friendly's. and the Lion king. Old-fashioned 
' Jres, Hampton. BF. ear piercing, purple. Monday 
Is --undaes. For everything in Germany (Rudy) and Lon- 
SarahM: You've been one of my best friends for a long time 
1 wt ve had a lot of fun from pulling out teeth to skating. 
h.T failing to lose your wallet, trips to Lowell, the zoots van 
i| Dudley Rd Warwick Castle, SEP (the bike). UMass, car 
ij , and "the fish smell". .Anna L: We are definitely the best 

at picking bad movies and making sugar cookies. Living "diago- 
nally" across the street from each other, hiding in my basement, 
sledding, snowball fights, bus drivers, and the canal dub. Monica: 
For everything in Germany: the Neutor and Rudy. Chat rooms, 
meeting Magoo and Rowbie. Breaking down in Nashua, getting 
lost on our way into Boston, but finally getting to roller blade. 
Trips to Hampton and the Macaroni Grill. Certain incidents at the 
mall. You are the funniest person I know and I am glad we have 
stayed friends. Maura: Saturday nights, Chih's. being loud, 
gossiping. Attleboro-"where are we?", purple. London and BF. 
You are the sweetest person I know and I am really glad we 
became friends. Lydia: For being my friend since nursery school 
and FH Liz: countdowns. BF. sonadores. and for always fixing 
my hair. Kristen: "1,2,3, ok lets go". Dudley Rd, making 
orchestra friends, and ski team. Laura: FH. incidents at the mall, 
and for always making me laugh. Jennie: Sonadores and every- 
thing else . .1 wish we had stayed closer friends throughout these 
past > ears. Thanks to all of you for the girls nights. You girls are 
THE BEST and I love you all! Sarah U: SBP. lola. and Utin. Chris: 
hehehe (I will never change). London - not complaining, and jr. 
prom. I am really glad we have stayed friends through everything 
Nick: London Lindsa) : Charlie's angels, Spanish, and On the 
Border. Becca: helping survive all those classes and the canal club. 
Matt B: emails and for always hstening. You are a great friend, 
Lauren: Tennis partners/ twins, Robbie: for all the movies at your 
house. Sarah C: Da Fahms Katie: skating. Aho thartks to: Tom 
L. Steve. Alan, Ryan. Beth, Shira, Erin, and Lesley. Special thanks 
to the Bedford Farms crew for making work fun: Mr. V. Dave. 
Candy. Consuelo. Emily, Dan. and everyone else. Sarah P: 80's 
music, customer stories, highway friends, and chih's. L.C.: all of 
our talks and shopping trips. Mrs. Larson: thank you for your 
dedication and the great opportunities you have given us over the 
years. I know we were hard to deal with at times. Also everyone 
in the troop: we have had so much fun over the years: the 
battleship, white water rafting. NY. and everything else. Mr. 
Hunt, Ms. Henessy. Mr. Shevory, Mrs. Sullivan. Mr. Kelly. Mr. 
Sullivan, Mrs. Morris thank you all for being the best teachers. 
Thank y ou Mrs. O'Malley for all the help. I am sorry if I forgot 
anyone. Thanks to the class of 200 1 for all the memories and good 
luck in the future, 

Sarah Ninue 

soccer 1 ,2,3.4 lacrosse 2, 3.4 captain 3.4 tons of other stuff 
I ow e a great deal of thanks to my family . You guys are the 
greatest, behind me 100%. You have truely made my Ufe abso- 
lutely wonderful for the past 1 7 years. MOM- thanks for your 
never-ending support and the smiley faces on my lunch. Shop- 
ping, dealing with my numerous medical emergencies, and our 
fabulous realationship. DAD- for always being the "nice one" and 
spoiling me. Thanks for being there to talk and hearing my side 
of things. CHRIS- you are the best brother I could have asked for. 
Thanks for all our adventures, and your constant willingness to go 
out of your way to help. Have fun in school and please take good 
care of MY car!! MUFFY- 1 love ya puppy. NONNA- You are the 
best, thanksfor always bemgthere, ILOVEYOU ALL!! MEREDITH- 
for being my best friend since first grade, dudley road. UM.ASS. 
skating. England, austin prep adventures, the purple zoots van, 
run insatBK. SBP and the bike, "the fish smell", Walmart. hp chap 
CATHERINE- you are a wonderful friend, CCD, skating, hershey 
kiss, england. lacrosse and letting me chuck the ball at you, slow 
as a horse, rollerblading. coffee runs, basketball games, country- 
music, crew .ANNA S. - for always writing love ya like a sister. 
CCD, skating, soccer, your obsession with n'sync. concert tickets, 
posters for the boys, our gym locker, making me hot chocolate 
KRISTEN- ) ou are a dork, dudley road and liscense plate number 
LYDI.A- the explanation of offsides, always mooching food, being 
so sweet LAUR.A- our hand movements in chorus, never singing, 
driving around, gym locker and the little red man MONIC.A- 
swim team, baking the cake, halloween costume, adventures m 
lexington LIZ- driving me home in the snow storm, being so 
smart and funny .ANNA L.- skating in the morning, lacrosse, rides 
in the jeep, sitting m front of me in math class M.AURA- exxon and 
ice cream, lacrosse, always braiding my hair, england and our 
talks, the girl at chilis SHIRA- New York, trips to the mall 
SRANNON- for always saying delicous JENNIE- Miele's math 
class, stage crew and the screw gun, being so funny KATIE S- 
biker boys, driving around. Starbucks, cwv. remember coco- 
butter, our fights over the dumbest things like the salad bar. 
concert sophomore year, victoria station LAUREN- my sylvan 
parmer w/ Glenn and John, catching you at the oddest times, the 
shoelace incident and the dance, being the funniest girl BETH- 
bringing out the best in me. being my running partner m lacrosse 
w ith our planned route, our running conversations HE.ATHER- 
chemistry. our sayings, the beautiful buick and the curb REBECCA- 
for living across the street, letting me borrow books whenever, 
being so nice GIRL'S SOCCER TEAM not 0- 1 8!! yeah 2-12-3 that's 
improvement!! ERIN- superstar, sleepover's. run diagonally, 
latin style, teams that speak english. the cup game NIKKI- paddy, 
black widow, tolerating all my penalty shots, rachel #2, the cup 

game COLLEEN- for making every situation funny. Entertaining 
us on the bus, the siren noise LINDSAY- holiday star, being the 
nicest girl, thanks for the tongue card. Spanish restaurant for 
celebration BECCA- for playing forward with me, never letting 
me have the right side, dancing to brittney JO M.ANN- you rule, 
best of luck in the Olympics, our DD runs, the car talks, venting, 
our naps on the field, visiting gwen, the painted bathroom, the 
fish that never made it, the blue shoe phone WEASEL- letting me 
drive you home everyday, honking the horn whenever, cwv 
MARGE- my defensive buddy, being honest, so funny, my 
roomie LISA- your dancing CAMPBELLS- for being gimpy and 
sassy you are both so nice, for playing lacrosse, ashley- for hairy 
gorilla. Courtney- remember a trash can" KATE- for being so 
sweet, "quiet kate" MARY-KATE- all your scarcastic comments, 
your obsession with pickles CHRISTINA. MEGH.AN. J.AMIE. 
childhood notes), .APRIL, thanks for the memories and best of 
luck next year!! CHRIS- alvin. thanks for being a great coach. 
Letting me demonstrate diving headers and the wrestling drill. I 
wish you the best of luck in the years to come PETER- the 
ultimate game, history classes all 4 years JOSH- chemistr) , the 
love you had tor certain teachers, my science partner freshmen 
year ROBBIE- mo\ies at your house MIKE- cwv. bowling and 
throwing the ball the wrong way P.AUL JAMES- for being the 
nicest person to me, rozen's classes, never letting me win. 
merrimac, hitting me, bow ling, reading hop on pop to the Uttle 
kids BROGAN- cwv, those streches on the ice NICHOLAS- your 
constant whistling made me think you were a bird, the bus in 
england, crew CHRIS - england bus. always saying bill-j . jd's class, 
crew NICK. CHRIS. & BROGAN- for 8th grade and saying figure 
skaters suck, drawing the pictures IRISH. JON. ANDRE- for 
hanging at maura's BOYS SOCCER TE.AM - congradulations on 
your success- .AL.AN- letting me pull cat hair off your back in math 
class. RICHIE- miele's class. JOHN, BRIAN- soccer camp perfor- 
mance. SCOTT. JESSE, JOHNNY-your raps. RYAN- being so 
funny. SLICK- junior prom, chemistry, D.ANEand all the rest, best 
of luck next year!! CHUCK- for announcing our games, apes 
ANA- billy & teagan. tewksbury-dracut-new hampshire and the 
cows, lowell and the staring, losing window privledges. merrimac. 
DD and cranberry muffins, the mouse and the cheese, the 
inspector gadget song JIMMY L- for driving me to work when i 
needed a ride, cwv, bmw D.AN YELL- for being from lynn. our 
road trips, getting lost, the never ending soap opera situation MS. 
MIELE- for teaching me math for 3 years, never giving up on me 
MR JD- for being a great english teacher, teaching me so much 
MR, GRIFFEN- for keeping my ceramic spiders, having the most 
adventerous classes TO THE ENTIRE CLASS OF 200 1 - I w i^h you 
all the very best of luck in the future. Ma> you achieve all jour 

Jennie Noonan 

Mom and Dad, thank )ou toi all the support and guidance 
you have given over the past I 8 years I wouldn't be w ho I am 
without you. Billy (Will), thank you for being the coolest 
brother, and growing up to become a good psychiatrist. Honkus 
and Jesse, thanks for being my best friends and giving uncondi- 
tional love. Honko. )ini nuke iM.rything more fun. Jess, three 
years of ever-) kind ot n-iatiDU'.liip, and we're still friends. The 
Belknaps, thanks tor being ni> hi^ne awa)- from home, for food, 
hugs, and laughs, Lili. ni) big Mstcr What wonderful times w e 
have had learning about true beauty, .Abby. thanks for being my 
very cool "little sister." and a great listener. CJ. thanks for being 
the cutest hockey boy. Bridgewater trips, and alway s being there. 
Harry, thanks for all these years of stage crew. E\ erything I know 
about the stage I learned from you. Mae, thanks for my childhood 
of chicken soup and a loving house 1 wouldn't have turned out 
so well if it wasn't for you. Liz, I can't even begin to write 
ever)-thing we've done, so I want to thank ) ou for all these years 
of laughs and fun. You affected my life in so many ways I'll never 
be able to forget. Shannon, what a riot high school has been. 
We've had tons of good times and lots of memories. Meredeth. 
Catherine. .Anna L. Laura. Anna S. Sarah M. Kristen. Lydia. Maura. 
Monica, and Shira (in no particular order). I don't believe in 
writing stupid inside jokes, so I want to thank you all for being 
such amazing people. Without you guys. I really would not have 
become such a weirdo. You are all amazing and w-e've all had our 
fun together. The friendships we have will affect me forever. I 
must say that "boys will come and go. but friends will always be 
there." Nick W. Chris thanks for stage crew. Andy C for being 
great, honest, and making faces at me. Charles B for three years 
of math and being reall)- funny. Dan C for 9th grade and the 
summer afterwards, and for being the dead sexy yearbook editor. 
HI JENNY. Sam H for sociolog)' jokes. BMC for wearing bright 
colors and much fun. Chris B for 3 years of math and having 
matching outfits. Nikki D for being goofy. Sarah P for phone calls 
and being nice. Margot for random talks and better than choco- 
late. Mike J for being so sw^eet and having blue eyes. Jimmy H 
for thinking you're a pimp, and never having me. Springer for 
being a drummer Danika for being a DLH. Stev^eJJrf' for being 

more mature than Chris. Travis for being the oldest, hottest 1 5- 
year-old I've met. Liz O for fun in the car rides to school Candice 
for. know what. Alex C for childhood Drew for AP Physics. 
Heather T. for two peas in a pod (7th grade) and liking Vinnie. 
Becca G and Leslie for pretend art class. Stage crew buddies, 
especially Keith E. Jessica C. Whimey. Laurie B. Becca P. Chris M. 
Tim C. Nick G. Keith C. Nick G for being such a good friend Ken 
Budka for just being nice. Megan .^sp for being a man. Colleen. 
Carrie. Katie, and Lindsay M for CPR. Joe Chappa for boothcrew 
thisyear. Leslie E for our boy problems. Scratch for being so little, 
but such a nice guy. Chris Sullivan for being very nice, but 
perverted. Random others I had to mention to make this com- 
plete: Dave, for showing me how to NOT paint your car. Tommy 
B for sleepovers. Greg for late-night bike rides and advice, Katie 
C for always being nice. Steve and Selh for crew knowledge. Farah 
for rides to school, Nash for his car, and last but not least. Brian 
for being such an amazing guy. Teachers, especially Mr Sheinfeld. 
Mrs. Miele. Mr. Pilla. Mr Mod. Mr. Gnffin. and Mrs. Coyle for 
being supportive and giving direction. If 1 forgot you. it's 
probably because I ran out of room. But you know I love you. 
Future goals: To be weird and live deliberately. 

Colin Murphy 

First oft. than.x to all my family for always supporting me 
through everything. Next, all the musicians and bands that 
inspired me to learn and play and love it Thanx to Mr. Reagan for 
keeping theory from getting too boring and teaching it well, cept 
the augmented sixth chords. Steve Turner and Fred Cornetta. my 
two drum teachers, made me stick to it. Of course, my best 
friends Jacqueline. Rachael. Danielle, and even Erin. Jaq. love 
you. I just wish we lived closer I'm still glad we talked that day 
RaLhaei. keeping in touch is hard, I know, but that chance 
meeting was cool. Danielle. I really haven't known you tor very 
long, but I do know you very well, prob cuz you tell me 
everything, you and your gutter mind. Erin, you were ray first 
love, wish we still talked. I can't forget Master Wok. my new 
home. Master Wok. you kept life interesting . Mistress Kalamazoo, 
glad you opened up to us, you're my new little sister. Melanie, 
I love you so much. I really hope this never ends, I really hope we 
make it. Next, my first real band, Zack, Pawel, and even Mike, just 
a shame we weren't serious enough. Ken Beats Barbie (Brendon, 
Kurt, and Tom) really looks we could make it big. someday at 
least, just hope when I read this next we have a CD out. El toro. 
eres el hombre, Pawel. Dave. Derek. .Andy, and Brendon. OM was 
fun, same with pamtball. My concert buddy Jon Ko. Finally thanx 
to Disco. Jimmy H.. Jose. Chris B.. Katie S.. Nick R.. Brett. Gerald. 
Jimmy F., punx not dead. Rosie. Trish. Leslie. Peniz. Ken. 
Summers. Sarah. Stan, Shmal-Dog, Grechan, Fat McGrath, Shane. 
Dan. Mr. McGowan. Mr. Corliss, the Barnowskis. Nafisha. Nejat. 
Megan. Emma. Reggie, Kenny. Joe. Sammy, Bob D., the Olives, 
Tobacco companies for their fine products, all the people at Sam 
Goody, and Danielle I. Lastly. Bedford, thanx for stinking and 
driving me to learn an instrument. 

Erica L. Neff 

There are many BHS teachers I would like to express my gratitude 
to. These are the teachers who actually looked forward to seeing 
me each day since my freshman year. Ms. GuUage (the First), the 
best World Flistory teacher, is someone who made learning a very 
rewarding experience. I want to thank you for believing in me. 
I hope you enjoyed my company. And then there is Ms. Gullage 
(the Second). Thank you for helping me with my schoolwork. 
The support you gave to me all these years meant the most to my 
success. And what a delight, there is Mrs, Light Thank you for 
the endless etfort you put into teaching me math. I would like to 
thank Mrs. D'Entromont and Mrs. Rosen and Mr. Hunt for helping 
me with reading and wTiting. And in the science department — 
who knew I would like science so much Mr, Griffin and Mr. 
Norton, its been fun learning about the world with you. Also. I 
would like to mention Mrs. Panadosi and Mrs, Smyth. Thank you 
for working so hard with me all these years. It wasn't all about 
the mind either Mr. Caccoha taught me about fimess. It was fun 
and healthy. Thanks for that Mr. C. And to ray favorite volleyball 
coach I can't say enough. Diane Gallo taught me a thing or two 
about playing volleyball and she even let me play once in a while 
during real competition Thank you Diane Gallo for the memo- 
ries and the great feeling volleyball gave me. Mr. Lowe, the very 
patient chorus teacher who has worked so hard trying to help me 
sing on key. thank you for trying so hard. And to the many aides 
and other BHS staff who watched over me from a distance and 
freely gave their support I am forever grateful. To my mom and 
dad there are few words other than thanks that I can say. Mom. 
you have been and will be forever my biggest fan. You are my 

hero yes, I know you are the wind beneath my wings. I love 

you. Dad, I love you for being there for me, through the teasing 
and the hard work you were always there to pat me on the back 
and say, 'good job'. Thank you to all the ladies in the guidance 
office - my home away from home. Mrs. MacGreggor, you have 
been my teacher, friend and hero. I will miss you and can't thank 
you enough for the things you have done for me. I will always 

190 0=in 

remember your smile. And last but not least there is my very best 
Gina. Gina. Thank you for always being there for me and 
watching out for me. You are the best friend ever. And all the 
other friends who have been so nice to me all these years in class, 
at lunch, on the volleyball team, the cheerleaders, the chorus 
members - thanks to all of you for everything, 

Naura Neff 

.Activities: varsity cheer 1-4. Softball 1.2. lacrosse 3,4. envi- 
ronmental club 1-4. envirothon 3,4, ocean 
bowl 3,4, drama club 2-4, crew 2-4, SADD, interact, national 
honor society. peer leadership, car club 

To my family for everything; my sisters for putting up with 
me. to my parents for putting me through and being there for 
everything from gymnastics, dance, through cheerleading. and 
everything in between, Catherine- London, we didn't and cant 
fight, pizza hut. crew, coyote ugly, chrisn'nick. jack, withdrawls, 
bedford farms, hershey kisses, boys. Simpsons, ice cream, car 
inspection, dunkin' donuts. driving around, and everything we 
still have to do. Meridith- nobody's better to complain with, 
bedford farms, nsync. dixie chicks. |eff. england, getting caught, 
christin, chris stories. Macaroiu grill. Catherine's boyfriends, "we 
have no friends". TP night, damager. Denny's, peer leadership. 
Holy Cross. Italy. . .Minnie- Lax. exxon icecream, driving, talks. 
England. Brogan. Macaronni grill. Catherine's boyfriends, never 
fighting. Jennie- crew, english. art. honkus. drama. NYC. guy 
talks. POTATO HEADS!! Lydia- freshman art. hot Mr. Walsh, 
musicals, talks. Tim days. NYC. England, Italy, Humanities, 
soccer games. I love you! LizD- Bedford Farms. I hate you!! 
Bertuccis. my house, "you guys, we're seniors ". pizza hut from 
jon and pete. crew. Italy, dances, peer leadership, chillis Knsten- 
math class, chorus. England. Steve. TGIs. decorating, our talk 
about "that other girl", plays. Laura- NYC. art, ceramics. 
McDonald's. Macaroni Grill. AnnaS- your house, soccer games, 
crazy spirit, *nsync, Bedford Farms, peer leadership, boy talks, 
purple, musicals, prom dinner, tira days, singing and dancing, 
peter, thanks for the help. .AimaL- Lax, beach in the jeep, bad 
picture in your locker!, getting lost, hockey games, going to 
acton, driving me to school, guy talks, decorating. Beth- LO-RU- 
SSO! My twin, fellow top. and co-captain, cheering. Hawaii. 
England. Florida. Italy, more cheering, de-stressing. 10th grade 
english. parties, boy talks, lax, camp. Christine- cheerleading, 
co-captains, all the work and stress, dancing, math class, making 
me laugh, crack head, "you already ate today", scrubby puff 
Lizzyboland- dude, pink lemon juice in the refridgerator, spit on 
my face, cheering, NECA, "toilet doz nat flesh", Betsy. Aleah- 
cheering, friends since 8th. twins, psych, dunkin' donuts. Fat 
map. Eric, scary mo\ies at your house. KatieS- my twin! BFF, 
Softball, Jimmy, freshman year. Ryan K . parties, penguins. 
England. Heatha-softball. my catcher!, peer leadership, cheer- 
leader-to-be. you're awesome I luv ya! Lesley-bio freshman year 
with alex in the middle Monica- alway s so nice, always making 
me laugh, england. Shira- B&N. softhall days, classes, chats we've 
had Shannon- fellow shakespeaere lover, plays, bhslive SarahU- 
AFES, peer leadership Nikki-dnver's ed. mangia mangia. bhslive, 
psych SarahP-driver's ed, bedford farms, mangia mangia. chilhs. 
busa. some lovely talks SarahC-bedford farms, random parties, 
psych BeccaG-art. wesleyan. color, boy talks, freshman civ 
BeccaM-french from the beginning, betsy. talking about stuff 
parties, rote dances Peter- getting caught, "what are you think- 
ing'". Liz. Merrimack. Chris Pesche. Steve. Boston. Bertuccis. 
bemg mad at me. my house, peer leadership, calculus, states race, 
celebrating, snow. Bucknell. I'm so glad we got so close, we've 
had some good times and I hope there's more to come. Steve- 
calculus, psych, peer leadership, love triangles, left-handed girls, 
driving, distressing. Bedford's normal, breakdowns, clubbing, 
check engine. B&N. chocolate wedding cake, my house, psych 
bags (and roses ) talking in the rain till 2. you're the best Andre- 
best car ever, water, after the dance, clubbing, B&N, talking in the 
rain till 2, my house, soccer games, the road in belmont you drive 
down completely ok. Boston, some random but always good 
times Robbie-I'll cheer you up. basement, for always being there 
to talk to. never really being online. Andrea, Julia, visiting me at 
the farms, soccer games Jon- you little stinker! For making fun 
of me. never shutting up. making me laugh, junior year, shira's 
party. Bertuccis. pete, blue spandex. states race, celebrating, 
parties. I love hating you Josh- you're an awesome football 
player, psyche bags, parties, bhslive Jesse- food, making me 
laugh, reynold's class, soccer season, best hug ever! Johnny- 
always being so nice, supportive, trying to come to oiu- state 
competition, making me smile Alan- soccer games, jacket, top 
gun, parties, massages TommyM- kicking people out of my house 
RyanWilson- partying, driving me home, soccer, you're awe- 
some, SOX game, Brady's house, England, thanks for always being 
there Alex- crew, talks, massages, soccer party Busa- good luck, 
baseball, soccer, singing, movies. Luigi's. we had some good 
times I wont forget you Tony-back in the day. partying, my 
house, betz. tim's, bosman's. talking all night Nick- all the talks, 
roses, england, crew, semi. prom, thanks for always being there. 

we had some good times. I luv you Chris-always fighting w 
me. death looks, rote bail TommyL- the sweetest boy e 
Springer- Indiana soccer boy, so cute, being married, pi; 
england. "Stefan's in my pants" SteveW- red shirt, adam's hoi 
shannon's, drama, crew, love you the most My Cheerleaders n 
and then- Betz- purple, jimmy, my house, tony. alex. tin 
bosman's. brandon. rote stuff, becca. everything else LizV- 
EVERTTHING! ! Chris, merrimack. coggins. soccer games. Katel 
Molly. Lesa. Kristin. Sarah. Amanda. Crystal. Talise. Estre 
Takisha. Liana. Jax. Michele. Nicole. Danielle. Courtneyn'Crj 
my awesome bases. Ed. Sarah-tough this is not. flippys. see 
games, gymnast instinct. Sammy- "I was stupid before I beca 
a cheerleader " soccer games, connections. Julia- soccer gan 
robbie. john. perfect litde top. Jocelynne. Katrina, Lex-my h 
sister. Amanda-my other httle sister, Kim-number one, Megh 
twist downs, I love you all!!!! 2ND PLACE IN THE STATE' 
Florida, camp, for an awesome 4 years, making this one the b 
Mrs. Gullage, Kelly- everything you did for the cheerleaders 
was an awesome year, thanks for putting all the time My p; 
crew-all your help, Harry- always calling me Emily. 2000B 
Soccer Team- for letting us cheer, awesome season! ! love you 
Lax-PAM!!! And everyone else ! can't wait!!! KateWeston-engli 
lax, and bedford farms, all our talks, luv you!! The Paynes 
being my other family & putting up with me. The Lorussos, K 
Lorusso for being my mom away from home Teachers: Grif 
Mr. Mod, Mr Pilla, art dept, Mrs. Billouin, Mrs. Sullivan, 
Hennessey, Mile Smith, Mrs. G. Eng. Mr Walsh, Mr Low, 
Stevenson, Mr Reynolds, and Mr. Reagan, thanks for all the h 
and inspiration 

Erin O'Reilly 

Soccer- 1.2. 3,4. Capt-4. Softball- 1 .2,3.4 Pres-1 . Co-Pre; 
Vice-4. NHS-3.4. Girl5State-3, Pen 1 5Club-4life. 

Thanks, to my parmer-in-crime. GOD. because without y 
I don't know where I'd be MOM- Over the past 17 yrs yoi 
risen above your role as a mom. and became a friend, I'm y 
'deprived yet perfect' one and I owe it all 2U, Thanks for mak 
our lunches everyday, coming to all of our sports games. Mai 
Stuart, cops, craft festivals, homeless nights, decorating for Chr 
mas. Everything you do shows how much you care for all o 
and I will be happy if one day I can be half of the mom you 
DAD- thanks for never doubting me. falling through the ceih 
correcting essays, and telhng me who my ancestors are. TEP 
Without you and Chris making me clean your room for pern 
I don't know where I'd be today. Thanks for laughing at 
family, fighting in the kitchen, home videos. One day yo 
make it big. CHRIS- Thanks for almost being as perfect as i 
taking care of me at ND. putting up with my jokes, letting 
follow in your footsteps. MICHAEL- I've watched you mm fr 
a skateboarder into quite a gentlemen. Keep talking, work 
hard, smiling. We're all proud of you. Good luck in high schi 
MB(+family)- for playing Martha with my mom and plann 
Christmas in July. SARAH(-l-family)- (loser #2 and my uns 
hero) for being ray best friend since 4th grade, you've al» 
been there to talk to. even if I end phone conversations, thanks 
helping me to say no, for caUing me a dork, loser nights, boi 
dnve-bys, NH trips and putting up with my jokes, saving us at 
envirothon. all of our classes together. You've been througl 
much and it has only made you stronger. A friend like you doe 
come around often, so 1 consider myself lucky and I knoww 
be friends forever. HEATHER (H-dog) We always have funw 
we're together and our friendship has really grown over the 
years. Always remember Cippy's class, fun-filled Softball exp 
ences (capt. of reject team). NSYNC, guster. NH, jokes ab 
Sarah, never forget all of our middle school sleepovers (Bertucc 
LINDSAY(+family)- (Michelle. P4L) I'm so glad that we bee; 
so close m high school, because I have so much fun with you 
you are such a great person. Who else coidd I drive arc 
Bedford with and try to find places to go on those summer nig 
Remember working together at BDC, drive-bys, ND, so 
memories, saving me at Tommy's, concerts, being the funi 
girl at sleepovers. BECCA- the base girl from biology, youn 
fail to amaze me and in just 4 yrs we have become so close. Thi 
for taking school as serious as me. calling me to see how mu 
studied, going to the movies, having a dog for a sister. Remen 
yellow, ha. 2 trips to ND. Tommy's, movie nights, trying tol 
the same schedule, concerts. I know you will succeed in ev 
thing you do LESLEY- I can always count on you to make 
laugh and I love the random jokes. We have a lot of fun toge 
and never forget sports bus rides, nancy and pat. the nod ga 
those envirothon training sessions with the girl-boy sc 
LAUREN- recently we have become such good friends and no 
can laugh like us. Always remeraber boom and ro-ro. wal 
home from the bus. drive-bys, stories in the car, french. cone 
laughing aimlessly. NIKKl- nancy and bob. making people la 
on buses. Jeremy, Keene, 101 ways, cup game. SARAH C- 
rides. making fun of me at softball right in front of George 
girl. KATIE- Sylvester, writing notes.. JENNY- for Gi-joes, 
purple truck, and all of your comments. JILL- yelling at Becca 

Idle school memories. NY. Shevory. physics class, history 
s. COLLEEN- laughing during soccer, locomotion. TPmg. 
sics. family treemaker. and comparing our dads. PAK- for our 
povers, mudsliding. texmex. I'm glad we were able to stay 
nds after you moved. ANNA L- French. Halloween, soccer 
les. SARAH M- mini, run diagonally. KATHRYN- BDC. 
..alien, french videos. ANNA S- prom, soccer games, n'sync. 
)IA- French, soccer games. '0 1 Guys- ALAN- for cracking your 
k in math, studying on the phone, telling me I studied too 
^. singing at catholic mass, for all those fun parries(Tommy's), 
es games. RICH- for your house, revs games, talking about 
;er. states games. I wish the best for you both in your soccer 
■ers. CHUCK- for your bbq chicken, poly sci with becca, 
Ik-chalk, bikes. JOSH- (my true co-pres) for Shm Shady, NY, 
ip memories at BDC (Foley's) , Wedgewood nights, Ben Fine, 
il T- for letting us use the barn, laughing at our lockers, 
jfontaine. PETE- Ethan Daniel Fme, what you say is what you 
Stay-l-Play, carrying chairs for Jackie, being Justin, math class. 
i\4MY- for NY. all of those parties(sorry). arguing with Shevory. 
fixing computers, CRAIG- for driving us around before we 
|Our licenses, golfing, BDC memories (Mike Avakian). JOHN 
jor after prom, parties, soccer games. STEVE- IRISH, sat class, 
ill meet in Ireland. SCOTT- Hunts class, parties, soccer games. 
[!£- moving back to Bedford, your house. STANLEY- my king. 
(N M- middle school, letting us visit you in Chelmsford. 
KY- for 3 5-1- lists, pat and dan. Mrs. P.. psych class, and asking 
|.t I had for dinner. ANDY C- student council. '02-RYAN- for 
Imng up together, having the best car ever, driving me and 
Isay around, jr prom, and being the funniest kid ever. DEN- 
I- for hanging out with Lindsay and me, Woodchucks. BDC 
inories. DANE- for BDC nights and being the nicest boy ever. 
|>od luck next year guys! SOCCER GIRLS- sleepovers. wind 
Ints. Good Luck next season! Thanks to my coaches- Kristin, 
lis, Kelly, and Mr. Wilson. '00- Jess(Superstar) . .Myssa, 
Isy(BlairWitch), Carrie. Thanks to teachers- Morris. Shevory. 
lis. Miele. Hunt, Sullivan, Griffin, Irving. Thanks and good 
' to all 

Brian Pantano 

Well, how can you write a senior thanks without starting off 
ithe parents? I am who I am because of you... and I guess I like 
) I am. Thanks mom for loving me, and putting up with me. 
Dw you mean well if you nag from time to time. Thanks dad 
being cool. You never really got upset and I like your 
nissive manner of parenting. I was debating on whether I 
lid throw Tim in considering you didn't put me in yours, 
iks. Thanks May. You taught me so much As my dad used to 
if the world was full of Mays, we'd be living in a much better 
e. Thank you Miss Peel and Mrs. NoUet. You were two of the 
t influential people in my childhood. I took more from your 
■es then trom my entire high school and middle school 
■riences- Thanks Mr. Huff. Mr. McGowan. Mrs. Kruegar. and 
Modzelewski for being the only teachers in the school who I 
■ respect. You guys made school SOMEwhat bearable. Mr. 
;an. you're almost there. Thanks Jamie Howard for guiding 
helping me understand my faith. You are by far the wisest and 
tput together individual I have known. Thanks Dave Herrche. 
'u range so high. I'll never know (get it?) . I'd have to say that 
t of my intellect and ambition came from you and the 
jssions that we have had. Uuhh It's good. Let's see... I'd like 
ve a marg and maybe a thanks to James. In the recent years, 
U factor has gone down and you're funny as hell. A shout out 
It also go to yevrac (I think I'll throw a pow in there too). You 
I hilarious Mr. Nonsensical man who makes no sense. 
I irmrmrmrmrmmrmr. STOMP. STOMP. POW. POW. DOUBLE- 

(twenty years from now. you'll never remember what that 
I as) Dave, my dear communist friend, thanks for the interest- 
! onversations and putting up with the WAMMi-I'm-SORRRy's. 
e to break it to you, but the incident at Tiananment Square 
' V did happen. Oh yeah, and if you do end up homeless, look 
jp Thanks Dirk, the LAN panies were fun and I enjoyed 
Sag technology with you. Now give me one of your comput- 
1 No really. I'm serious. Thanks Brendon for the oh so 
r esting tomfoolery. I must say, the Amazing Sensational 
lit mongering was fun and umm.. ulili... got any gum? 
1 \'d\ yyyyy... thanks for laughing at my antics and the "intel- 
al Lonversations were fun Forget about the lamp. I didn't 
I It anyway. Thanks Cole for opening my eyes to Slack. I now 
I a name for my utter utter laziness. How could I ever write 
nor thanks without mentioning Ani' Your hilarity and 
r ligence knows no bounds, bagel monger. BEN. thanks for 
I' i ".o incredibly smart and teaching me all that esoteric stuff 
~ ig iheory, etc.). I will join you in the afterlife and we can sip 
' ur .\ ine with the other demigods. "Hit the moron," Thanks 

I, 1 jf putting up with my grabbiness. Thanks Eric Cheng for 
n? I lit worst accent known to man. You're a great friend and 
, ou for the whole running away thing. Thank you Liz 
;lla) for not taking offense to my bad taste, for being 

' I i Mc in in school, and for being as darn good-looking as you 

are. Oh yeah, and thanks for all those Snouts. LINDS!! thanks for 
the support at soccer, for talking in school and for befriending 
Brian Pantano. Which reminds me of Colleen. Thanks for the 
soccer cheering. Enrique misses the sonrisa whore. Oh. and 
[hanks FQ for that wonderful night of hot. steamy, rapturous love 
(Is he kidding?). Thanks soccer team for all the great memories, 
particularly the seniors (Alan. Richie. Scott. John. Johnny and 
Jesse) That reminds me. thanks Alan and Richie for bringing the 
dance over to my house. That was a good time. God. I keep 
forgetting people. Thanks Johnny for being a pal. and one of the 
best people I've ever met. Thanks ski team. Thanks tennis team. 
Peace out. 

Derek Parham 

First of all. I want to thank my parents profusely for every- 
thing that they have done I definitely would not be where I am 
today without them. I want to thank my mom for always nagging 
me. but always being right when she did. Also tor handling 
everything that I did get a chance or forgot to do. I also want to 
thank my dad for letting me have the opportunity to learn 
everything that I have with computers. You guys did a great job 
at the parent thing and have been the biggest influence on my life. 
I owe everything to you guys, thanks to much. Also my friends 
have also been there for me through the good times and the bad. 
Dave. Pawel, Andy. Brendon. Matt. Brian. James, and Ani. Also 
Mr. McGowan for being a great teacher and helping me forge my 
skills with programming and math. I'd also like to thank the 
world for computers and allowing me to grow up right when they 
got interesting. My sister Lindsay and dog Cody have also been 
a help and source of support for me. I'd lasdy like to thank my 
parents again for the unending support for whatever I did, and 
their kindness and intelligence which will stay with me forever. 

Joshua Pierce 

First off I need to thank my parents. Mom and dad, thank you 
so much for everything, you know I will always love you. You 
may not think so. but I appreciate everything you have done for 
me. And don't worry. I'm not leaving for good next year. I will 
always be back asking for money or just simply to aggravate you 
MOM- Thank you for being the most overprotective parent 
Bedford has ever seen. I really don't think I could have made it 
through adolescence without you. I'll never be too old for you 
to baby me and treat me like a kid again. I'll always need that, 
especially as I get older. DAD- You've been the coolest from day 
one. Making me earn my independence was definitely the best 
thing for me. You always made me pay attention to the most 
important things in life, and showed me the meaning of decency. 
As for the rest of my RELATIVES- GRAMMY BONK, you're the 
most loving person on this earth and have always showed me the 
rewards of generosity. GRAMPY PIERCE- You are definitely the 
most decent man I know, and have always set a good example. 
UNCLE ALVIN- What can 1 say, there are no words to describe 
you Your humor is like no other, and your life advice is 
something I will always keep with me. UNCLE NORMAN-Thanks 
for all the Raytheon stuff, for taking an interest in my Ufe. and 
pointing me m the right direction. And to the rest of the BONK 
children and all the other aunts, uncles, and cousins, you've 
always been there for me. Thank you to everyone that has ever 
coached me or taught me. especially COACH SULLIVAN- Thanks 
for keeping me in line and never letting me settle for mediocrity. 
Good luck next year. BARRY D - 4x400 baby! ! Thanks for never 
letting us slack and for being the real head coach of the track team. 
MRS. MORRIS- Try Ritalin. I hear it works on adults, too. No but 
really, you have been the greatest teacher ever. I hope you 
continue teaching for the rest of your life and keep up the 
enthusiasm as long as possible. Thanks to all of my friends, 
starting with WINICK- You are a savage. You are the only kid I 
know that is always himself no matter who you are around 
Colorado. Pats games. Jamaica. Blue 42's. Caddying. Skiing. 
Wrestling, and "Daddy!! You are so sexy!!" "Hey Julie'" PETE- I 
seriously think we have nicknames for everything and everyone 
in the school. Keep being the ladies man and don't forget to have 
fun whenever you can. Commandos, Hog, Tennis, Goldeneye. 
the midget room, "maybe we could watch the fight", it's good! 
COLLEEN- You have the most vibrant personality of any girl I've 
ever met. It is so easy to talk to you it's scary, and the fact is. I 
could always talk to you about anything. Don't forget my parents 
room, mud wrestling. Chinese food, the airbag deployment, 
sledding, making fun of everything there is, poker with your 
parents, the dyed hair, the triangle of love. You are truly a unique 
person. JON T.- FATTY!! We should have become better friends 
earlier kid. We've had good times though. Wedgewood "secret" 
parties and swimming, partying at Jimmy's. UMASS Dartmouth, 
high speed antics in NH, always applying the peer pressure when 
it was needed. STEFAN- The B.A. stance, choo choo, double time 
baby!!, "Amity, who are you going to the semi with?", all the 
ridiculous camp havoc, how could I not have gotten fired?, don't 
forget the lime at ASU. DAN L - Be a man. Thanks dude for 
helping me contain Brady and staying in Bedford so I can have 
someone to complain to about school, football, and everything 

else. GRIECHI- Always being there to chill Guster. washing out 
my driveway, peer pressure, the Barkovic's. Jimmy's. Gloucester. 
LAUREN- "White trash, anyone?", snowboarding antics, CCD 
teaching and learning (even though we really did neither ) . always 
one year behind, ha ha. someday you'll catch up. JILL- Thanks for 
agreeing with me on certain people that are just way too anno) ing 
to hang out with. I never could have made it through Junior year 
without you. TOMMY- Get Jordi under control before she hurts 
somecme. New York. B C. games, partying with Dave's room- 
males, trips to the supermarket and BiJlerica, Hooters ("um Root 
beer"). DAVE H.- OK, here we go, are you ready^ Six flags, 
commandos, it's good, PMBFC, DP, The Border, fire in Weston, 
it's good. Woooo! ALEX I.- Keep trying to get out of your 
brother's shadow. RYAN W.- You are the coolest Junior I know. 
COREY B - Make sure your ego is under control next year. 
BRADY- Where do I start? I could go on listing all of our good 
times, but I know you already remember every one of them. 
You've stuck with me, I don't know how, but you have. I mean 
It when I say you've been the best girlfriend a guy could ever ask 
for. You are very special to me, and I know we have a great future 
together. THANKS- To everyone I've played football with, it's 
been the best experience ol my life. To the senior girls, you've all 
been fabulously (Heather) flirtatious. To the class of 2000, 
McFarland. Dan. Andrea. Carrie. Gartland. Stefan. Nolan. Griechi. 
Kennery. Craiga. Jon B.. Alyssa, Crazy-K. Larry. Brady, good 
times To the varsity soccer team, for not excluding me TOO 
much for playing football. To everyone at Day Camp for not 
telling on me for all the dumb tilings I did with kids (Ben Fine), 
and allowing me to keep my job there. Good luck to the class of 
2002 and especially the football studs. FUTURE GOALS- Move to 
Washington DC. buy a nice house in the suburbs, retire from a 
government job at 40. marry the woman of my dreams to do my 
laundr)'. have a couple kids, and coach little league 

Jesse Raticiieii 

First of all I would hke to thank my Father in heaven Without 
your guiding hand, your encouragement, and your love I would 
not be the person that I am today You have taught me what it 
means to live. Next I want to thank my family Together you have 
always encouraged me. built me up when I needed to be. and torn 
me down when I was too high. Dad. even though I may say you 
are a slave to your work I know what it means to you. and in reality 
you have never short changed us (the boys). Thanks for being a 
model ol what it means to lead a meaningful life, for your work 
in disciplining and shaping me. for our friendship, and for the 
love that exists between a father and son. To Mom I don't know 
what it is like to try be a mother to four boys as unrelenting as we 
are. but I can't imagine someone who could do a better job. 
Thanks for being the only woman in a house of five men, for 
loving me in the way that only you can, for home schooling me. 
for always working with me to conquer my dyslexia, and for 
flying low under the radar like I do. Ben, I have to thank you for 
.ALWAYS being right and for being the youngest and weakest 
when you want so badly to be the biggest and the oldest. Andy 
you are perhaps the single largest influence I have ever had in my 
entire painting career. I have learned how to pay bills from you. 

and many other numerous things too numerous to mention. 

Jim, thank you so much for teaching me how to give wonderful 
presents on Christmas, and how to sail a boat on a napkin. Now 
to the rest of you. I am going to try and keep this as short as 
possible. The boys first. Matt- we have done everything together 
so if you can name it I thank you for it. Johimy- for trying to sell 
rocks to the construction workers, savage. Steve-because we are 
the best at everything and we can't fail period. Rob- for being my 
twin, driving a Taurus, and liking just about everything I do. Dre- 
what can you say. your cool. What? For driving a matchbox like 
I do. Alan-pamting with the best mentor in the business ie. my 
brother, and getting struck by lightning. Rich- for lifting. 
Charles- for owning a Volvo and for getting bagels in Lexington 
during band. Tom- planning senior pranks. Jon- for flying 
around in the z car before the prom. The other painting boys, for 
drinking Alex's water or what ever else his mom made us. Alex 
for bringing us the lemonade etc. Winick- for all the football we 
played, for teaching me to ski. John- The vase in Ceramics. M5- 
TGI's. To Von Krugershnitsel- for being German. Dane- for 
breaking your back while holding the pose at the beginning of the 
play The women. Lydia- For being you. you are awesome, I 
don't know what else to say. refer to where I signed this book it 
will have more detail, Liz- LIZ! (The way I yell it) Kristen- for 
your tea. good stuff Catherine-for being in my way, Jenny-for 
my hairy chin, and the Slim Shevory song. Shannon- for being my 
thief-lover, Anna L, -for the car club, and jeep. Teachers. To Mrs. 
Miele for being the sole reason I am still taking math. To Mrs. 
Sullivan for drawing out my enjoyment of literature and writing 
in rare way. To Mr. Sullivan for the utiles of satisfaction I got out 
of your classes, the Valentine video and the talking tree. Mrs. 
Kruger- for the most enjoyable physics class ever. Mr. Stevenson- 
for deriving it harder. To everyone else who I forgot. . .oh by the 
way I mention if I forgot you it was on purpose. Ri£ht 

Nicholas Rebichaud 

Mom. Dad, Jesse, you guys are the grealesc famil> anyone 
could ever have, y ou've always supponed me in anythmg that I 
wanted to do. helped me get through the rough spots m life, and 
have always let me know that you love me You all mean so much 
to me and I love you- Dad you've always helped me in basketball 
and you have always known what to say to get me motivated to 
play better. Mom. I know that somerlmes you get fed up with 
living in a house full of men, but without you. the house would 
probably be burnt to the ground. Jesse. I know I give you a hard 
time sometimes but I don't mean anything by it. I'm proud of all 
the stuff your doing with your music, I never could do any of that 
stuff half as good as > ou can. Thanks to all my aunts, uncles, and 
cousins for being so much fun to be around. Also thanks to all the 
family friends that have been around me my whole life for being 
like family. Thanks to the Redmond, Whallon. McAbe/Little, 
Haynes, and Ebner families for making me feel welcome in your 
homes (and your refrigerators). Thanks to Coach Byrnes for 
always pushing me to work harder, helping me with college 
basketball stuff, and for all the workouts to help me get better. To 
Coach LeBlanc for beating me up in practice and my rwo years on 
JV. Thanks to Pete Cacciola for being the best teacher I've ever 
had, and for teachmg me about your job To my friends: GER.'MD, 
thanks for slicking by me since my first day in Bedford when we 
played basketball at recess. I hope we alway s are friends. Thanks 
for destroying me in every video game, being a coach sophomore 
year, and for all the sleepovers at my house, y our ahvay s w elcome 
here. I know you've had some rough times in your life but hang 
in there and I promise things will get better. KEVIN, lifting 
weights in the summer and getting big(ger)-the web is no more, 
shindigs at your house, basketball, talking about girls, "fuel", the 
shocker, team hopeless, swervies and Blair Becca (mistake), 
pimpin' out the rabbit, your mom making fun of me. and walking 
in Pizza Plus and washing your hands. Mess 'em up at Babson or 
wherever you decide to go. MIKE, Man-child, I think my GPA 
would've been a lot higher if you weren't around to distract me 
in all of my classes these past rwo years. Thanks for having the 
only car out of all of our friends that I could fit in (including 
mine), "Put your shoes back on Mike!". Wisk. introducing me to 
wrestling, for throwing all my pens out the window in English, 
and for all the times I had to yell at you that you weren't a wrestler 
junior )ear I wish I could put a "diagram" in the yearbook, but 
it would scare small children. BRETT, stop lying about me to your 
parents, sorry about walking in your moms room like that 
though, my bad Thanks for being the nastiest Jewish basketball 

player I've ever met, "Chapped !", crashing at your house, 

and for sexually harassing my brother. DREW- thanks for always 
being a good friend, supporting me in basketball when people 
would give me a hard time, and for being one of the funniest kids 
I've ever met. MATT, you were one of my first Bedford friends 
and I'm glad its lasted. Thanks for all the talks about girls, going 
down to NH with you and your family, being a good friend, and 
for members of your family trying to rip my leg olf with a boat, 
that was fun Just kidding man. KIRK. Disco. I don't think I'm 
gorma miss you and Mike tag-teaming on me. but I will miss all 
the times we all just chilled in your basement. Thanks for making 
me ride in the back of the mustang on the way to the expo center 
(scared out of my mind) , Kevin almost killing us 5 times in a day , 
and your parties. JOHNNY, noone could ever know a better 
person than you. y ou know what it means to be a true friend and 
how to treat people. Thanks for all the rides to school, "nitwits 
incorporated," and for always shooting hoops with me. You're 
my second favorite white rapper. PAT. eeee-yeeeaaahh. Fight 
Club+The Cheeze, too bad Kevin only has parties when your at 
tennis tournaments. DANNY Boone, thanks for saying I'm a pimp 
even though I'm not, working at CWV then quitting and it 
sucking, and sneaking into the pool with the Cheeze. CHRISTIAN, 
thanks for hooking me up with all of those ill no look passes (even 
if I missed half of them), and for being a ball hog up till high 
school- Tear it up next year. TOMMY, how about those African 
elephants? Yeah. Bedford Farms delivers. LIZ D. your one of the 
nicest girls that I've ever met. thank god for the both of us that 
junior health is done forever. DAN C, Springsbrook Park and the 
sloth voice, GRACHAUN. your one cool girl, I'm glad I got to 
know you and listen to your nasty conversations this year, STEVE, 
you got nasty Irish bball skills, STAN for being a fellow tall guy, 
except not goofy, JOHN M, Gino!! Hooters was fun, Burlington 
wasn't, BMC, pass the ball!. Running out of room, so here's some 
SHOUT-OUTS: All my dawgs on past, present, and future basket- 
ball teams, next years bailers, girls basketball team, cheerleaders. 
Sarah (Smiles). Chris D. Colin. Lauren, Jon T, Nick W. Nick M, 
Martins, Gunner662. Jamal. Keisha. Jimmy, Cassie. Shamekia. 
Courtney. Jessica. Pat M. Chris B. CWV employees, and all the 
class of '00 thugs on the basketball team. Sorry to anyone I forgot. 
I'm tired of writing, and I'm not made of money! Future Plans: 
school, job, marriage, kids, and happiness. Good luck 2001. 

192 0=w 

Him Robinson 

First of all I w ant to thank my mora and dad. You guys have 
alw-ays stood behind all of my decisions and made me feel like I 
was a really special person. I don't know where I would be if I did 
not have you guys to look up to. I'm sure I wouldn't be as patient 
as I have become. Next I want to thank my millions of grandpar- 
ents. Grammy, you are the funniest woman on the face of the 
earth. Nona and papa I'm glad we still keep up all of our traditions 
and I hope I will always be your turkey. Krista. you are fat. Just 
kidding, I like you. Any teeth? We stiU cannot have one peaceful 
dinner together. I think one day mom might kill us. or dad might 
internally combust. You know what we'll have to do then. Alyssa, 
you made it very hard for me to accept anything but the best from 
myself Why do you have to be so darn smart! Thanks to both of 
you girls for terrorizing me when I was litde and laughing at me 
all the time. Next to all my girls. I love you all so much and I don't 
know where I would be without you guys. Sara, you are the 
funniest girl I know and you and I have really made friendships 
to last a lifetime! We have had so many good times together and 
I'm glad that we finally took our sisters' advice and became 
friends- Wooo Hawaii!!! Kathryn, it is so nice to have some one 
to be a drama nerd w ith- We always have to pretend to be French, 
watch the video (especially "for the girl"), and look at mignon 
derierres together' Lee, you and I have been friends forever and 
I really hope it stays that way. Maybe someday you'll graduate 
too. but not for a really long time!! Ha ha!! Just kidding. I know 
you're young, but you're more mature than I am. Rachel, just like 
the song says, we'll be- .just like Thelma and Louise! Eww 
Anyways, you are absolutely crazy . which is why we all love you 
so much. To all the Legacy dancers. You guys are one of the most 
important parts of my life. I love all of you! I'd especially like to 
thank all the old school girls- Dora, Liz, Lauren, Debbie, Jenna, 
and Lee- Remember us way back in the day' Mr- Touchdown is all 
I have to say! Everyone in Madrigal, you guy s are so much fun. 
Timmy. you smell hke tuna. Me and you are the best dancers in 
Bedford! Double sextet, we are so much better than the boys! 
Bases are the best! Jeremy O.. always remember the trio! Justin. 
I hope that one day you'll call me just to say hi and not because 
you're looking for someone! Andy, I'm glad you actually got to 
go to college and I hope your dream of being a janitor comes true. 
Thanks Mike. nt. Cirilia. I think I'm going to be you when I grow- 
up. Always remember the moustache! Richard. You are the 
sweetest boy on the face of the earth and I hope you and I will 
alw ay s be best friends- I love you so much, nobody knows how 
to make me happy like you do! Thank you for dealing with the fact 
that I'm the boy of the relationship. Thanks BenM-C. It's okay that 
you talk to the rv and I'm sorry Kathryn and I made you watch the 
Mickey Mouse Club. Nathan. I'm glad we have become friends. 
You are a cool person. Brett, I'm glad that you trust me enough 
to ask me advice. You're a really nice person when you are not 
physically abusive. Also Denniz thank you for making me such a 
great birthday cake. I'm glad you and I have become friends since 
Ms. Mathews class. Lastly I'd like to thank the entire class of 
French IV. That is just the most fun class m the world because 
none of you care that I'm a big dork! Anyone else that I didn't 
mention I'm sorry, but I'm sure I love you too! 

Katie Roe 

First thanks to m) family. I couldn't be where I am without 
your detennination and support I love you all very much. Mom 
and Dad thanks for helping me live through thick and thin times, 
even when I wasn't the nicest person. Shawn my only brother, 
you'll always be a pain that I love. Jackie-"shorty. squirt" thanks 
for being my Utde sister, fashion consultant and friend. My dog 
Buffet who is the best listener in the world. Friends: Sarah 
Sabourin my best friend forever; Kathryn Healy-greatest non- 
Bedfordite and band dork I know. "1. 2. 5. ..No 3 BOOM!!" 
Margot Lynn- most spirited and strong willed friend I've know n. 
Economics class with its random debates and laughs; whole music 
Department for 2 wonderful trips over to Europe; Mr- Reagan- 
being a great teacher. Assistant Principle, and for the 3 years of 
marching band. "Did you ever know you're my hero"-Megaman; 
Mr. Felker-"Falkin" for a great senior music year; Mr. Kelly for 
being one of the nicest teachers. "Can we watch Hercules!?" Mrs. 
Morris for being the most understanding and having the most 
entertaining class; Mr. Palmer. Ms. Hennessy; Ms. Matthew-; Mr. 
C . and the rest of the staff for 4 fantastic years. To others: 1998- 
Katie. Jen. LIuvia. Mariarme. Sarah. Pam. 1 999- Pat Natahe, Dan, 
Fabrizio, Shari, Melissa, Michelle. .Missa, Emily, Chad, Jon (Sailor 
Mars!!); 2000-Bethany, Erin, Katie, Katie C. Jesse. Danielle, Kan, 
Ellen, Pranitan, Melody, Jen, Vik, Mei-Mei; 200 1 -Jenny C. 
Rachel. Jackie. Kehn, Jason D. Krystel, Bonnie, Shannon, Chris- 
tina, Sarah, Christiana, Barbara, Jenny M., Ani, Meagan and the 
entire class for the memories, laughs and lessons. 2002-Pat. 
Lindsay, Leslie. Katie. Springer. Matt, Steve; 2003-Phil. Kayo, 
Heater, Lauri, Tim. Sam, Keith (Smiley), Dara, Chris, Derek- 
"Lemur on a string," Colleen, Jesse. Kate. Ben; 2004-Meagan. 
Chelsea. Alec, Ben. Mike, Ashley, Jeff. Pat. Katie #2. Chris 

"Sully", Jenny, Corina, Jessica; Last and most importantly tha 
to God for help to guide me through life and leach me sometb 
new- each day 

Anna Christina Sabella 

Activities: soccer, drama, environmental. S..-\.D.D.. & Sp 
ish club: 1.2,3,4 *NSYNC: 4 Ufe! First 2 my awesome famil 
LOVE YOU!) : DAD, thanks 4 all the sports advice (especially at 
dinner table) & not moving us to California. MOM. you're 
amazing person! If I can be 1 / 2 the woman you are I'll consi 
myself lucky & successful. I'm glad I can talk to you ab 
anything. NICK. 4 throwing us all off & joining the Marines! 
so proud. Thanks for all your advice ('). SARA (sweetpf 
keeping most of my secrets, or announcing them fa dinner, 
"stand by me", our sing-alongs. Heath!!! For sharing your 
friends w/me. For being a unique and exciting human bein 
love you and beheve in you! I'll always be here for you ALSC 
my awesome extended family- Larson's and Sabella's- love ■ 
all! COLLEEN, photo shoots, kokomo, campfire, Spanish, Lant 
u & Justin 4 me 4 your motivation in soccer, Walden trip (' 
What?!), sleepovers (Old mcanna), tea party stories, for beir 
psycho soccer girlfriend w/me! I can tell all my secrets to y 
Lylas! ALL MY GIRLS- LIZ. (offering your house, hyper-psycl 
talks about w-hatever, being married, sessions, velveeta, v 
animals) MERI. (being stalked, da fahms, gold helmet, skati 
CATHERINE (ccd. Sunday drives, tea parlour), KRISTEN (r 
trips. JC) LYDS (double dates, Gloucester) SHANNON (beir 
true drama queen), MONICA (for ditching me in psat, chaml 
random comments), MAURA (boy talks. 20 chelmsford 
LAURA (homeroom, your glasses, funny faces). JENNIE ( 
sions, managing, your weirdness. even if we haven't talke< 
forever I know you're always there). SARAH (soccer- the 
sport!, preseason, we have the funnest limes doing the dumi 
things). ANNA (Tuesdays. Wednesdays, shakes, dolls, so m 
memories!) GIRL SCOUTS- battleship, campmg. rafting. < 
wait 4 Switzerland' IN GENERAL: Lunch conversations, part 
macaroni grill, movie nights, shaving cream halloween. mar' 
vans, scream, sleepovers. bleacher painting I love you all. 
always be in touch!' THE REST OF THE SENIOR CLASS: PH 
you're the only guy that's been there since forever! I know w 
always be close. Remember Nsync rehearsals, the Cape, be; 
and KiUlngton trips! ALAN- advice, ceramics. I won't even say 
other stuff Good luck! RICHIE- economics, my dance partner 
year, new- year's eve sophomore year, you're like a brothe 
me!, JOHN B.- ski bus. math last year. psat. voting for george 
good luck' SCOTT- colleen loves you. but I bet I know more at 
her than you! Be good to her! TOMMY-rides 2 school & 4 b( 
a nerd ROBBIE- ceramics, mim golf. IRISH- economics Itlu 
for the chips), teasing hndsay. Mini golf, peer leadershi] 
swapping gossip. CHARLES- w-ind. bbq's. SARA M- 3 h'l p 
math. psat. RACHEL L- math last year. NKKI- Love ya. lil 
daughter (') You are an amazing athlete, good luck! S.ARAH 
da fahms. english & math this year. LINDSAY- for being a fu 
girl- english. math & economics have been a blast! .^LEX-sum 
of '98. being neighbors- REST OF THE SENIORS- ERIN, BEC 
NICOLE G- JUNIORS: RYAN and DENNIS: for "saving" m 
Boston. I'll never forget that- even if I try' Ry, for all the fii 
w-ind. MARGE: Braveheart & 15th b-day. CAMPBELLS: for b< 
cool neighbors, and soccer- you all Better play next year! I V 
come back!! M^RY-KATE: red-sox game. JGMS notes. y< 
always make me laugh. I'll miss you next year! K.ATE V.- bioli 
cowboy hals. you're a kick-butt lax playa! Special Craft whc 
A-l-C any day! SAR-^H P: work, wind fun. yummy lax boys! 
O'D- interior design kicked butt! SOPHOMORES: LIND< 
WHITNEY, JAMIE, CABANS: I'll miss you guys! KRISTA & K- 
B- Ceramics! (katie, our club at wachusett) FRESHMEN: L 
soccer bus talks. Justin! Britney? (we'll get though this togel 
Dave & Beth are home!! OH MY GOD!! ERIN: spilling guts or 
soccer bus. for being a cute girl & always smiling. GERI- for b 
my surrogate big sister! Love you! EMILY P-I miss you so n 
this year! M.AHONEY'S: for treating me like 1 of the family. I 
might miss you guys more than Dane! Thanks for the North ' 
encouraging me to try new things, great stories, and for b 
aw-esome people GRAYS. (Cathy you truly are my other mot 
love you!) WEBSTERS. & GLEASONS for cape trips. MATI*, 
(waterville). McLANES (Hampton). EGANS. MINUES (Christ 
parties). L.ARSONS (river), and MRS. LARSON- You're amai 
L.AST. but certainly not least. DANE: after my picture fad 
darkness has turned to gray. . if you're lost you can look & you 
find me. time after time - if you fall I will catch you. I wi 
waiting, time after time Thanks for XOXO's. t.g i.f 's. b 
days, truman show, being nsync. Nutcracker. North End, 
don. Stomp, sox games, day camp, fights 4 the remote, Ai 
proving over & over that opposites DO attract! I can't wait!! I 
learned so much from you, thank you 4 giving me the confld 
that I need. Thank you for your honesty & for believing in n 

t like thinking about me w/o you. but you're one of those 
ling people destined for bigger and better things. I Love You 
^er! You'll always be my first love and have a special place in 
leart. Nunca te olvidare! To all the teachers that have made 
irthwhile to get up and come to school: P.^LMER. SRT.^.. both 
RS. GELORMINI; soccer games & kindergarten :). DAVE & 
/-best bosses ever! Future Goals: Go to college, figure out 
: I want to do with my life, marry the man of my dreams, have 
.■ kids, go to Disney World often, & live a long happy healthy 

Brett Samuels 

•irsi and foremost I would like to thank my Mommy and 
ly. You two have done so much for me, and you have made 
le person that I am today. Even though we fight sometimes, 
ays come out of every argument knowing that we are closer 
we were before. I want to thank you for raising a son that 
.is own opinions, ideas, morals, ideas, and thoughts. I know 
AOthout you, I woudn't have ever made it this far. Tracy, my 
ister. You've always been there for me. and the gratitude that 
e will never be lost. Even though it may seem that my life 
ives around making fun o{ you. it is not so. I do now, I always 
, and I always \vill. lo^ e you. Now. on to my best friends. 
Nathan. Ben. Will. Chris, and John. We've known each 

■ for so long, too long if you ask me. I can't imagine having 
I through school without y'all. Dan. remember our study 
3ns? Yearbook, plus editor, equals, yearbook editor- Nathan, 
ply can't understand why you never got with any of the girls 

set you up with. Just remember, if a girl invites you to go 
^he basemet alone, you can probably assume that the)- are 
ig on you. BMC, over the past few years you have become 
f my closest friends ever. Remember all the nights wewatched 
eltics and the Patriots. Remeber quenching our thirst, and 
g to play basketball and letting ourselves fall. To some of my 

friends. Nick. Kirk, Kevin, Mike, and Shane. Although I 
known all of you for a long time, and we have spent a lot of 
together, it was only within the past couple years that we all 
:me close. Kirk, remeber you aren't allowed into my house 
s you take an Immodium first. Nick, stop needing alone 
in the basement, and never yell out of a car window ever.. 
1, you're nice. Lauren Weeks, remember all the times that we 
d questions? And when we kept asking who you would 

up with. Kim, you and Lauren have heard me say some of 
Tjpidest stuff ever and you never skipped a beat. You were 

■ s there for me to answer any questions that I might have 
thank you. HeatherT. The Big H. I can't forget the FH. 
€ Lanigan. and Michelle Manning. Mollie, even though I 
met you this year, you have truly become my best friend, I 
lon't understand what the deal is with the Swedish accent, 
slle, one of the truly nicest people that I have ever met. You 
ways there with a smile and laugh that opens up everyone's 

I thank you for that. Katie, just remember, if you can stand 
3u can have me. Joyce Juda, and Srebby. You are the only 
i that I can truly call my friends. I know I can always call up 
and tell her how much food I ate, or who has hooked up 
tly. And Srebby, you are one of the greatest specimens of 
nity diat I can imagine. You are truly yotmg at heart, and 
Iways be loved by all. I want to throw a special shoutout to 
Not only have u made me a better person, a better guy, and 
:er jew, but you have vastly improved my love life. Mr. 
li, you like no other have had to put up with me every single 
Although Dan and I are editors and we like to take all the 
, you are the one who truly puts the book together, I along 
the entire school, owe you a debt of gratitude. Stieghtzes. 
es, and Sridharans. You have known me longer then anyone 
I know that if I have ever need someone to turn to, or 
where to go, you will be there for me. Thank you. Everyone 
Z. My first real job. Donna, Chris, Carolyn, Claire, John, 
Virginia, Madhu, Will, and Dave. If they ever ask you to 
in Braintree, just say no. There are two teachers in particular 
would like to thank. You add definite youth and vitality to 
hool that could not be found anywhere else. First of all. Mr 
n. Your teaching style and classroom atmosphere make me 
to show up to class, you have changed my entire attitude 
ds learning, never change the way that you are. Mrs, 
s, I once heard that while in school I would meet one teacher 
•Quid change y life forever. That teacher is without a doubt. 
Not only have you taught me numerous facts about history 
Kiology, but you gave taught me more about myself and 
am then anyone else ever. I also, want to make a little side 
to Dave and Joel. You guys taught me a whole new wa)- of 
wouldn't change a thing. Thank you to my friends from the 
>f 2000. Don, Vikram, Karan, Danielle, Beth, Shaun, Dina, 
Stephen, and Eric. Thank you for making the summer 
; my senior year so much fun. Don. you never thought 
about opening up your houseto us. You always made me 
relcome, and were a spectacular host. I also want to 
on, Andre, Shane, Tommy, Erin. LaLa. KK. Jay. Ross. 

Melanie. Melissa. Marsha, Milana, Moishe, Mike, Ora, Rachel, 
Shanah, Beth. Mike. Becca, Brendon, Mattm Adam, Deb, Eitan, 
Eric, Erika, Erica, Jenn, Pat, Sammy, Alex, Alec, Katie, Monicca, 
Colin, and Zatk. And. last but not least. I want to thank the class 
of 200 I , You have made my high school career what it was. a 
great time that I will never forget, thank you. Oh yea. I think God 
deserves some sort of mention. Your book has always been a place 
for me to turn, and I am never alone. Thank you, 

f racy Samuels 

As senior year and m) high school career come to an end. I 
realize how hard it is to say goodbye to people who I have helped 
me grow and become who I am. Most important of these people 
are my parents. Mom and Dad. you have always been there to 
support me and encourage me. You let me chase my dreams and 
allowed me to fall, but were always there to help me up again. 
You always knew what I was capable of even when I did not. and 
pushed me to do my best. I will be forever grateful for everything 
that you have given me, I love you both so much, Brett, Mom and 
Dad say that we used to get along when we were little. Some days 
I wonder if that will ever happen again. Even though I've claimed 
to be switched at birth many times, there is no one that I would 
rather have as my brother. You have the amazing ability to make 
me want to punch you, and then two seconds later I'm laughing 
at you, I love you and I will miss you so much next year. Just 
remember, I'm still four minutes older than you are. Shira, we've 
shared some interesting times, I still don't understand how 
everything always works out, but I've learned not to question it 
anymore. We have been there for each other through so much, 
I can't imagine high school without you. You mean so much to 
me. You are my best friend, and whatever the future holds, I hope 
that we will still be friends, Rachel, I think we have become closer 
although were are father away. It's been so great to have you as 
my escape when things got tough. I hope we will continue to 
keep in touch. Mark, you have always understood me. You let me 
say what I was thinking without judging me. We always had so 
much fun when we went out. we could just kick back and relax, 
and not care what other thought. One more thing .1 only like the 
mushrooms. Chris, where would I be without you? Our 
conversations in your car were great, and it's so much fun when 
we are both being crazy. I've always been a member of your fan 
club, so don't forget that I am always here for you. You deserve 
the best in life, so never setde for less. Sam. we had way too much 
fun gift wrapping for JDF and at the gala. I still remember when 
we were working on the newsletter and I hit my head. Maybe it 
had a greater effect on me that we thought. Nicole, having classes 
with you this year has been great. We end up thinking alike so 
much, it's scary some times, Liz, you are always great to be 
around You make me laugh and think at the same time. Always 
stay true to who you are, Becca, from sophomore year to now we 
have been through so much. I'm glad that we've been friends. I 
love how you don't care what others think Bonnie, you are so 
talented and I know ) ou will go far. I'm glad that no matter what 
was going on with our friends, we could always talk, I will always 
remember all the fun our group had together, especially our 
conversations at lunch, I couldn't forget those if I wanted to. 
Gerald, you are such a sweet gu)'. and have always been real. I 
wish you the best, because you really do deserve it. Never let 
anyone tell you otherwise. To everyone in USY and on my 
Pilgrimage trip, you guys have given me so much. I would not 
be the same without you, I could always count on your guys for 
anything. From all the dances to six weeks m another country, 
nothing can compare with my experience with all of you. To 
anyone who I have left out, I'm sorry and I hope that you don't 
need a sentence in my senior yearbook for you to understand how 
much you mean to me. Things have not always been easy, but 
they have always worked out in the end. The good times are the 
ones that we will remember forever. Yesterday is now a memory, 
but tomorrow is still a dream, 

Laura Scaramelli 

Field Hockey 1 . 2. 3.4, Indoor Track 2.3.4 Spring Track 1.2 
Interact 1, 2, 3, 4 French Club 1, 2, 3, 4S.ADD 2. 3. 

4 NFIS 3. 4 Secretary 4 

First I would like to thank my family for always being there 
for me & for always encouraging me to do my best, Mom~ Marzy, 
Thank you for always listening to me. supporting me. and being 
my 'best buddy'. For Sam skating lessons, taxis to ballet, pretty 
heart days. & the driving in your blue BM song. I someday hope 
to become the extraordinary mother & person you have been to 
the three of us, Dad~ Pony Bird, You are the one who has pushed 
me to try my hardest in whatever I do. always encouraging me to 
be determined and confident. Thank you for being the most 
giving & intelligent person in my life, Nicole- Coley, You are 
such a special person & my best friend. You are always there for 
me, even when I don't think I need anyone, Jennie~ Rennie. I 
know we have not always gotten along in the past but I think we 
have learned a lot from one another. You always know how to 
make me laugh. I am so lucky to have the rwo of you as my sisters 

and best friends. ILU both. Monica— "Kelly". For hiding in the 
pool house, "jessica's". matt, BK, beeping at the gas station. Tae 
Boe. Lexington. Burlington, Billerica parties. LTP girl. Sam, Ben, 
Eric. & Doogie, Sada, Moenie, JT, GAP. milk eggs & echinacia, 
mandillo's, counting crows. April, Flora. Stuart & Joncy, running 
in the rain, pilates. Bob Saget, Nicole's, & Italy, We always have 
so much fun together no matter what we do. Thanks for being 
such a great friend Shira~ Charlie. For being my neighbor. 
Savage, running, that night, shopping after midterms, the bus, 
huckins, and ping pong tournaments. Thanks for always listening 
and being someone I can count on. Anna - For always making me 
laugh & your constant cheerfulness. For Halloween and triplet 
bday parties, costumes, driving in your jeep and losing everyone, 
my fall in NY, moon-walking on tables. CFO shoes, the weird 
drawer, and stealing signs. Meredith- For walks sophomore year 
at break, laughing at that person getting hit by the car, bob saget. 
& the shoplifting witnesses. Colleen- For Starship. art major. 
David, teddy bear girl, making me laugh, sabrina's stickers, 
nailpolish. notes for Nick. & Rebecca's Cafe. Kristen- For the 
jacuzzi. birthday and pool parties, see through pants, french 
videos. & being an awesome friend, Lydia- Sophie. For entertain- 
ing me, telling me I smell and talk to myself, that time at 
Friendly 's, "I want my B.ABY", surviving FH, mean looks. Sarah- 
For Jessica's, made up hand movements & my singing voice, 
Catherine— For always being so nice, FH, your stalker, sweatshirt. 
& many great memories, Jennie- You were one of m) first friends 
in Bedford. Remember when I fell down the hill? For John 
Travolta & the other John, laser show, "white chocolate". & being 
an individual. .Anna- For being the loud one. girl's nights, 
homeroom, & being a great friend. Liz- For the blowhorn & 
hitting your butt, Lindsay- JETS, For indoor track. Heat, coach .Al. 
& the Creger. Maura- For chili's & the hawaiian ginger lotion, 
Lesley and Heather- Rick's cafe, animal 'nloopers & steahng signs, 
Becca M.- For loving "V" & seeing me fall down the stairs. Becca 
G.- For the banner & being such a nice person. Matt B~ Mr. SB. 
For the irish mafia. .Al, 'missions', small and shaven, running, 
curdled, and endless talks about nothing. Thanks for all the 
encouragement, eat my dust, Richie- Boobs. For the plan. 
Carney. & all the questions. Benjy- For art class, david. matt, fruit 
in the drawer, pool, the cleaners, stealing paints. & sociology. 
Mumbles- For the notes on your car. headbutts & eyepoking, 
MFl , starship, my picture, & the competition, Joshua- For Jordi 
& Helen Keller, indoor track, & getting stopped on base. Robo- 
For never teaching me how to ride a bike, movies at your house, 
.AT. pedafile. & the rice crispy treats, Mike- Spunky. For enter- 
taining me in ceramics & singing my song Dan- Pour asseoir 
devant moi. la ceramique. et les films de francais. Topher- For 
small and shaven and always calling me Lola .Also- Alan. Charles. 
John. Nathan. Mike. Kirk, and Jimmy, 00': Ricky- Guns, For 
track, skipping practice, coach al. Curver. H20 matrix, and lime 
rickies, Mike M,- For Scrotomelli. indoor track, weird faces, & 
teacliing me standard. Craig- For sophomore year. semi, teach- 
ing me to drive, great memories & being such a nice guy Emily- 
Always screaming my name & being such a nice person, Jeff S.~ 
Trying to find the pool hall, getting lost, chili's. & never telling 
me what you wrote, '98 Field Hockey Seniors- For being spirited 
& NKOTB, Mike D- Hiding your retainer in the snow, pretzels, 
Dave W.~ indoor track and always saying hi, .Anthony- For Lex. 
memories & scroto. .Alex- M) favorite freshman, thanks for the 
certificate. Tom- You ha\ e made my high school experience so 
special. I am so lucky to have met such a wonderful person like 
you. For the junior prom. semi, new years, movies, john's. & all 
the other special times we have shared. Thank you for being such 
an incredible friend & boyfriend. Thank you to all the teachers 
that have inspired me and assisted me m becoming who I am 
today: Morris, both Sullivans. Mod. Hunt. Pilla. "Savage". 
Hennessey. Sheinfeld. & Rainis. Good Luck Class of 2001!! 

Ben Stuhl 

First off, thanks to m> parents and family. Mommy, Daddy, 
you've been great parents and great helps in getting me through 
BHS, Emma, I do love you, even if you drive me up the wall 
sometimes, I'd also like to thank all my teachers for their time and 
help, but especially Mr. Stephenson, Mrs Krueger, and Mrs, 
Rainis for their help in manipulating curricula so I actually had 
something to do. To the class of 2000 (even if most of you won't 
ever read this), thanks for making me feel ueknnu when I was 
a half-senior. Thanks to all my friends: you know who you are 
(and if you're not sure, consider yourself a friend). .Andy - I look 
forward to voting for you some day. Matt - don't kill anyone. The 
rest of you who hang out in McGowan's room - remember 
computers aren't the only thing in life (heresy. I know, but it's 
true). Everyone who doesn't hang out there - thanks for the 
change. '99-'00 AP Chem - thanks for letting me wander in. There 
may never be another class like you. And everyone, whether I 
even know you or not. thanks for helping me grow, 

Kathryn Rose Sylva 

Activities: Drama Club(l) SADD(3.4)V X-C(1.2.3)V 

^ 193 

Basketbal!(3,4}V Softball{3. 4) T o u r n a - 

ment(4) PenlS Club( 1 .2.3,4) Everything fun( 

I would first lUce to thank my lo\ing parents for everything 
they have done for me throughout the years Thank you guys for 
supportmg me. Thanks MOM, for being so cute and for helping 
me do thmgs that I could never do by myself DAD. thank you for 
your sense of humor and your encouragement, I will always be 
your little angel, no matter how old I get. KRISTEN. seeing as we 
both graduated this year, I am going to wish you the best of luck. 

1 want to thank you for being my singing partner and for being 
such an understanding sister. You are the smartest person I know 
f except svhen it comes to cooking) KIMMY. I thmk you owe me 
some money, but I don't kncAv. Thank you for lettmg me borrow 
your clothes, making sure I am dressed to your approval, for 
whining so much, talks about boys, getting in trouble and 
drawing the attention away from my bad report cards, tor telling 
on me, and for being my best friend. NAN.A&PAP.A. you two are 
the cutest and the best grandparents anyone could ask for. You 
both mean so much to me. AUNTIE CHERYL&UNCLE ROY. 
thanks for always calling me bugga and letting me baby-sit the 
boys. Aumie Cheryl, thanks for being my sponsor for my confir- 
mation, I thmk It is time for some shortbread , Uncle Roy. thank 
you for being Mr, Fix-It. UNCLE BOBBY&AUNTIE DEBBIE: Thank 
you for all the laughs& Middiebury, AMY: for teaching me the 
N*sync dance, ear-piercings. JASON: for telling everyone your 
funny and embarrassing stories, I LOVE ALL OF YOU, MRS, 
MacGREGOR: thanks for the SAT books& for being there when- 
ever I needed someone to talk to about school. MRS, JORDAN, for 
being my friend, helping me gain self-confidence to talk to my 
teachers whenever I had a problem, nominatmg me for student of 
the month, helping me achieve my goals MS, KELLY GULLAGE. 
thanks for all of your help with my analyzing and Softball and the 
opportunity to go to FL, BARRY, thanks for 3 great years of x-c. 
And thanks for understanding, JIMMY: thanks for loving me for 
3 years, for being the one person I can tell everything to. us 
getting caught on the phone late at night. UNO's. Snoots. & your 
wonderful family- you guys are the greatest. JIMMY-H: thanks for 
beating me up constantly, for being a good friend, our "study 
sessions". JONATHAN SEE: thanks for the rides 2 school when I 
needed them, getting lost in Bedford, driving around doing 
nothing, being a flirt. SARAH-M: mall trips, London. Bradlees. 
biker boys, N*SYNC, driving around, skating, C.W.V, Starbucks, 
being easy 2 talk 2. Marine biology, and 4 being a good friend 
always. LESLEY&LYDIA&LINDSAY: You guys have been my friends 
since kindergarten. Lesley: thanks 4 the rides, my surprise party, 
D.S, softball&basketball, new years&FL. Lydia: roommates in 
London, D,S, 4-life' Lindsay: Softball, FL, B K & J, E L,, analysis, 
JENNY-B'S: 4 cooking class, analysis, making me laugh, 
softball&FL, ERIN: My fav, Irish girl, thanks for always being there 

2 talk 2 and always having something funny 2 say, Softball, 
helping with my B,K and T,M situation frosh year, SARAH-U: 
basketball buds, mother nature, law, MAURA: "prom night", 
penguins. R.K. Harvard Sq. semi, "Billy Madison", prom, walking 
around base, being my sister, twin day. HEATHER: my stirprise 
party, dances. Softball, sophomores, CPR. 3 great years of x-c. 
GR.ACHAUN: my Big-booty friend, thanks for all my scratches. 
ANNA-S: D.S. 4-life. London bus. analysis. NIKKI: Waaasssuuup? 
Thanks 4 basketball. Softball. FL.. teaching me soccer. Mrs. P's 
class. Doddinator. D&D's during Rozen's class, sunmier sessions, 
and making fun of me. SARAH-C: D&D during Rozen's. basket- 
ball. Softball, FL., driving me everywhere. "My Girl", t. 
COURTNEY: . for being my partner in basketball, Softball. FL.. 
Richie, jr. prom, and help with Jimmy LIZ(TISH) for looking out 
for me and Jimmy. AL.AN: 4 a fun summer, Walden Pond, the 
beach. RICHIE: thanks 4 not talking to me, being the best at 
soccer&baking brownies. CHARLIE B's: 4 being a good cook. 
BECCA: (Susan) 4 being a cheerleader with me m T.O.P, basket- 
ball. ANA: thanks 4 making me sing, &(in the future) buying my 
c.d, C.W.V. CHRIS-D: "She's more", late night phone conversa- 
tions, AOL chats, football practice. NICK-VV: thanks for your 
locker being set on fire, and being such a teddy bear, no matter 
how many times you have decked me in the halls. JENELLE: 
C.W.V. London breezers. meatballs, pinching butts, semi, 
"Freeze!" DOUBLE-SEXTET: Lydia, Lesley, Shannon, Kathryn 
Brooks. Kim Robinson. Kathryn Healy. Katie Rossin. Ashley. 
Mary-Kate. Anna Sabella, Margaret. MARGE: D.S 4-life, London- 
babes, dances, chamber singers, JESS: becoming friends, London, 
gross undies, KIRSTEN: London breezers&dances, RYAN-W: Lon- 
don, singing the hippo song, making me sing "Angel", ALEX-I: 
thanks 4 being so cute and so sweet, and 4 loving Sarah, GUNNAR: 
London (no comment). A Shout out to the SOPHOMORES: Alex 
Iwanchuk, Jenelle Valliere. Kirsten Lundberg. Courtney Little. 
Bianca Robles, Nicole Lawrence, and Tracy O'Brien & JUNIORS: 
Margaret Low. Timmy Busa. Jessica Christin. Jonathan See. Trisha 
Mizzoni. Liana Garofolo, Jen Lane. I miss you! And to anyone I 
else I may have missed, thank you for all of the good times these 
past 4 years, 1 30 Alan Tomczykowski Activities: Varsity soccer, 
l,2,3,4.Capt:3,4. Varsity Track, I . Latin Club, 3,4, Thanks: First, 

I want to thank God for making everything in my life possible and 
as fullfilling as it has been so far. MOMand D.AD: I can't thank you 
enough for everything you have done for me The support you 
have given me m both sports and academics and for driving me 
to do my best in everything that I do. Mom. buying me all the nice 
clothes so I could look good and for pushing me in school. Dad. 
for playing catch, pitching me wiffle balls and kicking the ball 
around in the backyard. I will be forever greatful. 1 love you both. 
LAURIE: You are the best sister anyone could ever have, even 
though you called me a "nerd" in your thanks. Thanks for your 
support and for making me laugh. RICH: For being a great 
brother. Working hard so we can make our soccer dreams come 
true. Games in the backyard, and making me laugh. Good luck 
with everything you do. Mammy & Bumpy: Your love, support, 
and understanding. Thanks for always being there for me. 
Grandma and Grampa: Trips to Lincoln and all the fun times. 
Craig. You ha\e been my closest friend during my high school 
years. Your support has meant so much to me. We have had the 
best of times together, "thanks for coming". .Alvin's. "tag", I love 
ya, and no matter what, we will stay close. My Boys: John B: You 
have been my best friend since we were little. Soccer together has 
been the best, couldn't do it without you. Maine, The AUman 
Brothers, and the Cape. Tom M: Stud, "stop calling me that". 
Tufts, Hooters, "baby face" and any place where there's girls. 
Scott E: Soccer since we were eight. Phantoms, picking out 
uniforms, and Jenny McCarthy. Keep it up muscles. Mike M: All 
the good times at your house. N.H. .almost getting your head cut 
off and "our first time". Chuck B: Peter Frampton. for having 
such great taste in music, BBQ chicken, and Gold's. Sebastian D: 
For the good times in your basement, Maine, and giving me a 
breather on the field. GIRLS: Sarah U: What can I say, we had two 
great years together and we have formed a beautiful friendship. 
We became as close as anyone possibly can. Thanks for all your 
support in everything I do. Bruins, Family parties, and Rounders. 
You mean so much to me. I wiU miss you. Heather T and Lesley 
M: Middle school parties, for "not being too cool for me", being 
the weirdest girls in our grade, and being so good looking. Anna 
S: For eighth grade, beach days, and our talks. Sara M: Middle 
school. Ski bus. "Long Island Ice T", and for being a great friend. 
Jill B: "What's Up" homecoming, and all our great times. Anna 
L: Million lakes, roUerbladuig, beach days, our talks, and a great 
friendship. Erin O: for making me laugh, and math class. Lindsay 
H: The mall, making me smile, and movie nights. Colleen G: 
Soccer, "Scott talks". Poker, and advice on everything. Katie S: 
pool parties and the summer time. Beth L: Nineth grade, for being 
my cheerleader, and for having a great smile. Soccer Boys: 
Johnny, Brian, Jesse. Ryan, Matt, Dane: You guys are the best. We 
went through a lot together. DCL, North CHAMPS. Johnny: for 
scoring all those goals and supporting me. Ryan, for all the great 
passes. Good luck next year boys, bring home another trophy. 
Gary R: For keeping my car rimning, stock tips, and being a great 
friend. Barry D: For giving me confidence in myself making me 
workout, and for introducing me to such great music. We had a 
lot of fun times together "lo", "Cafe Lungfish". Mr. Wilson: for 
being such a great coach, helping me with college. I owe much 
of my soccer success to you. Mr. Pantano: For introducing me to 
the game I love and for bringing us all together. Dave B: 
Phantoms, for almost getting fired just to watch us play, and 
playing pickup whenever possible. Eric B: for all the advice and 
help with college. Bentleys: for being hke a second family to me. 
.Again, thank you .ALL 

Richie Tomczykowsifi 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1,2.3.4 Varsity Track I NHS 3,4 1 
would first hke to thank my parents who have helped me become 
the person I am today. Your guidance and support has helped me 
achieve many things I never thought possible. You have sacrificed 
a lot of time and effort to make sure I never missed out on 
anything, especially soccer, and for that I am very grateful. You 
pushed me to do my best, and always picked me up when things 
weren't going so well. I love you both very much, and I can't 
thank you enough for what y ou have done for me over the past 
eighteen years. Laurie you have been a wonderful sister and an 
even better friend. You were always there to offer advice and give 
me someone to look up to, even when I was a little nerd. Just 
having you around meant so much to me. Alan, we've gone 
through everything together, from soccer-school-friends, and 
you always helped me out no matter what happened, and I know 
we will always be there for each other. Mammy and Bumpy you 
were always there for all of our games, helped me with my 
homework, and showed me so much love and support over the 
years. Grandma and Grandpa for being great grandparents and 
supporting me in whatever I did. And the rest of my family who 
has loved and supported me. It means so much to me to have you 
in my life, and you have all been a huge part in my success, and 
I love you all. Next, I'd like to thank my closest friends for making 
high school so fun and always being there through the good times 
and the bad. John, Scott, Tom, Sebastian, Mike, and Charles 

There's so much I could say about each of you but I'll keep n 
We've stuck together since middle school and gone thn 
much together. I'll never forget you guys, and 1 know 
always be great friends. Craig for being my best friend for i 
four years, and always being there to talk to, laugh with, ai 
fun with. We have so much in common, and you 
understood how I was feehng. Your my boy and that wili 
change. Josh(beef), Jon T pre and all the girls, Les]. 
Heather for making me laugh, Anna L for everything \\ ' 
through and always being there, .Aima S 8th grade, Lind 
being so nice, Jill your awesome, Sarah U always being t. 
joke around with. Laura our big plans, Erin for being a riot, Colic, 
English study group, Sara M for being cool. Courtney for bein; 
sw'eetheari .Becca for helping me out history You were all a bl 
to hang out with, and you made these past few years a time 
never forget. I'm lucky to have you all as my friends. Thanks tot 
soccer team for being great teammates and friends, especially t 
seven of us that have been together all these years; Brian, Jes 
Johnny, Scott John, and Alan. We are a great team, and we w 
always be remembered as champions. Coach Wilson for beinj 
great coach and teacher. Dave and Eric for being great coaches a 
being ready to play pick up at anytime, Mark K and 98 for bei 
a great seniors and helping me understand \\ hat high sch< 
soccer was all about. Gary R for all the Saturday s at the garage a 
always listening to my problems. Barry D for being a great coa 
and an even better friend. My teachers, especially Mr. Hunt '. 
being able to talk about sports, liking rap. and making me the b 
B writer ever. And to the rest of the class of 200 1 . if I forgot y 
it doesn't mean I won't remember you in the future, you are 
cool kids, and I'm glad I was able to share the past four years w 

Cole Tucker 

pawel - "hi. are you new'" james - beard, swing heil der 

- php? perl? LAN!! dave - kool... brenden - yee haa heathe 
right... well, yea kathryn - you *didn't* kill me lauren - met 
leslie - for corsettes and garters the girls field hockey team - pi; 
skirts kate puzey - for all her love gina disalvo - for 5 years 
hateful abuse j.r. "bob" dobbs - for being da man everyone e 

- you were nice at one point or another, thanks 

Jonathan Twombly 

I \\ am to start off by thanking the most important people 
my life, my family. Mommy, you and I have had so ma 
experiences together. Times have been rough for us but 
always come out together. I love you so much. I'd be lost withe 
you Dad, you have been my best friend, since day one. I h« 
never been able to relate to any one like I can with you. We ha 
more fun than any other father son pair that I know, and I do 
think that that will ever change. Kristin. I have always looked 
to you. you have taught me so much. I love you! Jaime, you ; 
a little bit crazy, but who can blame you. I mean you grew up 
a family like this, right? You are a bright httle girl and I am st 
that you will mature into a beautiful young woman, like our otl 
sisters have. Heather, woowee, I don't really know what to s. 
I can not begin to reminisce about aU of the good times that y 
and I have had together. You have helped me out so much w 
everything. I hope that things between us never change. Bar. 
you are my only brother. You have taught me so much. You ha 
guided me, and supported me when noone else would. Tha 
you so much for your time and your patients. All right, now 
to my friends, if I miss anyone, please don't think that you arer 
imponant to me. Everyone that I know has made me who I a 
So thanks to all the people that I don't list. Here we go: 
Deweerd, you are the most talented person that I have ever m 
You have so many things going for you. nothing can hold y 
back. I hope that when the time comes, you will look back at c 
relationship with no regrets and that you will ahvays rememb 
Nothing will ever change how much you mean to me Thank y 
for being who you are and thank you for being with me. Pe 
Gray, Pee Do, Peetah, you are a savage, along with the funni 
person that I have ever met. you and I laugh at the stupidest thii 
for hours. We are so awesome. You and I made the xc team w 
it was. You know we kept those freshmen in check. So, thanks 
the making the trip to Colorado so fun, and the trips to Killing! 
and for coming with me to NH all those times. For being there 
talk about the chicas and all the people we hate. I know we v 
stay in touch because only you can make me laugh just by looki 
at me. Josh Pierce for being so fun to tool on and for running ■ 
seasons that you did with me. We have had some good tinj 
together and they aren't over yet. Mike McFarland, for being si 
an inspiration to me both for the number of girls you have had a' 
for your achievements as a runner. You are a great kid and ) 
have taught me a lot. Stay in touch. Lesley, you are such a cool g 
You have become a sister to me. and I would never change li 
Take care and good luck in the future. I am sure you will be a gr 
success. Kristen J. wow we have a history for a pretty 
Thanks so much for alw-ays being there to talk to. I hopL ;. 
returned the favor. Stay in touch because I am going to needyc 

[vice with stufflater on. To all my WEDGEWOOD friends. Dave 
. Ryan F. Jon T. thanks for always bossing me around. Greg H. 
flf and Kurt, thanks for letting me boss you around, and Greg 
en though you aren't black, maybe someday there will be the 
chnology to change that. To my Wedgewood girls: Kristen. 
sley. Nadia. Jill, thanks for those times under the barn. JK, but 
r real, my time there would not have been the same with out 
lu. To my XC girls: Erica. Amanda. Emily, Stephanie, .Abby you 
can be great runners if you keep it up, ) OU are so cool and you 
1.11 always be my little xc girls. To .Alan and Richie, thanks for 
ing twins with heather and I and thanks for being so cool, 
cept when I couldn't watch haloween 5, Tom Matteo, thanks 
r giving me new scares and for helping me out when I was 
irsty all those times. JohnB, for being so good to party with. 
)bE. for working at the shack and for running with me. MattC 
r helping me in history and for being so smart. SarahU, ErinO. 
idsayH, LydiaW, MauraN, ColleenG, thanks for being so good 
look at and thanks for being there when I needed someone to 
k to. .Wexl. DavidW, DrevvW thanks for always making me run 
iter and try harder. Thanks Curt and Craig and the rest of the 
Tiilies on the Hilltop crew for making our neighborhood hke no 
aer. Thanks to the Macs for being me second family all those 
ars. K) leK. for bemg a brother and for bieng so good to my 
ter. Marianne and Melanie thanks for being so cool and for 
iking Kristin take me out v\ath you. thanks to larryb jimmyL, 
vinSand to the rest of the lunch table for letting me sit with you. 
achers: mr latin, thanks for beinng such a great guy and letting 
; be the president of the club. Mr Depeitro, thanks for being the 
:est most trusting teacher that I have ever had, Ms Heimesey/ 
ing. thanks for always being there to hear me out about my 
ith problems. Finally thanks to everyone that made my time at 
s so totally excellent. And good luck to the class of 200 1 . 

Sarah Ullman 

Activities: Softball. 1 ,2. Basketball. 1-4; Enviro. Club, 1-4; 
in Club 3 ; French Club 1 ; SADD 3 ; Student Counsil, 1,2,4; hUS 
1; PENIS Club 4-hfe Thank you: MOM- your unconciitional 
e has led me through these past 1 8 years! You've been the most 
luential person to me, and my ultimate role model in every 
3ice you make I believe in you and know there is a table with 
sies on it waiting for you out there, and with your strength I 
you'll find it! DAD- you are the smartest guy I know, but 
|n't think that means you'll ever get to write a paper for me' 
janks for always being there to teach and listen. I'll always hold 
"Sarah Song" close, and can count on you to never let me walk 
: to my car alone. Z.ACHARY- D-Septer, beat downs, silly 
nments, answering machine messages, and Martin Side-Sleeper. 
; seen you pour yourself into your art and the way that you live 
what you love. I admire you Zach, and know that by following 
or heart you'll get all that you deserve and more! But remem- 
•. when you become famous, you ha\ e to change your name so 
Tyone knows you're my brother! My deters: EMILY- walks, 
i-time-stories. bearbie. Con Queso. and never being late for 
sert. You are the true defmition of a beautiful person Em. 
j've shown me so much through your confidence and wis- 
n, and I know that you are on your path to touch many lives, 
tch out world! RANNAH- boys, fawn lake trips, orange juice 
sh, conditioner outbursts and my muffm scar. I love the way 
1 share my passion for beautiful things; you're able to capture 
ir true essence like no other. Whether it be in photographs, 
itionships or life, you live by your heart and have taught me so 
ch! DARBY- showing me the trust I need in order to let go. 
iLM.A- showing me what it means to be a survivor. To all my 
I lily- "honk, honk" I love you all to pieces. DAMMY and MAL- 
' ink you so much for all the love and support you have given me 
1 r the years. I love you both. ERIN- loser#2, sing-a-longs, G.S., 
I napping Morgan, beating eachother up, and our never fail 
I al expressions. I am so proud of you my little dork- and always 
I -w ) ou are capable of accomplishing anything you put your 
jrt towards. .And don't worry, I'll be checking up on you in 
lege, just to give you a hard time! (but I will be ending the 
iversations first!) HEATHER- relationsliip advice, "read you 
( a book," PL, Envirothons and dysfunctional families. You 
e shared so much, and you have always been there when I need 
3od slap of reality in m)" face. I know diat you will always 
nee." and I can't wait for our Winnie expeditions! Lesley- 
kweed, forts, mushroom soup, wp on a stick, and drowning 
3ies. Everyday, you teach me to be a little more carefree, and 
and you, how could I ever take myself seriously? I know we 
always be close, and I hope you can forgive me for the whole 
lesia thing! BECCA-only child syndrome, old people movies, 
rgan, b-ball. me being afraid of you. You are a terrific friend, 
1 though you think I'm "dirty!!" You are always the first to call 
;n something goes wTong, and whenever I get in trouble with 
law, I know you'll be right there to defend me! ALAN- 
Bders. penguins, tinker bell and peter pan, heat flashes, 
ters. yellow roses, whole pizzas, comfy clothes, 11:11. family 
lions, type-writers, tickelish spots. You have taught me more 
ut myself than I could of ever asked for. You are an amazing 

person Alan, and you mean so much to me I know that somehow 
)our stubbornness and my crazy emotions will always keep us 
connected in the deepest way. To all my best friends- Thank you 
and I love you. NIKKI- Florida, NH, Cummings Properties, AAU. 
GIT.A- Camp, the Filenes guy, fart-master and GLESH. .ANN.A- My 
twin, family reunions, naked ladies, English class and hot guys 
who will wear our ugly necklaces. SARAH C- you ball of cheese 
puffs, blowing burps in my face and us always "pulling up the 
rear". Lindsay- Bellah, Guster. LAUREN- smelly boys and deodor- 
ant hook-ups. JILL- Mr Gilman. Washington D.C., How's your 
George? JENNY- Mudhens, bemg "in the hood". KATIE- Barbies, 
pool parties. LYDIA. BETH, KATHRYN, ANNA S.. 
dog songs, wrestling matches, beating me at my locker and 
dragging me into a guy's bathroom. CRAIG- many car rides, 
Celine Dion, baspoonball, swimming lessons. CHARLES- nature 
baby get well cards, raisin boxes, Enviro. class. JON- your "ski 
jump" nose, history love notes. Mike P.- F.Y.I., staring contests. 
JOHN M - LTL. Davis School. PETE. MATT C, AUSTIN- freshmen 
yr . CHRIS D.-PJ. NICK W - NW-hSU (I still have all your notes!), 
ROBBIE. JOSH. TOMMY. .Alex I.. STEVE- Irish Eagle. N Y . PL. 
Thank You to all my teachers. Each of you have influenced my life 
greatly! MRS. SULLIVAN- you are a truly great person, and have 
opened my eyes to so much' I will always keep a place in my heart 
for our 1 1th grade Enghsh class' MR GRIFFIN- opening my eyes 
to enviro. science, putting up with me and my delinquent friends 
(Envirothons), and never ceasing to go beyond the classroom to 
help me learn. Thank you to all my b-ball girls! Thanks O'REILLYS 
and TOMCZYKOWSHS- you have all done so much for me over 
the years!! Lastly, I would love to thank MR. and MRS. ZUPKUS 
for allowing Andrew to be a part of my life. ANDREW- you have 
been with me since the first grade, and will stay a part of me 
forever. Future Goals: To live in a beautiful place with my soul 
mate, have a positive influence on all those that I cross in my life, 
to save the planet from "looters and polluters." and to grow with 
every moment, 

Lauren Weeks 

I would first like to thank the most important people in my 
life: my parents. Mom- 1 don't know how to thank you for all the 
love and support ) ou have given me. You have given me my 
strength and encouraged me to be the best I can, I can't thank ) ou 
enough. Dad- Thanks for all the laughs, for always supporting me 
and pushing me to do better. I can't even begin to tliink where 
I would be without both of you. Corinne and Gillian- we have 
been through so much together, the whole-lioop-d-doo, Gunther, 
nose flutes, fights, gasping for air while laughing, and all the 
other fun things we do. You guys have been the best sisters. 
Thanks to the Langs. Maggiores, Nana W, and Nana.M: You have 
given me both love and support, I love you all, BETH: my first/ 
best friend, gum wrappers in nose, NH (paper towels, soap 
dispenser, stairs). Cape Cod (scooter, I almost died in bed), 
falling in the toilet, drying books in microwave, scar from hot 
glue, knocking shelves down, tooties not tootsies. Germany, 
.Austria, London, dips, hurmels, LINDSAY: We have become such 
good friends. I don't know where to begin on how much our 
friendship means, Convo's. guys, crushes, flipping out on things, 
Digging on side of roads, going to bed before you die. drying 
pants with hairdryer, cruise. Proms, wraps for lunch, headaches 
from diet coke, Bug Juice, scary movies, 'NSync, drive by's, 
getting sick or hurt at your house, ERIN: You're one of the 
funniest people I know, Deers, people hiding, crazy things in the 
car. Boom and Row Row. stalkers down the street, our schemes 
against people. 'NSync. sleeping together after prom/waking up 
next to new people. Bug Juice. French teachers and skits. Beanie 
Babies on shoulders, curly hair, being bored. N.ATH.AN: ZPL, 
rainy days at work, good times trying to annoy each other, races, 
long convo's. questions game, movies, specific or pacific', watch- 
ing the stars, and just spending quality time together and hope- 
fully more to come. I am so glad that we have become such great 
friends, you are a very special person who I can trust no matter 
what. You have given me both self confidence and encouragment , 
Thanks for all the memories, "oooo, I am for real" I will always 
have a special place for you in my heart, HEATHER: wedgewood, 
being weird, PLPIC, non-sexual crushes, 'N sync, math noises, 
Florida, Italy, being my side kick, ILU babe, LESLEY: pigging out. 
FH, falling at WW, rain dances, never stop being weird, SARAHU: 
smelly people, talks about guys and how- bad parties are. thanks 
for being so sweet. KATHRYN (broooooks): field hockey, dix?, 
hang nails, french skits (water on my head). CPR hairiness, 
bathroom at 2. JILL: 'N Sync, Backstreet Boys, late night tv. 
smoothies, New Years and FH. BECCA: 'NSync. humid hair 
issues, ANNA: 13B/18A, we are the best pair and worst 2nd 
sopranos, we will never play FH again. KIM (berly coca-cola 
robinsion): dancers, french skits, chickaaaa. LYDI.A (shmidski): 
you've been one of my closest friends. FH camp, pros/cons, guy 
talks, london. drooling, french class, nose flutes. JOSH: thanks for 
being so funny, ccd, snowboarding at Loon, you've always been 

there for me, thankyou. CHARLES: Tumbleweeds. thanks for 
putting up with me, drawing on Kniegers back, 'ol filthy svs-eaty 
bastard, fights on the beach, big bug that wouldn't die, you're a 
great person, goodluck CHRISB: caUing nie lolo, puffy vests. 
KRISTEN. LIZ: Aldo, popcorn, AndyShupe, DougEng, Lizzy Tish? 
Naf Naf high pony-tails, FH, NIKKI: Sista-V, woopie cushions. 
SAR.AHC: you're cool stuff, thanks for being awesome. JENNY: 
surviving FH, CATHERINE : ccd, soapy holy water, rolling host, 
PETE: gleeking, PL, TOM: tlirowing Lesley in the pool, annoying 
Nathan, COLLEEN: getting chased by geese. SARAM: for many 
years of dance, SHIRA: field hockey, accidents, turf burn, you're 
always there to listen, thanlcs. SAR.AH: Glenn, stealing pens, 
always catching me do weird moves. BRETT: thanks for always 
hstening. D.AN: sup dude? JOHNB. ALAN, RICH: thanks for being 
cool friends, good luck. MEREDITH. LAURA, ANNA.S. K.ATIE. 
MAURA: you gals are the best, thanks for being so cute. STEVE: 
Pych parties, weird noises, you're the best. EVAN: I'm glad I got 
to know you this year, follow your dreams and I'm sure you will 
succeed, DESTINY, LIZA: I'm so glad you guys came this year, you 
are both so sweet, CHRISD: pretzels, PLPIC. JIMMYH: weird 
faces, COLE: meow '02: RY.AN: for being hilarious, my back door 
neighbor, listening to my stories. London, tom/tod, "do it up!" 
JIMMY: thanks for being the funniest person I know, you've 
taught me so much, weird noises we make, binoculars, all the 
good laughs, sorry my dad scared you. swat shirts. Don't ever 
change, remember random is good. JOJO: We've been such good 
friends forever, good times together, movies, block parties, 
flashlight tag, walks around the block. Thanks for alwa) s being 
there for me and cheering me up, you're a great person, CHRIS: 
thanks for always being there for me and letting me tell you 
everything. We've been through a lot, bruising butts, movies, 
backing off ice-cream, and everything else that is uiunention- 
able. AD.AM: thanks for listening and sharing stories, my sister 
will always think you smell weird, fun in London, long convos on 
the phone. ELIE: stealing my Burts Beeswax. London, making fun 
of me, water fights. MATT: dance parties, free food, STEVE: being 
my snowboard buddy, making fun of me, ERIC: thanks for the 
rose, that w-as cute. DAVE.B: always waving to me. food fights. 
JEREMY: kiss, armpit noises, TRISHA: Ihsan, oboobo. all our 
other fun jokes' Good luck to FH Team next year Trisha. Lauren, 
Kate, Kelly, Kim. Megan!!!!! '03 JEFF: thanks for being the cutest 
sophomore. Dont ever grow up. ALEX: we're the best gladiators. 
BRETT: your food is better, J.ASON: good luck. '04 ELLIOT, 
OWEN: you're the coolest freshmen, '00, RICK: you're the best! 
To the Class of 2001 good luck in the future and follow your 

Johnny Whallon 

Thank you Lord for the strength and w isdom that you have 
given me o\ er these precious years of ni)' life, I have tried my best 
to live for ) ou, and even when I have failed, you have still been 
there for me, I will do my best to glorify you in everything I say 
and do, MOM-Thanks for always caring for me and having that 
fun approach to life, DAD-Thanks for pushing me to be the best 
that I can be, I hope that I will be as good a father as you are. 
LAURA-Thanks for alway s being the one to make me laugh. I 
appreciate all the times you told me "I love you," and I enjoy 
seeing your wonderful smile, KATIE-My ball girl, you are 
growing into such a beautiful young woman. I look forward to 
watching you in the future. PETER-My brother, you are the cutest 
thing in this world. I cherish those hugs you give me, I love you guys 
with all my heart. GRANDMA/GRANDPA A.-Thanks for all the 
encouragement you have given me. and the challenge to live for 
God each day, GRANDMA/ GRANDPA W.-Thanks for being so 
supportive of all the things I have done over the years, THE GUYS: 
JESSE-My home-schooling bud. thanks for challenging me to love 
God above all else, I value our friendship greatly and I hope that 
It will continue to grow through the upcoming years- you truly 
are my second brother. STEVE-Irish. thanks for profound advice 
about life — from girl problems to questions about my faith. I 
appreciate all the times that you have been there for me in the 
past, and I am so grateful to have you as a friend; NICK-My S"' 
grade basketball team co-captam. thanks for always being so 
considerate and thoughtful to me. I have great admiration for the 
w'ay you apply yourself to every situation, and I appreciate the 
way you have been such a great friend to me over these years; 
ANDRE-Dre, thanks for always respecting me for who I am and 
for always being there through both the good and bad times. You 
have become a close friend of mine and I value our friendship; 
ROBBIE-Rob, thanks for teaching me about being a "team player" 
(I'll always remember the bus ride home from Natick). I 
appreciate the way you have been such a supportive friend to me, 
and I am grateful that we have become friends; ALAN-"best 
strikers in the state", I admire the way you lead with your actions; 
RICHIE-for always being a great team leader, talking after the E- 
mass finals; JOHN-for joining me as a captain, and always giving 
1 1 0°o; BRI.AN P-for being a great friend, hope to keep in touch; 
DANE-I respect you for the decisions that you make- you will be 
a great captain next year; Anthony, Scott, Ryan. Brian M. Dave. 

Tyler, MatI, Sebasiian — I love you all. MATT W.-for the years of 
friendship, good lu^k in milcge and I hope lo stay in touch; JOSH 
P. -the early years, C.ARVEY- thoughtful, kind; JOSE-madrigal. 
loving God; EVAN-break dancing, love for singing, DREW-I 
admire the way you conduct yourself, JON-(|oaliewars; JOSH(from 
Texas) -for being friends: DEREK PFEFFER-talking about song- 
writing. KEVIN-basketball, for being a great team leader; THE 
GIRLS: HEATHER-I have alw'ays considered you a close friend. 
Wedge-wood, junior English, you're a great person and I respect 
you for all the ways you have made BHS a better place; ERJN-for 
being such a caring individual. LYDI.A-madrigal dinner; SARAH 
U-for being the best neighbor; JILL-for respecting me and being 
friends. M.AURA-yotir friendship; BETH L, -church, your kind- 
ness; LAUREN W-locker buddy. DANIELLE L.-for being my 
cliLi rleadtr and always smiling; ADULTS: Mr./Mrs, R.ATICHEK- 
h>r tjpenmg )<)ur home to me — I appreciate ycjur kindness and 
I love you guys; UNCLE DAVE/AUXTIE LOUANNE-for always 
being so kind and generous to me. I lo\e you very much; Mr./ 
Mrs. EATON-for allowing me to spend so much time in your 
house; Mrs. MAHONEY-for helping me out with my in|uries. I 
admire your enthusiasm for life; Mr /Mrs. ROBICHAUD-friend- 
ship. hospitalit) . TEACHERS/ COACHES- A tcachfr is a coach to students, 
and a coach is a teacher to athletes: MR WILSON-all the years of 
knowledge and advice — you have helped me mature greatly; 
MR. BYRNES-for doing everything you could to make us better 
players as well as people; KLR. GUILFESS-for having such a great 
attitude and making our program better. MR. SABOURIN-I learn 
more about life every time that I am around you, MR /MRS. 
SULLIV.\N-for both having that enthusiastic approach to teach- 
ing; MR KELLY-for the friendship; MR. LOW-for seven years of 
singing; MR. PETRILLO-for helping the teams out; MR. RASHBA- 
for teaching me about respect and hard work; DAVE BOSCHETTO- 
for friendship, and dedication to make me a better player. 
OTHERS: DREW RATICHEK-for looking out for me, pushing me 
to demand more from myself; KRISTEN OULIGHAN. -Emails; 
LAURA HUBBARD-EEL nature buddy; KERI HOLLOWAY-for all 
the conversations, you're a great friend; C.-\ROLINE PIERCE- 
you're always fun to talk with, I appreciate your kindness to me; 
CHRIS GRAY-for the friendship through these years. AMANDA 
COLFORD-Dear Amanda, thanks for making my sophomore 
years so great. I admire you beyond words, and I greatly value 
our friendship. I know that you will be successful in whatever 
you do. and you are already proving that; MS. COLFORD-for 
always being so kind and supportive of me. I love you and your 
family very much; ELLEN BISHOP-tor teaching me so much 
about relationships and always being willing to talk I admire 
your love for God, which has brought you through the tough 
times; LORINN INSERRA-You have taught me so much about 
myself Thanks for being my friend, and I htjpe that our 
friendship will continue to grow. THE DECEASED: Larry Bishop- 
(1999) Thanks for being "like a father to me" and showing me 
so many things in life that most people can never see; Andrew 
Zupkus- (199 5) So many times I take for granted what I have. 
When I remember you. then I'm grateful tor everything. I will see 
you both ujjam "One Sweet Day", 

Lydia Willsky 

MOM AND DAD- You gu> s have never hindered anything 
I've done and have always backed me 100 percent. I love you. 
KATE- For surviving family trips, the Moffats. computer sounds, 
"have some crummy chicken!," and ti >t being my sister and best 
friend. SH.ANNON- "Who sunk the battleship?," math projects. 
Newsies, "fishy" phone calls, Tumbleweeds, badminton jokes, 
"where is your honor!?." For being separated at birth and being 
my relaxed half KRISTEN- "Le gateau essential." getting lost, 
shopping trips. Pirate dances, hot tub cycles, hitting your car. 
Star Wars. 8th grade fights. VASSAR' Thanks for all the great 
advice and for intimidating me. LIZZIE- Bus partners!, your 
secretaries, "give me SO'." "Lydia. CALM DOWN!." UMASS 
Lowell. Mrs. Krueger, buying 300 fish, rollerblading at 3, 
sleepovers, chex mix fights. You are my oldest friend and we 
will stay that way forever. .ANN.^ L- Pierre et Armelle. Walden, 
French videos, beefy thighs, getting away with everything, 
exercise routines, Mrs. Goldsberry, boyfriend talks, electrical 
outlets. You have given me some of the best advice, thank you 
for being there. CATHERINE- Run!, certificates from beauty 
school. EZ Cheez, crew pranks, backstage pictures. You will 
always be my favorite crew member JENNIE- Babysitter's club 
game, Andrew Pleasants, remembering birthdays, younger boys, 
7th grade lunch. London. You are the most creative person I 
know. LAUREN- drool. "Mesh," F.H. camps, trampolines, 
stealing bowling balls, the nose flute. You are the funniest girl! 
ANNA S- Saunas!, Pasta with love, never getting your license, 
N'Sync, soccer groupies, "can you touch your elbows?" For 
being a great friend. We do have the best boyfriends! LAURA- 
History. weird noises, your first dirty look, sideline players. For 
being my quietest but craziest friend, MAURA- wanting to steal 
my clothes, freshman English and Art. spilling paint, our favorite 
younger boy. You are my favorite cheerleader! MEREDITH- 

Montessori school. F.H camp. London. You are iit\cr afraid to 
be honest. Thanks for being on of my oldest friends MONICA- 
getting ditched in London, boy stories, stealing your N'Sync CD. 
Rosie O'Donnell, KATHRYN B- math poems, madrigal boys, 
"what's with the chair' ", the ugly face, F.H., We still have so 
many memories to go! KIM- cochonish cochon, les petits pois, 
the ugly British man. There is no end to the French jokes! SARAH 
M- offsides explanations. Abercrombie, being sarcastic, KINDER- 
GARTEN PICS! SARAH U- Bedford day, class piano, your "special 
song", many boy talks. Hey, maybe we'll be college roommates! 
K,^TIE- rooming in London, sextette flops, falling out of the tub. 
Kindergarten, umbrellas in the house. LESLEY- for being a sensual 
man. bda)s. F.H.. my "fantasies", singing at soccer games, 
teaching me how to tie m) shoes, HEATHER- "do you tuck it 
up'." Newanda and Flaflooga. New York, doing headstands. 
SHIRA- hospital girl!, smart math, getting glitter on your floor. 
Good luck with Pete! REBECCA- artsy parents, Mrs, Morris's birth 
stories. You are so talented, I know you will go far, LAUREN .^ND 
TRICIA- "would you like to see my Ford Taurus?," Quintessential 
Quadruple, For being the toughest defenders. M.ARGE- "how 
you say vat'." having a weird dad. S.ARAH P- London buses, boy 
advice. I'm going to miss you malting fun of me! KATE- your 
super mom. Maybe I will see when ) ou visit your brother. KIM 
.AND KELLIE- my sideline buddies, talking about our favorite 
person. You gu) s are the sweetest' C.ANDICE- for being stronger 
than me and beating me up all the time. STEVE- you have given 
some great advice in the past. Remember: First night, fourth of 
Jul)' fireworks. Fiero breakdowns, being my bodyguard at dances, 
putting up with my paranoia Don't change! ROBBIE- "I fix!," 
CPR. Physics, messing up your dates, rolling you over, massages. 
You are a great friend even it you make fun of my shortness. 
CH.ARLES- my first bii)triend. Tumbleweeds, "the train...," 
"This IS BABY!." Physics movies, being blunt. Maybe we'll see 
each other in Maine! JON- sleeping naked, beating me up, old 
blue oatmeal, making catcalls while we run, I wish you the best 
of luck in the future. RICH- Latin massages, being the first 
pregnant male, opening ray x-mas gifts. Don't party :oo hard at 
college ALAN- diet gross, Mrs, Krueger, saying Teva the right 
way, speaking like Jesse, Good luck in the future' CHRIS- 
Cornelius and Billy. Latin massages, crew vs cast, your girl 
fiascoes. London, Mr Kelly. Just remember. I'm a better drum- 
mer. NICK- Tumbleweeds. pictures backstage, Harry yelling at 
me. You are the sweetest hoy! PETER- 8lh grade notes, trying to 
htxik you up with Kristen and Katie. "Lydia, ., Peter." I will 
always be an MS girl, even if you don't have huge hits, MATT C- 
duct tape, Marg pow. doing no work, always having gum. Gum= 
GOAL, Maybe you will have my Dad at MIT. NATHAN- being 
unable to take a joke, sitting in front of me, taking my eraser. F H, 
uniforms. You are a great guy. good luck! JIMMY- Titanic, 
hitting on my sister, ping pong. DAVID B- London buses, looking 
like my ex-boyfriend. You are the cutest Junior! TIMMY- ping 
pong, flashlight tag. "closure," talking weird, madrigal weekend, 
gay jesters, "run the fountain!," sitting hot. Remember, don't hit 
on too many girls' DANE- being my first real boyfriend, Harrison 
Ford, Tumbleweeds I don't think I've seen anyone keep a straight 
face for longer D.AVID- being sexy, wearing math face paint. 
RYAN- letting me fix your car. forgetting my sister's name then 
asking her out. JEFF T- Sparticus and Lordia, ALEX- giving me 
compliments, being senior-obsessed, the butt thing. You are a 
great guy and a gentleman. CHRIS L- pretend going out. giving 
each other advice. You are the cutest! JESSE- You have probably 
had the greatest effect on me ever. Remember: Gloucester trips, 
speech class, slippers, bunny trails. Great Meadows, running stop 
signs. Mold Spice, making pizza. "DUDE." losing my keys at the 
beach . I can't count the number of memciries we have, I love 
everything about you. Remember. I'm .•\LWAYS right. To 
everyone else (you know who you are) Thank you' 

Nick Wilson 

Football '3.4 Lacr<5sse 3.4 Hockeyl . Crew 1,2,3,4 
Menace to Alii .2,3,4 

The first thank-you's go to the Big Man in the sky, you know 
who you are. Without you I would be nothing. Second I would 
like dedicate my High School graduation to my Grampy. If only 
there were more of you to go around. I love You and Miss you 
Gramps. Then to Ma-duke and Papa-duke. MOTHER dearest, you 
have always been by my side for everything, school, sports, 
death, girls. You have never been afraid to fight for me, no matter 
how bad I was. I can't thank you enough for all the unappreciated 
things you have done for me I loveYou DAD. My clone. A.M 
practices, working over the summer, rides in all of your beautiful 
cars Gremlin. Shelby. Corvette, pool ~ames. all the hearts games 
that our family so intensely enjoys, our cool talks about every- 
thing, and let's not forget letting me throw the best NewYears 
party that a lot of us have ever been to. You are the hardest 
working man that know (a close second is Mr, Uma) you have 
showed me that you don't need brains to be succesful. but it's 
really much easier Keep up the good work. )ou only got about 
4 years left before.,, Steve takes over, j/k I LoveYou from the 

moon and back. MIKEY I've watched you grow from a hyberacr 
-earold to a hyperactive 1 1 httle bro. You are by far the coot 
of all little brothers. Unique in your own special way like 
others. Stay the way u are forever ALEXI u finally made it he 
high school. I don't think I've ever tortured anyone like tortui 
you last summerfwell maybe Michelle Coe but that was fun) • 
I'm not that bad Just listen to what I tell u and I won't make Hi 
School hell for u. j/k oh and your shirt was inside out a 
backwards. STEVE whoa' . is alf that can describe of our memori 
bigtd. "Best Buddies", beating me up when i was a baby, beati 
me up with dave and joey, u three amigo's making me the b 
goalie i could be. germany, our 'chronic' tardiness problem, pi, 
camper, cruising the camaro with and without u drivir 
NewYears, meeting becky. uncle nick, "The Front Porch", Ba 
A.J, Over these past 9 months i have seen our childhood slip aw. 
but i now see our future or should i say your future. The way y 
handeled the cards dealt to u is overwhelmingly admirably, I ha 
a new found respect by seeing you take it like U did, and i w; 
you to know how proud i am of you for that From big Td to I 
Daddy I couldn't ask for a better brother, 1 Love You Dil*. 
REBECCA i have grown close to you over these past few months, a 
i want to say that my brother couldn't of picked a better girl. Ts 
care of my Godson .*i.J 1 know you will probably never read t: 
but I LoveYou already, MISSY they gave you maybe a year, its nt 
4, You're the best dog i know, now ATT.ACK! (tom)And nt 
onto my LiTTLE DIGGEHS. TOM camping way back, the bes 
days of my teenage years. Camping Trip '99'00. Ken Knift, c 
backyard camping adventures, when jalmost killed you on i 
black table, miUions of sleepovers, trashed, losing our 'bogot 
, talking to Jerome and morgan that fatefull night met the ho 
of my dad's truck and telling off my mom. Allman Brothas. Bl 
Sky, pickin me up from sarahs house(you know when). '£chei 
ing the oir' with your new set of balls, your basement (bun 
Softball, cruising for life, attempted hook ups, cape cod. I( 
skipping class to go to BJ's, now that i think of it i cant rememl 
the last time we fought, if we ever cUd. you and me man 
chck.your always there man even when i don't want you to be y 
always know whatsup. thanks for being there throughout hi 
school and i know youl be there beyond.this has been the b 
year already and it only gets better, yabbos. CHRIS. Englai 
'Idareyoutothrowyoursandwichatthebusdriver" .without y 
there man i would of broken my hand and cried myself to sfee 
didn't want you to be funny but you knew that would h< 
thanks, thanks for allowing me the oppertunity with sarah(y 
won that night in my van : )also for being such a jerk to that g 
so i could help her. hows that kid rock song go?.."somethi 
something something wastin time". we knew u and cathy wot 
end up together, hockey, 'skippy', sleepovers from first grade 
the way through I were myfirstmend in bedford we gr 
up at each others houses. we've always been close. and may 
that's why we haven't hterally killed each other yet, you a 
tommy are the best friends i could want, don't lose touch. DU 
i know you're all the way in new york right now probably beat 
it but it wouldn't be right not to thank you for NEWYEARS or 
again. you will NEVER live that down thanks for being the oi 
one couldn't beat up. with or without boxing gloves, so: 
glove, Good luck in school. when ux take it through school coi 
back for a rematch. PETRQ'S Drinkin Buddies. ~ m practices,ha\'i 
fun at our houses, mine and yours. Newport. Li mon (cups), don 
in my truck for life. calculator. Camping'oo.Rasputen. Stay dc 
kid, take care of my hockey team, And now for my ladies, 
wouldn't be right if I didn't thank you MAURA I know we ca 
even be in the same room without fi,--hting anymore. I want y 
to know I still haven't stoppedthinkin 'bout you Hawaii.Tomn 
TheWeckend".Talkin in front of your house for hours. visiti 
you in your temporary house/hotel room movin y 
in. NewYears. play, modaw- . night time at Renzo' 
England. New York. 4th,. lulyHocke-ames, sweater. pjzzaHut.. 
our fights are because i still care,i II never stop thinkin 'b( 
you, Thanks for watchin Lexi. Please don't Jose toui 
-GATHERINE. how can Istart to thank you enou~h'The m 
influentioal person iknow.Youhave always been there for 
espically when ididn't want youthere. Hard times with girls 
the death of my grandfather.orjust to talk.iknow wellkeep 
touch. I LoveYou.Courtney(daughter)stay sweet and innoce 
Loveya. BOON ES s .scorescore, C WAYNE-Opass the puck 
BROGAN keep practicing andmaybe youU be as good as me. Gc 
Luck man COACHBEVJNS tor giving me a chance to p 
freshmanyear.Oh yeah EAD!!!l!II!! Youwill never beat us. "1 
Football Team for the best season ever "Who Let The Hogs oU' 
Everyone else im sorry but sometimes there are just too m;, 
things to say. Oh and thanks to my buddy Bud and Jane for! 
those rough nights, and mornings. Well I finally made it I kn| 
what your thinking, any idiot can pass High School. But i! v 
tough for me so back Off'" Peace Im outta Heref 

nsktt Winiclf 

Biggest thanks to my MOM for always supporting mej 
whatever it is that I do. Thanks Mom, you always stood by my sj 

196 0=^ 

nd helped me in both school and sports, and I love you for it. I 
ould also like to thank my bro, DAVE, for. . . aah, I guess beating 
n me and making me the person I am. Thanks for taking lime 
elping me work on cars and bikes and stuff, I learned a lot from 
ou. And my Dude Man B,.^.. which not only stands for Bruce A., 
ut also Bad. .. well you know. Thanks for always being there for 
le and gi\ing me all those tickets! The Boston College tickets and 
le Pats tickets were great. That one game vs. the Bills will go 
own in history, and we were there! I would also like to thank 
lose people who always had my back (like at the Burhngton Mall 
here it all went down), and my buddies on the football team, 
ou guys are the best. Coach Sullivan too, who taught me to be 
"man". You're a great coach. "Big Gulps Huh? ... Well, see yah 

Andrew Wotton 

ACTIVITIES: Swimming VI 234. Capt 34, States 234. All-Star 
234. XCRunning V1234, Capt 34, 

ates34. All-Star 234. Track 1V234, States 234. AFJROTC 1234, 
fficer 34. Music - CB 1 2, WE 34, Jazz 34. French Club 4. 

Merci. gracias, grazie. danke... Thank you all for four won- 
ijrful years here at Bedford. The one important thing you've not 
ught me is how to expressively show gratitude, but here goes 
lyway. Thank you for; 

Family: Dad: Being the supreme example of propriety and 
viality; knowing what's good in life; being everything I want to 
? when (if?) I grow up. Mom (both of you): .A few lines in the 
ick of a y earbook can never actualize what you've done for me. 
'lank you for making the sacrifices you have for me, and for 
jways being there for me, particularly when I wasn't for you 
'iterally and figuratively). Mom there: Never giving up on me, 
ing friend and counselor to me as well as mother, finding 
.ppiness despite all life's burdens. Mom here: Excelling at the 
i ten thankless job of caring for us three chilluns, challenging me 
I always do better, being a good cook (gotcha!), while continu- 
g to give your love, compassion, and advice to the dagger-eyed 
, rpetual naysayer we know I can sometimes be. The girls: 
l.tting up with me all these years. Whatever my actions have 
Idicated. I'm very proud of you both. I wouldn't want any other 
i o people in the world as sisters. You both have wonderful 
lalities I admire and envy you for. Erica: Though rivals by 
ture. we both know we're siblings at heart. I. y'know. love 
'U, like, unconditionally, no matter that you'll probably "bor- 
w" this yearbook too and I'll inevitably "borrow" some of your 
■Ifriends on my vacations back from college, then we'll fight 
out It and laugh hysterically later. Amanda: I'm sorry for all the 
nes I've ignored or pushed you aside. You have an unmatched 
idness and unquestioning acceptance, which coupled with our 
undess common experiences have drawn us much closer. I 
)k forward to hearing all the fascinating details of your high 
lool careers Don't let me be a phonaphobe at college, call me! 
int Beth: Being a stunt double for Mom on numerous occa- 
•ns. an inspiration on countless levels, et aussi la tante la plus 
■Jerchouette du monde! Grandma: Dropping your life to care 

• .Amanda and I. then dropping it again when someone else 
Tie for the job; teaching me lifelong morahty and respectability 
ich earlier than I would've otherwise learned. Rosie: (woof) 
ing a great roommate and a wonderful pillow, always there 
■n when I thought no one else was. AU my other relatives: Your 
■r-open arms, hearts and doorways. You've included me 

j. ays. despite my oftentime ignorance of and distance from 
,1. Hopefully maturity will prove me a better penpal than I've 
■n. Watch out for college caravans on vacation rampages! 

Friends: Sarah: Stolen books, impulsive giggling and random 
nning. #9 2/3, being a nonstop matchmaker and playing the 
rnal hard-to-get. feminine A's. Dirty Dancing, being a soccer 
-en Scott: Asking the "college kid" up the street to play 
.tball with you; being charismatic and spontaneous; never 
ing a boring or closed house. Christiana: Being Sarah's twin 
d a weenie), not going to ROTC dances, being a comrade in 
IS against swearing. Katie: Being the name of way too many 
ny friends. Katie Chapa: Being way smarter, nicer, and more 
rued than me. You are an inspiration and role model I will not 
n forget. Katie Roe: Wind Ensemble. Lifeguarding, Swim 
m Katie Rossin: Yipping in Soc class. Kelin: Walking into 
■!'^!; poles, being pshrink and patient countless times, advisor. 
Krystel: New York, philosophical confusion, making me 
iih unsettling regularity. Evan: Placing way higher on the 
lal spectrum than me. McDonald's, being a self-esteem infla- 
chin-splitting breakdancing. letting yourself relax every once 
" hile. Danielle: The Cape, joining track (you'd better have, 
in print), "HEY CHEERLEADERS!", perpetual smiling, caring 
III iJeanliness as little as I do. Meagan: Being a cat wannabe, 
^t, httle sister, whatever... Jenny: Ikki ikki ikki - Diving welts, 
'O much hair. Andy: Franglais lessons, bringing politics 
pective for me (along with bringing it everywhere else), 
rgot 'I am me . who are you?" Playing the long clarinet 

• igy. ROTC Friends: Evan, Danielle. Joe. Meagan. Stan. Tom. 
1 Break buddies: Meagan. Kelin. Christina. Krystel. Christiana. 

Cassie. Katie (see above remark). Lindsey. Athletic comrades 
Jon. Johnny, Heather. Katie, Kathryn, Chris, Derek. Graduates of 
yesteryear: Katie. Josh. Mei, Paola, Jesse. Betsy. Vik. Bethany. 
Lillian, and all those other crazy people in the back of physics 
class. I guarantee that I forgot somebody. Be satisfied that I will 
agonize over doing so for several years - t^nce I figure out who ) ou 
are. and what you did for me... Those who are truly wealthy are 
they who have friends. Thank you all for enriching my life far 
beyond my own aspirations 

Pawel Wretek 

Chcialb) ni podziekow ac wsz) stkim ktorzy moga to przeczytac. 


m i 

V 199 


Actor Walter Matthau is seen in Beverly 
Hills, California, in this February 1 2, 
1 990 photo. Walter Matthau was buried 
in a simple service attended by about 50 
family members and close friends, the 
actor's son said. "He wanted as little fuss 
made about it as possible, a simple burial 
in a plain pine casket," Charlie Matthau 
said Monday. Matthau, who died at age 
79, was buried at Pierce Brothers 
Westwood Village Memorial Park, where 
Marilyn Monroe is buried. 

Singer Britney Spears performs at the 
MTV Video Music .Awards at Radio City 
Music Hall in New York on Thursday, 
September 7, 2000. 

The New York Yankees celebrate after 
defeating the New York Mets in game 5 
of the World Series 4-2 to become the 
2000 World Series Champions Thursday, 
October 26, 2000, at New York's Shea 
Stadium. Mets' Benny Agbayani walks 
off the field. 

Rap artist Eminem performs at the 2000 
MTV Video Music Awards Thursday, 
September 7, 2000, at Radio City Music 
Hall in New York. 

Ten strangers wave goodbye to family 
and loved ones prior to entering the 
"Big Brother" house at the CBS studios 
in Studio City, California, late Tuesday, 
July 4, 2000. The strangers will have n 
contact with the outside world for up t( 
three months. The series premiered Jul 
5 th and was broadcast five nights a 


u s Sprinter Michael Johnson 
celebrates winning the gold medal in 
the men's 400 meter race at the 
Summer Olympics Monday, Septembe 
25, 2000 at Olympic Stadium in 

Sprinter Marion Jones of the 
United States celebrates with 
an American flag after winning 
the gold medal in the 100 
meters at the Olympics in 
Sydney, Austraha Saturday, 
September 23, 2000. Jones 
won with a time of 10.75 

Rock star Fred Durst arrives 
at the 2000 MTV Video 
Music Awards at Radio City 
Music Hall in New York, 
September 7. 2000, 


irvivor" show winner Richard Hatch, 
:, poses with fellow finalists Rudy 
esch, second left. Susan Hawk, center, 
i Kelly Wiglesworth upon their arrival 
he "Survivor" show party at CBS 
dios in Hollywood Wednesday, 
gust 23, 2000, in Los Angeles. 

Pro WTestler "The Rock" talks to the 
press at the 2000 MTV Video Music 
Awards at Radio City Music Hall in New 
York, September 7, 2000. 

Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong 
of Austin, Texas, rides down the Champs 
Elysees with an American flag after the 
2 1 st and final stage of the cycling race in 
Paris, Sunday, July 23. 2000. 

Republican presidential candidate 
Texas Governor George W. Bush and 
Dick Cheney wave to media cameras 
after Cheney's arrival at the 
Governor's Mansion in Austin, Texas, 
Tuesday, July 25, 2000. 

s 1 999 image taken from 
eo made available thursday, 
JUSt 17, 2000, shows the 
vv of the Kursk nuclear 
marine standing in front of 
ir vessel at a Navy base near 
yayevo, Russia after their 
t patrol in the Atlantic, 
derwater rescue capsules 
iting to reach 1 1 8 seamen 
)ped on the Russian 
marine failed again as new 
lence suggested a massive 
lesion shattered large areas 
he vessel and many sailors 
no time to escape. 

Democratic presidential candidate Vice 
President Al Gore and Senator Joe 
Lieberman wave to the crowd gathered 
in downtown Nashville, Tennessee, 
Tuesday August 8, 2000, for a rally 
annotmcing Lieberman as Gore's running 

Accident investigators and 
emergency workers Wednesday July 
26, 2000 look through the wreckage 
at the scene of the Air France 
Concorde crash at Gonesse, near 
Paris, Tuesday that killed 1 1 3 
people, mainly German tourists. An 
investigation is underway seeking 
clues to what caused the supersonic 
jet to catch fire during takeoff and 
crash into a hotel. 

Jennifer Lopez Poses with her Best Dance 
Video award for her song "Waiting For 
Tonight" at the 2000 MTV Music Awards 
Thursday, September 7, 2000, at Radio 
City Music Hall in New- York. 

%J 201 

Johnny Whallon 


This is what the LORD says: 
" Let not the wise man boast 
of his wisdom 
or the strong man boast 
of his strength 
or the rich man boast 

of his riches, 
but let him who boasts 

boast about this : 
that he understands and 

knows me, 
that I am the LORD, who 
exercises kindness, justice 
and righteousness 
on earth, 
for in these I delight," 

declares the LORD. 

Jeremiah 9:2 3 -24 

Qiarles Scott 

Bibi, Baldy, Cutie Man 

You will always bring sunshine and smiles to our lives. You have 
been a source of happiness and pride and we will always cherish 
your early years. Thanks for being our No.l son! 
Love Mom, Dad, Lexi, Abby 


Thirteen years ago you waited shyly for the school bus 
to come for the very first time. 

Today you're waiting for the next great step and you are 

confident, optimistic, positive, and eager to contribute. 

We love you and are so proud of you. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Kate 


Thank you for all 
the joy you gave 
us. Mayyoiu* 
path be blessed 
as you strike out 


As you grow and take on 
life's challenges, many 
things will change around 
you. Always remember 
the inner you - where you 
draw your courage and 
strength will never 
change. Neither will the 

onto the next part of 

your life. 
We love you so much! 
Mom and Dad 

Way We Care! Pursue your 
dreams with honor remem- 
bering that some people 
dream and ask "why" while 
others dream and ask "why 
not". We will always love 
and cherish you. We wish 
you success in all your fu- 
ture endeavors. You've be- 
come quite A "Diva"! 

Mr. Ben, Mom, and Erika 


Although at times you appear 

to be shy, those of us who 
know you best know the great 
sense of humor you possess. 
You can be very disciplined 
and dedicated. You also have a 
unique and casual style. 

To you both we will remember 

your goodness, kindness and 
the ability to be yourselves. We 

hope you look back at these 
past years with pride and love. 

Rich and Alan 

Your personality is outgoing 
and gregareous. When you set 
a goal for yourself you are self 
directed and driven. You can 

be sensitive and loyal to 
friends and family. You also 
have your own 

206 Oii/ 

It's been a pleasure, a challenge, an inspiration, a puzzle, a thrill 
and a joy to be a part of your life as 6irl Scouts. 
I love you all. Mrs. L. 

Lavira Scaramelli 


Even when you were a very little girl, you were 

^^^^^^H able to take the world and put it all in order. 

^^^^^^H Through yoiu* art, skating, ballet, and vsriting 

^^^^^^H we have learned the true meaning of beauty, 
^^^^^^1 grace and commitment. We are enormously 

^^^^^^1 proud of you - yoiu- style, your accomplish- 

^^^^^^1 ments, your vision. We love you very much. 

^^^^^1 Mom & Dad 


Drew: what a joyful time we have shared! We are so very proud of who you are and what you have 
achieved. Your future is imlimited and we are elated for you as your exciting new beginning un- 
folds. A few thoughts as you end this part of your life and accelerate into the next phase... Lecture 

#5,583! Surely joy is the condition of life. (Thoreau) 
Blessed is the man who finds wisdom, the man who gains understanding. (Proverbs 3:13) 
The heavens are as deep as our aspirations are high. (Thoreau) 
You are an everlasting blessing in our lives. (Us) 
We love yo u always - Mom , Dad, Amanda, and Erica 


Jenny Cargiuolo 
Princess Lilypad 

Keep both oars in the water. 
Head into the wind, 
And remember your vitamins. 
Love from your proud parents, cool brother and loving grandma 


Congratulations ! 
We hope the experience was wonderfiil - 

academically, athletically and socially. 
Our hopes and wishes are with you for the 



yow'U/ fvvui/ o-dveyttuf 
iw the/ journey. 

M)e/'re/ k>- proud/ ofyau/. 

Love/, Ma^mo/, Vad/ 

Peekaboo and Peekabee 

Are still alive, although dusty. 

You placed them on your bottom self 

and grew into yom- matm-e self. 

They're down there by your little toe 

I doubt that you will need them. Though 

Still it's nice to know they're there 

And by your toe once bloomed a Care. 

They planted such a precious seed 

Which now has grown quite tall indeed, 

Nutured so with sibling love. 

Your bro loves you lots. We get to grow up together. 


The young girl is perched in her favorite apple tree, eyes aglow, confident, self-assured, and ready to conquer the world. 

She doesn't yet know about cousins and volleyball, simset on Cadillac mountain, the Natalie Todd, snorkelling in the Keys, or castles 

in Germany. 

She doesn't yet know about Band Camp and lullabies, Fluties and friendships, big sisters and little sisters, romance and heartbreak. 
She hasn't found her voice yet to know Misty, or Brotherhood, She Moved, or Fields, or Time to Say Goodbye. Or Coimtry. 
She doesn't yet know about Romeo and Juliet, the mischief and magic of creating Puck, 
Shakespeare in Lenox, and the camaraderie of a shared passion. 

But she will know all this and more, and these will shape her into who she is. 

Again, as always, eyes aglow confident, self-assured, and ready to conquer the world. 



Never change. Stay true to yourself and your dreams. Always remain the thoughtful 
and caring person that you have become. We are all very proud of your 

Love Alw^ays, Mom, Dad, Wendy and Derek 


As you follow your 
dreams, we will cheer 
you on. 
Love Mom and Dad 


We are so proud of the 
young man you have 

May your life be filled 
with happiness and adven- 

Your're on your way... 
Know how much we love 

Mom, Dad and Michelle 

Sarah Minue 

Mark Donnelly 
You*re a graduate! It seems like only yesterday 
that you went to pre -school and now you are 
going to college. You've grown up to become 
a caring, smart and loving man. We are so very 
proud of you. Your life will be filled with love 
and success. Keep your smile and your won- 
derful sense of hmnor, We love you, 
Mom, Dad and Michelle. 

Turning points are the moments when the 
world holds its breath awaiting the decisions 
that will change your life forever. As you and 
"Ducka" go off to begin a new chapter in 
yom life, things will be different, but the 
inner you, where the comage is, where the 

love is, where the dreams are, will never 
change, and neither will the love we share as 
a family. We are blessed to have you in our 


Dad, Mom, Chris, Nonna, Grandpa, and Muffy 


You are a heri- 
tage from the 
Lord. We are very 
proud and 
blessed to be 
your parents. We 
have watched you 

grow into a 
handsome, smart, 
and comageous young man. The three of us 
were together when you courageously took 
your first step. It was then that we realized that 
you had an enormous amoimt of courage as you 
moved forward. We wish you happiness and 
peace of mind in all of your endeavors. Con- 
tinue to be focused and do not waver from yoin 
goals. You are wonderfully made and we love 
you very much. 
Dad and Mom 


There are no limits on what you can achieve save 
those you place on yourself. Make careful, thought- 
ful, and wise decisions. Finally remember the one 
thing you can always count! 
We love you. 

We love you, 
Mom and Dad 

P.S. The cat goes widi you! 


Just terrific, Optimistic, Sensitve, Happy, 
Unassuming, Athletic! 


You have brought so much joy to om* lives, and 
we are very proud of you and all that you have 
become. We wish you a lifetime of adventure 
and happiness! 
Love, Mom and Dad 

Reach High, 
Believe in Yourself, 
Follow Your 
We are so 
Proud of You! 
Mom. Dad and MAC 


You are our daughter whom we love and cherish. It is hard for us to believe 
that this moment has come but nothing gives us more pleasure than 
watching you grow up and become the beautiful yoimg woman you are. 
We admire all your hard work and all your accomplishments throughout 
the school year. You never give up, even to the extent of playing field 
hockey while injured, which makes you a very special person. We want 
you to follow yom- dreams and with these attributes make them happen. 
Trust yourself, be your own person, and remember we will always be there 
for you. 

All our love. Mom and Dad 


Our perfect little boy has grown into an accomplished 

young man. 

We are so proud of you and yom- many achievements! 
You have brought us so much joy and happiness. 
Our love for you is immeasurable! 
Listen to your heart and follow your dreams. 
Wherever they take you, know that we will always love 

you and be there for you. 
Love, Mom, Dad & Dave 


God gave us a treasure of immense and imtold worth 
in you. You are a blessing touch of heaven from above, 
our friend, oin joy our love... our daughter. Love Papi, 

Mami and Frances 
Tambien te queremos tus abuelos, Milo Goy Chita 

We watched you grow and mature from a child that constantly stated "I 
don't wanna" To a young man that says "I want to!" As you continue into 
the future always know we support you! 
Thank you for four great years! 
Love Mom & Dad 

I know you will accomplish yoiu* goals! You are already 1/2 way there! 
Congratulations and good luck in the future! 
Love Candice 
I wish you all the best! 
Love Russ 


Erin - aka "BOOGACHUNG" 
& "RAYNA" Congratula- 

Thanks for cleaning our 
room for money (which you 
never got!) Thanks for 
many laughs; advice Your 
payback will be well worth 
the wait. 
Good Luck - the convent 

awaits you - SISTER! 
Love Teri - Chris & Mike 


We are so proud of you and all 
your accomplishments. You 
have given us so much happi- 
ness as we have watched you 
grow into such an intelligent 
and thoughtful young man. Best 
of luck with all yom future 
plans. We know you will be 
successful. We love you! Mom, 
Dad, Jeff, and Jennifer 

Dear Benjamin 
Congratulations on 
completing your BHS 
education, Great Job! 
On to your next adventure! 
Love, Mom Dad and Emma 


rU always be 
proud of 
Love Mom 

J lued ta uuxtch him »(eep, - 
dn anqel on uucation. 
yau'tl a£wa^ 6e mtj. SaSyJ 
youx ptoud moUm. 

Congratulations ! 

You have given us so much 
joy and happiness as we have 
watched you grow into a 
beautiful young woman. We 
wish you a life of love, hap- 
piness, and success. 
We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Rick, and Krista 

Dear Nick, 
We are so proud of you! 
You are on your way 
to becoming the d.g. 
Thanks for being a 

brother and for making 

laugh. We love you! 
Mom, Dad, Jesse 

Dear Katie 

We have watched you grow 
into a beautiful capable and 
thoughtful young woman. 
We are so proud of you. 
Thank you for all the years 
ofjoy you have given us. May 
all yom dreams come true. 
Love you always. 
Mom, Dad, Shawn and Jackie 



Since that first day of 
school when gradua- 
tion seemed so very 
far away, we have been 
inspired by your ac- 
complishments. We 
are so very proud of 
you and the remark- 
able person that you 
are and continue to be. 
Be yourself and others 
will be caught up in 

your love oflife, sense ofhumor and integrity. We 
love you dearly and wish you every happiness as 
you pursue life's journey. 

Mom, Dad, Corinne and Gillian 


"Our little star!" From 
skating rings to soccer 
fields, fi-om dance recitals 
to musicals, fi-om piano 
to French horn, from 
KNOTB to NS YNC, fi-om 
Camp Fire to Girls Scouts, 
fi-om tea parties to prom 
parties, you have been a 
joy and a pleasure to follow. Your infectious 
smile and enthusiasm have been an inspiration 
to us all. Your hard work, commitment and 
dedication will take your far. Older sister,yoimger 
sister, and in between Sabella is Swella! Con- 
gratulations! Let your light shine! 
Love & BestWishes, 
Mom, Dad, Nicholas & Sara 



It's a delight to watch you grow and learn 
and become your ovm person- 
With your values, your caring, 
yoiu- talents, your sense ofhumor... 
And our love! 
Mom, Dad, and Lauren 



NO. 1628 

76 Loomis St 

Jrom your very first day at l>avts 
Scfioof. . . 7b your last year at 3M, 
you fiay^e make us very jrroucC you 
trufy are a wonder/uf youn^ woman wfio 
can acfiieve any ^oafyou setforyourseffi 


Looking back we are reminded of giggles, pink 
dresses, and bows, kitties and a sunshine smile, 
You are a joy to your family. Good luck as you 
continue on the jom"ney to adulthood and 
personal growth. 
Mom and Dad 

Oiu" "Baby Becca" is all grown-up. Good 
luck in college and life. We are here if you 
need us. "Forsa Magnone" 

Mom, Dad & Morgan 

Katie: We can't believe 
how far we all have 
come. ..and we did it 
together! The bond of 
sisterhood is so special 
and is shared deeply 
among the three of us. 
We're so very proud of 
you. No matter where 
the road ahead leads, 
you can be sure that 
we'll always be by your 

side. The three of us will forever be "the baby doll", "the princess" and 
"the little angel". 
Love, Kristen and Kim 


We are so proud of 

our little girl! 
Love, Mom and Dad 


You survived me- 
You survived high 
You can siu-vive 


We love you and, as 
always, are proud of 
All our love. 
Mom, Dad, Keith & 

Who The 
You The Man! 
We Love U! 


As the last of our three daughters to 
pass through the halls of Bedford High 
School, we want to congratulate you 
on all of yoiu- successes over the past 
four years. From academics to athlet- 
ics to yoiu- angelic vocal performances, 
you have consistently made us proud. 
We love you "Wimb", and look for- 
ward to more of the same, during 
your college years. 
Love, Mom, Dad, Kristen, Kimberly, 
Korky, & Honey 

Jump into life vs^ith 
everything you've 

from Mom, Dad 
and Sara - We're 
PROUD of you! 


Congratulations ! 
We are very proud of your 

We w^ish you a lifetime of 
happiness and success. 

Mom, Dad, and Ryan 

Friend, Classmate, and Teacher to all 

We knew very little about you when you first joined us, 
but your bright eyes and gentle smile 
taught us more than the spoken word ever could. 

Every' day you showed us an unparalleled strength 
that carried you beyond the barriers of your wheelchair. 

You opened our hearts to a new kind of understanding, 
helped us to value our dilYerences, 
and gave us an irreplaceable friendship. 

Andrew we miss you. 
You will be with us forever. 

Thank You! 

The Officers* Wives Club 
Of Hanscom Air Force Base 

For your continued support 
of the Yearbook 

"Quality Service All Year 'Round' 


30 Shawshcen Ave. 
Bedford, MA 01730 

(781) 275-7787 

The Bedford 
Jewish Community 
the Graduating 
Class of 2001 

Breeder of 
Toy Poodles 



89 CONCORD RO (HT 62) 

Congratulations & Best Wishes to 

the Class of 2001 





(781) 275-0575 

A(T>>ri( .in AsvK i.itkifi ol 

Congratulations Bedford High School's Class of 2001 

We at Hanscom Federal Credit Union are proud of your accomplishments and 

want to wish you continued success. 
Commimity, education, and the credit union philosophy of "people helping 
people," all go hand in hand. This is why we are proud sponsors of your yearbook. 
Hanscom Federal Credit Union serves the Department of Defense 
Community at Hanscom AFB, along with most federal government 
employees in Massachusetts as well as members of their 
immediate families. 

Visit to learn more about us and to find out if you can join! 


Congratxilations 2001 Graduates! 

Retire to a life of learning and growing. Plus the 
finest in independent housing, assistance in living, 
skilled nursing and rehabilitation. It's all the support 
jou'll ever need, in one beautiful location. 


100 Old Billerica Road • Bedford, MA 01730 • 781.275.8700 

A not-for-profit continuir^ care rtbrtment community 
Accredited by the Continuing Care Accreditation Commission 

Class of 2001 

Best Wishes 
for a 
Safe and Healthy 



"The Firstrndth is Health'' 


222 CHsJ 


Dan is a great friend; 
He will help you to the end. 
Dan has a great sense of humor; 
In each subject, he was no late bloomer. 

Dan has a great talent to draw; 
In his character, he has no flaw. He has 

stylish blonde hair; 
When someone has a problem, he takes 
great care. 
He plays very well in soccer; 
He always has a neat locker. 
We love Dan. 
Dan is The Man. 


YouVe come a long way baby!!! 
We are proud of your accomplishments 
and the caring person you have become. 
Whatever road you choose to follow 
we hope it is ftdl of happiness. 

We love you very much. 
Dad, Mom, Kevin and Tommy 

Mabbett & Associates, Inc. 

Environmental Consultants & Engineers 

5 Alfred Circle 
Bedford, MA 01730-2346 
Telephone; (781) 275-6050 
Facsimile: (781) 275-5651 
E-mail: info@mabbett . com 

CLASS OF 2001 

Located at the Renaissance Bedford Hotel 
Bedford, MA 01730 


224 O :^ 





Bedford Funeral Home, Inc. 

A Tradition of Trust, Caring & Professional Service 

BEDFORD. MA 01730 

(781) 275-6850 

WILLIAM T. Mcdonald david m. mcdonald 







Andrew Churella: President 
Erin O^Reilly: Vice President 
Lesley NcGovern: Treasurer 
Jillian Bernardo: Prom Committee 

Sarah Ullman: Secretary 
Anna Sabella: Prom Committee 

to the Class of 

Best wishes for an informed 
and active future. 
You can make a 

Register to Vote. 
League of Women Voters 
of Bedford 

Dear KK: 
Thank you for all your hard work. 
It pays diuidends. 
P.S. Congratulations. 

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the 
paint on it you can. • Danny Kaye 

Make it colorful. Class of 2001!! 

Climb high. 
Be courageous. 
Laugh often. 

Live well. 
Go with God. 

Congratulations on your 
graduation and selection to the 
US Youth Climbing Team. 
2001: A year to remember! 

We love you, KK! 

Mom, Dad, A Colby 


To Brett & Ttacy, 

Our wish for you is that you continue to dehght in the 
world around you and that as you move into the next 
phase it is with awe and wonder that you seek and learn 
and experience all that life has to offer you both. We are 
so proud of you and the wonderful people that you are 
- congratulations 

Mom & Dad 

TflR0U6fl LIF€ ,' 





Compfete Efectricaf Wiring For: 

• R esid ent ia I 

• C ornmerci al 

• I ndust ri qI 

• Fire Ala rrns 

• Computer Networks 

Bringing 22 YEARSoi Efficient & 
Dependable Service to the 

MASTER Lie. #A1 1665 

781 275-4338 

pnire;i5ledrical@iimid5 pungcom 


Grachaun Dunn 

We remember you as the little energetic angel who 
captured our hearts from the beginning. 

It has been so much fun to watch you grow into a 
beautiful young woman whose intellect reveals the 
meaning of life... Whose deeply held values show your 
strengths. You are strong, gentle, idealistic, forgiving, 
dedicated, fun loving, disciplined and creative. We are 
so proud of you and all of your hard work. We are very 
blessed to be your family. 

We LOVE you with all of our hearts. 



The Bedford Educators 

is proud of all you have 
one and who you have 

Best Wishes 

Success and 
Happiness Always. 

Ramada Sovereign Hotel 

Where Sunshine Service is number one! 

We offer; 

* Spacious rooms 

* Special rates 

* Complimentary breakfast for two 

* A Garden Atriimi 

* Restaurant and Lounge 

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* In room coffee makers 

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* Make-up Mirrors in every room 

Try our daily specials at the Atrium Cafe 

For reservations call: 

Ramada Sovereign Hotel 
340 Great Road 
Bedford. MA 01730 

Fax (781) 275-3011 


Congratulations Class of, 

Bedford High Schools ^ • 
official Yearbook Photographer 

99 Cambridge Street. Burlington MA. 


Mike, You have grown into such 
a wonderful, young man. We 
are so proud of you and all of 
your accomplishments. Your 
sense of humor, hard work, 
sensitivity, and kindness make 
you a special person. We know 
that you will be successful as 
you pursue your futiu-e goals. Good Luck. 
We love you! 

Thank You 
Yearbook StafR 

The School community thanks all 

the staff and students who 
helped make this book possible. 
Special thanks to Dan, Brett and 
Steve for their diligence, humor 
and durability. Equally important 
were the countless volunteers 
who stopped by to lick enve- 
lopes, check proofs or just eat 
snacks. Thank you teachers who 
literally opened doors and pro- 
vided release time to do the 
"stuff" that yearbooks are made 
of. Memories of cropping pen- 
cils, computer crashes and miss- 
ing club pictures will be always 

with you. 
Soon the 2001 yearbook will be 
relegated to a shelf somewhere. 

Its value will always be the 
memories that are locked within 
its pages. 

pezzi Gymnastik Balls 

from Italy f or\dance and fitness 

equipment s 

P.O. Box 33 • Bedford, MA 01730 
(781) 275-7681 • Fax: (781 ) 275-4094 


Unlock the Future , the 2001 yearbook of Bedford High School 
was printed by Jostens Printing and Publishing Division, 401 
Science Park Road; State College, Pennsylvania 16801. The 
Jostens in-plant consultant was Tom Yontosh. The Jostens area 
representative was John Neister. Thank you both for all your help 
and expertise. 

The cover art was produced by Rick Brooks of Jostens Creative 
Resources. The cover was finished v^th high gloss litho stock in 
colors 285 Blue and 877 silver. The official yearbook photogra- 
pher was Burlington Studios and they were assisted by various 
student photographers. 

All headlines were set in Gill Sans Ultra Bold 3 6 point. Body texts 
were vvn*itten in Joanna MT 1 and the captions Joanna MT 8 . 

The last deadline was finished March 5, 2001 at 4:03 PM. The 
publication date for the 380 was May 15, 2001. 

-Dan Conway 

Note: We apologize for any mispellings of names in the book. 
With over 700 names and 236 pages, it is hard to get them all 


Brett Samuels 
Daniel Conway 

Photo Editor 
Robin Lowe 

Technical Advisor 
Steven Shamlian 

Faculty Advisor 
Mike Rinaldi 


Michelle Manning 
Mycal Perron 
Chris Bynoe 
Mike Jones 
Drew Wotton 
Joanna Reynolds 
Becca Gould 
Danielle Carey 
Kathryn Sylva 
Monica Connarton 
Jerry Gao 
Andy Shen